As you may already be aware, the world is heading towards an apocalyptic disaster that has been directly caused by world governments and their WEALTHY THUG ASSOCIATES who possess BENT DESIRES to RULE THE WORLD.

The war of the PEOPLE vs THE GOVERNMENT is RAPIDLY ACCELERATING as each day passes by. Time is running out and we at the ONLINE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT need to get the TRUTH out to as many people as possible, to make them AWARE of what is happening in the world.

The following documents are an EXACT copy of the leaflets we are DISTRIBUTING LOCALLY:



Barnsley Resistance Movement

We are an independent, non-profit, UNBIASED, TRUTHFUL public service organisation.


The UK government are lying to you, there is NO killer virus in our midst, only what they have PSYCHOLOGICALLY CREATED in order to TERRORISE you all into being subservient and to train you all for the NEW WORLD ORDER and the NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT. This covid19 virus is MUCH LESS DEADLIER than the seasonal flu. The government figures have been inflated to keep most people OPPRESSED, TERRIFIED and OBEDIENT. They have fiddled about with the death statistics of various diseases so much that the seasonal flu for last winter has just DISAPPEARED off the map. And do you all want to know why? Because they have been recording ALL seasonal influenza deaths as covid19 deaths and all people who have died from totally unrelated causes and who had the covid19 when they died were recorded as having DIED from the covid19 virus when in actual fact they died WITH the covid19 virus and of another cause altogether. Most deaths have been people over the age of 80 years. The government are preparing you for the New World Order takeover, a New World Government, MASS SLAVERY and many non essential people are going to be KILLED in a worldwide MASS GENOCIDE. The new covid19 vaccine is going to pave the way for GLOBAL killing. If that doesn’t kill you, then the new 5G WILL FRY YOU to death and then there are the ILLEGAL lockdowns which will cause many many more UNNECESSARY DEATHS. Don’t allow the lying government to fool you into believing that this will all be over soon. It will NEVER be over UNTIL YOU ALL FIGHT BACK, because we are at war and our enemy is the UK GOVERNMENT WHO HAVE BETRAYED US ALL. On 19th March, 2020 the government actually DOWNGRADED the covid19 virus to the same level as the seasonal flu, but yet a few days after that they ordered a national lockdown that killed thousands of people – some starved to death and others committed suicide. This is ALL part of the Agenda 21 plan.


Don’t be fooled into believing that mandatory vaccines will never happen, it WILL happen and it WILL happen soon. And trust me when I tell you this, you DON’T want the covid19 vaccine that has been FAST TRACKED and NOT PROPERLY TESTED. It will also contain a biogel tracking device, that the authorities WILL be able to track you and control you, once this stuff is inside your body, the DAMAGE will already have happened and it is IRREVERSIBLE.

The Corvela Association in Italy has decided to COME CLEAN and BLOW THE LID off this WHOLE EVIL KILLER VACCINE that is backed by Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who is also a lover of eugenics.

I have carefully studied this report and I can tell you that it is TERRIFYING. I have even studied the DNA and RNA altering genomes. It shows the NORMAL genome of a cell and then it shows the ABNORMAL DNA altering cell. And it eventually turns into CANCER, that is one way of KILLING all the non essential people off and be right on track with the Agenda 21 plan of the United Nations to THIN THE POPULATION down from seven billion to around five hundred million by the year 2030.

This NEW vaccine has absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with protecting the individual from a virus. In fact according to the Corvela Association, the vaccine is given for ONE purpose and ONE purpose only – to ALTER THE DNA of its victim, which will then spread rapidly like wildfire throughout the body and within a few years the individual who has received this FATAL dose will be RIDDLED IN CANCER and then DEATH will SWIFTLY follow. INSIDE THIS COVID19 VACCINE THE VICTIM WILL BE INJECTED WITH monkey DNA CANCEROUS CELLS, HUMAN DNA CANCEROUS CELLS and CHICKEN CANCEROUS CELLS along with the RNA altering proteins. It is NOT about protecting the individual from anything, it is about injecting the victim to preserve the community, so they don’t get sick immediately. In other words it is a CANCER INJECTION. We are also FIGHTING COLLECTIVISM and this is COLLECTIVISM.

