As you may already be aware, the telecommunications are upgrading their tele networks to 5G and that means MORE RADIATION for ALL OF US

We really don’t know when this MADNESS is going to CEASE because after 5G there will be 6G then 7G then 8G then 9G then 10G etc. We need to STOP IT NOW. We don’t want a global CHERNOBYL on our hands.

This is a MOST serious problem, the 5G that the governments are planning to give the go ahead WILL spell DISASTER to all of us. The radiation that these tiny STREET corner towers will emit radiation at DANGEROUS LEVELS and we will ALL BE COOKED, literally.

They are also planning on using radio satellites from outer space, beaming radio active waves to these street corner cell towers ALL OVER THE GLOBE.

These small radioactive cell towers beam in millimeters and that means that the signals come in SHORT BURSTS and they need a million times more of these signals to make this work.

Not one area of this planet will be SPARED from this madness, as it will cover the oceans and the jungle rain forests. This means that EVERY LIVING CREATURE on this planet, including humans WILL be FRIED by these radiating tiny suckers, which will have to be installed every 100 yards for it to work. It will affect insects to birds to animals to people, causing all kinds of problems: Radiation will affect the DNA of all living creatures including people, cause cancer, heart problems and it will definitely KILL.

This is all part of the United Nations Agenda 21 program to DEPOPULATE the earth, that is along with MANDATORY MASK WEARING and MANDATORY VACCINES. So if one doesn’t KILL you, the OTHER TWO WILL.

Please sign the following petition to STOP this madness; it is the 5G space/earth appeal to STOP 5G from happening :

Thank you.

Published by Online Resistance Movement

I am a fully qualified NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER and I graduated in 2017. My qualifications include : Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Acupressure, Anatomy & Physiology, Dream Therapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, First Aid and Philosophy. I am actively fighting for the FREEDOM of all the people in the world who are experiencing GOVERNMENT OPPRESION and SEVERE STRANGULATORY RESTRICTIONS in their lives. The United Nations Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth has already commenced and it is being synchronised around the world. It is the GLOBAL RESET - resettlement program and their goal is to thin the current world's population down from nearly seven billion to five hundred million and that means that most of us will be KILLED in a MASS GENOCIDE and they will be using the DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES to KILL people. Indeed, thousands of people have ALREADY died because of these USAFE VACCINES and we are trying to STOP the 21st century holocaust from happening. Our MISSION is to regain the FREEDOMS for ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. You will be interested to learn that MY WHOLE FAMILY were WIPED out by the EVIL KILLER NHS - 3 family members within 3 month and ALL of them were POISONED to death by the NHS and one family member was poisoned to death by the NHS during Christmas of 2018.

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