During the third week of March 2020, I made my usual trip into town to do my regular business at the bank and to engage in a little shopping. When I turned into the road that led to the massive sprawling car park in town, I was UNAWARE of the events that were unfolding inside the car park until I was almost on top of the problem. There were a large group of yellow jacket council officials almost causing an OBSTRUCTION in the road that led to the car park. Apparently, the local government council had BLOCKED the car park off completely and they had turned it into a FREAK covid19 USELESS drive-through pcr testing centre and there were CHAIN LINK fences, barriers and makeshift car port tents everywhere. I slowed down just enough to attempt to assess the situation and to see if it was possible for me to drive STRAIGHT PAST this MOB WITHOUT being stopped or harassed. I took a chance and CONTINUED DRIVING and as my car came closer to them, it looked like they were going to JUMP IN FRONT OF MY CAR and STOP me and I was PREPARED FOR THAT. I was prepared to stop, turn around quickly and go back the way that I entered this road. One of them DID step into the road and put her arm up, as to indicate for me to stop and I drove around her and continued driving and exited the road at the other end.

My trip into town that day was a COMPLETE and TERRIFYING NIGHTMARE. I did find another car park where I could leave my car for a short while, but my problems were already beginning. As I approached the town centre, I just couldn’t believe what my eyes were showing me and I had to blink several times, to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. My SHOCKING experience that day reminded me of the 1942 NAZI OCCUPATION OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA and I am NOT exaggerating. The ONLY difference was that the people in town were wearing modern clothing, apart from that, it just seemed like I had STEPPED BACK IN TIME to WORLD WAR II. There were local government council officials EVERYWHERE. They were wearing yellow jackets and they were BARKING OUT ORDERS TO THE SHOPPERS ON THE STREET. They were BULLYING people who were lining up outside the banks and they were literally harassing EVERYONE. I was in two minds to turn around, walk back to my car and leave it was THAT BAD. Instead, I continued to the bank, IGNORED the local council NAZIS and got my money from the ATM machine. I did a little shopping and then I left and I have NOT been back to town since, because the WICKED experience that I was subjected to that day, SHOCKED me enough to STOP me from going into town.

But the situation gets MUCH WORSE. Since that time, I have been BOMBARDED with UNSOLICITED LETTERS from local government council to THANK me for supporting them, which SIMPLY IS UNTRUE. I am FIGHTING BACK, RESISTING and SPREADING THE TRUTH against these LIARS. I became that SICK of receiving UNSOLICITED thank you letters, TELLING ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY PERSONAL LIFE that I have started REFUSING these unsolicited letters and I am RETURNING THEM TO SENDER.

This is Christmas day 2020 and whilst most everyone is gathered celebrating Christmas with their families, I have to go to the local CEMETERY to spend a little time at my deceased family’s graves – that is MY CHRISTMAS and I have been doing this now for the PAST 5 years and every time I go into the cemetery, I break down and cry and this year was NO different. **Just a short sentence here to REMIND everyone that the NHS DELIBERATELY MURDERED ALL 4 MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY, 3 FAMILY MEMBERS 5 years ago and ONE FAMILY MEMBER 2 years ago.** Whilst I was inside the cemetery an older gentleman came into the cemetery complaining to me that he was unable to book himself a covid19 test and he was anxious to get the covid19 jab. This sent me INTO ACTION and I immediately WARNED HIM of the USELESS covid19 pcr test, I also told him that Dr. Vernon Coleman has ALREADY indicated that one can do their own covid19 test at home and get a RESULT INSTANTLY by using a COIN – Flip the coin and HEADS it is POSITIVE and TAILS it is NEGATIVE. It is JUST as GOOD if NOT BETTER than the useless government PCR test which is NOT designed to use for SCREENING and that is why there are many people testing POSITIVE and they are actually HEALTHY, so these tests are FALSE POSITIVES. I also WARNED him about the TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINE and that HE DID NOT NEED THE JAB because it contains POISON.

