The Online Resistance Movement cannot overly emphasize just how evil and corrupt that the UK government are.

Just over five years ago now, I suffered a colossal tragedy in my family as three members of my family became ill around Christmas time 2015.

After suffering a long illness, my father was KILLED by bullying nhs staff at the local hospital. On the night of November 18, 2015 my youngest sister and I approached the junior doctor Shirazi and we both forewarned him of the devastating consequences that would take place if they surgically proceeded with our father. He was forewarned that if they did what they threatened to do, then our father would be dead within 24 hours of the surgical procedure. Within 24 hours, we received a frantic phone call from our mother, informing us that our father had died, following the surgical procedure and mass injection of lethal toxic general medicine drugs – EXACTLY as we predicted.

A few weeks later, my youngest sister fell ill on Christmas eve 2015 and 21 days later she was KILLED by nhs staff at the same local hospital, using massive overdoses of toxic general medicine drugs to kill her.

Two months later, my mother was MURDERED by nhs staff, this time inside a scruffy government care home being run by the nhs. My mother too, was injected with massive overdoses of toxic general medicine drugs. This took place on April 16, 2016. You all need to keep this date in mind when you view my youngest sister’s TISSUE SAMPLE document that was FRAUDULENTLY produced by the current coroner, IAN ANTHONY who was NOT the coroner in April of 2016. This is just how EVIL and CORRUPT government workers are:

The coroner at the time of my family’s deaths was DAVID PENDRYS. Then following my youngest sister’s untimely death, the crooked, corrupt, evil NHS wanted to cover up their BLUNDER of MURDERING my youngest sister with massive overdoses of dangerous TOXIC GENERAL MEDICINES. They wanted a SCAPEGOAT and they got one – ME. They called the then coroner David Pendrys informing him of my sister’s death and telling him that I killed my youngest sister (who was also my BEST FRIEND). David Pendrys then called the local police and they commenced an investigation on me. The first I heard of this nonsense was when I went to visit my mother, who was held against her will inside the SAME hospital that killed my father and my sister within 8 weeks of each other. My mother confided in me that she had been approached by TWO plain clothes CID detectives, a male and a female. The male’s name was Matthew Jackson, the female CID detective was called Emma Wheatcroft, BOTH CID detectives stationed in Doncaster. They grilled my mother with all kinds of strange questions regarding me. In the end my mother lost her patience and ordered them to leave her alone, but NOT before these two young CID detectives told my mother that SHE WAS FRIGHTENED OF ME. She was so angry that she told them NOT to be SILLY and to LEAVE HER ALONE. My mother was harassed on several occasions by these two young detectives.

The first encounter that I had with these detectives was when my mother insisted that I go to her house to CHECK ON THINGS. She didn’t give a damn about my house. My sister had just died and I wasn’t interested in house sitting. Anyway, I went to the house and everything was fine. I was only there approximately half an hour when there was a KNOCK ON THE FRONT DOOR. In those days, I always opened the door to door knockers, so I opened the door and there were THREE plain clothes CID detectives stood at my door. As soon as I opened the door, BELINDA DHAMI of the Barnsley branch, thrust her ID two inches in front of my nose, whilst she continued to STEP INTO my parents’ home WITHOUT being invited inside, followed by the other two detectives. They claimed that they had acquired a SEARCH WARRANT for my parents’ property and I asked to see this search warrant, because I didn’t believe them. Apparently, PURE and DEVIOUS EVIL had been prevailing behind the scenes and after I had examined the search warrant, I determined that it was a genuine warrant signed by a judge : David Walker. I enquired of the male CID detective as to how they had acquired this house search warrant, as there had been NO criminal activity at this address. Apparently, the NHS had informed the coroner that I had murdered my youngest sister and the NAIVE coroner David Pendrys CALLED THE POLICE, without investigating the NHS claims first. That is how they got the search warrant. They then threatened me to hand over my house keys to my my parents home and my own home and I REFUSED. Then I was told “if you don’t hand your house keys over, you will need a new front door.” I reluctantly handed over my own house keys and they confiscated my parents’ house keys from the door. I NEVER told them my address, but they knew it, as they had been SPYING ON ME. Next, the male CID detective followed me into one of the upstairs bedrooms. At first, I didn’t know he was stood behind me and when I saw him stood behind me, I ordered him to GET OUT OF THE BEDROOM because he was violating my privacy and he REFUSED. It was at this point that I knew that I was under arrest.

