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Urgent Update : More than 1700 health people have DIED within 48 hours of being injected with the LETHAL CORROSIVE TOXIC ingredients of this covid19 drug, since we published this post.

As promised, here at the Online Resistance Movement, we have been extremely busy researching these chemicals and substances that governments around the world are PLOTTING to enforce upon their own people. Mandatory vaccines may not be this year or the next year, but mandatory vaccines are on the cards WORLDWIDE. I am sure that you all have heard of the HEALTH PASSPORT system, which will be ingrained inside that microchip that they keep on denying.

We recently received some news about the New York State Senate Bill, which was documented last year 2020, outlining the fact that they are now in the production stage of building the first of these CONCENTRATION CAMPS. These concentration camps will be aimed at people who are REFUSING the vaccine and if they have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for this covid19 and they REFUSE the vaccine, they will be ARRESTED and hauled away to be placed inside one of these concentration camps, which will be guarded by ARMED GUARDS. This is pure evil and don’t believe for one minute that this evil practice will stay in New York, TRUST ME, IT WILL DISSEMINATE around the world – guaranteed. We also received reports that CANADA too were making preparations for the building of CONCENTRATION CAMPS for people who are resisting and fighting back. This is BAD NEWS, but we are NOT DISHEARTENED and we WILL CONTINUE THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.

We also OBSERVED in a video where the new wannabe NEW WORLD NAZI RULER – Bill Gates was bragging about the Global Reset, the New World Order and the INTENTIONAL INFECTING of the virus upon all of the citizens. This RICH THUG is EVIL and he NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. There are BILLIONS of us and only one Gates and his EVIL RICH THUG COHORTS.

Now, back to the LETHAL COCKTAIL OF SUBSTANCES AND CHEMICALS contained inside these vaccines that are NOT vaccines, but LETHAL INJECTIONS. From what we gather, the main part of this LETHAL INJECTION contains :



4 – Hydroxybutyl // Molecular Fomula : C4H9O – NO DATA can be found. We have NO idea what this substance will do to the human body.


Benzodiazepin – benzodiazapines – Used as an antidepressant medicine

Benzodiazapines – side effects :

Shakes, tremors, insomnia, confusion, anxiety, hallucinations, seizures, delerium tremens, sleep disturbances, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, irritability, muscle relaxant, rapid heartbeat, trembling, tingling, flushing, redness, perspiration, shortness of breath, fear and heightened awareness of surroundings, even though there is no evidence of danger at hand, worry over death, losing control, agoraphobia (fear of open spaces and crowds), hypotension, cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat), bradycardia (slow heartbeat), apnea, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, double vision, skin rashes, injection site reactions.

bis 2 – hexyldecanoate – is the messenger RNA, the stuff that penetrates healthy human cells, alters them and reprograms them.

2 – polyethylene glycol – 2000 – PEG – PLASTIC

N, N – dtetradecylacetamide – MUSCLE RELAXANT

1, 2 – distearal – snglycero – ALKALINE

3 – phosphocholine – phosphates, (certain phosphates are used as FERTILIZERS on the land)

cholesterol – FATTY LIPIDS

Potassium Chloride – SALT (used in 3 drug protocol execution of felons)

monobasic potassium phosphate – inorganic compound – Molecular formula KH2PO4 – used as a fertilizer and food additive.

sodium chloride – SALT

diabasic sodium phosphate dihydrate – molecular formula – Na2HPO4 – hydrogen and SALT

sucrose – SUGAR


mRNA – messenger RNA to penetrate healthy human cells, to alter them and reprogram them.

lipids and fatty substances : –

sm sphyngomegelin – 102 – is a parasite membrane which infects normal erythrocytes (red blood cells).

polyethylene glycol – PEG – PLASTIC

2000 dimyristoyl glycerol DMG – is another form of plastic.

1, 2 – distearoyl – sn – glycerol – 3 – phosphocholine (DSPC), cholesterol – nanocarriers for delivery of nucleic acids and CHEMOTHERAPEUTIC therapy for CANCER CELLS ?? *note* why inject this stuff into a HEALTHY BODY? Which could trigger cancer. This concoction also comes with fatty lipids.

tromethamine – chemical – highly toxic skin irritant, highly corrosive to skin, causes eye damage and prevents lungs from functioning normally, causing breathlessness and could lead to DEATH.

tromethamine hydrochloride molecular formula – C4H12CINO3 – irritant, irritates eyes, skin, respiratory tract, highly toxic.

acetic acid – vinegar – using it sparsely on food is okay. Using this in concentrate – we have NO idea what it will do to the body and organs. It does BURN the back of the throat if heavily consumed.

sodium acetate – molecular formula C2H3NaO2 – SALT

sucrose – sugar


AZD – 1222 : UNI B5S3K2VOG8 – SARS Cov-2

histidine – precursor to histamine (water, runny nose, congested lungs, etc). When introduced into the body, it aggravates the histamine receptors, which in turn FLOOD the body with histamine, usually in the nasopharyngeal orifices and the lungs, but could extend to other parts of the body.

histidine monohydrochloride – again, another histamine antagoniser.

magnesium chloride – molecular formula MgCl2 – mineral salt – also used as a health supplement.

polysorbate 80 – generally used in cosmetics, lotions, potions and vaccines.

alcohol – ethanol and is used in alcoholic beverages and general medicines.

sucrose – sugar

sodium chloride – salt (table salt)

edetate disodium – chelating agent, (usually removes heavy metals from body and lowers calcium in the blood)

water – molecular formula H2O – water

There is absolutely no mention of the DNA monkey cancer or DNA from dead fetuses. However, we have researched this in a different scientific paper and this IMPORTANT feature has been excluded in the list of substances and chemicals. However, it IS in these vaccines with the biogel and the tracking microchip.


At this moment in time, there is NO data, however, as soon as it becomes available, we will LET YOU KNOW. My guess is that it will be MORE OF THE SAME THAT YOU CAN SEE HERE with the other vaccines that are NOT vaccines.

For many years now, general medicine practitioners have been advising their patients NOT to mix medications with alcohol and what are these vaccines makers doing? MIXING ALCOHOL WITH medications – benzodiazapines and according to Dr. Coleman, this is what has been causing autism in healthy children, following their vaccinations. And UNFORTUNATELY, this condition is PERMANENT. According to the Children’s Health Defense, some children have DIED because they have been subjected to benzodiazapines in the vaccinations and some have been disabled permanently.

I don’t know about you all, but they will NEVER force me or my organisastion to take this LETHAL CONCOCTION of – Salt, Sugar, Plastic, Vinegar, Alcohol, benzodiazapines mixed with water. And we WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT BACK.

When doctors such as Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Colin Barron, World Doctors Alliance, Dr. Bob Sears and many other GOOD general medicine doctors – SCREAM OUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE WITH THESE VACCINES THAT ARE NOT VACCINES, BUT LETHAL INJECTIONS – SOMETHING IS RADICALLY WRONG!





AZD-1222 covid19 Vaccine

The following is a list of ingredents contained within this AZD-1222 covid19 vaccine :

The materials to build this KILLER HUMBUG is : ChAOx1 – weakened version of the MONKEY COLD VIRUS called ADENOVIRUS which includes dna monkey cells and it has been SPLICED together with a SARS-Cov2 coronavirus spike called Spike Glycoprotein S. The spike is designed to bind to ACE2 receptors inside the human body cells.

DNA from dead fetuses is included and so is the biogel microchip.



