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Urgent Update : More than 1700 health people have DIED within 48 hours of being injected with the LETHAL CORROSIVE TOXIC ingredients of this covid19 drug, since we published this post.

As promised, here at the Online Resistance Movement, we have been extremely busy researching these chemicals and substances that governments around the world are PLOTTING to enforce upon their own people. Mandatory vaccines may not be this year or the next year, but mandatory vaccines are on the cards WORLDWIDE. I am sure that you all have heard of the HEALTH PASSPORT system, which will be ingrained inside that microchip that they keep on denying.

We recently received some news about the New York State Senate Bill, which was documented last year 2020, outlining the fact that they are now in the production stage of building the first of these CONCENTRATION CAMPS. These concentration camps will be aimed at people who are REFUSING the vaccine and if they have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for this covid19 and they REFUSE the vaccine, they will be ARRESTED and hauled away to be placed inside one of these concentration camps, which will be guarded by ARMED GUARDS. This is pure evil and don’t believe for one minute that this evil practice will stay in New York, TRUST ME, IT WILL DISSEMINATE around the world – guaranteed. We also received reports that CANADA too were making preparations for the building of CONCENTRATION CAMPS for people who are resisting and fighting back. This is BAD NEWS, but we are NOT DISHEARTENED and we WILL CONTINUE THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.

We also OBSERVED in a video where the new wannabe NEW WORLD NAZI RULER – Bill Gates was bragging about the Global Reset, the New World Order and the INTENTIONAL INFECTING of the virus upon all of the citizens. This RICH THUG is EVIL and he NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. There are BILLIONS of us and only one Gates and his EVIL RICH THUG COHORTS.

Now, back to the LETHAL COCKTAIL OF SUBSTANCES AND CHEMICALS contained inside these vaccines that are NOT vaccines, but LETHAL INJECTIONS. From what we gather, the main part of this LETHAL INJECTION contains :



4 – Hydroxybutyl // Molecular Fomula : C4H9O – NO DATA can be found. We have NO idea what this substance will do to the human body.


Benzodiazepin – benzodiazapines – Used as an antidepressant medicine

Benzodiazapines – side effects :

Shakes, tremors, insomnia, confusion, anxiety, hallucinations, seizures, delerium tremens, sleep disturbances, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, irritability, muscle relaxant, rapid heartbeat, trembling, tingling, flushing, redness, perspiration, shortness of breath, fear and heightened awareness of surroundings, even though there is no evidence of danger at hand, worry over death, losing control, agoraphobia (fear of open spaces and crowds), hypotension, cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat), bradycardia (slow heartbeat), apnea, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, double vision, skin rashes, injection site reactions.

bis 2 – hexyldecanoate – is the messenger RNA, the stuff that penetrates healthy human cells, alters them and reprograms them.

2 – polyethylene glycol – 2000 – PEG – PLASTIC

N, N – dtetradecylacetamide – MUSCLE RELAXANT

1, 2 – distearal – snglycero – ALKALINE

3 – phosphocholine – phosphates, (certain phosphates are used as FERTILIZERS on the land)

cholesterol – FATTY LIPIDS

Potassium Chloride – SALT (used in 3 drug protocol execution of felons)

monobasic potassium phosphate – inorganic compound – Molecular formula KH2PO4 – used as a fertilizer and food additive.

sodium chloride – SALT

diabasic sodium phosphate dihydrate – molecular formula – Na2HPO4 – hydrogen and SALT

sucrose – SUGAR


mRNA – messenger RNA to penetrate healthy human cells, to alter them and reprogram them.

lipids and fatty substances : –

sm sphyngomegelin – 102 – is a parasite membrane which infects normal erythrocytes (red blood cells).

polyethylene glycol – PEG – PLASTIC

2000 dimyristoyl glycerol DMG – is another form of plastic.

1, 2 – distearoyl – sn – glycerol – 3 – phosphocholine (DSPC), cholesterol – nanocarriers for delivery of nucleic acids and CHEMOTHERAPEUTIC therapy for CANCER CELLS ?? *note* why inject this stuff into a HEALTHY BODY? Which could trigger cancer. This concoction also comes with fatty lipids.

tromethamine – chemical – highly toxic skin irritant, highly corrosive to skin, causes eye damage and prevents lungs from functioning normally, causing breathlessness and could lead to DEATH.

tromethamine hydrochloride molecular formula – C4H12CINO3 – irritant, irritates eyes, skin, respiratory tract, highly toxic.

acetic acid – vinegar – using it sparsely on food is okay. Using this in concentrate – we have NO idea what it will do to the body and organs. It does BURN the back of the throat if heavily consumed.

sodium acetate – molecular formula C2H3NaO2 – SALT

sucrose – sugar


AZD – 1222 : UNI B5S3K2VOG8 – SARS Cov-2

histidine – precursor to histamine (water, runny nose, congested lungs, etc). When introduced into the body, it aggravates the histamine receptors, which in turn FLOOD the body with histamine, usually in the nasopharyngeal orifices and the lungs, but could extend to other parts of the body.

histidine monohydrochloride – again, another histamine antagoniser.

magnesium chloride – molecular formula MgCl2 – mineral salt – also used as a health supplement.

polysorbate 80 – generally used in cosmetics, lotions, potions and vaccines.

alcohol – ethanol and is used in alcoholic beverages and general medicines.

sucrose – sugar

sodium chloride – salt (table salt)

edetate disodium – chelating agent, (usually removes heavy metals from body and lowers calcium in the blood)

water – molecular formula H2O – water

There is absolutely no mention of the DNA monkey cancer or DNA from dead fetuses. However, we have researched this in a different scientific paper and this IMPORTANT feature has been excluded in the list of substances and chemicals. However, it IS in these vaccines with the biogel and the tracking microchip.


At this moment in time, there is NO data, however, as soon as it becomes available, we will LET YOU KNOW. My guess is that it will be MORE OF THE SAME THAT YOU CAN SEE HERE with the other vaccines that are NOT vaccines.

For many years now, general medicine practitioners have been advising their patients NOT to mix medications with alcohol and what are these vaccines makers doing? MIXING ALCOHOL WITH medications – benzodiazapines and according to Dr. Coleman, this is what has been causing autism in healthy children, following their vaccinations. And UNFORTUNATELY, this condition is PERMANENT. According to the Children’s Health Defense, some children have DIED because they have been subjected to benzodiazapines in the vaccinations and some have been disabled permanently.

I don’t know about you all, but they will NEVER force me or my organisastion to take this LETHAL CONCOCTION of – Salt, Sugar, Plastic, Vinegar, Alcohol, benzodiazapines mixed with water. And we WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT BACK.

