Since the ONLINE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT was founded, certain other resistance movements have surfaced and have been discovered. All of the resistance movements have ONE common goal and that is to SMASH THE ENEMY and OVERTHROW their NAZI FACIST EVIL GOVERNMENT. But it has been observed by the Online Resistance Movement that some of these resistance groups seem to be favouring the EVIL KILLER NHS, who have been given CLEAR AUTHORISATION to MURDER certain sick people of certain ages and it also depends upon what the illness is of why that person is sick and why they are to be MURDERED. And this authorisation was given to them by the CONTROLLING, EVIL, NAZI FACIST government who are now currently in power in Gt. Britain.

My whole family were MURDERED by these EVIL NHS MISSIONARIES OF DEATH 4 years ago. My father was murdered mid November 2015 after my youngest sister and I ORDERED the junior doctor SHIRAZI – NOT TO GO AHEAD with the surgical procedure and drugs administration, because it was AGAINST OUR WISHES and we clearly pointed out to him the DEVASTATING consequences of what would happen to my father if they proceeded with this INSANITY and that he would die within 24 hours. This junior doctor was COLD, CALLOUS, UNCARING and ordered us out of the consulting room. Within 24 hours of the surgical and drugs procedure made upon my father – HE WAS DEAD, just as we predicted. It has to be REMEMBERED that my father was home alone when the Social Services BULLY Ray Speed banged on my father’s front door and THREATENED HIM. This man was so intimidating that my father threw himself off the sofa and crawled on his hands and knees to negotiate a closed living room door to unlock the front door in the hallway to let a COMPLETE STRANGER into the house. He was then BULLIED by Speed to get in the ambulance and Speed’s direct THREAT WAS –


Being weak and frail and poorly, my father was cowered into doing as he was told by a MANIAC who was half his age.

At that time, my youngest sister seemed okay. Apparently, she wasn’t. Six weeks later, she was struck down with an illness during the festive season. On the 23rd December, 2015 I made a phone call to request that my mother come to our house for Christmas because my sister hadn’t been feeling too well and she was lethargic and sleeping a lot. My mother was recently out of hospital for the UMPTEETH time that year and she was also STUBBORN and she had a good reason to be stubborn. Well it was a good reason for her. Apparently, that same EVIL NHS Doctor Mistry who had arranged my father’s MURDER had been bullying my mother for quite some while and he had ALREADY brought the police to her door with a RED BATTERING RAM and she had been THREATENED yet again by Dr. Ajay Mistry of Chapelfield Medical Center – NOT to leave her own home that Christmas and she took notice of him, telling me that she did not want the coppers battery ramming “your father’s brand new upvc door.” And that is all she seemed to care about was that new door. I persuaded my sister to come with me to our mother’s home because I didn’t want to leave her alone, because she was feeling poorly. And this mistake that I made COST MY DEAR SWEET BELOVED BEST PAL – HER LIFE.

On the morning of Christmas eve 2015 my sister awoke at our mother’s home complaining that she couldn’t move. I was absolutely exhausted by looking after our parents all of that spring and summer and I was also half asleep. Then she became louder and panicking that she could NOT MOVE. So I nudged her to see if she was okay and at that point I was STILL HALF ASLEEP. A few moments later, she fell off the end of the bed and I couldn’t stop this from happening. She was on her hands and knees and still complaining that she couldn’t move. I threw myself over the bed as quickly as I could to help her and by this time I was wide awake. I lifted her up off the floor and helped her back onto the bed. She then laid down and went back to sleep and that occurred at 6am that morning. At 10am on Christmas eve, there was an unexpected knock on the door and it was that EVIL DR. AJAY MISTRY accompanied by his business partner/practice nurse Samantha Hoggard. I asked them what they wanted and they were VERY EVASIVE. I made the mistake of letting them into the house, but they came with a MISSION in mind and their MISSION was to FORCE my mother into HOSPICE that Christmas and she was having NONE OF IT and she told them that. Because my sister was so poorly and what we had tried to help her to get better had not worked, I made the LAST BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life, I asked MISTRY for advice regarding my sister. That was the pivotal turning point that guaranteed my sister’s fate. We were constantly HARASSED on the telephone every two minutes that Christmas week by that EVIL NHS DOCTOR who had EVIL INTENTIONS towards my sister. Dr. Ajay Mistry – the Missionary of Death FORCED my sister into hospital against her will. He used the State owned police to ensure that this would happen. Four policemen came to the surgery that afternoon when we had just walked into a trap and ALL FOUR COWARDLY police officers THREATENED to BEAT BOTH OF US UP IF MY SISTER CONTINUED TO RESIST AND REFUSE TO GET ONTO THAT AMBULANCE TROLLEY. In the end she was FORCED onto the trolley against her WILL and she was STRAPPED IN. I can still hear her DESPERATE screams even now as they spirited her away down that corridor from the doctors premises. It was a scream that I had NEVER heard before, a SCREAM of desperation, a SCREAM that she knew that they were GOING TO MURDER HER and she was RIGHT. And it was ME who trusted this EVIL NHS MISSIONARY OF DEATH and that TRUST WAS BETRAYED. My sister was drugged up to the eyeballs when I saw her again and she had been FORCED into ER and it was here that the KILLER NURSE was administering LARGE LETHAL DOSES OF TOXIC DRUGS into my sister’s body at 15 minute intervals. When she came back the third time, I challenged this bitch and demanded directly “ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HER.” And the Killer Nurse replied “I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING.” Apparently she did, because my sister DIED. But before she died, a STRUGGLE broke out and I tried to stop this EVIL NHS worker from killing my sister and security THREW ME OUT OF THAT BUILDING. Then my sister DIED.