The next time your GP’s surgery pressurises you to have the TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINE when you are healthy, you need to get them to write down the batch number of the vaccine, date that the vaccines was given, time vaccine was given, the person who is administering the vaccine, the surgery name and ask them to SIGN this document (which you will retain) as reassurance that the vaccine is SAFE and they will NOT do this, because they KNOW that it is NOT safe. You also need to question why the big vaccine companies have paid out billions of dollars to victims of vaccines whom have been SERIOUSLY INJURED or KILLED by these VERY SAME TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINES. You also need to be FULLY AWARE that Bill Gates KNOWS that these vaccines are UNSAFE and he has put in a LEGAL INDEMNITY CLAUSE to protect the big drug companies from people wanting to claim compensation for vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths. You are also at liberty to REFUSE the vaccine, even it it becomes mandatory, you can still REFUSE the killer vaccine. Don’t take their nonsense about fining you or threatening you with imprisonment. You will have to FIGHT this case in a court of law.


You need to cast away your face mask PERMANENTLY. The face mask does NOT protect the wearer from MICRO viruses. The face mask actually causes MORE harm than it does good. The longer an individual wears a face mask, the MORE at risk they are of developing low blood oxygen levels, legionnaires disease, bacterial diseases, fungal infections, skin rashes and even DEATH. Yes, people have DIED because of continual face mask wearing. The government’s idea of forcing people to wear USELESS face masks is their way of TERRORISING people to keep the people UNDER CONTROL. The ILLEGAL LOCKDOWNS also give the government power to CONTROL THE PUBLIC. Social distancing doesn’t work either for the virus. All that does is to DESTROY communities and mentally scars the people social distancing. It is ALL designed for one purpose – THE NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT.


The local Birmingham facist council have seen it FIT to go DOOR TO DOOR knocking in their local area to TERRORISE their residents into taking a USELESS COVID19 test.

The trend is set to get MUCH WORSE as the days and months progress. The Facist Nazi UK government DICTATOR Boris Johnson actually promised that all of this UNNECESSARINESS will be over by Christmas, but he NEVER mentioned WHICH CHRISTMAS of WHAT YEAR. This is NEVER going to cease until we all fight back and RESIST, because they have a TERRIFYING agenda for all of us and that is to prepare us all for the New World Order and the New World Government. There will be gobal genocide when this happens, for their plans to fall in line with the United Nations Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth from seven billion of us to around five hundred million. We are trying to STOP this madness and trying to STOP the 21st Century Holocaust.


You all are absolutely under NO obligation to open the door to COLD CALLERS and that INCLUDES the police or the army. Providing you have done NOTHING wrong you have NOTHING to fear and they cannot FORCE you to open the door to them. There is NO law in the land that stipulates that you have to open the door to authorities. So just keep your door closed and locked. If you are outside when they call, you must tell them in a FIRM voice to LEAVE YOUR PROPERTY. We have given you this advice because what is happening in Birmingham right now could disseminate to other areas like Barnsley.


If your only source of news information is coming from the mainstream media and the tabloid press, then all you are on the receiving end of is LIES and PROPAGANDA and they are ALL very good at what they do, especially when it comes down to SUPPRESSING the TRUTH. All of these media organisation have been BOUGHT and are OWNED by the EVIL, FACIST, NAZI GOVERNMENT. Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has also BOUGHT the MAINSTREAM MEDIA outlets.


