The Online Resistance Movement are exhibiting part of a video that was filmed RECENTLY in a Vancouver Hospital, Washington where a 74 year old mother Gail Meyer was HELD AGAINST HER WILL and they REFUSED to allow her to DISCHARGE herself.

Why has this video struck a raw nerve with me? Because what is happening in this video HAPPENED to me and my family 5 years ago inside the Barnsley NHS Trust Hospital. Our regular readers WILL already be aware of the horrors that my family went through when they fell ill around Christmas time 2015.

My tragic family ordeal started in mid November 2015 when my father took ill and on November 18, 2015 the EVIL and VERY POWERFUL NHS called the police and social services and my father was THREATENED, BLACKMAILED and BULLIED through a locked front door. He was simply told “OPEN THE DOOR OR I WILL KICK IT IN.” And THAT threat came from social service worker RAY SPEED who works for Barnsley Social Services. Speed was surveilling the house that afternoon and HE watched me leave the house at 6.20pm because I had just received a call from my youngest sister who was telling me that she wasn’t feeling well. My mother had been FORCED back into hospital AGAINST HER WILL. My other sister, who I didn’t know was ill, lived far away in another county. I couldn’t be in two places at once and I didn’t know which way to turn. I made a decision to go back home with my father’s blessing, because at that time, he wasn’t feeling too bad, after he’d suffered a bout of breathlessness after just sitting around and that frightened him. Unknowing to me, Speed was already outside the house, surveilling my parents’ property. When Speed satisfied himself that I was NOT returning to my father’s home – HE POUNCED, THREATENING my father through a closed locked door. He was threatened with his brand new front door being kicked in.

It took me 30 minutes to complete my journey back home to where my sister was feeling poorly. As soon as I helped my sister, I called my father on his cell/mobile phone and this strange male voice answered the phone. Believing that I had reached a WRONG number, I hung up and dialled again. That SAME strange male voice ANSWERED my father’s cell/mobile phone. Without speaking, I hung up and kept dialling and on the fourth attempt, my father answered the phone. All he said was “hello.” I was HORRIFIED that he had allowed a STRANGER into the house, especially when he was SO POORLY. I enquired as to whom he had let into the house and he replied “social worker.” I asked him why he had let this individual into his house and he replied “I had NO choice.” That is ALL he said.

I ended the call and told my sister that we should get back down there FAST to help our father. My sister was too poorly and she couldn’t come with me. I waited with my sister for 30 minutes and then called my father again. This time when my father answered the phone, he said NOTHING, but I engaged the speakerphone and asked my sister what she could hear in the background, because I don’t always believe what I am hearing and she told me that “it sounded like a hospital atmosphere.” I hung up and tried calling him back and this time he didn’t answer. Twenty minutes later, I called my father again and this time he never bothered answering his phone. It was at this juncture that I decided to go through to the hospital and persuaded my sister to come with me, as poorly as she felt.

Inside the A&E which is also known as ER (and when I was a youngster it was called Casualty Department). We made some enquiries at the desk and we were led STRAIGHT to our father. It was here that we learnt that our father was being HELD against his WILL. I asked him why and how he got himself into such a mess and all he could say to us was “I want to go home, get me out of here.” Eventually, we discovered the REAL TRUTH why my father had landed up in that horrible hospital. Apparently, the social worker Ray Speed had threatened my father with a BEATING and the police. Speed said to my father “get in that ambulance or I WILL BEAT YOU UP and CALL THE POLICE.” YES folks, you READ that right. I know that I felt bewildered at that time and so did my sister, after our father dropped the bombshell. We promised to GET HIM OUT OF THERE.

That night on November 18, 2015 the hospital staff were UNPROFESSIONALLY SCREAMING AT HIM and TELLING HIM that HE WAS GOING to be ADMITTED ONTO A WARD and that he WAS NOT GOING HOME. My sister and I dealt with the staff and they REFUSED to allow him to DISCHARGE himself and to us, that was a CLEAR VIOLATION of his HUMAN and CIVIL RIGHTS. Our father was TREATED LIKE SCUM. He was FORCED onto a ward and it was at that point that we insisted on seeing the doctor. The time was 11.45pm and the only doctor on duty was a junior doctor called SHIRAZI. Shirazi ushered us into a side room and brought a nurse witness with him. I honestly have NO idea why he did this, but we later discovered that THIS IS EXACTLY HOW HOSPITALS TREAT PEOPLE these days with the utmost contempt. Dr. Shirazi threatened us and talked down to us. Then he ORDERED US OUT OF THE ROOM or he was CALLING THE COPS. It was as simple as that.