My mother was forced back into hospital again after Christmas and it was at this point that she was being HARASSED by CID detectives. She kept telling me that plain clothes detectives – a young man and a young woman were telling my mother that SHE WAS FRIGHTENED OF ME. Where they got that wicked false information is BEYOND my comprehension, but my guess it that it would have been that EVIL MISSIONARY OF DEATH – DR. AJAY MISTRY of Chapelfield Medical Center who knew absolutely bugger all about me personally. And this evil doctor had had a VERBAL KNIFE in mine and my youngest sister’s back for a long time, he regarded us BOTH as a THREAT TO HIS LIVELIHOOD. To start off with, we ASKED TOO MANY QUESTIONS and he also discovered that we were studying NATURAL MEDICINE and he DIDN’T LIKE THAT. And this was ONE WAY OF GETTING AT US. My mother told the detectives to STOP bothering her and to go away.

It was those SAME TWO detectives Emma Wheatcroft and Matthew Jackson who eventually came after me and with the help of Belinda Dhami, another copper, they mananged to get a search warrant for 2 houses because they LIED to the magistrate David Walker, to GET THIS SEARCH WARRANT. These 3 EVIL ignoramuses had it in for me from the beginning, they didn’t even KNOW ME and to them I was GUILTY of murdering the family that I worshipped, loved and adored. They DEMANDED to know where my youngest sister’s life insurance policy was. At first, I thought it was a sick joke. I didn’t want to talk to them, I was grieving over my father and I was HYSTERICAL that they had MURDERED my sister and I was BESIDE myself, so I didn’t feel like laughing. When they showed up, I had just been crying my eyes out and I was only at my parents home because my mother was nattering about the house being empty. She didn’t seem to give a damn about my house being empty and that my sister had just died: But then I forgave her because she was very poorly also. I told these two detectives to STOP BOTHERING my mother and to leave her alone. I also told them that there was NO life insurance policy for my youngest sister because she couldn’t afford one. NONE of us were insured and I am still NOT insured. I was called a LIAR and they ripped the place apart searching for a document that just did NOT exist. Then I was ordered to get into an unmarked vehicle and I asked them if I was under arrest and they said NO. So I told them “I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITH YOU THEN.” And the male detective growled at me and replied “YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.” So to me, that was an arrest. I was getting ready to LOCK the front door and the keys were CONFISCATED from me and detectives were left inside the house to TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS and PILFER PERSONAL FAMILY ITEMS.

The trip to the cop shop was done in SILENCE. They kept asking me if I was alright, which seemed a BIZARRE thing to say considering that the NHS had JUST MURDERED my father and my youngest sister. I ask, how can anyone be alright when their family members have just been murdered? I would have had to have been a COMPLETE PSYCHOPATHIC PSYCHOTIC not to have feelings for my family. They knew I was NOT alright.

When I arrived at the station, I knew I was in BIG TROUBLE, especially when they brought in TWO PSYCHIATRISTS and an APPROPRIATE ADULT. I had seen enough documentaries on television in the past to know what coppers do to a suspect. The psychiatrists were in the WRONG building, they should have been using their techniques on their MURDERING COLLEAGUES NOT wasting their time on INNOCENT victims. I was DETAINED for over 12 hours and during that time I was offered ONE SIP OF STILL MINERAL WATER – THAT IS IT. I NEVER went to the toilet – NOT once, in fact I NEVER moved. The two psychiatrists and the APPROPRIATE adult sat in SILENCE STARING AT ME LIKE I WAS SOME KIND OF EVIL MONSTER. They were using TORTURE TECHNIQUES on me and SILENCE was their BIGGEST WEAPON, in order to BREAK ME DOWN and get me to CONFESS to a crime that I was TOTALLY INNOCENT of.