When doctors such as Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Colin Barron, World Doctors Alliance, Dr. Bob Sears and many other GOOD general medicine doctors – SCREAM OUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE WITH THESE VACCINES THAT ARE NOT VACCINES, BUT LETHAL INJECTIONS – SOMETHING IS RADICALLY WRONG!





AZD-1222 covid19 Vaccine

The following is a list of ingredents contained within this AZD-1222 covid19 vaccine :

The materials to build this KILLER HUMBUG is : ChAOx1 – weakened version of the MONKEY COLD VIRUS called ADENOVIRUS which includes dna monkey cells and it has been SPLICED together with a SARS-Cov2 coronavirus spike called Spike Glycoprotein S. The spike is designed to bind to ACE2 receptors inside the human body cells.

DNA from dead fetuses is included and so is the biogel microchip.



There are TWO more TOXIC ingredients that have been deliberately omitted from the list of all of these toxic chemical jabs and they are as follows :

nagalese protein – a CANCER causing protein inside a healthy body, to make the body develop cancer.

a sterilising agent – to prevent a healthy young woman from producing children if she so wishes.



It is our mission here at the Online Resistance Movement, to get the SHOCKING TRUTH out to as many people as we can, to enable us to SAVE LIVES.


Pfizer Covid19 Vaccine Ingredients

  • nucleoside – modified messenger RNA encoding viral spike glycoprotein of SARS-cov-2
  • Lipids or fatty substances including 4-hydroxybutyl, ananediyl bis hexane-6,1-diyl
  • bis 2-hexyldecanoate
  • 2-polyethelene glycol-2000 (PLASTIC)
  • N,N-dtetradecylacetamide
  • 1,2-distearal-snglycero
  • 3-phosphocholine and cholesterol
  • Potassium Chloride (Used in Lethal injection executions)
  • Monobasic potassium phosphate
  • Sodium Chloride (table salt)
  • Dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate
  • Sucrose (Sugar)

There is an abundance of SALT, SUGAR and PLASTIC inside this vaccine, which is ENOUGH TO KILL an elephant. And it is IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that there is NO vaccine contained within this vaccine. Many years ago in traditional vaccines, a small particle of the infected virus was included in the potion – thus this is where the name vaccine comes from. There is NO, I repeat NO vaccine inside this vaccine. This vile and dangerous concoction is designed for ONE PURPOSE – to MAIM, PARALYSE and KILL.

Moderna Vaccine Covid19 Ingredients

The following are the ingredients contained within the moderna vaccine :

  • Messenger ribonucleic acid mRNA
  • Lipids or fatty substances including SM sphyngomgelin-102
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG) – PLASTIC
  • 2000 dimyristoyl glycerol DMG
  • 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-
  • Phosphocholine (DSPC)
  • Cholesterol
  • Tromethamine
  • Tromethamine hydrochloride
  • Acetic acid
  • Sodium acetate
  • Sucrose (sugar)

Once again, there is NO vaccine contained within this vaccine. All this TOXIC POTION contains is SALT, SUGAR, WATER, PLASTIC.

Astra Zeneca Covid19 Vaccine Ingredients

  • AZD-1222 (UNI : B5S3K2VOG8)
  • AZD-1222 (UNI : B5S3K2VOG8)
  • Histidine (A precursor or histamine to promote histamine) (lots of water like when you experience a runny nose)
  • Histadine Monohydrochloride
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Alcohol (neat)
  • Sucrose (sugar)
  • Sodium Chloride (table salt)
  • Edetate Disodium
  • Water

Again, there is NO vaccine contained within this vaccine. This DANGEROUS TOXIC POTION contains – alcohol, sugar, salt, alkalis and water. Taking too much alkali is just as dangerous as taking too much acidic substances into your body. Again, this is a DANGEROUS CONGLOMERATION OF NOTHING BUT HARMFUL SUBSTANCES. And DON’T forget the DNA altering strands and the biogel microchip that they have NOT bothered to mention.

Please be aware that the ingredient POTASSIUM CHLORIDE is used to EXECUTE convicted felons.




Back in November 2015 to April 2016 my family SUFFERED a terrible and unspeakable tragedy, they all became ill around the same time as each other, they were ALL forced into an NHS hospital against their will and they were ALL subjected to CRUEL and EVIL torture meted out to them by the EVIL KILLER NHS. They were psychologically tortured by the NHS, they were ABUSED and LAUGHED at by the NHS, they were STARVED by the NHS and they were ALL poisoned to death by the NHS. This is what the NHS have reduced themselves to – EVIL, CALLOUS KILLERS.

Following my father’s sad departure from this world, my youngest sister (MY PAL) became ill on Christmas Eve that same year. An NHS doctor by the name of Mistry made an unexpected house call to see my mother at 10am that Christmas eve morning and my sister and I were staying with our mother for Christmas at her house. I was so worried about my sister that I made the MISTAKE of asking Mistry for some advice regarding my sister. From that moment on, we received nothing but telephone harassment throughout Christmas week, just pressurising us both to attend the surgery for blood tests, after my sister had already REFUSED because they had made a mess of her arm 10 years earlier with blood tests as the INCOMPETENT fools had tortured her and stabbed her over 40 times just prodding for a vein and she vowed NEVER to go through that procedure ever again.

Eventually, Mistry got his own way, as I persuaded my sister that the only way to get rid of him from harassing us on the phone every two minutes was to attend the surgery on January 4, 2016. My sister reluctantly agreed to go along with the plan to shut him up. Our plan was to go to the surgery, have the blood tests then come away. My sister forewarned me what would happen if we went to the surgery on that fateful afternoon, she warned me that Mistry was setting us up for a trap, he would FORCE her into hospital against her will and she would NOT come out alive. That is EXACTLY what happened and I have NEVER forgiven myself for making that mistake.

The police were waiting for our arrival at the surgery and they THREATENED to beat us BOTH up if my sister continued to REFUSE to go to the NHS hospital.

She was forced onto an ambulance trolley and strapped in – she was protesting all the way and I will never forget that scream she made. It was a scream of desperation, a scream of being BETRAYED by the NHS, a scream that she knew they were going to KILL her.

I had a back up plan to help my sister out of E.R. and if these incidents had occurred years ago, we could have WALKED out of that E.R. room, but times had CHANGED and NOT for the BETTER.

My sister was treated like a criminal and I followed the ambulance in the car and I was crying all the way, fearing the worst. When I arrived at the E.R., EVERYTHING had changed since we were last there and the staff were running that hospital LIKE A PRISON WITHOUT BARS. I tried to take my sister out of the E.R., and security was called.