When I left the cemetery, I continued down the road that I had been driving and decided to drive through the LOCAL village. When I got to the end of the road where there is a local council car park, I was SHOCKED to see that THIS CAR PARK has ALSO been taken over by local council government to continue undertaking NASTY, USELESS covid19 pcr tests. There were chain link fences everywhere and barriers, including plastic drive through car ports, with a YELLOW JACKET official SAT ON A CHAIR IN FRONT OF THE CAR PARK. This makeshift covid19 testing centre was EMPTY. And there was no other activity nearby.

The UK government has TOTALLY LOST THE PLOT, they weren’t KIDDING when they said that they were EXTENDING these USELESS PCR testing centres. The government are SICK MINDED and they NEED to be REMOVED from power. They are BENT on CONTROLLING peoples lives and they are BENT on DESTROYING peoples lives. We CANNOT allow this NONSENSE to continue any further. NOW is the TIME FOR ACTION, TO FIGHT BACK WITH ALL OF YOUR WORTH, because you have NO CHOICE if you want to continue living a HEALTHY FREE LIFE. These EVIL MONSTERS are leading most of you all down the PATH to DEATH, DESTRUCTION and SLAVERY and they are USING THE PIED PIPER METHOD to lead the WEAK WILLED down the PATH OF DEATH. This World War III of the People vs the Government is ACCELERATING MUCH FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. I don’t know about you all, but I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN SUCH A HELLISH WORLD and I WILL FIGHT BACK and to the DEATH if necessary. If they eventually come for me with their NEEDLE OF DEATH, I WILL FIGHT BACK because I have NO CHOICE and they will NOT stick me with NO MORE POISONS. There is NO, I REPEAT NO PANDEMIC. If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will be AWARE that my last FLU vaccine was in the fall of 1993 and THAT vaccine which contained FORMALDEHYDE and MERCURY ALMOST KILLED ME and I was SICK for THREE months. I was SO SICK that I couldn’t get out of bed and I was HEALTHY when I was PRESSURISED into taking that almost FATAL jab. That was ALMOST 28 YEARS AGO. I am HEALTHY and I am doing GREAT WITHOUT toxins inside my body.

Anyone who is considering taking these toxic poisons should be made aware that people’s body’s are NOT MADE OF TOXIC CHEMICALS and we DON’T need these toxic chemicals inside our body. You must also be aware that these vaccines can and DO cause SEVERE ALLERGIES, ALLERGIC LIFE THREATENING REACTIONS, PERMANENT MEDICAL CONDITIONS and EVEN DEATH. So to all of you people considering taking ANY of these vaccines – MULL OVER IT VERY CAREFULLY and BE SURE that this is what you actually want to do, because once they have JABBED you with the POISON, it is IRREVERSIBLE and the DAMAGE is ALREADY DONE. If you want more information regarding this SERIOUS TOPIC, please, I IMPLORE you – go to see Dr. Vernon Coleman’s site – http://www.vernoncoleman.com where you will FIND ALL THE INFORMATION that you are seeking. Dr. Coleman is like ME, he is TRYING TO SAVE LIVES.




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This UK government needs to be OVERTHROWN, the SOONER the BETTER for FREEDOM.

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I am a fully qualified NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER and I graduated in 2017. My qualifications include : Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Acupressure, Anatomy & Physiology, Dream Therapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, First Aid and Philosophy. I am actively fighting for the FREEDOM of all the people in the world who are experiencing GOVERNMENT OPPRESION and SEVERE STRANGULATORY RESTRICTIONS in their lives. The United Nations Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth has already commenced and it is being synchronised around the world. It is the GLOBAL RESET - resettlement program and their goal is to thin the current world's population down from nearly seven billion to five hundred million and that means that most of us will be KILLED in a MASS GENOCIDE and they will be using the DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES to KILL people. Indeed, thousands of people have ALREADY died because of these USAFE VACCINES and we are trying to STOP the 21st century holocaust from happening. Our MISSION is to regain the FREEDOMS for ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. You will be interested to learn that MY WHOLE FAMILY were WIPED out by the EVIL KILLER NHS - 3 family members within 3 month and ALL of them were POISONED to death by the NHS and one family member was poisoned to death by the NHS during Christmas of 2018.

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