As our regular readers will already know, I have a team of people researching and working for me to bring you to UP-TO-DATE TRUTH on the World At War. However, I have said very little about myself and about my history as a WRITER and PUBLISHER because I have MORE URGENT matters to take care of regarding of how the EVIL Global Elitists are trying to COMMIT WORLDWIDE MASS GENOCIDE to thin down the world’s population and to me, that is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to SAVE LIVES than to compose a POTTED AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MYSELF and my HISTORY. So I will attempt to make this post as POTTED as possible, then we can ALL get back down to BUSINESS – IN SAVING LIVES.

I was born during the late 1950’s at the time when the famous movie starring Glen Ford BLACKBOARD JUNGLE burst onto the silver screen. Some people from my generation may remember it, but others older than me WILL remember this most SHOCKING MOVIE about violence in schools.

I was born in Barnsley Becketts Hospital that does NOT exist any more.

When I was a child, I resided in Wombwell, a small village near Barnsley inside nineteenth century mid terraced house which was constructed of stone and had concrete floors and a fireplace in EVERY room, including the master bedroom.

I am the eldest of 3 sisters. Unfortunately, my two youngest sisters were medically abused by general medicine for most of their lives and ever year they were subjected to an overwhelming array of general medicine vaccinations. As young as I was, I complained to my parents and asked them to STOP the medical abuse and it fell on deaf ears. Eventually, the medical abuse BACKLASH caught up with them and BOTH of my younger sisters DIED. My youngest sister was MURDERED by the NHS with a massive overdose of a conglomeration of HIGHLY TOXIC LETHAL DRUGS at fifteen minute intervals after she fell ill on Christmas eve 2015. Twenty one days later, she died a HORRIBLE, WICKED, CRUEL and PAINFUL death. My other sister died during Christmas week of 2018 after many years of VACCINE ABUSE. My youngest sister NEVER saw her 56th birthday and my other sister NEVER saw her 62nd birthday.

During the early 1960’s times were much much different to what they are today, in fact, it seemed to me like a DIFFERENT WORLD – a MORE RELAXED world that buzzed with THRILLS and EXCITEMENT.

As children, we engaged in many many outdoor games and activities, we NEVER had a dull moment. We used to play skipping, using an old washing line. Whips and Tops (which is NOT heard of today), spinning tops, hop scotch, hide and seek, we used to play at make believe tea parties and we also had a swing in the back yard that my very handy, intelligent father made himself and it was a good swing also.

During the HARSH winter of 1964, I vividly recall seeing 10″ icicles hanging from the windows and the guttering; we endured sub zero temperatures and there were NO central heating in those days, we didn’t even have a refrigerator and the toilet was OUTSIDE and we had to walk to the bottom of the yard to get to it. During that winter, my father made my sisters and I a homemade sledge and it was a damned good one also. I have NEVER seen anything like it since and it was a GOOD RIDER. The top of the sledge was made from sturdy smooth wood; it wasn’t plywood because it was a lot thicker, but it was good smooth wood. The runners were made from iron and he moulded them himself. That winter, my father, my youngest sister and I went sledging down the steep slopes of Wombwell park top and we had a BALL. We were too excited to notice that we were all suffering badly from numbness caused by the harsh cold winter. When we arrived back home, we were suffering from hot aches as we tried to warm our hands above the fire and the warming was done too quickly, resulting in extremely painful fingers.

The 1960’s was an EXCITING era to reside in and we also had THE BEATLES. I vividly recall watching the Beatles arriving back from the USA on our black and white televison and George Harrison was stood with his colleages at the top of the steps of the aeroplane and he was combing his hair with a MASSIVE GIANT COMB and the crowds of adoring fans were screaming their heads off at the fab four at Heathrow airport. And I vividly recall my dear sweet beloved late father shouting at the television telling the Beatles to “GET YOUR HAIR CUT.” It wasn’t fashionable in those days for men to have long hair. Well actually, their hair wasn’t all that long by todays standards, but it was LONG in the 1960’s.