There are TWO more TOXIC ingredients that have been deliberately omitted from the list of all of these toxic chemical jabs and they are as follows :

nagalese protein – a CANCER causing protein inside a healthy body, to make the body develop cancer.

a sterilising agent – to prevent a healthy young woman from producing children if she so wishes.



It is our mission here at the Online Resistance Movement, to get the SHOCKING TRUTH out to as many people as we can, to enable us to SAVE LIVES.


Pfizer Covid19 Vaccine Ingredients

  • nucleoside – modified messenger RNA encoding viral spike glycoprotein of SARS-cov-2
  • Lipids or fatty substances including 4-hydroxybutyl, ananediyl bis hexane-6,1-diyl
  • bis 2-hexyldecanoate
  • 2-polyethelene glycol-2000 (PLASTIC)
  • N,N-dtetradecylacetamide
  • 1,2-distearal-snglycero
  • 3-phosphocholine and cholesterol
  • Potassium Chloride (Used in Lethal injection executions)
  • Monobasic potassium phosphate
  • Sodium Chloride (table salt)
  • Dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate
  • Sucrose (Sugar)

There is an abundance of SALT, SUGAR and PLASTIC inside this vaccine, which is ENOUGH TO KILL an elephant. And it is IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that there is NO vaccine contained within this vaccine. Many years ago in traditional vaccines, a small particle of the infected virus was included in the potion – thus this is where the name vaccine comes from. There is NO, I repeat NO vaccine inside this vaccine. This vile and dangerous concoction is designed for ONE PURPOSE – to MAIM, PARALYSE and KILL.

Moderna Vaccine Covid19 Ingredients

The following are the ingredients contained within the moderna vaccine :

  • Messenger ribonucleic acid mRNA
  • Lipids or fatty substances including SM sphyngomgelin-102
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG) – PLASTIC
  • 2000 dimyristoyl glycerol DMG
  • 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-
  • Phosphocholine (DSPC)
  • Cholesterol
  • Tromethamine
  • Tromethamine hydrochloride
  • Acetic acid
  • Sodium acetate
  • Sucrose (sugar)

Once again, there is NO vaccine contained within this vaccine. All this TOXIC POTION contains is SALT, SUGAR, WATER, PLASTIC.

Astra Zeneca Covid19 Vaccine Ingredients

  • AZD-1222 (UNI : B5S3K2VOG8)
  • AZD-1222 (UNI : B5S3K2VOG8)
  • Histidine (A precursor or histamine to promote histamine) (lots of water like when you experience a runny nose)
  • Histadine Monohydrochloride
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Alcohol (neat)
  • Sucrose (sugar)
  • Sodium Chloride (table salt)
  • Edetate Disodium
  • Water

Again, there is NO vaccine contained within this vaccine. This DANGEROUS TOXIC POTION contains – alcohol, sugar, salt, alkalis and water. Taking too much alkali is just as dangerous as taking too much acidic substances into your body. Again, this is a DANGEROUS CONGLOMERATION OF NOTHING BUT HARMFUL SUBSTANCES. And DON’T forget the DNA altering strands and the biogel microchip that they have NOT bothered to mention.

Please be aware that the ingredient POTASSIUM CHLORIDE is used to EXECUTE convicted felons.




Back in November 2015 to April 2016 my family SUFFERED a terrible and unspeakable tragedy, they all became ill around the same time as each other, they were ALL forced into an NHS hospital against their will and they were ALL subjected to CRUEL and EVIL torture meted out to them by the EVIL KILLER NHS. They were psychologically tortured by the NHS, they were ABUSED and LAUGHED at by the NHS, they were STARVED by the NHS and they were ALL poisoned to death by the NHS. This is what the NHS have reduced themselves to – EVIL, CALLOUS KILLERS.

Following my father’s sad departure from this world, my youngest sister (MY PAL) became ill on Christmas Eve that same year. An NHS doctor by the name of Mistry made an unexpected house call to see my mother at 10am that Christmas eve morning and my sister and I were staying with our mother for Christmas at her house. I was so worried about my sister that I made the MISTAKE of asking Mistry for some advice regarding my sister. From that moment on, we received nothing but telephone harassment throughout Christmas week, just pressurising us both to attend the surgery for blood tests, after my sister had already REFUSED because they had made a mess of her arm 10 years earlier with blood tests as the INCOMPETENT fools had tortured her and stabbed her over 40 times just prodding for a vein and she vowed NEVER to go through that procedure ever again.

Eventually, Mistry got his own way, as I persuaded my sister that the only way to get rid of him from harassing us on the phone every two minutes was to attend the surgery on January 4, 2016. My sister reluctantly agreed to go along with the plan to shut him up. Our plan was to go to the surgery, have the blood tests then come away. My sister forewarned me what would happen if we went to the surgery on that fateful afternoon, she warned me that Mistry was setting us up for a trap, he would FORCE her into hospital against her will and she would NOT come out alive. That is EXACTLY what happened and I have NEVER forgiven myself for making that mistake.

The police were waiting for our arrival at the surgery and they THREATENED to beat us BOTH up if my sister continued to REFUSE to go to the NHS hospital.

She was forced onto an ambulance trolley and strapped in – she was protesting all the way and I will never forget that scream she made. It was a scream of desperation, a scream of being BETRAYED by the NHS, a scream that she knew they were going to KILL her.

I had a back up plan to help my sister out of E.R. and if these incidents had occurred years ago, we could have WALKED out of that E.R. room, but times had CHANGED and NOT for the BETTER.

My sister was treated like a criminal and I followed the ambulance in the car and I was crying all the way, fearing the worst. When I arrived at the E.R., EVERYTHING had changed since we were last there and the staff were running that hospital LIKE A PRISON WITHOUT BARS. I tried to take my sister out of the E.R., and security was called.

It was here where they administered the FIRST 3 doses of LETHAL TOXIC drugs in order to MURDER MY SISTER. These drugs were administered to my sister at 15 minute intervals and on the third attempt, I challenged the KILLER NURSE and said “ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HER?” And the killer nurse replied “I know what I am doing.” Apparently she did because SHE MURDERED my sister, but before that took place, a struggle broke out and I tried to stop her from murdering my sister. Security was called and I was ejected from that hospital.

My mother was murdered by the KILLER NHS in a similar fashion, she too was STARVED and KILLED by DANGEROUS TOXIC DRUGS.

Following the deaths of my father and my youngest sister – which were 8 weeks and 2 days apart, the Killer NHS involved the coroner and the coroner involved the police and they needed a patsy to take the blame for what the NHS had done, so I was the obvious choice. I was UNLAWFULLY arrested for the murder of my pal and my father. They ransacked BOTH houses took photographs of inside both houses and confiscated personal items and bagged them up as evidence. When they finally brought those personal possessions back to me, I had noticed that they had taken some BIZARRE stuff out of both houses, like : a half eaten soggy biscuit and a tub of Holland & Barrett Muscle builder from my parents’ home and a recycled toothbrush from our home that we used for cleaning around tight corners of taps/faucets in the bathroom. I am still PUZZLED as to why these items were taken as it had absolutely NOTHING at all to do with the deaths of my father or my sister – they were BOTH KILLED IN AN NHS HOSPITAL by NHS STAFF and they COVERED UP their KILLING TRACKS.