Back in the downstairs hallway, I asked the male detective if I was under arrest and he replied “NO.” In the next statement he made, he said that he would like me to accompany him to the police station to make an official statement of which I REFUSED. He then told me “YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.” That meant that I was under arrest. I asked him what the charges against me were and he told me “negligence.” This made NO sense to me at all. So I challenged him on the negligence and he mentioned my youngest sister who had just died. I reminded him that my youngest sister was AN ADULT and that she had been KEPT FORCIBLY AGAINST HER WILL INSIDE THE HOSPITAL and it was HOSPITAL STAFF WHO KILLED HER and that I was NOT her KEEPER. Then he went on to demand “where is it?” And I really didn’t know what he was talking about the “IT” and it took me literally ages to get the motive out of him and he eventually said that HE WANTED MY SISTER’S LIFE INSURANCE POLICY and that I HAD KILLED HER IN ORDER TO CLAIM A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF MONEY FROM HER LIFE INSURANCE POLICY. That was the SICKEST joke I had ever heard, but it wasn’t a joke, he was serious and I couldn’t laugh because I was in such emotional pain, that I felt like my body was being RIPPED APART. I had just lost MY PAL, she was everything to me. I WORSHIPPED the ground that she walked upon and I was feeling hysterical at the time. I then went on to explain to this MISINFORMED CID BULLY that my sister was NOT insured and that she did NOT reside at this address. He called me a LIAR and they RIPPED the place apart, looking for a document that NEVER EXISTED. I told him that my sister could not afford to pay for life insurance, as she was struggling to pay the weekly grocery bill. In fact NONE of us were insured and I am still NOT insured and I told him that at that time.

They kept me at the police station for over 9 hours WITHOUT FOOD and with one sip of still mineral water. For NINE solid hours, I was watched, harassed and threatened by two male social service workers and police staff. Matt Jackson came to see me some five hours later and expressed that he was concerned for my welfare because I had NOT moved in 5 hours, not eaten or drunk any liquids. He asked me “what can I do to help you?” I told him that if he wanted to help me, to LET ME GO and he told me that he couldn’t do that. What he wasn’t appreciating, was the fact that I was TRAUMATISED at losing my BEST PAL and I was still GRIEVING over my father’s death.

After nine hours of sitting motionlessly, I was eventually led into the interrogation room with an appropriate adult, along with my lawyer. It was at this point that I knew that I was IN SERIOUS TROUBLE. One of the questions that the detective kept repeating was “COME ON WHY DON’T YOU ADMIT IT?” And I asked him “admit what?” and he shockingly blurted out “that you killed your father and your sister.” I was STUNNED and as traumatised as I was, I REMINDED this detective that the NHS had KILLED my sister and my father with MASSIVE OVERDOSES OF TOXIC GENERAL MEDICINE DRUGS.

They eventually released me four hours later, but my ORDEAL with the police wasn’t over by a LONG SHOT. The coroner – DAVID PENDRYS had ordered a STATE AUTOPSY to be performed on my sister and we were now in the third week of January 2016.

When I discovered what Pendrys had done, I was FRANTIC, I didn’t want them VIOLATING my sister’s body, she was MY SISTER and I LOVED HER WITH ALL OF MY HEART. I was powerless to STOP THIS MAD VIOLATION.

The unauthorised autopsy of my youngest sister took place on February 4, 2016 AFTER I was arrested for her alleged murder in January 2016 – putting the cart in front of the horse. I kept asking the coroner David Pendrys when and where this autopsy was to take place and he remained MUTE and kept me in the dark, because these government workers had ALL PLOTTED to have me TRIED for a double murder and have me put away in prison for a crime that I was completely innocent of – that is how MESSED UP, CROOKED, BENT and CORRUPT the UK government are.

My sister’s autopsy was performed by the surgeon : Dr. K Survana in Sheffield on February 4, 2016. And even in DEATH, my sister PROVED UNEQUIVOCALLY that I WAS INNOCENT.

There were some VERY RED FACES in the CID department, when my sister’s autopsy report came back and now they had a BIG DEAL TASK on their hands – TO APOLOGISE FOR THEIR UNRULY, UNACCEPTABLE, BULLYING BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS ME, which they did, but an apology is just NOT good enough.

During the police raid of both houses, they CONFISCATED items from each household that had absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with either my father’s or my youngest sister’s death. Amongst the items that were taken from both houses, came back some VERY STRANGE STUFF. From my father’s house, they took a HALF EATEN SOGGY BISCUIT. From my house they took a RECYCLED TOOTH BRUSH that we used for cleaning around bath taps and sinks and we kept this toothbrush inside a plastic container on the bathroom floor. (If there are any forensic specialists out there or people in the know in criminal matters, I would very much appreciate your comments as to why the CID took these USELESS items, as 5 years on, I am STILL baffled as to why they took these things.)

In all eventuality, I ended up having to REPLACE the front door locks to my parents’ property because the CID had already returned the keys, but yet when I was away from this property and staying at my own home following my dear sweet beloved sister’s death, the CID had entered my parents’ property. They had used a KEY to gain entry and when I returned to my parents’ property, ALL OF THE HOUSE LIGHTS WERE SWITCH ON and the CURTAINS WERE WIDE OPEN in EVERY ROOM. I was suspicious, so I entered the property with caution, to discover that the CID had gained entrance to my parents’ property for another search of the property and strategically placed upon the sofa – was another SEARCH WARRANT signed by the SAME judge David Walker. The front door lock was BRAND NEW, but I had to replace it, for my mother’s and my safety, which I did.

My mother was FURIOUS that I had handed her house keys over and I was ticked off over that. Looking back with hindsight, I now realise that my mother was RIGHT. I should NOT have handed any keys over to these people, even though they were CID detectives. They would have done what they were going to do. Because of this TOTALLY UNNECESSARY, NASTY, EVIL INCIDENT, it has CHANGED my life completely. I open the door to NOBODY, that includes police, as my life philosophy is (LEARN BY YOUR MISTAKES, NEVER TO REPEAT THEM).