The very NEXT day, our father DIED, exactly as we predicted. We told that junior doctor that if they performed that surgery on our father and pumped him up with all of those TOXIC DRUGS that he would DIE within 24 hours. Within 24 hours of them DRUGGING my father up with a LETHAL COCKTAIL OF HIGHLY TOXIC GENERAL MEDICINE DRUGS, we received a FRANTIC phone call from our mother, who was ALREADY a held PRISONER inside the Barnsley NHS Trust Hospital. She told us “your father has just died.”

My youngest sister seemed to recover from her illness and she was FINE during the early December 2015 funeral of our father. Our mother was eventually released from the Barnsley NHS Trust Hospital to attend our father’s funeral.

Christmas eve 2015 my sister woke up at 6am in our parents’ home. Our mother REFUSED to come to our house for Christmas that year, so we ended up at our parents’ home again. My sister was complaining that she couldn’t move and her desperate cries were crescending. As I was waking up, I heard a THUD and my sister had gone off the end of the bed and landed on her hands and knees and she STILL couldn’t move. It was at this stage that she was frightening me, because she’d been sleeping a lot, but I thought it was because of fatigue and the fact that we had been looking after our parents’ all spring and summer during that year and they had kept us awake all night and kept us awake during the day.

At ten am that morning, my mother had a nasty surprise visit from that NHS doctor who had been causing trouble with our family on and off during that year. I peered through the front door glazed window and I saw Dr. Ajay Mistry and his partner/practice nurse Samantha Hoggard stood at the front door. I immediately told my mother that Mistry and Hoggard were at the front door and did she have a house appointment that she had not told us about and she answered a definite “no.” I made the mistake of opening the door and asking them what they wanted and both of them were vague in their answer, just stating that they had come to see my mother.

Our regular readers WILL recall what happened just prior to this incident, as I have told this story many times before on these pages. Immediately following our father’s MURDER by the NHS, that SAME doctor Mistry had ORDERED the police to attend our parents’ home after another nurse MAXINE ORR didn’t receive a response when she knocked on the door. We’d just arrived back from our father’s wake at the funeral home, just in time to see TWO brussan police officers and surgery nurse Maxine Orr stood at our parents’ front door. I asked them what they wanted. The burly male officer Paul Hunter of South Yorkshire Police said “we want to come in.” I reminded him that this was a privately owned house and we did not take strangers into the house. I then told my mother who was at the front door and she shouted through to the hallway “DON’T LET THEM IN, I DON’T WANT THEM IN HERE.” Paul Hunter insisted that he and PC Mountain – the brussan female officer was coming into the house and I told them “NO YOU ARE NOT.” It was at that point that my sister and I WERE PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED BY PC PAUL HUNTER on December 6, 2015. We didn’t defend ourselves because we believed that these two OUT OF CONTROL SCUMBAGS were PROVOKING US into doing something, so that it would give them an excuse to arrest us.

Once inside the house, the nurse from Chapelfield Medical Centre in Wombwell, administered AN OVERDOSE OF INSULIN TO MY MOTHER. We had already told them that she had HAD her insulin injection for the day and so did my mother. SO MY MOTHER WAS MEDICALLY ABUSED BY MAXINE ORR in front of the TWO POLICE OFFICERS. We couldn’t stop her, we TRIED but we couldn’t stop her. If you watch the video clip below from the scene inside a Vancouver, Washington hospital – THAT PLAYED OUT THE SAME WAY WITH MY FAMILY, but I didn’t record it at the time.

Back to Mistry and Hoggard of Chapelfield Medical Centre, Wombwell. I was hesitating to let them inside because my mother HATED these two NHS workers. Once they weedled their way in to my parents’ living room, Mistry and Hoggard revealed their REAL REASON for turning up unexpectedly. They came with a MISSION and their MISSION was to COERCE MY MOTHER INTO HOSPICE that Christmas eve 2015. My mother was having NONE OF IT and she told them so, stating “I AM SPENDING CHRISTMAS WITH MY DAUGHTERS.” On this occasion Mistry and Hoggard BACKED OFF and my mother got her own way. She spent Christmas with me and my youngest sister and it was the LOUSIEST and most MISERABLE Christmas we had ever spent. We were ALL grieving our father’s death. My mother and my youngest sister were poorly and they were vomiting all over the place.