When I was hauled away to the police station by plain clothes detectives, they kept me in ISOLATION all day and they had TWO male social service goons sat there STARING AT ME and saying NOTHING. I was already DISTRESSED and STRESSED out at losing my father and then my sister that I was PUSHED to BREAKING POINT and the SILENCE was DEAFENING. I refused to talk to them WITHOUT first consulting a lawyer and it was a long long time before the lawyer actually showed up. During that 12 hours of ISOLATION, I was given one sip of still mineral water and was REFUSED to use the toilet.

I discovered 4 years later and VERY RECENTLY that the CIA used the SAME KIND OF TORTURE TACTICS that the police USED ON ME during the third week in January 2016. They use PSCHOLOGICAL TORTURE – ISOLATION to break people down and that is what they were doing to me that day – psychologically torturing me by using ISOLATION and SILENCE. I was already HYSTERICAL because I had lost MY PAL, my youngest sister, the sister who I worshipped, the sister who I lived for, the sister who I did everything for. When she was sick, I used to get her things to help her to feel better. I bought her a nebuliser because the mean NHS wouldn’t give her one. I paid for holidays for her, bought first aid equipment and supplies for her. I loved my sister with all my heart and she gave me a reason to live. Then these EVIL torturers TOLD ME THAT I HAD KILLED MY SISTER and MY FATHER in order to gain a substantial amount of money from their life insurance policies, which was a SICK JOKE because NONE of us were insured and I am still NOT insured, because I can’t afford it.

I knew I had not hurt my sister, I loved my sister with all my heart and they were acting like I was guilty.

Following my sister’s state autopsy in February of 2016 the CID came back to me RED faced and APOLOGETIC, when the autopsy report concluded what had actually caused my sister’s untimely death. What was stated on the official cause of death report is UNIMPORTANT, what is IMPORTANT is that NO TOXICOLOGY test was ever performed upon my sister and I CHALLENGED them about this very subject and the pathologist, who was actually an histopathologist had absolutey NO idea that I had been arrested and accused of murdering the sister that I loved and he seemed genuinely surprised by what I had told him. He also informed me that had it been a criminal case, then his COLLEAGUE would have done the autopsy and NOT him.

I have since been campaigning to get justice for my family because the STATE KILLED MY FAMILY, NOT ME and so far they have gotten away with MURDER.

I am blaming the DIRTY EVIL LYING TOE RAG Dr. Ajay Mistry for telling LIES about me to the authorities and he did that because he HATED my sister and he HATED me, he regarded us BOTH as a THREAT to his livelihood. All that because we were studying alternative medicine at that time and he attempted to THROW a spanner in the works. Well, they succeeded in KILLING my sister and the REST of my family and now they are TRYING to KILL me, because the AGENDA 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth is accelerating.

My family are NOT going to die for nothing, I intend to FIGHT THEM ALL THE WAY. Not just the evil killing NHS but the nazi government also.





The Online Resistance Movement have a duty to forewarn all the people around the globe that the DIGITAL WORLD is slowly creeping up on us and tightening it’s stranglehold on everyone. If we allow this evil to continue, most of us are FINISHED.

Government plans are already in place to introduce digital driving licences, digital passports, digital medical records, digital identities and digital currencies. We have to STOP this monster right now, because many folks who don’t want this are going to perish and we will all be thrust back into the dark ages and be living in survival mode with absolutely NO luxuries whatsoever.

Even now, the utility companies are pressurising the weak willed to coerce people into accepting SMART METERS into their homes that spew out MORE dangerous radiation than the regular meters. We all must RESIST this coerciveness and if you all do already have a smart meter in your home – then get rid of it right now, because the wicked mentality of this dangerous game is for the utility companies to turn off your smart meter from a distance if you all don’t kowtow to the government slave rules and we cannot allow this to happen. Some of our staff at the Online Resistance Movement have already come under coercive pressure from the utility companies to accept a highly dangerous radiation smart meter into their homes and they have ALL resisted and told the utility companies – NO.

We don’t care what the government are promoting – you all can REST ASSURED that you will all be seeing MORE LOCKDOWNS this forthcoming winter, so be WELL PREPARED for the eventuality. The Online Resistance Movement team will continue to live life as normally as possible during these times, disobeying government orders as we are NOT and NEVER will become SLAVES to an EVIL CORRUPT system.

The digital world is almost upon us and the Online Resistance Movement will pull out all the stops the PREVENT this evilness from continuing. We have to stop them right now. Just remember, that the Rothschild’s are behind all of this evilness – they sit at the very top of the enemy pyramid and they are calling the shots – they want people to perish and die and they are using their Commander in Chief – Bill Gates to dish out the orders.

We do NOT want digital currency, we do NOT want digital passports, we do NOT want digital driving licences, we do NOT want digital currencies, we do NOT want digital MOT certificates, we do NOT want digital identities. If the naive brain dead people allow this evil to happen and continue to believe the lying evil government narrative – we will ALL be washed up and our lives will not be worth living. We will have NO privacy at all and the resistance will end up living in the survival mode struggling to exist.

We must get this truthful vital information out to tell people the absolute, unbiased TRUTH. We need more RESISTANCE and MORE support.

According to the great and wonderful Dr. Vernon Coleman – in Slovenia, people who do NOT have the digital currency or digital vaccine medical records are NOT allowed to buy anything, so some of the people are in real serious trouble. The resistance cannot allow this evil heavy grinding wheel to continue pulverising innocent people and to continue destroying lives. We must ALL stick together on this one. People who already use their smart phone in this manner, should get rid of the smart phone right now, because you are all aiding and abetting the Rothschild’s to further their world plan to thin down the global population.

People will continue to die for as long as this World War III progresses and we don’t have much time left now, as it will all be over in the year 2030. By then, most of us will be DEAD and if we are lucky enough to be alive, then we will either become SLAVES who are catapulted into high rise concentration camps with one purpose only – to make money for the elite. Or we will be arrested and hauled off to be executed in one of their death camps. We have NO choice but to RESIST and FIGHT BACK.

The world at war will be entering it’s third year, come next year and we can’t keep going on like this, we must ALL UNITE TOGETHER, RESIST, tell the governments around the world NO and we will WIN this war. There is NO other alternative but to FIGHT BACK FOR FREEDOM.

Cease wearing the killer face masks, you DON’T need them, REFUSE the killer vaccines, DISOBEY government orders (you are NOT their slave), stop using car parks that demand pre-paid booking fees. Stop using services that REFUSE cash, STOP using your mobile/cell phone as a payment method, REFUSE digital identities, REFUSE digital driving licences, REFUSE digital passports, REFUSE digital payments. REFUSE the experimental killer vaccines – remember it IS YOUR BODY NOT THEIRS. USE CASH and INSIST on paying with CASH for your goods.

Please print this post and hand it out to your family, your friends, your neighbors and EVERYONE ELSE. The resistance have to get the UNBIASED TRUTH out right now.




This is a timely forewarning to EVERYONE, not just in the UK but all over the world:

The evil, bent, controlled UK government are planning the next full country lockdown within the next month or so, as it is their sole intention to DESTROY the country, which will in turn precipitate even more hardships, lost jobs and lost businessnesses and the country will eventually grind to a halt. They want people to suffer, they want people to die, because their MAIN mission is to THIN DOWN THE country’s population size, because in their eyes the country is OVERPOPULATED.

More people are set to die, not just through the killer covid19 injection public experiments, but through starvation and the cold winter months, as people scurry to buy food and struggle to keep warm as soaring heating bills will prevent them from using their home heating system.

