Back in November 2015 to April 2016 my family SUFFERED a terrible and unspeakable tragedy, they all became ill around the same time as each other, they were ALL forced into an NHS hospital against their will and they were ALL subjected to CRUEL and EVIL torture meted out to them by the EVIL KILLER NHS. They were psychologically tortured by the NHS, they were ABUSED and LAUGHED at by the NHS, they were STARVED by the NHS and they were ALL poisoned to death by the NHS. This is what the NHS have reduced themselves to – EVIL, CALLOUS KILLERS.

Following my father’s sad departure from this world, my youngest sister (MY PAL) became ill on Christmas Eve that same year. An NHS doctor by the name of Mistry made an unexpected house call to see my mother at 10am that Christmas eve morning and my sister and I were staying with our mother for Christmas at her house. I was so worried about my sister that I made the MISTAKE of asking Mistry for some advice regarding my sister. From that moment on, we received nothing but telephone harassment throughout Christmas week, just pressurising us both to attend the surgery for blood tests, after my sister had already REFUSED because they had made a mess of her arm 10 years earlier with blood tests as the INCOMPETENT fools had tortured her and stabbed her over 40 times just prodding for a vein and she vowed NEVER to go through that procedure ever again.

Eventually, Mistry got his own way, as I persuaded my sister that the only way to get rid of him from harassing us on the phone every two minutes was to attend the surgery on January 4, 2016. My sister reluctantly agreed to go along with the plan to shut him up. Our plan was to go to the surgery, have the blood tests then come away. My sister forewarned me what would happen if we went to the surgery on that fateful afternoon, she warned me that Mistry was setting us up for a trap, he would FORCE her into hospital against her will and she would NOT come out alive. That is EXACTLY what happened and I have NEVER forgiven myself for making that mistake.

The police were waiting for our arrival at the surgery and they THREATENED to beat us BOTH up if my sister continued to REFUSE to go to the NHS hospital.

She was forced onto an ambulance trolley and strapped in – she was protesting all the way and I will never forget that scream she made. It was a scream of desperation, a scream of being BETRAYED by the NHS, a scream that she knew they were going to KILL her.

I had a back up plan to help my sister out of E.R. and if these incidents had occurred years ago, we could have WALKED out of that E.R. room, but times had CHANGED and NOT for the BETTER.

My sister was treated like a criminal and I followed the ambulance in the car and I was crying all the way, fearing the worst. When I arrived at the E.R., EVERYTHING had changed since we were last there and the staff were running that hospital LIKE A PRISON WITHOUT BARS. I tried to take my sister out of the E.R., and security was called.

It was here where they administered the FIRST 3 doses of LETHAL TOXIC drugs in order to MURDER MY SISTER. These drugs were administered to my sister at 15 minute intervals and on the third attempt, I challenged the KILLER NURSE and said “ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HER?” And the killer nurse replied “I know what I am doing.” Apparently she did because SHE MURDERED my sister, but before that took place, a struggle broke out and I tried to stop her from murdering my sister. Security was called and I was ejected from that hospital.

My mother was murdered by the KILLER NHS in a similar fashion, she too was STARVED and KILLED by DANGEROUS TOXIC DRUGS.

Following the deaths of my father and my youngest sister – which were 8 weeks and 2 days apart, the Killer NHS involved the coroner and the coroner involved the police and they needed a patsy to take the blame for what the NHS had done, so I was the obvious choice. I was UNLAWFULLY arrested for the murder of my pal and my father. They ransacked BOTH houses took photographs of inside both houses and confiscated personal items and bagged them up as evidence. When they finally brought those personal possessions back to me, I had noticed that they had taken some BIZARRE stuff out of both houses, like : a half eaten soggy biscuit and a tub of Holland & Barrett Muscle builder from my parents’ home and a recycled toothbrush from our home that we used for cleaning around tight corners of taps/faucets in the bathroom. I am still PUZZLED as to why these items were taken as it had absolutely NOTHING at all to do with the deaths of my father or my sister – they were BOTH KILLED IN AN NHS HOSPITAL by NHS STAFF and they COVERED UP their KILLING TRACKS.