It was here where they administered the FIRST 3 doses of LETHAL TOXIC drugs in order to MURDER MY SISTER. These drugs were administered to my sister at 15 minute intervals and on the third attempt, I challenged the KILLER NURSE and said “ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HER?” And the killer nurse replied “I know what I am doing.” Apparently she did because SHE MURDERED my sister, but before that took place, a struggle broke out and I tried to stop her from murdering my sister. Security was called and I was ejected from that hospital.

My mother was murdered by the KILLER NHS in a similar fashion, she too was STARVED and KILLED by DANGEROUS TOXIC DRUGS.

Following the deaths of my father and my youngest sister – which were 8 weeks and 2 days apart, the Killer NHS involved the coroner and the coroner involved the police and they needed a patsy to take the blame for what the NHS had done, so I was the obvious choice. I was UNLAWFULLY arrested for the murder of my pal and my father. They ransacked BOTH houses took photographs of inside both houses and confiscated personal items and bagged them up as evidence. When they finally brought those personal possessions back to me, I had noticed that they had taken some BIZARRE stuff out of both houses, like : a half eaten soggy biscuit and a tub of Holland & Barrett Muscle builder from my parents’ home and a recycled toothbrush from our home that we used for cleaning around tight corners of taps/faucets in the bathroom. I am still PUZZLED as to why these items were taken as it had absolutely NOTHING at all to do with the deaths of my father or my sister – they were BOTH KILLED IN AN NHS HOSPITAL by NHS STAFF and they COVERED UP their KILLING TRACKS.

When I was hauled away to the police station by plain clothes detectives, they kept me in ISOLATION all day and they had TWO male social service goons sat there STARING AT ME and saying NOTHING. I was already DISTRESSED and STRESSED out at losing my father and then my sister that I was PUSHED to BREAKING POINT and the SILENCE was DEAFENING. I refused to talk to them WITHOUT first consulting a lawyer and it was a long long time before the lawyer actually showed up. During that 12 hours of ISOLATION, I was given one sip of still mineral water and was REFUSED to use the toilet.

I discovered 4 years later and VERY RECENTLY that the CIA used the SAME KIND OF TORTURE TACTICS that the police USED ON ME during the third week in January 2016. They use PSCHOLOGICAL TORTURE – ISOLATION to break people down and that is what they were doing to me that day – psychologically torturing me by using ISOLATION and SILENCE. I was already HYSTERICAL because I had lost MY PAL, my youngest sister, the sister who I worshipped, the sister who I lived for, the sister who I did everything for. When she was sick, I used to get her things to help her to feel better. I bought her a nebuliser because the mean NHS wouldn’t give her one. I paid for holidays for her, bought first aid equipment and supplies for her. I loved my sister with all my heart and she gave me a reason to live. Then these EVIL torturers TOLD ME THAT I HAD KILLED MY SISTER and MY FATHER in order to gain a substantial amount of money from their life insurance policies, which was a SICK JOKE because NONE of us were insured and I am still NOT insured, because I can’t afford it.

I knew I had not hurt my sister, I loved my sister with all my heart and they were acting like I was guilty.

Following my sister’s state autopsy in February of 2016 the CID came back to me RED faced and APOLOGETIC, when the autopsy report concluded what had actually caused my sister’s untimely death. What was stated on the official cause of death report is UNIMPORTANT, what is IMPORTANT is that NO TOXICOLOGY test was ever performed upon my sister and I CHALLENGED them about this very subject and the pathologist, who was actually an histopathologist had absolutey NO idea that I had been arrested and accused of murdering the sister that I loved and he seemed genuinely surprised by what I had told him. He also informed me that had it been a criminal case, then his COLLEAGUE would have done the autopsy and NOT him.

I have since been campaigning to get justice for my family because the STATE KILLED MY FAMILY, NOT ME and so far they have gotten away with MURDER.

I am blaming the DIRTY EVIL LYING TOE RAG Dr. Ajay Mistry for telling LIES about me to the authorities and he did that because he HATED my sister and he HATED me, he regarded us BOTH as a THREAT to his livelihood. All that because we were studying alternative medicine at that time and he attempted to THROW a spanner in the works. Well, they succeeded in KILLING my sister and the REST of my family and now they are TRYING to KILL me, because the AGENDA 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth is accelerating.

My family are NOT going to die for nothing, I intend to FIGHT THEM ALL THE WAY. Not just the evil killing NHS but the nazi government also.





It is not if but when the UK government will sign this EVIL legally binding Pandemic Preparedness document. But we believe it is already a done deal and it will be just protocol for the signing of this legally binding international document to sign our rights away as a Nation. Once this legally binding WHO Treaty is signed, we have had it as a nation and we may have to take up arms to engage in a physical battle, because this Pandemic treaty includes delivering vaccines to EVERYONE, which is clearly outlined in the document. So it will be a case of VACCINE MANDATES via the back door. And there are many of us, in the Resistance who do NOT want this KILLER JAB.

As we have said many times before, this World War III is NOT over by a long shot. We have won the battle over the death jab for now, but the globalist’s enemy is regrouping and they are set for another OFFENSIVE upon the world’s people.

This is a worldwide problem and several countries have already SIGNED away the sovereignty of their own people. And in the UK, we are already set to be SOLD DOWN THE RIVER, by our own government. Why are they doing this? The answer is simple, THEY have an agenda to maintain and that agenda is to CULL the population, to meet with globalist’s demands to reduce the world’s population size down to five hundred million from over eight billion people alive today.

Already, THOUSANDS of people have perished through volunteering for the lethal injection. We believe those figures are much higher than thousands and it may go into a million or over, because governments tend to hide and suppress the REAL casualty figures.

This is only one problem out of dozens of evil atrocities that they plan on unleashing upon the public. They have already commenced the second phase of their plan and that is to FREEZE and STARVE us all to DEATH by allowing energy prices to skyrocket to unbelievable over inflated levels. This process has ALREADY begun and the trend is set to get much worse as the winter of 2022 kicks in.

The Resistance leader, our General – Dr. Vernon Coleman has been forewarning EVERYONE about these dangers from day one of this World War III.

In the whole annals of world history, we have never found ONE record, not one, where the government have DECLARED WAR upon their own people, but it has happened now. And the 21st century holocaust WILL continue until the New World Order government reach their target of five hundred million people left alive on this planet by the year 2030, by that time, most of us will be DEAD and this is just how serious the situation is becoming.

There IS some GOOD news: In the US, there are 70 million people who have been SMART enough to REFUSE the killer covid19 death juice. In Canada, 6 million people have been SMART enough to REFUSE this lethal cocktail of death. In the UK, there are 25 million of us who have RESISTED and REFUSED the death jab. These are official government figures that they have been suppressing and concealing in order to push on with the 21st century CULLING MACHINE. In Sweden, just less than half of the population are covid19 injection FREE, they too have REFUSED the killer jab.