I learnt to cut and style my own hair at the tender age of 7 years. It was one Saturday afternoon that my mother decided to take me to her youngest sister, who was still living at home at the time and she was the family hairdresser. Unfortunately on that day, my aunt was out on a date with my future uncle. So my mother ended up cutting my hair and it was a disaster. In desperation and distress, I took a pair a gold coloured chunky scissors out of the kitchen drawer, got a couple of mirrors and it took me hours to CORRECT the BAD haircut that my mother had given me. My hair was a lot shorter, but it was PRESENTABLE and when I went to school on the following Monday morning, my peers were awestruck at my hairstyle and wanted to know who my hairdresser was. When I told them it was ME, they were sceptical, but nevertheless, I was COMPLIMENTED ON A GREAT HAIRCUT. Since that time, I have honed and perfected my hairdressing skills and have become a virtuoso in hairdressing.

Moving along quickly, it wasn’t until some UNFORTUNATE events took place in my life, that landed me in the position that I am today with my extraordinary and impeccable writing techniques. My parents had put the terraced house up for sale and they were moving to a BRAND NEW HOUSE that was built by Woodward and Taylor. The housing estate was STILL under construction at that time and my father had his sights set on BUILDING HIS OWN HOUSE, because he was a PROFESSIONAL BRICKLAYER. He applied for a job with Woodward and they turned him down flat. He was EVER SO disappointed. At 28 years of age, they thought my father was TOO YOUNG. They missed out on a GREAT opportunity there. **Note** If you all have a little spare time, TAKE A SLANT at the : LEEDS PLAYHOUSE in Leeds, West Yorkshire – MY FATHER and his GANG built this MARVELLOUS PIECE OF ARCHITECTURE.

My parents sold the terraced house and we moved to this brand new semi detached house in the suburbs and at that time, we were surrounded by BREATHTAKING rolling hills and BEAUTIFUL SCENERY. My sisters and I even had the chance at seeing the VERY LAST STEAM LOCOMOTIVE pass under the bridge, not far from our house. Yes – we were also surrounded by two railways and it was MARVELLOUS.

This new house fell under the Barnsley district for schools at that time, so I was moved from my old school Wombwell High School, to a brand new school within the Barnsley district and that upheaval was UNSETTLING and UNNERVING for me, because ALL of my friends were at Wombwell High School. My sisters went through the SAME awful distress.

I was sent to a rough school, not dissimilar to the BLACKBOARD JUNGLE school. At Oaks County Secondary school which was situated in Kendray, Barnsley there were school playground FIGHTS almost every day and the renegade trouble makers and bullies were always picking fights with the teachers. Yes, you read that right – my school peers physically attacked the teachers as well as their fellow peers. Unfortunately, I was dragged into this melee and in those days, we had CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. Anyone who was found to be fighting in the school playground was CANED by the headmaster. One young lad hurled a chair at the maths teacher and was taken for CANING. Other boys used to SMOKE inside the library in front of the teacher. One young lad was EXPELLED for physically attacking a teacher. Another young lad called Peter was expelled for coming to school sporting a MOHICAN HAIRCUT. Like I said, I was living a NIGHTMARE inside the BLACKBOARD JUNGLE movie, except this was REALITY.