If you must use the services of the NHS and that includes GP’s services, be very wary about your choices and approach both GP’s services and the NHS Trust hospital with GREAT CAUTION. They all have HIDDEN powers that can HARM you and your family. My own family got taken ill 4 years ago around Christmas time 2015 and the way that they were ALL treated by the GP’s service and the NHS hospital was WICKEDLY TERRIFYING and APPALLING, which led to a COLOSSAL TRAGEDY. My father, my youngest sister (who was also my BEST FRIEND) and my mother were FORCED into hospital AGAINST their will and the NHS GP’s services used the POLICE to FORCE them into hospital. My sister and I were THREATENED to be BEATEN UP by three male police officers if my sister kept on REFUSING to get onto the ambulance trolley that the GP had ordered for her against her wishes. In other words – HER HUMAN and CIVIL RIGHTS TO REFUSE WERE VIOLATED. She tried to discharge herself from that hospital and again she was REFUSED. All three family members were TRAGICALLY MURDERED by the NHS TRUST HOSPITAL. They were intravenously injected with huge doses of a conglomeration of drugs at 15 minute intervals. When I realised that they were MURDERING my sister, I CHALLANGED them, a struggle broke out and my beloved best pal was MURDERED in front of me and then I was ejected from that hospital. So far, they have gotten away with murder. Since losing all members of my family, I have had NOTHING AT ALL to do with the NHS Trust Hospital, nor the GP’s services. I TRUSTED the GP’s and the NHS Trust Hospital and that trust WAS BETRAYED. I will NEVER trust them ever again. Rest assured, the GP’s service and the NHS Trust Hospital possess powers to make patients do things that they don’t want to do and they use the POLICE to enforce these powers. They also have the HIGHEST mortality statistics in the land.

The following document is a FACT sheet composed by Dr. Vernon Coleman who has kindly given us permission to use this document, to help us to get the TRUTH out to as many people as possible :

GlaxoSmithKline – Facts You Should Know

Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

GSK is one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies and it is planning to produce a vaccine for covid19. Here are just a few facts about the company which those expecting to have their vaccine should know.

1. In 2014 for example, GSK was fined $490 million dollars by China after a Chinese court found it guilty of bribery. The court gave GSK’s former head of Chinese operations a suspended prison sentence and they gave suspended prison sentences to other executives too. GSK published a statement of apology.

2. In 2006 GSK paid out $160 million for claims made by patients who had become addicts.

3. In 2009 GSK paid out $2.5 million to the family of a three year old born with severe heart malformations. And in Canada, a five year old girl died five days after an H1N1 flu shot and her parents sued GSK for $4.2 million. The parents’ lawyer alleged that the drug was brought out quickly and without proper testing as the federal government exerted intense pressure on Canadians to get immunised.

4. In 2010 GSK paid out$1.14 billion because of claims over a drug called Paxil. And they settled lawsuits over a drug called Avadia for $500 million.

5. In 2011 GSK paid $250 million to settle 5,500 death and injury claims and set aside $6.4 billion for future lawsuits and settlements in respect of the drug Avandia.

6. In 2018 GSK faced 445 lawsuits over a drug called Zofran.

7. In 2012 GSK pleaded guilty to federal criminal offences including misbranding of two antidepressants and failure to report safety data about a drug for diabetes to the FDA in America. The company admitted to illegally promoting Paxil for the treatment of depression in chidren and agreed to pay a fine of $3 billion. That was the largest health care fraud settlement in US history. GSK also reached a related civil settlement with the US Justice Department. The $3 billion fine also included the civil penalties for improper marketing of half a dozen other drugs.

8. In 2010 there were reports of narcolepsy occurring in Sweden and Finland among children who had the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. It is reported that not all the safety problems were made public. By December 2009 for each one million doses of the vaccine given, about 76 cases of serious adverse events were reported though this was not made public. A paper published in the British Medical Journal in 2018 reported that GSK had commented that ‘further research is needed to confirm what role Pandemrix may have played in the development of narcoleopsy among those involved.’ The writer of the BMJ article commented : ‘Now eight years after the outbreak, new information is emerging from one of the lawsuits that, months before the narcolepsy cases were reported the manufacturer and public health officials were aware of other serious adverse events logged in relation to Pandemrix.’ In Ireland, the Irish government kept inviting people to get vaccinated even when it was clear that the pandemic was on the wane and it was nowhere near the catastrophe portrayed by influenza researchers, governments, industry and media. A member of the Irish parliament called the adverse effects after Pandemrix a ‘completely avoidable catastrophe.’ She told the then Prime Minister. ‘The Health Service Executive decided to purchase Pandemrix and continued to distribute it even after they knew it was dangerous and untested.’

9. Mathematical modellers had predicted that the swine flu could lead to 65,000 deaths in the UK alone. In the end, the swine flu killed 457 people and had a death rate of just 0.026 per cent of those infected.

