As promised the Online Resistance Movement are presenting to our readers the great and wonderful Dr. Vernon Coleman’s new video : NIGHTMARE ON YOUR STREET.

The doctor goes to great lengths to describe most accurately, the sheer terrifying horror, that we are all now facing : the DIGITAL SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM, which is every FREE individual’s NIGHTMARE.

We are working hard to STOP this evil wickedness from transpiring.

The good doctor goes on to explain just how terrifying this social credit system is. As a digital slave, you will have NO RIGHTS. Your every move, every purchase, what you eat and when you go to the toilet, when you go to sleep, your personal habits WILL be closely monitored by your slave captors. Do something that is DEEMED BAD by your slave captors and you WILL be punished. Some people will be hauled off to RE-EDUCATION camps to be indoctrinated with POLITICAL PROPAGANDA.

To fight back against the One World Government’s Digital Social Credit system, the doctor has advised to : resist from downloading apps; resist from filling in online forms with your details. To continue to SPREAD THE TRUTH, SHARE his video, TELL everyone of the terrifying stark dystopian future that is almost KNOCKING ON OUR DOOR. And the Online Resistance Movement are asking each and every one of you to CONTINUE FIGHTING BACK, RESIST and most importantly of all, do NOT comply.

Without further ado, we bring to you Dr. Vernon Coleman / NIGHTMARE ON YOUR STREET.

Dr. Vernon Coleman / We are the RESISTANCE
Dr. Vernon Coleman

Published by Online Resistance Movement

I am a fully qualified NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER and I graduated in 2017. My qualifications include : Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Acupressure, Anatomy & Physiology, Dream Therapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, First Aid and Philosophy. I am actively fighting for the FREEDOM of all the people in the world who are experiencing GOVERNMENT OPPRESION and SEVERE STRANGULATORY RESTRICTIONS in their lives. The United Nations Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth has already commenced and it is being synchronised around the world. It is the GLOBAL RESET - resettlement program and their goal is to thin the current world's population down from nearly seven billion to five hundred million and that means that most of us will be KILLED in a MASS GENOCIDE and they will be using the DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES to KILL people. Indeed, thousands of people have ALREADY died because of these USAFE VACCINES and we are trying to STOP the 21st century holocaust from happening. Our MISSION is to regain the FREEDOMS for ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. You will be interested to learn that MY WHOLE FAMILY were WIPED out by the EVIL KILLER NHS - 3 family members within 3 month and ALL of them were POISONED to death by the NHS and one family member was poisoned to death by the NHS during Christmas of 2018.

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