As the year progressed, I was introduced to the ENGLISH teacher and by a strange TWIST OF FATE, this teacher – MR. WESTWOOD, was the man who CHANGED MY LIFE, in a ROUGH SCHOOL, can you all believe that folks? Mr. Westwood was marvellous and he was EXCELLENT at his job. The only criticism that I have of him is that Mr. Westwood was also LAID BACK and had a lackadaisical attitude when it came down to trouble making, disrupting, unruly students. The following is what disappointed me with Mr. Westwood: One day, the kids were being their usual TROUBLE MAKING selves, fighting in the class, playing games – ludo, domino, marbles, you name it, they played it and Mr. Westwood leaned back in his chair, folded his arms and declared “WELL I AM GETTING PAID FOR BEING HERE AND IF YOU DON’T WANT TO LEARN, YOU WILL PAY FOR IT LATER.” Well, I was SHATTERED and DEVASTATED when he said this. There were four girls in the class and I was ONE of the four who wanted some work to do. I absolutely ADORED and LOVED English class, it presented me with an opportunity to EXPRESS MYSELF. I approached Mr. Westwood and PLEADED with him to please give us some work to do. Eventually, he RELENTED and reaching into his briefcase, he pulled out a NEWSPAPER CUTTING that he had taken from a local newspaper at that time. By this time, the rest of the class had piped down a bit, because they were curious to see what was contained within the newspaper cutting. Mr. Westwood handed the newspaper cutting around the class and instructed EVERYONE to read and digest its content. When everyone had read it, one smart Alec at the back of the class blurted out “WHAT A LOAD OF PROPAGANDA.” Well, that sure TURNED HEADS. That was a BIG word coming from the mouth of an 11 year old. The title of the newspaper cutting was – DOG SHOOTS MAN and there was a matching story. The following is the massive punchline that ALTERED MY DESTINY AS A WRITER – Mr. Westwood announced “I want you all to formulate some ideas for a story and the title has to be DOG SHOOTS MAN and the content has to match the title.” Well, that news literally frazzled me and I was the FIRST ONE in the class to COMPLAIN. I actually told Mr. Westwood in a nice way that stories are not written like that and that the title is added on afterwards. Mr. Westwood replied in a stern voice “you will do as you are told.” Honestly folks, THAT was one of the HARDEST pieces of English work that I ever produced in my life and it got me (this 11 year old girl) BRAINSTORMING for ideas on how to inject a story with its content being that of DOG SHOOTS MAN. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MR. WESTWOOD. When I received my project back, Mr. Westwood awarded me 8 points out of 10 for brilliant work.

Just to let you all know folks, Mr. Westwood NEVER awarded anyone 10 points out of 10 and I know why he did it. He did it to ENCOURAGE the class to WORK HARDER and it worked.

Mr. Westwood was instrumental in MOULDING ME INTO the writer that I am today, he was the FIRST.

In 1971 before I left school at 15 years of age, each and every school leaver had to have an appointment with the youth employment officer who came to the school. When it was my turn to see the stern, strict and gnarly faced male youth employment officer; this short stocky, brown suited 30 something year old was peering at me from over the end of the desk and asking me what I would like to do upon leaving school and which jobs were I interested in. And whilst he was awaiting an answer from a very nervous schoolgirl, he was THUMBING through his employment vacancy cards to see if he could find a suitable factory for me to apply for work. This man was RUDE, OBNOXIOUS, IRRITABLE and POMPOUS. I meekly told him that I had a desire to work in an office. When I said that, this rude, obnoxious dunderhead nearly fell of his chair with laughter, then his expression turned into one of BLACK THUNDER when he growled at me as his voice crescended when he shouted at me “LISTEN YOU, NOBODY FROM THIS SCHOOL WILL EVER GET A JOB IN AN OFFICE.” He said that because Oaks County School had a TERRIBLE reputation and he went on to explain that “ALL YOU ARE FIT FOR IS FACTORY WORK, NOW WHICH FACTORY DO YOU WANT TO WORK IN, I HAVE NUMEROUS VACANCIES HERE.” I was embarrassed and devastated and I was also BLUSHING, but in actual fact, I was MELTING with sheer embarassment. I was GLAD when I left this compulsory interview with this insensitive jackass. There was NO job sealed for me at the interview because I had set my sights on being a secretary and I was DETERMINED to PROVE this numbskull WRONG and a COUPLE OF YEARS LATER, that is exactly what I did. As you all have witnessed my work on these pages and I have received some WONDERFUL comments about my work.

In the beginning, I did apply for factory work and I was reluctant to do so, but I have my father to THANK for that, because he REFUSED to pay for my COLLEGE tuition, so I had to fund it by working inside a packing factory. I worked for the Empire Stores catalogue company in Wakefield as a Blue Smock assembly worker and packer. That £7.50 per week wage paid for my COLLEGE tuition after I paid my mother for food and lodging, which everyone did in those days in England.