10. Sir Patrick Vallance is the Chief Scientific Adviser in the United Kingdom and a key figure in dealing with the coronavirus in the UK and the plans for a vaccine. Vallance worked for GSK between 2006 and 2018. By the time he left GSK he was a member of the board and the corporate executive team. all of the fines and so on which I have listed took place while Vallance was working as a senior figure at GSK.

Copyright : Vernon Coleman, September 2020

Dr. Coleman is a former medical GP

The following document is the work of Dr. Vernon Coleman of which he has kindly given us his permission to print this document in order to get the TRUTH out to as many people as we can.


Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The pro vaccine establishment likes to demonise those who dare to question vaccination – dismissing them as anti-vaxxers. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared that anyone who questions vaccination is a NUT. I have been demonised as an anti-vaxxer simply because I have published criticisms showing how and when vaccines can be dangerous and ineffective. I believe it is important to study the risk/value ratio for any medicine. If you’re giving a drug to a patient who is dying then risks and side effects are less significant than if you’re giving a drug for a relatively minor illness. Vaccines are usually given to healthy patients and so it is important that the risks are very small and side effects preferably transient and insignificant. Sadly, many modern vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Pro vaxxers steadfastly and obsessively believe that all vaccinations are safe and effective all the time. This is patently not true. The World Health Organisation has admitted that the vaccines pushed by the WHO and Bill Gates have caused a polio outbreak in Sudan with several children now paralysed as a result. Here are some more facts about vaccines which your government and pro-vaxx journalists may have forgotten to tell you.

1. Some vaccines (such as those administered nasally) contain millions of live but attenuated viruses. These viruses may sometimes become live and can mutate. In 2016, the Center for Disease Control in the USA, withdrew the nasal flu vaccine because it was not effective. Nasal vaccines can cause serious neurological and behavioural side effects.

2. Making a vaccine in a few months instead of many years massively increases the dangers. Some serious side effects do not appear for years after vaccination. Giving a relatively untested vaccine to seven billion people (as is planned with the covid19 vaccine) may result in hundreds of thousands dying or being made seriously ill.

3. The H1N1 flu vaccine resulted in lawsuits all over the world. The British Medical Journal has reported that months before serious side effects were reported, both the manufacturer and public health officials knew about the danger.

4. GlaxoSmithKline (one of the drug companies making a covid19 vacine) has been fined many times. For example, after pleading guilty to federal criminal offences GSK agreed to pay a fine of $3 billion. The largest healthcare fraud in US history. The company was fined $490 million for bribery in China. There is a list of some of the fines paid by GSK on http://www.vernoncoleman.com

5. The British government paid out £60 million to patients who had been damaged by GSK’s Pandemrix vaccine. (GSK had demanded that the government indemnify it against claims for damages). The British government has to pay out so much money to the parents of children damaged by some vaccines that there is a fixed fee of £120,000 per severely damaged child. In the United States, the government has paid out over $4 billion for vaccine injuries. That money has been paid to 18,000 individuals. That’s a lot of money for governments to pay out for treatments that are supposed to be perfectly safe. In the 2019 fiscal year, £131,485,775 was paid out to vaccine damaged individuals in compensation.

6. The UK’s Chief Scientific Officer, Sir Patrick Vallance, worked for GSK between 2006 and 2018. By the time he left, he was a member of the board. Vallance is enthusiastic about a new vaccine for covid19.

7. Other vaccine manufacturers also have a terrible safety record. Astra Zeneca is also preparing a vaccine for covid19. There is a list of fines paid by Astra Zeneca on http://www.vernoncoleman.com. I suggest you read the details before accepting a vaccine made by the company.

8. No long-term independent research has been done to compare the health of children who have had a full set of vaccinations against the health of children who have had no vaccinations. Surely, if the vaccinators had faith in their product that would be the first research they would do? Pro-vaxx supporters refuse to debate the value of vaccination.

9. No long term, independent research has been done to measure the inter-reaction between vaccines and prescription drugs.

10. Does repeated vaccination weaken the immune system? No long term, independent research has been done to measure the effect of vaccination on the immune system.

11. No research has been done to check whether giving so many vaccines to small children causes health problems.

12. Patients who suffer from serious side effects after a covid19 vaccination will not be able to take legal action for damages. Drug companies, governments and doctors are all protected from litigation – even if patients are paralysed for life.