When I was hauled away to the police station by plain clothes detectives, they kept me in ISOLATION all day and they had TWO male social service goons sat there STARING AT ME and saying NOTHING. I was already DISTRESSED and STRESSED out at losing my father and then my sister that I was PUSHED to BREAKING POINT and the SILENCE was DEAFENING. I refused to talk to them WITHOUT first consulting a lawyer and it was a long long time before the lawyer actually showed up. During that 12 hours of ISOLATION, I was given one sip of still mineral water and was REFUSED to use the toilet.

I discovered 4 years later and VERY RECENTLY that the CIA used the SAME KIND OF TORTURE TACTICS that the police USED ON ME during the third week in January 2016. They use PSCHOLOGICAL TORTURE – ISOLATION to break people down and that is what they were doing to me that day – psychologically torturing me by using ISOLATION and SILENCE. I was already HYSTERICAL because I had lost MY PAL, my youngest sister, the sister who I worshipped, the sister who I lived for, the sister who I did everything for. When she was sick, I used to get her things to help her to feel better. I bought her a nebuliser because the mean NHS wouldn’t give her one. I paid for holidays for her, bought first aid equipment and supplies for her. I loved my sister with all my heart and she gave me a reason to live. Then these EVIL torturers TOLD ME THAT I HAD KILLED MY SISTER and MY FATHER in order to gain a substantial amount of money from their life insurance policies, which was a SICK JOKE because NONE of us were insured and I am still NOT insured, because I can’t afford it.

I knew I had not hurt my sister, I loved my sister with all my heart and they were acting like I was guilty.

Following my sister’s state autopsy in February of 2016 the CID came back to me RED faced and APOLOGETIC, when the autopsy report concluded what had actually caused my sister’s untimely death. What was stated on the official cause of death report is UNIMPORTANT, what is IMPORTANT is that NO TOXICOLOGY test was ever performed upon my sister and I CHALLENGED them about this very subject and the pathologist, who was actually an histopathologist had absolutey NO idea that I had been arrested and accused of murdering the sister that I loved and he seemed genuinely surprised by what I had told him. He also informed me that had it been a criminal case, then his COLLEAGUE would have done the autopsy and NOT him.

I have since been campaigning to get justice for my family because the STATE KILLED MY FAMILY, NOT ME and so far they have gotten away with MURDER.

I am blaming the DIRTY EVIL LYING TOE RAG Dr. Ajay Mistry for telling LIES about me to the authorities and he did that because he HATED my sister and he HATED me, he regarded us BOTH as a THREAT to his livelihood. All that because we were studying alternative medicine at that time and he attempted to THROW a spanner in the works. Well, they succeeded in KILLING my sister and the REST of my family and now they are TRYING to KILL me, because the AGENDA 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth is accelerating.

My family are NOT going to die for nothing, I intend to FIGHT THEM ALL THE WAY. Not just the evil killing NHS but the nazi government also.




Published by Online Resistance Movement

I am a fully qualified NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER and I graduated in 2017. My qualifications include : Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Acupressure, Anatomy & Physiology, Dream Therapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, First Aid and Philosophy. I am actively fighting for the FREEDOM of all the people in the world who are experiencing GOVERNMENT OPPRESION and SEVERE STRANGULATORY RESTRICTIONS in their lives. The United Nations Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth has already commenced and it is being synchronised around the world. It is the GLOBAL RESET - resettlement program and their goal is to thin the current world's population down from nearly seven billion to five hundred million and that means that most of us will be KILLED in a MASS GENOCIDE and they will be using the DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES to KILL people. Indeed, thousands of people have ALREADY died because of these USAFE VACCINES and we are trying to STOP the 21st century holocaust from happening. Our MISSION is to regain the FREEDOMS for ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. You will be interested to learn that MY WHOLE FAMILY were WIPED out by the EVIL KILLER NHS - 3 family members within 3 month and ALL of them were POISONED to death by the NHS and one family member was poisoned to death by the NHS during Christmas of 2018.

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