Two years later and 4 BRAND new secretarial qualifications, I landed a job at WILSON & LONGBOTTOM LTD., textile engineers as a Junior Typist. I was also trained by the GPO as a telephonist and in those days a GPO trained telephonist was a HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER SKILL for many employers. Do you know something people? W&L was the BEST job that I ever had and several years later, I resigned from that wonderful job, why? Because I wanted to earn MORE money to pay for the running and maintenance of my Triumph Spitfire Mark III sports car. I regretted leaving such a marvellous and fulfilling job.

During my time at Wilson & Longbottom, we enjoyed long long lunch breaks and sometimes the lunch breaks used to drag on. Sometimes, I used to go into town, but I didn’t always need anything from town. Sometimes, I played my cassette player sat inside my Triumph Spitfire sports car and played pop tunes of the day – Midge Ure was one of my favourites – he had a band called SLIK. Then later on, Midge formed another band, whose name that I have forgotten through the annals of time, but I fondly remember SLIK and their music. Sometimes, during the one hour and fifteen minute lunch break, I used to write FICTION STORIES. One day, I started to formulate some ideas of how to write a RACE CAR STORY. I designed the main character around myself, because I loved sports cars and just loved to speed when I could get away with it, but then, that is what teenagers do. The story was around 200 pages long and it took me literally ages to write. The main theme evolved around a young woman called Cherry Lane who had a desire to become a GRAND PRIX racing driver at the Silverstone race track and to compete with the men. I don’t recall every word that I penned when I was 17 years of age, but I do remember the MAIN CONTENT of the story. Cherry practiced hard and trained every day at the Silverstone race track. If she wasn’t doing that, she was maintaining her racing car and undertaking car mechanicking duties, because she was an EXCELLENT CAR MECHANIC (and so was I). Like I said, my character was designed around my own lifestyle and my dreams at that time, but I could NEVER afford to become a grand prix racing driver, so Cherry became my grand prix racing driver. Cherry was excited that she had qualified for the grand prix race at Silverstone, competing with all the male drivers. The race was thrilling and exciting and there were many crashes along the track and Cherry was still out in front. She had made many pit stops for tyre changes and stuff like that, but she was STILL OUT IN FRONT of the grand prix race at Silverstone. The climax of the race was when it came to touch an go as a male driver momentarily overtook Cherry and she was competing against him in the LAST LAP for the final round. Once again Cherry slammed the accelerator pedal to the floor and she sped past her male competitor. She was exhilarated and excited as she spotted the finish line and she was the first to SPEED past the finish line and the chequered flag was waved. All of a sudden there was an explosion on the nearside tyre and Cherry’s racing car experienced a blow out, the speeding vehicle careered out of control as it richocheted across the track and then rolled over 4 times before the engine exploded into flames and poor Cherry died. She WON the race, but she NEVER received the trophy because she died inside her race car.

There was an absolutely wonderful old lady who worked as the company nurse for Wilson & Longbottom and her name was Mrs. Bennett and she asked me if she could read my story and I agreed. So, I handed my 200 page typewritten story which was neatly presented in a file to Mrs. Bennett and she took this story home to read. The next day Mrs. Bennett brought my story back to me. And the following is what she had to say “I have never read such an exciting consistent and engaging story in all my life. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down and I had to finish it.” She praised my work to the hilt, but there was ONE slight criticism and I was literally pulled through the symbolic mangle for it. Mrs. Bennett then SHOCKED me when she enquired in an urgent tone of voice “WHY DID YOU KILL HER?” I was momentarily taken aback by what she had just said. Then I replied “but Mrs. Bennett it is ONLY A FICTION STORY.” And she answered “but you didn’t have to kill her.” And THAT is why I remembered this event with such striking detail, because I was PRAISED and SCOLDED by a wonderful nurse from Wilson & Longbottom who thoroughly enjoyed my work. **Note** Mrs. Bennett isn’t the only one who has MARVELLED at my EXTRAORDINARY writing skills and talent. Apart from Dave Gibson, I have received some wonderful comments on these pages regarding my extremely unique and impressive writing skills. Most of it is A NATURAL FLAIR and TALENT, which just needed a LITTLE NUDGE from Mr. Westwood from the Oaks County Secondary school, that NO longer exists in the 21st century.