It was on this day that I made a mistake that would influence ALL of our DESTINIES and it COST my youngest sister her LIFE. For that, I can NEVER forgive myself for TRUSTING that EVIL NHS Dr. Ajay Mistry who NOT only unwittingly BETRAYED me but he BETRAYED my youngest sister and my mother and it COST THEM their lives. I mentioned to Mistry that I was worried about my sister’s deteriorating health. I was a natural medicine student at that time and didn’t know much, as I was a BRAND NEW STUDENT. I confided in Mistry and asked for some advice WITHOUT asking my sister’s permission first. I did go upstairs and peek inside the bedroom and my sister had gone back to sleep and I didn’t want to disturb her and THAT is what I should have done – woke her up and asked her for her permission for me to get some advice from Mistry.

On January 4, 2016 my sister and I walked straight into the SPIDERS WEB TRAP that the Chapelfield Medical Centre had woven for us. When we arrived there, my sister had BAD feelings about it and mentioned that we should LEAVE, because the situation didn’t feel right and we were just stood in the reception area. I don’t know how she knew, but apparently SHE WAS RIGHT. Hoggard came blazing down the surgery corridor like a bat out of hell SCREAMING HER HEAD OFF AT ME AND MY SISTER and DEMANDING THAT WE ENTER HER CONSULTING ROOM – something that Hoggard had NEVER done before, but she acted like a RAVING LUNATIC that afternoon. When we entered the consulting room, the POLICE and Dr. Adebowle Adekunle were WAITING FOR US. Apparently, they had ordered an ambulance for my sister and she REFUSED to get on to the ambulance trolley. Both my sister and I were THREATENED with a BEATING from 4 burley male police officers, who were extremely AGGRESSIVE. One of them called PAUL – (we never got to learn his last name, but it wasn’t Hunter, it was someone else). He growled at my sister “GET ON THAT TROLLEY OR WE WILL BEAT YOU UP.” There were TWO Paul’s in the attending police that afternoon. The other Paul said to me “MAKE HER GET ON THAT TROLLEY OR I WILL BEAT YOU UP.” And the situation was getting out of hand. I told all four of them that we were walking out of the consulting room and that they were NOT going to stop us. We were NOT prisoners and we had done NOTHING WRONG. We were FORCED BACK by the coppers and Adekunle.

I will NEVER forget that desperate SCREAM that my sister let out whilst she was strapped onto the hospital trolley and spirited away down the corridor to the waiting ambulance. It was a SCREAM I had NEVER heard before. The BEST way to describe that scream was a scream of SOMEONE BEING MURDERED and they had EVERY INTENTION of MURDERING HER and she knew it.

I came up with a back up plan to get my sister out of that mess, because the deal with Mistry was for a blood test and then we were coming away and going home. MISTRY betrayed us BOTH and SOLD us BOTH down the river.

At the hospital, I was shocked to discover that the two male ambulance paramedics were stood next to my sister, who was STILL strapped onto the ambulance trolley and pleading with me to help her. I enquired of them why they were STILL THERE, because to me, it was ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR. Ambulance workers used to take the patient to the A&E/ER and then LEAVE after dropping them off – that is what they USED TO DO. NOT any more. I told them to LEAVE and they REFUSED.

My sister was booked into the A&E/ER WITHOUT her consent and she was SHOVED into a cubicle. When the young female doctor came in, we told her that we wanted to LEAVE and she IGNORED us. The next hospital staff member that came into the cubicle was a NURSE and she came into the cubicle armed with an hyperdermic syringe filled with HIGHLY TOXIC DRUGS. She injected my sister with WHATEVER it was that she injected her with. I quickly discovered that my sister had been SHOT UP WITH OPIATES, NARCOTICS and TRANQUILISERS – ALL AT ONCE. And get this – this CUNT nurse came back ten minutes later and INJECTED ANOTHER OVERDOSE OF TOXIC CHEMICALS INTO MY SISTER’S BODY. The third time she came back, A STRUGGLE BROKE OUT and I CHALLENGED the nurse BEFORE she injected the LETHAL INJECTION. I said “ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HER?” The nurse answered back “I know what I am doing.” I TRIED to STOP this bitch from injecting MORE poisons into my BELOVED sister and a struggle broke out. Security was called and I was EJECTED from that hospital, FIGHTING ALL THE WAY. I vividly recall SHOUTING at the top of my voice “MURDERERS” as I was being thrown out of that hospital, even the chaplain poked his nose into our affairs, he was stood in the corridor at that time telling me to “SHUT UP,” and that I couldn’t say things like that. None of this was filmed because we had old fashioned phones that didn’t have a video feature.