Food shortages are imminent and already we have WITNESSED this man made phenomenon caused by an unscrupulously corrupt government who has an equally corrupt, evil nazi leader at its helm. The Online Resistance Movement don’t care what the bought propaganda media are trumpeting around, because they have ALREADY been BOUGHT, not just by the government but by Bill Gates and his cronies.

We can all expect to see food supplies plumet rapidly this forthcoming winter and it is only a matter of time before the utilities supplies are affected and then we will all have to be prepared to SURVIVE this government caused disaster.

Don’t be fooled by the lying nazi fork tongued Boris Johnson, who is stated as going to repeal some of the covid19 restrictions so as not to go back into a full lockdown – he WILL plumet this country into another FULL lockdown and matters will only get worse as time progresses, as he can and WILL change his strangulatory totalitarian covid19 restrictions any time that suits him and he will be able to inject these powers in a whim.

More people are set to die as the government keep on pushing for every citizen in the UK to be fully inoculated by these KILLER covid19 injections. Already, thousands of healthy people have DIED because of these Bill Gates’s back covid19 experimental injections, that carry an indemnity clause to protect the general medicine drug giants. This trend is set to continue on a downward spiral until all the people in the world UNITE together and say NO, only then will these pathetic creatures that we regard as government will have NO powers at all and then the resistance WILL WIN. Until that time arrives, people around the world will DIE in their droves as they are FORCE injected with poisons as the World War III culling continues.

By the end of the year, the world at war will enter its third year, we have absolutely NO choice but to FIGHT BACK FOR OUR FREEDOM. It doesn’t matter if some people are afraid to fight back, because the alternative to not fighting back will either be DEATH or SLAVERY and we want NEITHER.

Mandatory vaccines are STILL on the cards and they will eventually make this the law. The resistance have to stop this madness BEFORE it becomes mandatory law, because educated like minded people are not going to stand for third parties telling them what POISONS are going to be pumped into their body.

The Online Resistance Movement are continuing to advise EVERYONE to continue RESISTING. Do NOT kowtow to government DEMANDS. When entering stores to buy food or other sundries – it is your FREEDOM DUTY to RESIST wearing a KILLER FACE MASK – do NOT wear the face mask. You MUST continue to REFUSE the killer covid19 injection if you want to live. Do EVERYTHING that your government has ordered you NOT to do and together we will WIN this war. THANK YOU.


Online Resistance Movement



The Online Resistance Movement have an inalienable duty to inform all of our helpers, supporters and readers that the World War III we are now so desperately trapped in, is accelerating at an extremely vast rate, much faster than a million light years and the 21st century holocaust is just around the corner. Come this late September 2021, the resistance, who have NEVER received the covid19 depopulation shot will observe an EVIL occurrence of colossal genocidal proportions when the vaccinated chimeras will suffer a most excruciatingly painful ending to their lives when they get WIPED OUT by the aggressive cytokine storm, of which its S spike proteins and programming messengers are already waiting silently in the wings inside every organ, muscle, lungs, tissue, blood and immune system – which is a TICKING TIME BOMB, as when these foolish neanderthal brainwashed nincompoops next come into contact with one of the 36 wild coronaviruses, it WILL BE CURTAINS for them, literally. Once that cytokine storm is activated into FULL THROTTLE by the very aggressive phagocyte number 1 which will enter the arena of death, causing this vicous cycle NOT cease until its victim’s major organs have failed and then, DEATH will swiftly follow.

How many many times do we have to tell you BRAINWASHED, NUMBSKULL SHEEP that the UK government is LYING TO YOU. This is NOT about a killer virus, it is NOT about a vaccine that will help to maintain your health, IT IS A DEPOPULATION SHOT. The order has been given from the top ranking thugs of the cabal – BILL GATES and the ROTHSCHILD’s. How many times do we have to tell you? What do we have to do to convince you that the government is planning MASS GENOCIDE, by the orders of Gates and the Rothschild’s – these EVIL warlord mafia thugs want YOU DEAD – when are you going to WAKE UP AND FIGHT BACK? You WILL die if you do as you are told by the fascist nazi puppet dictator Boris Johnson, because he is FOLLOWING the orders of his masters Bill Gates and the Rothschild’s. And there will be NO buying back your freedom by taking this depop shot because it will KILL you.

This war is NOT going to end until we ALL JOIN together and FIGHT BACK FOR FREEDOM. And that includes ALL the peoples of the world. We have mentioned this time and time again, if everyone in the world joined together to FIGHT BACK – over seven billion people, what can a FEW evil rich thug warlords do? NOTHING – they WILL LOSE. Remember the old saying UNITED WE STAND.

It grieves us to discover that the UK government have managed to TERRORISE – 57,220,115 UK citizens alone, into receiving the double dose COVID19 JAB THAT WILL TAKE THEIR LIVES sooner or later.

The latest covid19 post vaccine VAERS adverse reaction statistics are SOARING and they will continue to soar and the post covid19 injection death victims will continue to RISE at a colossal rate.

As we predicated way back in March of this year, the INHUMAN, BARBARIC, CRUEL, OPPRESSIVE dictatorship will continue until September of 2021 and then, this evil nazi puppet dictator Johnson will THRUST the whole country back into FULL LOCKDOWN as the post covid19 jab victims start to fall dead because of the cytokine storm that the DEPOP shot will precipitate. And do you know who will get the blame for these holocaust deaths? We, the RESISTANCE – the sensible UNVACCINATED will get blamed, persecuted and hounded for these deaths. At this time, the unvaccinated have already been segregated and treated differently by the government with their evil strangulatory oppressive restrictions, that is if you are following their orders. As for the Online Resistance Movement, we have NEVER kowtowed to unnecessary, evil, UK government strangulatory restrictions. We have NEVER observed and OBEYED unreasonable demands. We have NEVER worn killer face masks, we go out when we like and we do what we want, like we always have done. And YOU should do the SAME. Haven’t you all yet realised that WITHOUT YOUR COOPERATION and OBEDIENCE, the government have absolutely NO POWER at all to enforce you all to do anything. This is why you MUST disobey these evil strangulatory unnecessary ridiculous rules.

Can you not see that matters will only get FAR WORSE if you all continue to obey the commands of these EVIL WAR CRIMINALS? Give them an inch and they WILL take a yard. Give them a mile and they WILL take a million miles. This nasty evil, self appointed DICTATOR will continue taking away MORE of your liberties and freedoms, you have to act NOW before it is too late, because this country will NEVER be FREE and go back to normality until the RESISTANCE WIN THIS WAR.

We cannot help the foolish people who have already been injected with the covid19 CULLING jab, but we CAN HELP the people who have not been duped into taking the culling jab.

For our new readers, we STRONGLY advise you all to examine our earlier posts regarding COVID19 FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS and the side effects of these unlicensed, virtually untested covid19 injections.

We are also REMINDING you all that these covid19 injection trials for both the mRNA and the Vector injections are STILL ONGOING and these trials will not be completed until 2023. There is absolutely NO scientific study data for any of these covid19 injections and so far as we know, the public who have subjected themselves to these KILLER INJECTIONS have unwittingly become TRIAL TEST SUBJECTS of these killer injections.

And people who become unwitting victims to this VILE practice are actually unwittingly volunteering themselves for SUICIDE, because that is what this covid19 injection is – A KILLING JAB, which will eliminate you all from the face of the earth FOREVER and for ALL ETERNITY.

Every week that passes by, we are receiving more news of the RISING DEATH TOLLS regarding covid19 injection victims, who have actually died within minutes and hours following their being subjected to this DEPOP SHOT. The trend is set to continue, until the BRAINWASHED zombies WAKE UP and take action to FIGHT BACK FOR FREEDOM.