Copyright : Vernon Coleman, September 2020

Dr. Coleman is a former medical GP

The following document is a document prepared by the ONLINE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT in order to get the TRUTHFUL word out to as many people as possible :


The BBC are a bunch of STATE COLTROLLED CORRUPT TERRORISTS who have also had sex offenders working for them and they need to go. The State owned and State run BBC are the EPITOME of ALL EVIL. They are DELIBERATELY SUPPRESSING the TRUTH about the covid19 virus, making it out that it is the KILLER PLAGUE of the 21st century, because they have been ORDERED TO DO THAT by the EVIL, CORRUPT, NAZI FACIST UK GOVERNMENT. Every time the BBC news presenters wag their evil, poisonous tongues they are SPREADING PROPAGANDA and LIES. They are little more than EVIL TERRORISTS, they want people to be afraid, they want people to die during these illegal lockdowns and they want people to wear UNSAFE face masks so that the wearer will SUFFER and possibly DIE. And they will soon be promoting the new covid19 vaccine that contains cancer genes.

The BBC are extremely adept at CONVICING THE VULNERABLE public that the PLAGUE is REAL and it is KILLING PEOPLE – NOT TRUE. They are doing the DIRTY WORK of their EVIL NAZI FACIST CONTROLLERS.

When our Online Resistance Movement approached the BBC about their CORRUPT news bulletins we received a NEGATIVE REPLY, informing us that it was : INAPPROPRIATE TO PASS OUR OFFICIAL COMPLAINT TO THEIR COLLEAGUES, which is typically what we expected. And what have they offered the public apart from TERRORIST PROPAGANDA and LIES? Just MORE CRAP PROGRAMS.


All you have to do to DEFUND the BBC is simple – DON’T WATCH TV anymore then you DON’T need a tv licence. Go to settings on your tv set and delete all of the tuned in programs. Next, remove the aerial connection from the back of the television set and if you can reach it – take down the television aerial. You DON’T need a tv licence because you have a television. I use my television to watch my own home made videos and pre recorded movies that I play on a DVD player and you don’t need a tv licence for that function.

The following document is the work of Vernon Coleman and he has kindly given us permission to use this document to get the TRUTH out to as many people as possible :

Why Cash Is Vital To Your Freedom

Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Governments everywhere want to eradicate cash and replace it with digital money. Helped by the mass media, they are using covid19 as an excuse to force us all to stop using real money and instead to pay for everything with credit cards or phone apps. In China 85% of all transactions are already done by mobile phone. Governments and banks claim that cash carries disease but the risk is no greater than it has always been. All you need to do is wash your hands after handling cash. But cash gives us freedom and privacy. Below are some facts explaining why cash is vital:

1. Cash gives us freedom of movement and behaviour. Without cash, they will be able to track our every move. They will always know where we are, what we are buying and what we are doing. Privacy will be gone.

2. Cash helps teach children the value of money. It gives a sense of reality and the importance of money.

3. Cash helps stop people going into debt.

4. Many people rely on cash and without it will be unable to buy food. Nearly one in five people in Britain relies on cash and would struggle to survive without it. The millions (including the elderly and the homeless) who do not have bank accounts or access to the internet, would find life impossible.

5. Using a phone or plastic card instead of cash for every transaction means that your details are at greater risk of being stolen, thus putting you at risk of losing everything – including your identity.

6. When cash has disappeared, banks may charge a transaction fee for every item bought – and possibly for every item sold.

7. If you rely entirely on credit cards, the banks will be able to cut off your access to your money very easily. If you misbehave, you will be denied access to your own money. It will be easy to prohibit the sale of certain items – such as alcohol. Also, the authorities will be able to prevent you from buying foods which are considered ‘inappropriate’ for your health.

8. The aim is to get rid of plastic cards and replace them with a universal phone App – so that all financial transactions have to be managed by phone. The plan is to replace phone Apps with implanted chips which will make us all slaves to an electronic system. Implanted chips are already being trialled. Eventually, the implanted chips will contain every bit of information about you. These chips can be turned OFF in an instant from afar.

9. Without cash and by forcing us to keep all our money in banks, the big banks will be able to extend negative interest rates.