Just prior to all of this EVILNESS happening, my plan was to get my sister out of the hospital and WALK OUT. The first time we had been left alone together, I told her to help me to get her off of that cubicle trolley and we were going to walk out of that hospital, but by this time, she had been heavily sedated by the ambulance workers. I couldn’t lift her like I could when we were children, but I could have lifted her had she helped me, but she was in a DAZED condition when I met her at the hospital.

This folks, is WHAT HOSPITALS DO to their unsuspecting victims. And don’t believe for one minute that hospitals DON’T have that kind of POWER to FORCE patients to do what they don’t want to do, trust me on this one – HOSPITALS HAVE HIDDEN POWERS that have been given to them by the governments who are controlling them. They have POWERS TO MAKE A PATIENT DO WHAT THE HOSPITAL STAFF WANT THEM TO DO. And they WILL hold patients AGAINST THEIR WILL and REFUSE to allow them to discharge themselves. They FORCED my sister onto a ward and SHE attempted to DISCHARGE herself and THEY REFUSED. Another ruckus broke out and security was called to us AGAIN for a second time on a DIFFERENT DAY.

My dear sweet beloved youngest sister, endured MEDICAL ABUSE, MEDICAL TORTURE, BEATINGS, STARVATION and in the end she had a DO NOT RESUSCITATE slapped on to her medical chart WITHOUT her consent or knowledge. I had NO knowlege of this at that time.

My sister was subjected to MOST HEINOUS cruelty by general medicine professionsals for 21 days, she was ALSO BEATEN about her head by medical staff before she died and my sister died a HORRIBLE, MOST EVIL, MOST WICKED DEATH and whilst she was dying medical staff were in the room and they were LAUGHING at her whilst she was fading away. The names that I remember were DAVID WALKER and a bitch called GEMMA who was LAUGHING AT MY SISTER whilst she was DYING.

I have STRUGGLED with my conscience now for 5 years. I play these scenes OVER and OVER and OVER in my head, just wondering “IF ONLY” we had NOT gone to our parents’ home for Christmas that year and “IF ONLY” I had said NOTHING to that evil nhs Dr. Mistry, then things might have turned out quite differently and that my sister would still be alive today. I can NEVER forgive myself for approaching the UNTRUSTWORTHY Mistry and asking for his advice.

Following my mother’s murder by the NHS in April of 2016, I TURNED MY BACK ON THE EVIL NHS and I have had NO association with them since that time and I have absolutely NO intention of ever returning to them.

When the government introduce MANDATORY VACCINATION in the UK and it WILL happen eventually, the Barnsley NHS Trust Hospital had better NEVER come after me. I have NEVER forgotten what they did to my family and when they bring that KILLER COVID19 injection to me, I WILL be waiting for them and when they break into my home, they will GET THAT TOXIC INJECTION JABBED STRAIGHT INTO THEIR EYEBALL.

I have said this because what happens in the USA, usually happens in Britain. As you all are ALREADY aware, Alan Dershowitz – the celebrity attorney was shooting his BIG FAT mouth off about FORCE INJECTING citizens with the covid19 depopulation shot and he was talking about possibly filing a petition with the US supreme court in order to get a FORCED VACCINATION ORDER through to enable the US medical professionals working with the police to BREAK DOWN unwilling people’s doors and to FORCE VACCINATE them. If a petition is filed in the US supreme court and it is passed, you can bet your bottom dollar that it WILL be government bribery that passes the order from the Supreme court.

The Online Resistance Movement are looking towards ISRAEL – another country whose citizens are in SERIOUS trouble, because THEY are IN FRONT of the rest of the world. Already, Netenyahu is fast fowarding the microchip in the hand business. We are also looking towards America and waiting to see if this Dershowitz maniac WILL carry out that threat of FORCED VACCINATION in the courts.