I refused to speak to them WITHOUT first consulting a solicitor/lawyer. I told them NOTHING, but then I had NOTHING TO HIDE either, I was INNOCENT. They actually told me that I had MURDERED my father and my sister in order to gain a substantial amount of money from their life insurance policies, which was a LOAD OF BOLLOCKS. My family were NOT insured and they kept insisting that they were.

I consulted the solicitor/lawyer 12 hours later and I followed HER instructions to the letter. Then I was GRILLED for another 6 hours or so. They were playing GOOD COP BAD COP. Wheatcroft was the GOOD COP. Jackson was the BAD cop. I was totally SHOCKED beyond belief that Jackson could state such a phrase WITHOUT PROOF and I still have the recorded CD of that interview today and this is what he said – “COME ON WHY DON’T YOU ADMIT IT?” I didn’t know what he was talking about and I prompted “admit what?” And he replied “THAT YOU KILLED YOUR FATHER AND YOUR SISTER.” That was PURE EVIL. They knew FULL WELL that BOTH of my family members were FORCED into hospital against their WILL and were DRUGGED up to the eyeballs until they DIED and it was the EVIL NHS who MURDERED my father and my sister and it was at that BARNSLEY NHS TRUST hospital where they were MURDERED. And THEY knew this fact.

In case you are UNWARE of the MORTALITY statistics for this hospital, I will dislose them to you. The Barnsley NHS Trust hospital has an APPALLING record when it comes down to mortality statistics, they have the highest mortality statistics in the land. My father knew that, my mother knew that, my youngest sister knew that and I knew that.

The CID took some BIZARRE items from BOTH houses because they were BENT on making a case against an INNOCENT person and they were BENT of having that INNOCENT person put away for a crime she was INNOCENT OF. Amongst the items that I received back in 4 BIG BAG FULLS of what they called evidence was : 1. A half eaten soggy biscuit from my mother’s home. 2. A large tub of Holland & Barrett Muscle builder that my father was using to gain weight. 3. A recycled old toothbrush that we kept inside a plastic cannister on the bathroom floor of our house, which we used for cleaning around tight corners of the sink and bath taps/faucets. I have never studied criminology, so these bizarre items that they took from BOTH houses, which had absolutely NOTHING at all to do with my father’s or my sister’s deaths – STILL BAFFLES me today. And I would be extremely grateful if anyone could EXPLAIN WHY THEY DID THIS? Because what they did was SENSELESS.

All of that EVILNESS and UNNECESSARINESS took place during the THIRD week of January 2016. The coroner at the time, that evil crook DAVID PENDRYS ordered an autopsy of my youngest sister. He NEVER bothered to inform me of anything and when I discovered that he was doing this, I tried in vain to STOP that autopsy from happening. Why? Because she was my BELOVED SISTER and I didn’t want her body being CHOPPED UP. I had NIGHTMARES about it for years later. They IGNORED me and the autopsy went ahead. I was NEVER informed where and when and I was kept totally in the dark.

The autopsy took place on 4th February, 2016 AFTER the CID’s evil accusations against me. And I learnt of where and when AFTER the autopsy had been completed. Even in death, my dear sweet beloved PAL told them that I WAS TOTALLY INNOCENT of doing anything. The CID came back with RED faces and were extremely apologetic for putting me through all of that unnecessariness and they did this ONE MONTH LATER in March 2016. They brought all of this stuff back that they had PILFERED from BOTH houses. Most of the stuff got thrown away by me because the CID had had their contaminated hands on our stuff and I felt FILTHY just handling it. The Holland & Barrett Muscle Builder, the recycled toothbrush and the half eaten soggy biscuit were at the bottom of one of the bags. Whilst they were investigating an INNOCENT person they were also up to EVIL MISCHIEF. I was staying at my home over the weekend and when I came back to my parents home, the whole house was LIT UP LIKE BLACKPOOL ILLUMINATIONS. Now I know that I did NOT leave any lights on inside that house when I left it and the door was locked. And when I returned that Monday, the front door was STILL locked, even though the house lights were all on in every room. I cautiously entered the house and then I had discovered WHAT THE CID HAD DONE BEHIND MY BACK. They had gotten a SECOND search warrant for my parents home and that was PLACED ON THE SOFA. I came to the conclusion that they had DUPLICATED the front door house key, because all the keys had been returned to me when they brought me back from the station that night. When this was all over, I purchased NEW LOCKS for the whole house and external doors. That ensured that they would NEVER get in again.

This is how government officials TREAT INNOCENT PEOPLE. They knew FULL WELL that my father and my sister were MURDERED by the MISSIONARIES OF DEATH using huge overdoses of dangerous toxic drugs, at 15 minute intervals.