The document that I would like you all to examine, will PROVE that the UK government has been CORRUPT for many years.

David Pendrys was the coroner when my family died. I kept calling the office to find out more information about what was happening to my sister and Pendrys kept lying to me, telling me that he knew NOTHING. When I got the wind that Pendrys had yet ordered ANOTHER INQUEST, this time, into the death of my mother, I called him on the telephone and challenged him directly, I didn’t mince my words and just asked “ARE YOU GOING TO ACCUSE ME OF MY MOTHER’S DEATH NOW?” And his answer was so TOTALLY SHOCKING, that is sent RIPPLING SHOCK WAVES throughout my whole body. His answer was so NONCHALANT, he replied “OH NO, NOT AT ALL, I AM JUST WAITING FOR THE THUMBS UP FROM THE DOCTOR.” My blood was BOILING and that is a TOTAL ADMITTANCE OF GUILT on his part that he had had every intention of putting an innocent person away inside prison for something that I NEVER did.

I mulled over this for TWO solid years, then I finally plucked up the courage to CHALLENGE Pendrys again and call him out on his mistakes. Two years later, an unfamiliar voice answered the telephone and I asked to speak to Dave Pendrys and was informed that HE WAS NO LONGER THE CORONER. I asked, “since when?” And the male voice told me that Pendrys had very conveniently RETIRED AT THE END OF APRIL 2016, just TWO weeks following my mother’s death – VERY CONVENIENT indeed.

I asked whom the current coroner was and this male voice replied “ME” so I asked him for his name. His name is IAN ANTHONY and he took up the post of local coroner during OCTOBER 2016 – well AFTER the date of my mother’s death.

In the fraudulent government document that I would like you to examine closely, you will NOTICE that IAN ANTHONY made fraudulent claims that HE spoke with my mother during February of 2016 and that my mother gave him IAN ANTHONY absolute permission to RETAIN my youngest sister’s autopsy TISSUE SAMPLES. He is a FRAUD and an ABSOLUTE LIAR. When I spoke to him back in 2018 he told me that HE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT MY SISTER’S CASE and here he is SIGNING an OFFICIAL DOCUMENT, dated February 10, 2016 that he SPOKE with my mother and she gave HIM (ANTHONY) permission to keep my sister’s autopsy TISSUE SAMPLES. I have since tried to contact this FRAUDULENT CORONER and he has SUCCESSFULLY evaded me, as I want to CHALLENGE HIM ON HIS FRAUD. He has since moved to Sheffield from Barnsley and when I called his office in Sheffield, a female voice answered the phone, informing me that Anthony was unavailable to converse with. They either, DON’T answer the phone or make up some flippant excuse NOT to talk to me.

The coversation between Ian Anthony and my mother NEVER took place, because he was NOT the coroner and you will observe that my mother NEVER signed this document. During February of 2016, my mother was KEPT AGAINST HER WILL inside a SCRUFFY government care home, where she was abused by staff until she died and my mother NEVER had any knowledge of my sister’s autopsy. My mother was so very ill with all of these drugs they were pumping her with, that she didn’t even know what the time of day was, let alone make decisions on a matter that she NEVER knew about. If my mother knew that they had BUTCHERED my sister’s body in Sheffield, she would have been severely and traumatically affected by this and I didn’t want to place more strain on her than she was already under by the evil NHS who eventually succeeded in KILLING her.



I want the WHOLE WORLD to know MY OWN TRAGIC PERSONAL STORY, it is a most poignant tragedy that has befallen me, but this experience has MADE ME A STRONGER INDIVIDUAL and made me EVEN MORE DETERMINED to FIGHT BACK AGAINST AN EVIL CORRUPT GOVERNMENT who is BENT on DESTROYING even MORE INNOCENT LIVES. My family have NOT died in vain.



We will WIN this war, but we need to put A LOT MORE EFFORT into doing so in order to BEAT the enemy.


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I am a fully qualified NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER and I graduated in 2017. My qualifications include : Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Acupressure, Anatomy & Physiology, Dream Therapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, First Aid and Philosophy. I am actively fighting for the FREEDOM of all the people in the world who are experiencing GOVERNMENT OPPRESION and SEVERE STRANGULATORY RESTRICTIONS in their lives. The United Nations Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth has already commenced and it is being synchronised around the world. It is the GLOBAL RESET - resettlement program and their goal is to thin the current world's population down from nearly seven billion to five hundred million and that means that most of us will be KILLED in a MASS GENOCIDE and they will be using the DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES to KILL people. Indeed, thousands of people have ALREADY died because of these USAFE VACCINES and we are trying to STOP the 21st century holocaust from happening. Our MISSION is to regain the FREEDOMS for ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. You will be interested to learn that MY WHOLE FAMILY were WIPED out by the EVIL KILLER NHS - 3 family members within 3 month and ALL of them were POISONED to death by the NHS and one family member was poisoned to death by the NHS during Christmas of 2018.


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