In his latest dictatorial OUTBURST, Johnson has already DELAYED the full reopening of the country and he has pushed the reopening date back to July 19th, 2021. When July 19, 2021 rolls around, he will YET FURTHER EXTEND the lockdown period. As we predicted, it will be MORE of the SAME as what you all endured back in 2020 and the “CARROT AND THE STICK PARTIAL LOCKDOWN WILL CONTINUE INTO SEPTEMBER 2021.” We will then be THRUST back into FULL LOCKDOWN onwards and throughout the winter months. Johnson is pushing for ALL adults in the UK to be jabbed with the covid19 culling shot by July 19th, 2021 and we know that this is IMPOSSIBLE, because the resistance has MANY MANY FIGHTERS and they will NEVER yield to evil government BLACKMAIL and TYRANNY. Anyone who has ever fully examined the full list of ingredients of these killer shots and examined the full extent of how much damage that these covid19 injections can cause will NEVER allow themselves to be BULLIED and COERCED into taking a jab that WILL cost them their life.

We are looking towards September 2021 with a heavy heart and great sadness as 57,220,115 people who have been transformed into chimeras and are now VIRUS MANUFACTURING MACHINES – will suffer a most horrifying, excruciating death and we are NOT looking forward to these events. We sincerely HOPE that we are wrong, but we have a gut wrenching feeling about this one and it is going to be a DISASTER, as this 21st century holocaust accelerates.

The Online Resistance have also been observing just how FOOLISH young people are becoming, as we witnessed a mile long queue in London, as young people were lining up like lambs to the slaughter, awaiting their turn for the covid19 culling jab.

In Scotland, we witnessed the SAME kind of brainwashed zombie enthusiasm from young people. Again, they were patiently waiting in line for their execution jab. This is SO VERY SAD. We need to STOP THIS PEOPLE. We have to STOP this madness now, before it is TOO LATE.

If Britain continues along this destructive path, there won’t be many survivors of this war at the end of it all. And do you all want to know what will happen then? The Rothschild’s, Gates and his war mafia cronies will come after US – the RESISTANCE. They will be coming to confiscate our homes, our possessions, our assets. Then most of us will be rounded up and KILLED inside specially constructed concentration camps and the rest of the survivors will be hauled away to reside inside HIGH RISE concentration camps with ONE SOLE purpose – to MAKE MONEY FOR THE RICH THUG WARLORDS.

We can’t live like that people, we have to FIGHT BACK NOW. Once they set up the concentration camps, we’ve had it and it will be GAME OVER. We cannot allow this to occur. It doesn’t matter if you are apprehensive or fearful to FIGHT BACK, the very thought of being a HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION camp SLAVE should give you the stoicism to FIGHT BACK.

For those of our readers who have NOT yet read the United Nations AGENDA 21 plan of 359 pages, then for your OWN health and SAFETY you MUST READ this document. If you scroll down to our earlier posts, there is an abundance of documents to download and examine, including Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and the Rockerfeller LOCKSTEP procedure of 2010, which has NOW been deleted from the internet, but WE downloaded a copy of this document way back in 2020.

We are still examining the SPARS PANDEMIC procedure of 2025 – 2028. As soon as we have completed our task. We will bring to our readers – the NEXT PANDEMIC, which has ALREADY been PLANNED and MAPPED out. That is for those of us who SURVIVE this current FAKE pandemic.

Following the 2025 – 2028 pandemic will be a CLIMATE CHANGE lockdown (and global warming is ANOTHER FAKE – nothing to do with mankind) that will then take us onwards to the year 2030, when World War III will be over and either the resistance will have WON back our freedoms, or the survivors will be living in a LIFE OF HELL UPON EARTH.

The fascist nazi dictator Johnson has already indicated that this covid19 virus is TOXIC. The ONLY toxic element in all of this is JOHNSON, his puppet government and his masters – Gates and the Rothschild’s. THEY are the REAL TOXIC PANDEMIC, not a harmless virus. And according to the good Dr. Vernon Coleman – he still doesn’t believe that covid19 exists and he is NOT the only doctor to come up with this concept. Dr. Tom Cowan has already indicated, that this new virus has NEVER been isolated and PURIFIED, so therefore, it does NOT exist. Dr. Coleman believes that this virus is the influenza virus RE-PACKAGED and HE may be right. However, we have some conflicting evidence because this virus, whatever it is, actually has a PATENTED number and if you scroll down into our archives, you will find that patent number for the covid19 virus.

Whether it exists or not, OUR REAL TOXIC PANDEMIC is the ENEMY GOVERNMENT and their warlord mafia controllers. And we need to STOP these evil MONSTERS in their tracks, because people are dropping like flies, since being subjected to the CULLING SHOT.

For the children, we are WARNING you of a PUBLIC HEALTH MONSTER who works at the Edinburgh University. Her name is DEVI SRIDHAR, she is an American, who has acquired a job working in the public health department at the university and she has been broadcasting EVIL LIES on the BBC propaganda channel that the covid19 injection is SAFE and EFFECTIVE and that it will protect children from the covid19 virus. This woman is WICKED, how dare she tell children to go get a DEPOPULATION jab. DON’T LISTEN TO HER EVIL LYING TALK KIDS, she is LYING. People are DYING left, right and centre in just a few short hours after taking these covid19 injections. These covid19 injections are NOT safe – DON’T take them kids, it is important that YOU RESIST and REFUSE. We have witnessed some horrifying deaths that have been directly attributed to the DANGEROUS, HIGHLY TOXIC covid19 injections.



The Online Resistance Movement have just received word that a UK Funeral Director has EXPOSED the covid19 injection fraud, branding it as A CULLING INJECTION.

According to the Funeral Director, the covid19 virus is NOT killing anyone, in fact over the last winter of 2019/2020, when the pandemic was supposed to be in full force, it was the quietest period yet regarding business that some of their staff had to go home. It had been the QUIETEST winter season for deaths in comparison to previous years with not much activity at all.

Apparently, deaths had actually plummeted during the winter season of 2019/2020 when there was supposed to be a worldwide KILLER VIRUS engulfing the planet.

And now for some more BAD NEWS, where the trend is set to GET MUCH WORSE as the year of 2021 progresses :


The same Funeral Director is absolutely SHOCKED and APPALLED at the ever rising deaths caused by the COVID19 EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES, which has become the most colossal FRAUD in world history and he has expressed concerns about mandatory vaccines.

The covid19 depopulation shots are KILLING THOUSANDS OF British citizens and his funeral service is BOOMING right at this moment in time, but he is NOT happy at all. The Funeral Director has NEVER seen so many deceased people passing through his funeral service, which is totally abnormal; it is unnerving and disturbing and the deceased are the victims of the covid19 injection. Please pay close attention, so you can SAVE YOUR OWN LIVES. Take this message as a STARK WARNING to what WILL happen to you if you are foolish enough to be BULLIED and BROW BEATEN into taking the covid19 culling shot. Do you want to DIE? Because that is what WILL happen to you if you are BULLIED into taking this depopulation shot.

The funeral director expressed concerns about Bill Gates, who is steaming FULL AHEAD with his covid19 injection rollout to get people vaccinated to BRING DOWN THE WORLD’s population size.

The Online Resistance Movement cannot over emphasize enough the DANGERS of being suckered into taking this vaccine that is NOT a vaccine but a CULLING AGENT to reduce the world’s population size.