During the early 1990’s my youngest sister and I eventually enrolled in the Barnsley College, where we studied for further academic qualifications at that time and this time, we were IN THE SAME CLASSES AS EACH OTHER. Again, one of the most important classes was ENGLISH and we had a marvellous tutor called Dave Gibson and he too was a stickler when it came down to content, consistency, flow, engagement and atmosphere. If any of this was MISSED OUT, we LOST valuable points. One project that Dave assigned to us was that we had a narrow field of subjects to choose from regarding CONTENT for the coursework points. My sister decided on composing an essay on her recent trip to Benidorm. I decided to be more ambitious and took a chance on writing about Space Surfers in a Time Travelling Dimension and it was one of the MOST exciting stories that I had ever done in my whole life and to be quite frank, I was expecting TOP MARKS for my coursework. When the work came back, I was bitterly disappointed that I only received 8 points out of 10. My sister got LESS for her work and Dave explained why, because even though my sister was extremely talented in English, points were deducted from her coursework because her holiday/vacation story sounded more like A TRAVEL BROCHURE, which Dave didn’t appreciate. I didn’t understand him and challenged him about this because my sister was very disappointed when she only got a 7. He explained that her story lacked atmosphere. But then there are many FAMOUS authors who write some awfully BORING BOOKS, which actually bores the pants off of some readers and in others, sends then to sleep; so why he picked on my sister is beyond my comprehension. I even challenged him on my project, because I worked hard on the TIME TRAVELLING SURFERS IN SPACE. And the following is WHY I lost vital points – because I failed to develop my theory on the FOURTH DIMENSION. Can you believe that people? I explained to Dave that it was a FANTASY FICTION STORY and that he had only given us 4000 words maximum to write with. Anything above the 4000 words mark, would have been penalised again. So for the next hour or so, my tutor Dave Gibson was picking my brains and quizzing me about the FOURTH DIMENSION. In the beginning, I had to describe the other 3 dimensions – up, down, forwards/backwards. The FOURTH dimension is a DIMENSION that cannot been seen by human beings. Actually, in some of these science theory books, some cosmology scientists have described MORE than 4 dimensions, but it is STILL theory. Although here is food for thought – “just because you can’t see something doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t exist.” After all, we don’t see electricity, but it EXISTS. We don’t see one celled life, but it does exist. And that brings me around to a very sore topic of why the Global Elite are so insanely BENT on KILLING people, because of a laboratory created frankenstein virus that they CREATED and released into the atmosphere and we CAN’T see that either or any other micro virus for that matter. There are several doctors and scientists who believe that this covid19 virus does NOT exist, because it has NEVER been proven and Dr. Andrew Kaufman is one of the doctors who made this claim and we are inclined to believe him. We are keeping an open mind.

We received EXCELLENT grades when we passed the English exam.

To wrap this all up folks, I eventually enrolled upon a Natural Science course and eventually became a FULLY QUALIFIED Naturopathic practitioner. And the REST IS HISTORY.


Published by Online Resistance Movement

I am a fully qualified NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER and I graduated in 2017. My qualifications include : Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Acupressure, Anatomy & Physiology, Dream Therapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, First Aid and Philosophy. I am actively fighting for the FREEDOM of all the people in the world who are experiencing GOVERNMENT OPPRESION and SEVERE STRANGULATORY RESTRICTIONS in their lives. The United Nations Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth has already commenced and it is being synchronised around the world. It is the GLOBAL RESET - resettlement program and their goal is to thin the current world's population down from nearly seven billion to five hundred million and that means that most of us will be KILLED in a MASS GENOCIDE and they will be using the DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES to KILL people. Indeed, thousands of people have ALREADY died because of these USAFE VACCINES and we are trying to STOP the 21st century holocaust from happening. Our MISSION is to regain the FREEDOMS for ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. You will be interested to learn that MY WHOLE FAMILY were WIPED out by the EVIL KILLER NHS - 3 family members within 3 month and ALL of them were POISONED to death by the NHS and one family member was poisoned to death by the NHS during Christmas of 2018.

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