What happened with my family 5 years ago and what happened in Vancouver, Washington recently WILL eventually DISSEMINATE throughout the whole world as governments hand out MORE POWERS TO THEIR HOSPITALS. Don’t be lulled into a false conception that because it may be a private hospital, that the government cannot control them, on the contrary – THEY CAN and THEY HAVE done. You ALL have been FOREWARNED in a TIMELY MANNER – DON’T let that happen to you and your loved ones.

General medicine hospitals are becoming extremely DANGEROUS places to attend. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

See the video below at how EVIL hospitals have become :


Published by Online Resistance Movement

I am a fully qualified NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER and I graduated in 2017. My qualifications include : Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Acupressure, Anatomy & Physiology, Dream Therapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, First Aid and Philosophy. I am actively fighting for the FREEDOM of all the people in the world who are experiencing GOVERNMENT OPPRESION and SEVERE STRANGULATORY RESTRICTIONS in their lives. The United Nations Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth has already commenced and it is being synchronised around the world. It is the GLOBAL RESET - resettlement program and their goal is to thin the current world's population down from nearly seven billion to five hundred million and that means that most of us will be KILLED in a MASS GENOCIDE and they will be using the DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES to KILL people. Indeed, thousands of people have ALREADY died because of these USAFE VACCINES and we are trying to STOP the 21st century holocaust from happening. Our MISSION is to regain the FREEDOMS for ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. You will be interested to learn that MY WHOLE FAMILY were WIPED out by the EVIL KILLER NHS - 3 family members within 3 month and ALL of them were POISONED to death by the NHS and one family member was poisoned to death by the NHS during Christmas of 2018.



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    1. The BEST thing to do in these DANGEROUS TIMES is to seek out an ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE practitioner or alternative medicine clinic that has absolutely NO connections with the government at all and who is NOT owned or CONTROLLED or SWAYED by the government. Please be FOREWARNED, I trusted the NHS hospital NOT to harm my youngest sister 5 years ago and they MURDERED her with CONTINUAL MASSIVE OVERDOSES OF A LETHAL COCKTAIL OF general medicine drugs after she fell ill Christmas eve 2015, I even tried to STOP them from doing this when I realised they were KILLING HER. I CHALLENGED them, a struggle broke out and I was ejected from the hospital, but NOT before I was shouting MURDERERS inside the main corridor, even the chapel vicar TRIED to SILENCE me, he was stood in the corridor at such a late hour in the night. I have NEVER come to terms with my youngest sister’s death. I BLAME myself for TRUSTING the doctor and 5 years on, I am STILL GRIEVING. Had she NOT been FORCED into hospital, she may have SURVIVED and THAT HURTS. I composed a special song for my dear sweet late sister yesterday, as I am also a musician and have been for many years. Even the song is FULL OF SADNESS. I was TRAINED by the TOP voice coach on this planet and took singing lessons online, because the singing was always a problem and NEVER my musical skills. It was Roger Love from Hollywood who trained me how to SING. The new song is FULL OF SADNESS and it reflects in my work, as you can hear and feel the sadness coming through. When I recorded ADD SOME MUSIC for Roger Love to analyse, the following is what he had to say : “You sound too serious and you sound SAD in your song, try to ENJOY the song.” Apart from that, I received EXCELLENT APPRAISAL from him. He NEVER criticised my musical skills. But then my song is FULL OF SADNESS and DESPAIR at losing my precious beloved YOUNGEST SISTER and for that, I have NEVER forgiven myself for taking her to the surgery that day and it was the doctor who THREATENED HER, he brought the police to us, because she was REFUSING to get onto the ambulance trolley. The police THREATENED us BOTH with a beating if my sister continued to REFUSE to get onto that ambulance trolley. There were 4 burley male police officers waiting for us when we arrived at the surgery. She was FORCED onto the ambulance trolley, strapped in and she was PROTESTING ALL THE WAY. And this brings us back to the DANGEROUS TOPIC AT HAND – WE ARE LIVING IN DANGEROUS TIMES and the hospital services have GONE DOWN THE SWANEE, literally, it is ALL about HARMING PEOPLE and SECURITY. NOT about health care. If you can, TRY to maintain OPTIMUM HEALTH. Read our HEALTH TIPS about staying healthy and using natural health supplements. I specialise in infectious diseases and if you become ill, there is a PROTOCOL that I DESIGNED to get you back on YOUR FEET within 5 days. It has been PROVED and TESTED and NO way you will find these details on any other site, WHY? Because I WROTE THAT PROTOCOL, TESTED IT and IT WORKS. Please try to STAY AWAY FROM HOSPITALS, they are BECOMING A DANGEROUS HAZARD. And you DON’T want the MARK OF THE BEAST microchip in your hand. You MUST symbolically dig your heels into the ground and SAY NO. They are threatening us here in Britain also – with NO JAB, NO JOB, NO FOOD. We honestly don’t know what this world is coming to, but it ISN’T GOOD and that is WHY we are FIGHTING BACK right to the END and we HAVE TO WIN THIS WAR. Good luck and THANK YOU for your continued help and support. My team and I really appreciate it.