There are still people out there who are believing the evil lying tongues of the WAR CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT and they are being deceived into taking the covid19 depopulation injection.

You all MUST believe us when we are telling you that this covid19 injection is a FRAUD. How many times do we have to tell you brainwashed numbskulls that you are playing Russian Roulette with your lives. If you take this CULLING JAB, you WILL DIE. If you don’t die within 48 hours of receiving this covid19 shot, you WILL die when you eventually meet up with one of the 36 wild coronaviruses due to be back in town by late September 2021.

The Funeral Director is saddened because mainstream media is NOT covering this story and they should be, but we ALL know why they are suppressing this information, because they ALL have financial links to the BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION and Gates, along with his supreme masters – the Rothschild’s WANT US ALL TO DIE. What do we have to do to convince you to SAVE YOUR LIVES. Only the other day we saw over 1500 people lining up outside a jabbing centre waiting patiently to receive their depopulation jab.

There were over ONE MILLION resistance protestors in London this last Saturday May 29th, 2021 protesting for FREEDOM and yet we still sighted the odd one or two people all masked up being obedient slaves to the GLOBAL KILLING MACHINE. This is so SAD. We have to keep on FIGHTING BACK FOLKS, our lives depend on the resistance WINNING THIS WAR.

What sickened the Online Resistance even more was learning the news that the EVIL NAZI PUPPET DICTATOR Boris Johnson was getting married on Saturday, whilst the MILLION MAN MARCH FOR FREEDOM protest was taking place on the SAME DAY – May 29th, 2021. Johnson needs to GO, he needs to be REMOVED from his position in power, he is an EVIL NAZI PUPPET DICTATOR who has absolutely NO respect for human life, which is SACRED.

**Author’s Note** We are requesting that our regular HELPERS and SUPPORTERS to PLEASE – REBLOGG this post, we MUST GET THIS MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE OUT TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS WE CAN – TO SAVE LIVES. If you all are unable to reblogg, PRINT this post out in leaflet form and hand it out to EVERYONE that you meet, we MUST GET THIS MESSAGE OUT TO SAVE LIVES.

Thank you so very much, we are very grateful for your continued help and support.






Following all of the hard work we put together, gathering evidence and TRUE facts against these HIGHLY TOXIC and LIFE THREATENING experimental covid19 depopulation shots and circulating flyers throughout our community; it has come to our attention that some of the vulnerable people that we circulate information to on a REGULAR basis have been subjected to BLACKMAILING BULLYING threats from their employer : MOTOR FUEL GROUP, who own the chain of Shell petrol/gas stations in the UK.

Apparently, the manager of a certain petrol/gas station and his workers have been BULLIED and BLACKMAILED into taking the highly toxic, dangerous, life threatening covid19 depopulation shots : The following is what we were informed : “Motor Fuel Group had issued an ULTIMATUM to the staff at one of their shell stations, stating “YOU EITHER GET THE COVID19 JAB OR LOSE YOUR JOB.” When we heard this sad news we were ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED. One member of the staff had actually been absent from work for several weeks and the last time we saw him – he was a RADIANT picture of health. When we saw him again, it was obvious that he looked PHYSICALLY ill. His face was withered, haggard, grey and drawn and he had many lines on his face. He looked exhausted, tired, displaying signs of malaise (even though he claimed he was strong), and lethargic. This was a stark contrast to the previous time that we had seen him. We were suspicious enough to enquire if he had had the covid19 depopulation shot after we WARNED him not to and he answered “YES, because I was told that I would lose my job if I REFUSED the experimental covid19 vaccine.” When the manager heard that we were inside the store, he came to the front and admitted to us that HE had been BULLIED and BLACKMAILED into taking a highly toxic dangerous chemical injection; which they knew FULL WELL, that in the list of highly toxic ingredients was : DIESEL FUEL (the same chemical that propels diesel motor vehicles). We enquired if they felt that their job was worth MORE than their life and after an extremely LONG PAUSE OF DEAFENING SILENCE, they replied “we had to have it or lose our job and it was FREE.” But we pointed a very SALIENT and PERTINENT FACT out to them, that they had JUST GAMBLED WITH THEIR LIVES and we also informed them that THEY WERE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE, if they don’t succumb to the covid19 injection within the next few weeks, that they will BE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE when late September 2021 rolls around and they are unfortunate enough to contract one of the 36 wild coronaviruses and they will get REALLY SICK and POSSIBLY DIE. They asked us to pray for them. The DAMAGE has ALREADY BEEN DONE, there is NO reversible process, you CANNOT detox on an injection, as this lethal stuff REMAINS inside the body, no matter what and NOTHING is certain for these employees who have been brow beaten into submitting to the covid19 depopulation shot by an ILL INFORMED, BULLYING NAZI COLLABORATING employer called MOTOR FUEL GROUP who wanted to play RUSSIAN ROULETTE with their employees lives. Not only that, but we will be facing the pertinent fact that these people have now unwittingly become covid19 virus SHEDDERS, as there is CONCRETE evidence that people who are turned into VIRUS MAKING MACHINES can and DO SPREAD the covid19 virus to UNVACCINATED INDIVIDUALS. One ill informed misguided young mother who had yielded to the covid19 injection, then went on to breast feed her healthy baby and the baby DIED through contracting the artificial virus that his/her mother had made, via drinking the contaminated breast milk.

This is ABSOLUTELY NAUSEATING folks and we did warn them that they should have REFUSED the depopulation shot, then they should have allowed Motor Fuel Group to do whatever they liked. If they decided to FIRE them from their jobs, then they should have FOUGHT THEIR CASE WITH AN INDUSTRIAL TRIBUNAL FOR UNFAIR DISMISSAL. We advised them that when they were fired from their jobs that they should have taken the evil UK nazi puppet government collaborators – MOTOR FUEL GROUP to court.

We had forewarned them hundreds of times, of the DEVASTATING consequences that would befall them, if they were BULLIED into the covid19 depop shot and unfortunately, it is too late for them now. Nobody can help them now but God. Why these decent people allowed this to happen to them is beyond our wildest comprehension, as to us – LIFE is MORE valuable than a job and we told them that, only to receive a VOID in the conversation accompanied by DEAFENING SILENCE. By kowtowing to their brow beating employer Motor Fuel Group – the staff at this Shell station have signed their own DEATH WARRANT – that is how SERIOUS this problem is. When the Online Resistance Movement WARN you of the DEADLY consequences proceeding these covid19 injections – WE ARE DEADLY SERIOUS.

The Online Resistance Movement have the inalienable duty to inform all of our helpers, supporters and readers to FOREWARN you ALL of the DEADLY consequences that will prevail you if you are BULLIED and BROW BEATEN into taking the KILLER covid19 injection. You MUST REFUSE, it doesn’t matter that your employer is THREATENING to FIRE/SACK you, you MUST REFUSE it if you want to LIVE, it is that serious.

To our new readers : take a SLANT at our earlier videos of 4 young women who have been PERMANENTLY DISABLED by these highly toxic, dangerous, experimental covid19 injections. Please take a look at the videos on this website : Kristi Simmonds, Kalialah Mitchell, Shawn Skelton and Angelia Desselle. Do you all want to know what happened to them? They are ALL – PERMANENTLY DISABLED – CRIPPLED FOR LIFE, until they come into contact with one of the 36 wild coronaviruses during late September and then WATCH OUT, it could be CURTAINS for them. This is how SERIOUS the problem is. Or it could be WORSE, do you all want to end up like the cocky RONALD BABB, aged 57, who DIED within 48 hours of receiving one of the covid19 injections, following his MOCKING sensible people who don’t want the covid19 injection, because THEY know what it will do to them.