We believe that these figures of unjabbed people are a lot higher, we just need to dig deeper to find more evidence, as we are convinced there are MORE of us out there who are fighting back.

When we say the WHO, we are referring to the World Health organisation who are part of the PROBLEM, we don’t want to confuse the name with The Who pop group, as they are good. Even Roger Daltry, who was the singer of The Who has spoken out about these ridiculous times and he has said that these injections are NO good. He gives BETTER advice than the World Health Organisation.

We are fighting for our lives. Keep on fighting back and please share this post far and wide. This is a WAR that we cannot afford to lose.

Thank you.

We are including the link to this EVIL WHO document regarding future Pandemic Preparedness and how the WHO will tackle this next pandemic, which again will be another FAKE pandemic, as Gates and his cronies have already made strives to unleash the next FAKE pandemic upon us and it will come in the guise of the Spars Pandemic of 2025 through 2028.


21st Century Nazi Sign


It’s official, we are now living in the New World Order and the world people’s enemy, the globalist’s are plotting their next moves, to annihilate most of us in the 21st century holocaust.

First of all, we would like to announce that 25 million people in the UK have been smart enough to RESIST the highly toxic killer covid19 death jab. And 70 million people in the USA have also been smart enough to RESIST the lethal death juice. Well done to everyone who is experimental covid19 jab free. We MUST keep up the resistance, because this war of the people versus the government is not over by a long shot, in fact the war is deepening and it could go on for years.

Since the beginning of World War III the good Dr. Vernon Coleman has forewarned everyone of the forthcoming dangers. Indeed, in his very first video 2 years ago, he warned everyone that this was a WAR, a WAR of the government against their own people. He also predicted fuel shortages, energy supply shortages, food shortages, water shortages, power outages and he forewarned everyone to be prepared in readiness of what is about to unfold, because we, the resistance will be made outcast against society and cast into the wilderness to fend for ourselves, this means that we will all be catapulted back into the dark ages, where we will be living off the land with no energy supplies, no water, no food and it will become the survival of the fittest. We need to prepare to build our own communities, to provide our own resources, that is the only way we are going to survive.

Already, the evil, corrupt UK government are making strives to sign a treaty with the World Health Organisation, handing government power over to the WHO in order to control the people during the next fake pandemic, which is about to take place sometime during the year 2025, as already outlined in the pre planned SPARS PANDEMIC 2025. This means that the WHO will be able to force vaccinate people against their will. Concentration camps will be popping up all over the place for people who are resisting this evil, vile New World Order. Make no mistake, this is going to happen and in the very near future.

The 21st century holocaust has already begun, as thousands of people around the world have been killed by this experimental toxic covid19 injection, which was specifically designed to KILL and not to protect, as promoted by the enemy. No sane individual would volunteer to have DIESEL injected into their body and the covid19 injection does contain diesel, the same substance that fuels diesel vehicles.

The evil, filthy rich bankers, the Rothschild’s are behind this latest world people’s cull. The Rothschild bankers are the richest people on this earth and it is THEY who control the world governments and it is they who give the orders to DEPOPULATE the earth, because in their eyes, the world is over densely populated and they need to reduce that world population size down to five hundred million, out of over eight billion people alive on this planet today. Bill Gates, who is the second richest individual on this planet, carries out the orders of the Rothschild’s and it is Bill Gates who controls our government.

Dr. Coleman has also forewarned everyone about the forthcoming climate change lockdowns of the near future, which again is specifically designed to KILL people. Global warming, or climate change as it is known, is a HOAX created by the globalists to frighten and terrorise people. If anyone has done extensive research about the earth, they will already know that climate change is part of the earth’s natural climate changes and nobody can do anything about that. Millions of years ago, the earth was propelled into the ICE AGE which lasted for centuries and none of us or modern technology was around then, but it still occurred; but yet the naive and gullible really believe what they are told by the lying globalist’s that WE are responsible for global warming and that is PURE AND UTTER NONSENSE.

The abuse of the world’s people is continuing, not just on the ground but above us in the skies, courtesy of Bill Gates and his toxic powder in the skies in an attempt to block out the sun, which will eventually kill all the crops, the animals, wildlife and people. We get the toxic powder sprayed in the skies on a regular basis. They are just PURE EVIL.

Dr. Coleman also forewarned everyone about the forthcoming Chinese style social credit system that is also a part of this New World Order scheme, in order to control the people. It involves microchipping everyone in their hand and without that microchip, you will not be able to buy, trade or anything. Anyone who submits to this evilness are collaborating with the enemy. This microchip in the hand will contain ALL of your personal details, including your medical record, purchases and any police record that you may have had whether spent or current. This microchip can be controlled from a distance and can be switched off if you misbehave. Once you have volunteered for the microchip in the hand and you change your mind, after realising you have made a mistake, you cannot remove this microchip, not even by using a knife. The microchip IS permanent. Our advice to you all is NOT to be coerced into having this evil device injected into your hand. It is also the sign of the mark of the beast, as foretold long ago in the Book Of Revelations. That anyone who receives this mark of the beast is making a pact with the devil. Anyone who does not take the mark of the beast will not be able to buy or trade anything. My team and I are of God’s flock and we will NEVER submit to receiving the mark of the beast.

This war of the people versus the government could go on for years and it isn’t looking too good for the resistance, because there are too many collaborators. One way or another, this war will all be over by the year 2030.

We know of two cities in the UK that have been earmarked as Smart Cities for the survivors of World War III, which is Bradford and Leeds, as we have seen the blueprints for these smart cities, that have already been approved by the corrupt government. These smart cities are for the slaves, who will have NO freedom, no power and their only meaningful existence will be to work to make money for their slave masters – the Globalists. As we recall, the Nazis did that back in World War II, enslaving people inside concentration camps forcing them to work to make money for the Nazis, whilst they starved to death. This is happening right now, this time, the Nazis are scattered all over the globe. The Rothschild’s were behind World War II also. When the Rothschild’s decide that the world is overpopulated, they pay governments to make war with other countries, because war is profitable and at the same time it also depopulates the earth. This is what is happening in the Ukraine/Russian war right now and it is the Rothschild’s who precipitated this war. It is ALL connected to the New World Order and the trend is set to get much worse as time progresses.