      You mentioned that you use hospitals for blood tests! Then I am strongly advising you to STAY AWAY from the hospitals, even for this reason. Why? Because we are living in DANGEROUS times and these hospitals have MORE powers than you think that they do. I don’t know if you all watched the video clip of Gail Meyer’s daughter and family in this post. Gail was DETAINED by a hospital in Vancouver, Washington and the hospital staff REFUSED to release her because she quite rightly REFUSED an unnecessary covid19 test and there was a melee at the hospital entrance, caused BY SECURITY STAFF. This kind of hospital BAD BEHAVIOUR is happening worldwide. Hospitals are DANGEROUS facilities to patronise these days. The next time you go for blood tests, the hospital, if they are SO MINDFUL – WILL DETAIN YOU AGAINST YOUR WILL.

      If you all need to get blood tests then I can help you with blood glucose levels for diabetes results. For a moderate price, you can purchase Diabetes blood glucose monitoring devices online, they come with TESTING sticks, but you don’t get many. You can always purchase the correct blood glucose testing sticks for that make and model of blood glucose machine. You will need to learn how to READ the test results. Depending upon what make and model of blood glucose machine you buy, depends on how it is read. The ones that are sold in the UK give readings from Zero 0 to high double figure numbers. Usually, the reading is between 0 and 10. the ideal pH balance for blood glucose levels is 6.5 as it has to be SLIGHTLY ACIDIC for balance. The pH balance is 5.0, but if it is 5.0 and BELOW then that is low blood sugar and if it is 0 then the individual will more than likely be unconscious. Dizziness and fainting is hard to distinguish what is causing this problem, because it could be a number of issues, such as vertigo and medical diagnosis is NEVER clear cut, you could almost liken it to investigating what is wrong with the car and why it won’t start. It is a case of elimination. A blood glucose diagnostic machine will help you to eliminate or identify the cause of blood glucose problems. If it is hypoglycemia, the reading will be below 5. If it is hyperglycemia, the reading will be above 12.5 and higher. If the machine indicates diabetes, then that can be easily REMEDIED WITHOUT consulting a physician. You just CHANGE your diet to a healthier diet and stick to it, staying away from junk foods and candies. If it is other reasons why you want blood tests and possibly full blood counts then I am unable to help you with that because they use specialist equipment for full blood counts. But don’t despair, if you all FEEL WELL you will BE HEALTHY. It is how you feel, listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel good, you WILL be in good health. If you all are investigating for anaemia, you can check this yourself, by everting your lower eyelid. An anaemic individual will show PALE coloring under the eyelid. A healthy person will have a reddish appearance under the eyelid. If it is anaemia, you can purchase IRON supplements for that and take one tablet daily. You will also need a stethoscope to listen to your heart and your husband’s heart. You will need to LEARN how to USE IT. You may also need a finger PULSE OXYMETER to measure your pulse and oxygen levels. The normal pulse will be between 60 bpm and 99bpm, but 99bpm at rest is BORDERLINE. The oxygen level is NORMAL between 95 and 99 anything above or below that, spells trouble. You will also need to invest in a blood pressure reading machine. You will be BEST off getting a digital wrist blood pressure machine. The ideal blood pressure reading for a healthy fit individual is 120/80 but this is NOT the bible and there are variables. Any reading above 140 upper reading is high blood pressure and anything below 80 upper reading is low blood pressure. An average blood pressure reading could vary anything from 110/72 to 140/50. All quite acceptable. I hope I have HELPED you a little bit. These devices can be BOUGHT online for reasonable prices. You will need to learn how to make a splint just in case of a fracture.

      Like I said, you are BEST off REFRAINING from using hospitals for any reason. And PLEASE do seek medical assistance from alternative medical professionals who have absolutely NO connection with government at all.

      Good luck and STAY HEALTHY and SAFE.


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