For heavens sake people, YOU MUST STAY AWAY FROM THE KILLER COVID19 INJECTION, it is NOT a protecting vaccine, (it is NOT even a vaccine); it is a DEPOPULATION INJECTION to thin down the world’s population size.

We are asking each and every one of you all right now – WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT – YOUR JOB or YOUR LIFE? (which includes your health, if you become paralysed, blinded or deafened until one of the wild coronaviruses catch up with you, then you WILL DIE).

Listen people, FORGET about BLACKMAILING employers, there are other ways to earn money. If you all get FIRED/SACKED for REFUSING the KILLER COVID19 INJECTION, then you must make strives to MAKE YOUR OWN WORK, CREATE A JOB, WORK FOR YOURSELF. And if you all find yourselves cash strapped, you can always go out WASHING CARS to earn some money. (We actually saw some kids doing this when we were in the Czech republic, they took a bucket with some dishwashing soap and water, with a sponge and they went to a car park washing cars in exchange for some money). This covid19 injection is NOT for people who want to LIVE and to REMAIN HEALTHY.

The STRANGULATORY DRAGNET is tightening its THROTLE HOLD and pretty soon the RESISTANCE WILL BE OUT OF TIME and OUT OF LUCK, because of the ILL INFORMED, TERRIFIED, OBEDIENT SHEEP who are making it worse for people who are resisting – by obediently DOING AS THEY ARE TOLD by an extremely CORRUPT unscrupulous CRIMINAL NAZI PUPPET GOVERNMENT who are held in the pockets of the likes of our next NAZI WORLD RULER – BILL GATES and his CHIEF OF STAFF – the ROTHSCHILD’s. Don’t let this evil nazi government hold you to RANSOM, because it will end in tragedy and they will take : YOUR MONEY AND YOUR LIFE. Don’t let them Dick Turpin you into taking your money and your life.

The Online Resistance Movement can vividly see the 21st century GLOBAL HOLOCAUST on the horizon. Like the good Dr. Vernon Coleman has already stated : “WE MUST ACT NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE TRUTH, CONTACT SCHOOLS, UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES, NEWSPAPERS, TRY TO MAKE THEM SEE SENSE, before it is too late for ALL of us, send emails out to EVERYONE you can think of, we MUST KEEP THE PRESSURE COOKER PRESSURISED.”

The chokehold grip of the UK NAZI PUPPET government has slowly crept into businesses, only the other day, one of our resistance members were CHALLENGED about being vaccinated, when she went to do her fresh fruit and vegetable shop at the warehouse. She was asked “HAVE YOU BEEN VACCINATED?” And she replied with confidence and without hesitation “YES.” Our resistance member wasn’t being dishonest, because in the past SHE has been vaccinated. During her lifetime she has received 5 vaccinations altogether including tuberculosis, influenza and polio.

The Online Resistance Movement are offering you all impeccable advice in what to do if you all are challenged in the stores by store assistants about being vaccinated :

If you are CHALLENGED regarding being vaccinated, just tell them “YES” and your answer will be accepted. And DON’T feel guilty about doing this, just remember – WE ARE AT WAR.

Also we are REMINDING you all that face masks are downright hazardous to HEALTH and you MUST NOT wear these obstructive devices if you want to keep your health. Instead, if you feel better – WHY NOT DOWNLOAD ONE OF OUR EXEMPTION CARDS, which is quite legal and carry one of these cards around with you and if you are CHALLENGED, just FLASH them the EXEMPTION from wearing face masks card and you will NOT be troubled by these ill informed, misguided collaborators of the nazi puppet government any more.

We are also reminding you to start gathering those fruit and vegetable seeds, because YOU WILL NEED THEM, as this current World War III situation is RAPIDLY DETERIORATING FAST and we don’t want you all to starve to death. If you all don’t know how to grow fruit and vegetables, then NOW is the time to learn. The Online Resistance Movement team will have to learn gardening also.

Once again, we are imploring each and every one of you NOT to kowtow to evil BLACKMAILING threats to take this depopulation shot, you must RESIST and FIGHT BACK for FREEDOM.

The Online Resistance Movement WILL win this war, we have to, because we have NO choice and if push comes to shove – we WILL GO DOWN FIGHTING right up until the bitter end.

A special message from : JANICE JONES – “I wouldn’t ask any of you to do anything that I haven’t already done myself. In my past, I have been FIRED from administration jobs because my employers have been unreasonable with me. I was once FIRED for disobeying orders and interrupting the only lawyer who was in the office, as an urgent case came in of a young man who didn’t have an appointment. I have been FIRED from another job simply because I refused the bosses personal advances towards me. I walked out on one job because they deducted too much income tax from me and walked out on another job because they weren’t paying my wages for several months at a time.” If I was THREATENED and BLACKMAILED by an employer today regarding NO COVID19 INJECTION – NO JOB, I would allow them to do whatever they liked. Then I would sue them for UNFAIR DISMISSAL, expecting me to take a DEPOPULATION SHOT to keep my job, until I die; because this evil tactic is considered to be ATTEMPTED MURDER.




Thank you all for your continuous kind help and support, which is vastly appreciated by all of the team at the Online Resistance Movement.



Ronald Babb 57 years in the USA was openly bragging about his “WONDERFUL JOHNSON AND JOHNSON COVID19 SHOT.”

Both Ronald Babb and his wife BOASTED about their recent Johnson and Johnson shots on social media networks and they were proudly displaying their covid19 depop injection cards.

Ronald Babb was noted as stating : “WE ARE NOW WAITING TO BE TURNED INTO ROBOTS”and he mockingly laughed about it. Well this naive fool is laughing NO more, because he has DIED.

Well folks, this once SLEEPWALKING, BRAINWASHED, NAZI COLLABORATING poor misguided nut is NOT mocking and bragging NO more, because HE has succumbed to the Johnson and Johnson HIGHLY TOXIC DANGEROUS DEPOP SHOT just SEVEN days later. He is NOW DECEASED.

Let this be a TIMELY WARNING to ALL of you BRAINWASHED NUMBSKULLS who are still clambering over each other in a RACE TO DIE.

You have been FOREWARNED!! Let that be an all IMPORTANT lesson to you sleepwalkers.




Thank you all so very much for your kind help and continued support.



The Online Resistance Movement have just viewed a video with the UK nazi puppet leader Johnson now announcing LOCAL LOCKDOWNS with a three tier system. And with the NEW WORLD ORDER’S next NAZI WORLD RULER – BILL GATES pulling the nazi puppet’s strings, we are ALL SET. We will be having a JAILBIRD ruling the world. Gates has a CRIMINAL RECORD, we have seen it. We just haven’t gotten around to scheduling a post about him.

This EVIL ADOLF HITLER mark II is repeating the same plans that HE mapped out LAST YEAR 2020 with local lockdowns – NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Adolf Hitler mark II is now meting out even more AGGRESSIVE local lockdowns and he has been CLEARLY heard stating that he is closing ALL public houses and non essential businesses. This will MARK the beginning of the END of life.

In the very near future, EVERYONE will become JOBLESS and the NEW WORLD ORDER will have aggressively progressed to the NEXT STAGE – which will be starvation of the people.