Because the lethal injection failed, the UK government are now planning to FREEZE and STARVE people to death. They have already set the wheels in motion by raising the price cap for energy prices, which have already DOUBLED in price since April. The energy regulator Ofgem is not independent, they are a department of the UK government and they too are controlled by Bill Gates. The enemy have failed to inject us all to death, so their next stage plan is to freeze and starve us all to death. One of our team members has already been threatened by her energy supplier, who used mafia style strong arm tactics to attempt to force her to pay an over inflated bill, just after she had submitted her meter readings. All of this evilness is designed to destroy each and every one of us.

We have to keep on fighting back, otherwise there will be no future for any of us and most of us will meet our demise and we can’t allow that to happen.

The resistance will continue fighting back and if push comes to shove, we may have to take up arms to defend our freedom and our rights.

Please share this post widely and everywhere. We need to forewarn people of these dangerous times that we are living in.

Thank you.

One Of The Rothschild’s – The People’s World Enemy


The Online Resistance Movement have just received word and seen PROOF that the nurse Tiffany Dover whom we all watched on television/internet news as she took the death juice, then she collapsed in front of the TV cameras. Do you all recall watching this video clip?

Well, what we actually witnessed people is : an EXECUTION of an INNOCENT person. Yes, you READ that right, we all watched Tiffany Dover DIE on that video clip.

The hospital where she worked covered up the fact that Tiffany had died, almost instantly after receiving the death jab.

It has also been reported that they attempted to cremate Tiffany’s body soon thereafter, to cover up the evidence that she had been WILFULLY MURDERED ON TELEVISION, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES.

Tiffany’s family were harassed, threatened, intimidated and BULLED by the authorities who were terrorising them in order to keep them quiet, regarding Tiffany’s death. Of that news, we already were aware.

However, the Online Resistance Movement have been informing you good people all along that we suspected that Tiffany had DIED on that very same day, as we mentioned in our earlier posts, which were partially conjecture as we had NO solid proof, but strong evidence suggesting that Tiffany was DEAD.

Tiffany Dover is the nurse who worked at the Chattanooga Tennessee Memorial hospital where she received the fatal jab of death, died almost instantly.

Let this be a TIMELY WARNING to all you collaborating deniers who give the Online Resistance Movement and every other decent person a HARD time. It is YOU people who are trying to DRAG the resistance down with you. Wake up for heavens sake, your LIFE is at STAKE here.

The Online Resistance Movement witnessed a video showing PROOF of what we suspected all along that Tiffany died that same day inside the Memorial hospital where she worked. The video has been pulled down by evil collaborating twitter administrators. We KNOW what we SAW and we were damned lucky to witness the whole VIDEO, as it was PULLED DOWN just as the video finished. The resistance movement were just about to record that on a rewind when the screen went blank. When the twitter page returned, the video proof had VANISHED.

The Online Resistance have patiently waited for months and months, just listening out for any SOLID evidence regarding the suspected murder of Tiffany Dover and our patience has paid off. We did NOT hesitate to bring this final solid proof to you all.

World War III is not over by a long shot and indeed, it is just about warming up. The good Dr. Vernon Coleman has been forewarning everyone about the forthcoming food shortages, that is happening around the world now. And there is NO real shortage of food, as the evil bastard Commander in Chief – Bill Gates, a globalist enemy is taking care of everything and ensuring a food shortage. Dr. Vernon Coleman also predicted energy outages and fuel shortages also. He has forewarned about the digital currency that the globalists are attempting to force onto everyone and anyone who does not use cash, is supporting the cause of the New World Order, which we are now living in. We are in the transitional phase and if we all don’t fight back to save our lives, it will all be over by the year 2030 and by that time, most of us will be DEAD.

Keep on resisting. Keep on fighting back. Do not let the globalists win. And don’t forget that the Rothschild’s are behind all of the evilness that is occurring in the world right now. They sit at the very top of this evil cesspit of wickedness, corruption and death. And it is the Rothschild’s who ORDERED THE CULLING OF THE WORLD’S PEOPLE. Bill Gates is CARRYING OUT THOSE ORDERS.

We will keep our ears close to the ground, listen out for any new news and we will bring you this news as soon as it reaches us.

Thank you.

Tiffany Dover / Now DECEASED / MURDERED By An Evil Insane Wicked And Corrupt New World Order Government That Nobody Elected.


It is the duty of the Online Resistance Movement to elaborate to you all, the deadly consequences of yielding to the global enemies DEATH JUICE, the experimental covid19 injections.

No matter which brand of covid19 injection that is thrown at you, you all need to be aware, that this toxic concoction will KILL you in the end. These toxic injections that are being promoted by the global enemy as : health protectors, are in fact DEADLY. Just take a peek at our previous posts. In these posts the Resistance elaborate on every chemical that is contained within these vile concoctions, that are designed to thin down the world’s population size, courtesy of the Rothschild’s and Bill Gates.

Some of these deadly chemicals are palmed off as adjuvants, which help to deliver the DEADLY S Spike protein to your body’s power cells, which WILL CHANGE your DNA PERMANENTLY and once this process has taken place, it CANNOT be reversed. Some of the chemicals contained within these deadly injections are : diesel, aluminium, mercury, potassium chloride, to name a few. No sane individual would voluntarily present themselves to be injected with the same fuel that powers diesel motor vehicles. Aluminium and mercury are known cancer causes and potassium chloride is/or was used as a 3 drug protocol to executed condemned felons in Texas. You ALL have been timely FOREWARNED. And if you go ahead and submit to the coercions of your governments, then you are signing your own DEATH WARRANTS.

Please check out our previous posts on this DEADLY subject.

Many months ago, the global enemy were quick to have the main search engines on the internet, to TAKE DOWN, the toxic ingredients lists of these killer injections. Apparently, they weren’t swift enough, because the Resistance downloaded these covid19 toxic ingredients lists and we have EXPOSED THIS TOXIC KILLER INGREDIENTS LIST TO THE WORLD.

Everything you need to know about these experimental covid19 injections are detailed in our previous posts.

RESIST the covid19 injection if you value your health and your life.

Thank you for your continued support during World War III.

The Deadly Injection


The People’s Enemy Strikes Again

Our regular readers will already be familiar with the Rockerfeller Lockstep Procedure and the terrifying pre-organised scenarios that they planned to unleash upon the unsuspecting people of the world.

Unfortunately, the Resistance movement have yet some MORE BAD news for you all. At this moment in time, the World Health Organisation have gotten their EVIL heads together with the world secret ruling rich thug nazi ruling body and they have cooked up the following EVILNESS for the poor citizens of this world. At this moment in time, the WHO are in the process of formulating a world binding PANDEMIC TREATY, which is frighteningly no different to the Rockerfeller Lockstep procedure. If this evil treaty is signed and allowed to proceed, it will spell out DEATH to more and more innocent citizens around the world.