10. Shops which ban cash are excluding many citizens and helping to remove our basic freedom and privacy rights. To keep cash alive, insist on paying with cash whenever possible. Try to avoid stores which refuse to accept cash.

For access to the original document and more information visit – http://www.vernoncoleman.com

The following document is the work of Vernon Coleman who has kindly given us permission to use this document to get the TRUTH out to as many people as possible :

Why The Coronavirus Hoax Is A Hoax

Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I can demolish the whole coronavirus nonsense in less than three minutes. Everything in this list can be verified.

1. Many doctors including Dr. Fauci, the American coronavirus supremo, have admitted that the risk of dying of the coronavirus may be similar to the risk with the flu.

2. The flu can kill 650,000 people a year around the world. Even though governments everywhere have admitted fiddling their totals, the covid19 death total is only now approaching the global flu total.

3. Here’s how they fiddled the figures. In the UK, for example, anyone who tested positive for the coronavirus and subsequently died, was officially a covid19 death – whatever else they had wrong with them.

4. The vast majority of those dying of the coronavirus were over 80 and had many other health problems. The risk for fit, young individuals is very small. The risk for children is smaller than the risk of being hit by lightening.

5. Research has shown that masks are DANGEROUS, don’t prevent the spread of infection and almost certainly do MORE HARM than good. The virus can go straight through the material of a mask. And mask wearing affects blood oxygen levels. At least two people have DIED through wearing masks. I’ve quoted figures and papers on my website http://www.vernoncoleman.com and in other videos on YouTube. **note** Dr. Coleman is now on Brand New Tube with his latest videos.

6. Many of those promoting the coronavirus horror story are linked in some way to the vaccine industry or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – which itself has strong links to the vaccine industry. For example, the Chief Scientific Advisor in the UK was formerly a senior executive at GSK – one of the big vaccine makers.

7. The British Government has admitted that at least four times as many people have died as a result of the lockdowns and other control measures as will have died from the coronavirus. The remedy has been much deadlier than the disease. Millions are waiting for cancer tests and treatment because hospitals were closed. And some hospital departments in the UK are still closed.

8. Neil Ferguson, the man whose predictions led to the lockdowns had produced a number of inaccurate predictions before he made wildly pessisistic predictions about the coronavirus. His track record is appalling. The college where he works has financial links to the Bill an Melinda Gates Foundation and vaccines.

9. Exactly the same mistakes have been made in almost every country in the world. For example, sick old people were taken out of hospital and dumped in care homes – resulting in tens of thousands of deaths in each country. That couldn’t be a coincidence so it had to be a plan. If you remove the care home deaths from the UK total you end up with a maximum of around 20,000 deaths (though that is a massive exaggeration because they included flu and anyone who tested positive) which is much smaller than the annual flu death total.

10. The number of people who have caught the coronavirus worldwide is now said to be around 10 million. But the flu can affect 1 billion in a single year.

These are facts which cannot be disputed, though they are being SUPPRESSED. Print out the list and give copies to doubters. I find it difficult to believe that anyone would still want to wear a mask once they are aware of these SIMPLE FACTS.

Copyright : Vernon Coleman – August 2020

Dr. Coleman is a former medical GP

Beaver dam in the Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho, USA

Published by Online Resistance Movement

I am a fully qualified NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER and I graduated in 2017. My qualifications include : Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Acupressure, Anatomy & Physiology, Dream Therapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, First Aid and Philosophy. I am actively fighting for the FREEDOM of all the people in the world who are experiencing GOVERNMENT OPPRESION and SEVERE STRANGULATORY RESTRICTIONS in their lives. The United Nations Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth has already commenced and it is being synchronised around the world. It is the GLOBAL RESET - resettlement program and their goal is to thin the current world's population down from nearly seven billion to five hundred million and that means that most of us will be KILLED in a MASS GENOCIDE and they will be using the DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES to KILL people. Indeed, thousands of people have ALREADY died because of these USAFE VACCINES and we are trying to STOP the 21st century holocaust from happening. Our MISSION is to regain the FREEDOMS for ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. You will be interested to learn that MY WHOLE FAMILY were WIPED out by the EVIL KILLER NHS - 3 family members within 3 month and ALL of them were POISONED to death by the NHS and one family member was poisoned to death by the NHS during Christmas of 2018.

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