I tracked down the pathologist who actually performed my youngest sister’s autopsy and asked him why he FAILED to perform a TOXICOLOGY TEST which is standard procedure in criminal cases when poisons are suspected and he seemed genuinely surprised and shocked when I asked him this. He told me that he was an HISTOPATHOLOGIST and NOT a CRIMINAL PATHOLOGIST and had it been a criminal case, his colleague would have performed the autopsy and not him. But I told him that I was ARRESTED for MURDERING MY FATHER AND MY SISTER, so a TOXICOLOGY TEST SHOULD HAVE BEEN PERFORMED, as I was accused of poisoning my dear sweet beloved sister. Some people have REAL EVIL MINDS to make guesses on someone that they know nothing about and taking the word of A MADMAN GENERAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER who knew NAFF ALL about me personally and who NEVER lived with me. That is how COCKEYED the world has become. Had his colleague performed the TOXICOLOGY TEST on my sister, they would have DISCOVERED THE REAL CAUSE OF DEATH – LETHAL TOXIC OVERDOSES OF DANGEROUS GENERAL MEDICINE DRUGS and no other toxic substances would have been found inside my sister’s body – only DANGEROUS, TOXIC GENERAL MEDICINES. My family were MURDERED by the NHS MISSIONARIES OF DEATH.

My good reputation has been TARNISHED for life. Even now the people who were around at the time of my arrest are still wagging their tongues and pointing fingers at me and acting like I am GUILTY of something, when I am TOTALLY INNOCENT.

I miss my PAL so much that I cry myself to sleep at night. It has been 4 years now and I am STILL HEARTBROKEN. My youngest sister was MY PAL, MY LIFE, MY HOPE, MY ADVISER, MY EVERYTHING and these EVIL BASTARDS KILLED HER and I am punishing myself for acting upon the demands of that EVIL BETRAYING NHS doctor and taking my sister to the surgery. I cannot FORGIVE MYSELF for that, I am GUILTY of taking my sister to the surgery that day. If my father had have been alive, he would have CRUCIFIED me for delivering my pal into the hands of the ENEMY so that they could KILL HER.

And this makes me ANGRY when certain RESISTANCE GROUPS are saying, “ah, but if we get the NHS back up and running like it used to do……” The NHS are MURDERERS and MISSIONARIES OF DEATH, following the instructions of their CONTROLLERS – THE NAZI FACIST GOVERNMENT. The NHS will NEVER be anything like it used to be in the good old days and the good old days goes back years and years ago, well before 1991 when HOSPITALS WERE REAL HOSPITALS. The hospitals were called GENERAL MEDICAL HOSPITALS where you were CARED for and nursed back to health. Those kinds of hospitals DON’T EXIST ANY MORE. Today the NHS hospitals are run by a BUNCH OF PSYCHOPATHIC PSYCHOTIC MURDERERS who run their hospitals LIKE PRISONS without bars on the windows and they KILL PEOPLE.

My family weren’t the only victims of this EVIL CRIME, since my family have died, others have come forward and told us how their LOVED ones were MURDERED inside an NHS HOSPITAL.

And what you have all read, is all PART OF THE UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 PROGRAM TO DEPOPULATE THE EARTH and the TREND IS ACCELERATING AND GETTING WORSE as each DAY GOES BY. My whole family became VICTIMS of this DEPOPULATION NEW WORLD ORDER and I am NOT going to forget that, neither am I going to FORGIVE THEM. I intend to FIGHT THEM to the BITTER END and we WILL WIN this EVIL WORLD WAR III.


Published by Online Resistance Movement

I am a fully qualified NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER and I graduated in 2017. My qualifications include : Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Acupressure, Anatomy & Physiology, Dream Therapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, First Aid and Philosophy. I am actively fighting for the FREEDOM of all the people in the world who are experiencing GOVERNMENT OPPRESION and SEVERE STRANGULATORY RESTRICTIONS in their lives. The United Nations Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth has already commenced and it is being synchronised around the world. It is the GLOBAL RESET - resettlement program and their goal is to thin the current world's population down from nearly seven billion to five hundred million and that means that most of us will be KILLED in a MASS GENOCIDE and they will be using the DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES to KILL people. Indeed, thousands of people have ALREADY died because of these USAFE VACCINES and we are trying to STOP the 21st century holocaust from happening. Our MISSION is to regain the FREEDOMS for ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. You will be interested to learn that MY WHOLE FAMILY were WIPED out by the EVIL KILLER NHS - 3 family members within 3 month and ALL of them were POISONED to death by the NHS and one family member was poisoned to death by the NHS during Christmas of 2018.

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