This Pandemic Preparedness Treaty that the WHO are in the midst of formulating, will force governments around the world to ACT, which in turn will remove more freedom from the world’s people and that spells out a CHAOTIC DISASTER of epic proportions. Every living being in the world WILL be forced vaccinated. Those of us who refuse who have NEVER been jabbed with the CULLING JUICE, will be forcibly removed from our homes and forced into one of their already existing nazi concentration camps and there the people’s enemy will force vaccinate the refusers and the resistance and we can’t have that. We the people have an inalienable RIGHT to live WITHOUT fear and to live without being imprisoned indefinitely, just to satisfy the whims of an extremely well organised killing cult, whom we all know that is run by the evil family who sits at the very top of the enemy hierarchy – the ROTHSCHILD’S. If some of you all are unfamiliar with this name; the Resistance WILL refresh your memories – the Rothschild’s are the filthiest and richest banking family on this planet. They are of Jewish/German descent, they OWN the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, IMF for short. These evil maniacs are responsible for ALL the wars that have erupted throughout the history of this planet. Indeed, it was the EVIL Rothschild family who precipitated the Napoleon wars. YES, it is TRUE, their war causing shenanigans led to the Napoleon wars. In the Rothschild’s eyes, war is profit and it also provides them other dividends – it thins down the world’s population at the same time. Many hundreds of years ago, it was a Rothschild mother who claimed that “if my sons don’t want war, there won’t be any.” And that is TRUE in every aspect.

Who do you all think is behind the LATEST war between Russia and the Ukraine? If you believe it is the Russian president – Putin, you would be VERY WRONG indeed. Putin and the Ukraine were PAID by the Rothschild’s to deliberately precipitate a WAR, because it IS profitable and it thins down the world’s population size at the same time. The Rothschild’s want MOST of us DEAD and they are in the process of doing this right now.

Where does the world’s number one public enemy fit into this evil rich thug jigsaw cesspool? Well Bill Gates has HEAVILY invested into ALL of these organisations and HE too desires the payback profits from all of these killer covid19 injections. Some of you all will have heard that Bill Gates has already received his covid19 injection – WRONG, Bill Gates did NOT receive the REAL McCoy, otherwise he would be DEAD by now and he is NOT stupid. Bill Gates is heavily invested into the whole Global Enemy Organisation, which includes the World Health Organisation and he is NOT to be underestimated. When Bill Gates wants something doing, he WILL get it done. He is also a member of the evil Planned Parenthood organisation, an evil organisation that likes to kill kids. His father, when he was alive was also a member of this evil cult organisation.

The whole GLOBAL enemy needs to be EXPOSED to the world and continually EXPOSED to the world: They are the Rothschild bankers, Bill Gates, United Nations, WHO, World Economic Forum with their evil head Klaus Schwab, who dresses in the twenty first century’s NAZI uniform, jumps up onto his soap box podium to dictate terms to the world, the royal family, all of the big pharmaceutical industries, the list of the people’s global enemy is very long indeed. They all have one mission in common – TO KILL BILLIONS OF US and to reduce the world’s population size down to five hundred million. And the five hundred million survivors of World War III will reside inside SMART cities that will be policed by robots and they will live for one reason, to MAKE money for their evil nazi enemy.

According to the wonderful, brave and good Dr. Coleman, the New World Order has ALREADY been unleashed upon all of us. Why? Because everything that this good and kind doctor predicted is coming true by the minute. The use of CASH is swiftly disappearing as the new world order collaborators are aiding the disappearance of the use of CASH, as they prefer to use a plastic card to make purchases. Using a plastic card to use purchases REMOVES your privacy. Okay it may seem convenient to some people, but you people who unwittingly use these cards are playing right into the hands of the New World Order and helping to advance the Global Enemy’s cause, which is to wreak havoc, chaos, death and destruction throughout this planet. Is that what you want? NO? Then CEASE using your credit/debit cards NOW and insist on using cash. One of the main banks in the UK have started on this digital bitcoin job. How does that work? Well we have little information on this, but we do KNOW that it spells out DISASTER to the human race. By forcing everyone to take this new global monetary system, you have all lost your freedom forever. Your daily activities will be MONITORED very closely. The enemy WILL be able to help themselves to your finances at a whim and take money where they will find it appropriate to do so. Overweight, fat and obese people will NOT be allowed to purchase sugary items and alcoholics will NOT have access to alcohol, wines and spirits. Your monetary fund will be entirely dictated to by the Global ruling enemy. Is that what you want? If your answer is NO, you MUST REMOVE that power from the enemy and enter into the NON COMPLIANCE mode. If everyone on the planet did this, then the global enemy will have NO power at all and the war will eventually be over, but you MUST resist if you value your life and your FREEDOM. Make no mistake the enemy WILL attempt to FORCE digital currency onto us all. Take a look what is happening in stores right now – many dumb collaborating storekeepers are REFUSING to take cash. We have to STOP this now people and the only way to do that is to RESIST.

The global enemy are BENT on controlling every aspect of our lives and we cannot allow that to happen. Surely you all don’t want to live in a terrifying world as depicted in the science fiction movie – LOGANS RUN where the people are totally controlled by a robotic system and policed by sanmen in a tightly enclosed slave city, where everyone who reaches the age of 30 HAS to die on carousel? Well, we have BAD news for you, this COULD become our terrifying future. The blueprints to these SMART cities ALREADY exist and two of the current city’s have been EARMARKED for the rise of a SMART city and these are Bradford and Leeds. We have SEEN evidence of the blueprints. We HAVE to STOP this NOW.

Only the other day, I was out shopping on the High Street and the nazi collaborators were out on the streets STILL WEARING THE KILLER FACE MASKS. After everything we have done and all of our awareness campaigning of the dangers of face mask wearing – some stupid dunderheads are STILL following the global slavery narrative and that SADDENED me beyond belief. The McDonald’s fast food franchise workers were amongst the most WORST OFFENDERS, still donning the KILLER face masks.

You people who are using Bitcoin digital currency are playing right into the hands of the global enemy, bolstering the completion and end of World War III, helping the global enemy to WIN this war. This evilness will not stop at the Bitcoin digital currency, the enemy are DETERMINED to ensure that every living being on this planet is MICROCHIPPED, where all of your personal details; name, address, age, medical record, purchases, police record (if applicable) and your bank record will be contained within that microchip. Those of you who have already succumbed to this EVILNESS and have already received the microchip, are NOW slaves to the DEVIL. Once this microchip is in place, it cannot be removed, it cannot be extracted or cut out. It was designed to REMAIN inside your body and that microchip CAN be rendered INACTIVE from your slave masters if you displease them in any way. For those of us who have so far RESISTED the evil global enemy – we STILL have HOPE. Hope to WIN this war and WIN back our FREEDOMS.

This war is NOT over by a long shot and we ALL have to keep a sharp vigil to STOP the evil global enemy from winning this war.

Just remember that the evil global enemy, who is headed by the Rothschild bankers and Bill Gates IS STILL lurking around in the deep dark muddy depths of the abyss. STAY ALERT!!

This World Health Organisation Pandemic Treaty must NOT be allowed to succeed, as it will sweep us all NEARER and NEARER to the SLAVE SMART cities of the future.

FIGHT BACK and FIGHT BACK for your life and freedom.

Thank you for your continued support of the Resistance during World War III.


Boris Johnson, the UK’s nazi fascist puppet dictator has appeared on a mainstream media video spewing out misinformation in a feeble attempt to confuse, bamboozle, terrorise and coerce the remaining people who have stoically dug their heels into the ground and said NO to the depopulation jab.

In his evil, vicious, misleading statement, he said “the anti vax campaigners on social media are spouting off misinformation regarding the covid19 injection, they are totally WRONG.”

People, you cannot believe anything that this evil, lying bought puppet dictator is saying because HE works for BILL GATES. Bill Gates dishes out the orders and the puppet dictator carries out the orders. Bill Gates is a famous eugenicist and so was his father. It is a well known fact that GATES wants to DEPOPULATE the world. Gates takes his direct orders from the Rothschild’s who own most of the banks in the world, especially the IMF, World Bank and BIS. And when the Rothschild’s want a war – they START one – war is very profitable and pays high dividends. When the Rothschild’s want to depopulate the world, that is what they precisely set out to do.

The freedom fighters who have remained PURE from these killer drugs will have to continue standing their ground, because that is how wars are WON. We have to keep on fighting back, not just for freedom but for health and life, which is very precious to all of us.

As World War III enters its third year, the war is accelerating into the next phase at a vast speed. This war could go either way, as it is finely balanced with a delicate thread, as the RESISTANCE are hanging on in there.

Klaus Schwab’s great reset is just over the horizon and that spells out doom, gloom and disaster to each and every one of us and we can’t allow that to happen. Many more billions of us will perish as the enemy attempt to force a SLAVE MICROCHIP into the victims hand. Those of us who refuse, will be outcast from society. You really don’t want to become a microchipped slave being constantly and tightly controlled inside a smart city, with no free life of your own. Your only purpose would be to serve your slave masters – the global mafia government enemy. That is NO life and it is entirely unacceptable.

The microchip in the hand is NOT the only worry for the people. We have to remember Elon Musk’s Neuralink funding – to turn healthy humans into CYBORGS. The mission of Neuralink is for a robot surgeon to perform a surgical operation on a healthy individual; using a surgical burr to cut a round circle in the top of the skull (the size of a two pence piece/or a US quarter) and to dig out brain matter to insert a WIRED microchip, which can be operated by remote control from a distance. This evil device has to be plugged in and charged up overnight with a USB charger. This will enable the cyborg to be completely controlled by its operator – the global mafia government enemy. (This reminds us of the movie – the Matrix – where recipients in the movie had to be plugged into the matrix device, with a plug into the back of their skulls). This is sick and this kind of technology needs to be DESTROYED before it destroys us all.

One more time – Take NO notice of Boris Johnson, he has NEVER received the real covid19 injection, otherwise HE would be DEAD by now. He would have been injected with : mercury, aluminium, potassium chloride, diesel, tromethamine and many other TOXIC KILLER substances contained within this DEATH JAB.

Keep on fighting back for freedom, health and life.

Thank you.

Boris Johnson the Nazi Fascist Puppet Dictator


The Online Resistance Movement have just received news that the UK Nazi fascist dictator puppet government have NOW authorised the KILLER NHS to bring the global mafia enemy’s execution chamber to your door within the next few weeks.

If you all want to believe the government’s statistics – there are over twenty three million people who have NEVER received the death jab. We believe that the figure is MUCH higher.

The enemy’s twisted and sick train of thought, believe that the sensible freedom fighters are not stepping forward to line up for the execution chamber to volunteer for death and the lethal injection because they can’t find their way to a covid19 injection centre. This is how mentally sick these war criminals are – they really believe the rubbish that they are spewing out of their evil mouths. NO the sensible people who have never been injected with this vile concoction of death, DON’T want the injection, why can’t you sick bastards get that into your thick, evil, demented, psychotic, psychopathic skulls? We will NEVER yield to your death call demands in order for you to further advance the United Nations Agenda 21 plan.

The Nazi Fascist Puppet Dictatorship of the UK


The Online Resistance Movement have just received word that the UK Nazi Fascist government WILL be making vaccination mandatory soon. Not IF but when. And the good doctor – Vernon Coleman and our own Online Resistance Movement team have been WARNING everyone for over a year now that these KILLER INJECTIONS were going to be made MANDATORY.

When this EVIL law is passed, we ALL resistance freedom fighters, may expect to receive a visit from the local council. They will be around to your door COLD CALLING and COERCIVE BLACKMAILING you to take the juice of DEATH.

Our advice? Plain and simple, but effective – DON’T BOTHER ANSWERING THE DOOR.

When you all receive an unexpected knock at the door; you can if you wish, look out to see who is standing at the door without letting the door knocker know that you can see them – be discreet. That is if you want to see who is knocking at your door. Personally, we wouldn’t bother looking. If you are not expecting anyone and you are not expecting a delivery or some mail from the postman (that he can’t get through the letterbox) – DON’T bother looking.

World War III is now entering its THIRD year and this war is progressing to the next level. It is going to get even more tougher, rougher and continue raging, until the resistance WIN this war.

It is also in the wind that the UK Nazi Fascist government just may sanction your State benefit if you continue to refuse the DEATH jab. This is also on the cards and folks who are receiving State benefit need to make preparations and be ready for any eventuality. According to the UK State government track record, they have a TERRIBLE past for blackmailing and threatening folks that IF they want the State benefit – they have to fulfil the needs of the State. A while back, State benefits were sanctioned for people who REFUSED to go out to work and NOT get paid. This was ALSO blackmailing terrorism and THEY DID sanction State benefits for those claimants who flatly REFUSED to participate in shelf stacking inside one of their selected supermarkets. So be careful and be READY, you MUST be prepared. You can NEVER take the covid19 death juice, regardless of what blackmailing threats they throw out at you. Why? Because most people DIE within the first 48 hours of receiving this depopulation shot. If you refuse and you get your State benefit sanctioned, then you HAVE a CHANCE of survival. You WILL find a way to survive.

The whole point of the United Nations Agenda 21 program which is in FULL OPERATION around the world right now – is to thin down the world’s population size from around seven billion of us to around five hundred million. They will do this via the toxic needle, which they are promoting as a health protector, when in reality it is a life terminator. Sensible people who continue to REFUSE taking the death jab – the State WILL try to STARVE US TO DEATH – NO MONEY – NO FOOD. We have to be prepared. You can start by collecting seeds and you WILL have to GROW your own food to survive. (No money – no jab – no food – is also taking place right now in certain parts of the world. It is only a matter of time before this disseminating global mafia enemy cancerous disease HITS the UK).

Meanwhile, the resistance WILL continue fighting back and pushing back twice as hard as before. We WILL NEVER accept what the WICKED global mafia are trying to do to us.

Keep on fighting back for FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and LIFE.



The Online Resistance Movement are forewarning you all people who own a mobile/cell phone that the Nazi Fascist UK government have instructed the mobile/cell companies to send out text messages to every mobile/cell phone in the UK. The text message will be a simple one to : GO GET YOUR COVID19 VACCINE. That is the message. It is entirely up to you all what you do with this evil text message, inviting you all to volunteer for EXECUTION.

We are reminding you all once again that the covid19 injection is NOT a health protector but a LIFE ELIMINATOR. This lethal cocktail of drugs was DESIGNED to KILL the recipient. It is the rising new world order’s PEOPLE CULLING INJECTION.

Just a quick recap again regarding some ingredients that are contained within this vile concoction of death: mercury, aluminium (both are cancer causers), diesel (same stuff that powers diesel motor vehicles), potassium chloride – stops the heart (and is used in executions to execute condemned felons), tromethamine (causes heart muscle inflammation and heart attacks).

If you all want a FULL list of covid19 toxic ingredients, then please visit our blog and here you WILL find what you are seeking : COVID19 CHEMICAL INJECTION – EXPOSED – FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS. Our post is still available for you all to read and examine. Once you have studied the full list of highly toxic ingredients contained within this cocktail of death, you WILL realise that these drugs really are HIGHLY TOXIC KILLERS. And that is besides the spike proteins contained within this vile stuff.

Just remember what Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum stated “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY.” That is IF you survive the DEATH JABS. For how long – we do not know. We do KNOW that most people DIE within 48 hours of receiving their FIRST DEATH jab.

Take care everyone, keep on fighting back for freedom and :

Hope you all are enjoying Christmas day.



You all may recall vividly how the NHS – ANGELS OF DEATH clapped Margaret Keenan the first elderly citizen to take the DEATH JUICE. That scene was so very SAD and it marked the beginning of the end for the rest of us.

Margaret Keenan has since DIED, she died on May 26, 2020 just two months after receiving the INJECTION OF DEATH. Her death has been confirmed.

The FIRST elderly man in the UK – William Shakespeare (not related to the famous poet) – to take the DEADLY POISON via toxic needle, DIED not long after he received the DEATH JUICE.

We cannot over emphasize the IMPORTANCE that you all PLEASE do your own research regarding this KILLER jab.

Just remember, the world IS at war – World War III. Your enemy IS your government and their global mafia cohorts. A quick reminder once again: The top generals of the people’s enemy is the ROTHSCHILD’S, filthy rich bankers of Jewish/German descent who are extremely powerful. These unsavoury, cruel, evil people have been responsible for all the wars throughout the annals of history on this planet and their war mongering can be traced back to the Napoleon wars. Their commander in chief – Bill Gates – dishes out the orders and gets the job done. Your other enemies are : World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum, United Nations, Rockerfeller Foundation, Bilderbergers, ROYALTY, DAVOS, etc., the list is endless of these rich thugs who have a BENT desire to RULE the world. Adolf Hitler would be very proud of them indeed.

You all don’t need to look any further if you want a FULL LIST of covid19 injection ingredients, as WE have the FULL LISTS in our archives posts. We acquired these highly toxic, corrosive ingredients lists, BEFORE the internet pulled the plug on it. One of the highly toxic corrosive ingredients contained within these death jabs is : DIESEL, the same stuff that powers some motor vehicles.

Long before Dr. Vernon Coleman – the resistance top army general – WARNED people of the dangers of this KILLER drug; the Online Resistance Movement had ALREADY acquired the covid19 toxic ingredients – FULL LISTS. Once we read the lists, that left NO doubt in our minds that the covid19 injection was a DEATH JAB and we have been warning people since that time.

Once a naive individual has been coerced into taking that FIRST death shot, the DAMAGE is already done and IS irreversible. You only have to read the marvellous works of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny to learn just how DEVASTATING this death jab is. Dr. Tenpenny went to great lengths to study the scientific papers and then to publish her TRUTHFUL findings.

In one of his latest videos, Dr. Coleman went on to reveal that his findings led him to the conclusion of the following predictions : People who have been injected with this vile stuff will have approximately 5 years to live.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny predicted 3 years for the covid19 injected to live.

We have done extensive research into this VILE death injection operation of the enemy and we believe that if the victim of the death juice survives the first 3 doses of this toxic conglomeration – they WILL have 6 months to live.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny went to great lengths to describe how the spike proteins work inside the human body, which once injected will WREAK havoc throughout the human body, invading every muscle, vein, tissue, major organs and setting up permanent shop inside a cell that has been programmed for destruction. So once the individual next comes into contact with one of the many wild coronaviruses – a cytokine storm inside the body will RAVAGE every part of the body and will NOT stop until the victim suffers multiple organ failure. Then DEATH will swiftly follow.

Another doctor (whose name we cannot recall at this time), went on to explain exactly what happens to the immune system between covid19 toxic injections. This is what she had to say about it : Upon the victim receiving the FIRST dose of the covid19 injection – the body’s natural immune system is REDUCED to 50%. The second dose, further compromises the body’s natural immune system by 25%. The booster, reduces the natural immune system to : ZERO. A person cannot survive without an immune system and DEATH swiftly follows.

Many victims of this World War III have succumbed to the death jab within 48 hours of receiving their first dose. But then, that is what it is designed to do – to KILL people.

Don’t be fooled by the play acting Nazi Fascist puppet dictator Boris Johnson taking his ‘so called’ jab live on tv and stating “it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt.” He NEVER had the jab – it was ALL PLAY ACTING. Don’t believe everything you see. The hand is swifter than the eye – any skilled magician could pull off such a trick and make it look like magic. Everything is NOT as it seems.

We never received an update regarding the nurse Tiffany Dover, who collapsed on tv whilst giving an interview, not long after receiving the death juice. We are assuming that she may well have died and they have kept her death a secret. We do know that her family were THREATENED by the state to KEEP QUIET.