They are NOT content with stopping at POISONING people to death with these highly toxic covid19 injections; they are NOW going to starve everyone to death, if the mandatory face masks DON’T kill the mesmerised zombies first.

Then we have Dr. Elon Frankenstein (Musk) to contend with, DON’T forget about this Nutty Professor’s project – NEURALINK and the microchip inside the TOP OF THE BRAIN, inserted by a SURGEON ROBOT.

The BIG GUNS behind all of this EVILNESS are : the ROTHSCHILD’S, ROCKERFELLER’S, BILDERBERG GROUP, BILL GATES, KLAUS SCHWAB, PRINCE CHARLES and many other rich thug KILLERS who we have omitted to mention.

As Dr. Coleman has already pointed out, “the resistance DON’T have much time left to turn this war around in our favour.”

What is it going to take to convince people that : THIS OPPRESSIVE ABUSE of the people around the world is NEVER going to END? What is it going to take?

Many naive gullible people in the town where we reside are CONVINCED that normality is returning, these PATHETIC CREATURES are viewing the world through ROSE TINTED GLASSES. It is NEVER GOING TO END until 2030 and by that time MOST OF US who are alive today WILL BE DEAD by 2030; possibly DEAD within the next 2 years even.

The Global Mafia have already stated that they are PUSHING AHEAD with the reduction of the world population size from over seven billion of us down to five hundred million. All of this information can be researched inside the United Nations Agenda 21 plan – the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.

If Bill Gates and the United Nations have their way, it is GOD HELP the survivors, who WILL have their land, property and personal possessions CONFISCATED from them. They will be ARRESTED and hauled away to HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION CAMPS and CORRALLED inside A TIGHTLY KNIT, TIGHTLY CONTROLLED security camp.

What is the matter with you people who have NOT yet realised what is happening in the world? The Online Resistance Movement PREDICTED all of these events months ago. What is it going to take to WAKE you SLEEPWALKERS UP?

The Online Resistance Movement have been feverishly researching and studying the GLOBAL MAFIA’S next moves and we are telling you all RIGHT NOW, the TREND is going to GET EVEN UGLIER.

We haven’t completed our research yet, but coming SOON to a town near you is the : SPARS PANDEMIC – once this covid19 pandemic finishes. The SPARS PANDEMIC of the year 2025 to 2028. Yes, YOU ALL READ THAT RIGHT. The SPARS Pandemic is SET TO START in the year 2025. After that will be GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE LOCKDOWNS – YES, the FUTURE IS BLEAK, the FUTURE is BLACK, the FUTURE is us all being THRUST INTO THE DEEP DARK BELLY OF THE PITS OF HELL. This is just HOW SERIOUS this World War III is becoming and it is RAPIDLY SPIRALLING downwards, a million times faster than the speed of light, yet naive locals keep ramming it down our throats that : “THIS UNLAWFUL EVIL OPPRESSION will END SOON.” NO, it will NOT, it will continue until MOST OF US ARE DEAD, period; is that what you want SLEEPWALKERS? Do you want to DIE because of some evil rich thugs GLOBAL MAFIA DREAM? Because that is where we are ALL HEADED.

The Resistance DON’T want to live in such a terrifying world.

Already, the VACCINE HEALTH TRAVEL PASSPORTS are being thrust onto travellers from NEXT Monday – May 17, 2021. Anyone who is FOOLISH enough to get a covid19 injection just to go on an overseas holiday is off their rocker literally and they need to see a psychiatrist, whom if they have any sense will have these imbeciles locked up for their own protection, because they will either DIE within a few hours following vaccination or they will end up severely injured for LIFE.

Then there will be a predicted TSUNAMI OF CYTOKINE STORM DEATHS amongst the covid19 vaccinated who have already DODGED the first bullet, but will NOT survive the second round, when they finally meet up with one of the 36 wild coronaviruses that will sweep the country during late September 2021. And do you all know who will get BLAMED for these deaths? The SENSIBLE UNVACCINATED people.

The Online Resistance Movement will be bringing to you all the SPARS PANDEMIC of 2025 soon. Followed by the Global Climate Change LOCKDOWNS. This is our future, if the SLEEPWALKING ZOMBIES let us down.

The Online Resistance Movement will go down FIGHTING to the BITTER END.

Adolf Hitler / Mark II


The UK government nazi enemy puppet dictator Boris Johnson, has recently announced with his own evil lying tongue in a recent video, “that LIFE WILL BE BACK TO NORMAL BY THE END OF THE YEAR.” But he was wiley enough not to mention which year.

How many times have the British citizens heard of this endless empty promise regarding the return to normal life using the carrot and the stick MENTAL TORTURE techniques that have been used in previous wars? The British people have heard these LIES so many times, since this hoax pandemic was thrust down our throats just over a year ago now, back in January of 2020; where these totally EVIL, BRUTAL, TYRANNICAL, UNNECESSARY TOTALITARIAN LOCKDOWNS were FORCED upon all of the citizens of the UK.

Apart from being an absolutely controlled insane lunatic, Boris Johnson is an extremely psychopathic professional LIAR. DON’T believe one lying word that is spurted from the mouth of this self appointed, expertly controlled British nazi puppet leader. He is being controlled by the GLOBAL MAFIA and what they say GOES.

This country will NEVER be returned back to normal, as life was in the PRE HOAX PANDEMIC year of 2019. It is NOT going to transpire and the naive gullible sleepwalkers who are still captivated and mesmerised by this double talk, double crossing rubbish will be in for a VERY RUDE AWAKENING, when the 21st century holocaust takes on a strangulatory solid grip around the throats of all of those innocent lives, because the global mafia have an AGENDA to meet and that agenda does NOT include life returning back to normal, pre hoax pandemic year. Indeed, this most desperate situation will be thrust into the negative end of the spectrum and billions of people are going to DIE, to fall in line with the United Nations Agenda 21 program – the sustainable development goals, where it is clearly mapped out that by the year 2030, ALL the survivors of World War III will become microchipped slaves, residing inside HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION CAMPS in town centres, where they can be easily CONTROLLED and if they misbehave, the microchip will not function, as it will have been SWITCHED off from a distance by their SLAVE MASTERS. This will mean that the slave will have NO credit to buy food or anything that they may need from the shops.

What the UK FASCIST DICTATORSHIP has unleashed upon its innocent citizens is NOT going away, it is HERE TO STAY and it IS PERMANENT. Indeed, the little nazi puppet dictator has ALREADY stated that more covid19 injections are on the way for this autum/fall and covid19 BOOSTER shots will also be thrust upon the unsuspecting naive public, that is if they SURVIVE the first few hours of their initial covid19 DEPOPULATION SHOT, which thousands of people who have been foolishly suckered into taking these POISONOUS TOXINS and have ALREADY succumbed to the KILLER INJECTION. Those injected people who have dodged the first bullet, will NOT be so lucky when late September 2021 rolls around when the 36 wild coronaviruses will be back in town to wreak havoc amongst the covid19 vaccinated individuals, it is THEN that these most unfortunate people will PAY with their lives, due to the cytokine storm that is awaiting them in the wings.

Britain is NEVER going to return to pre pandemic normality of that, you can all be rest assured. This evil dictatorial nazi abuse is going to CONTINUE and CONTINUE in a never ending CARROT and STICK mental torture of innocent citizens until the UNITED NATIONS sustainable development program along with Klaus Schwab’s GREAT RESET targets have been met. It will only end in the year 2030 when ALL sustainable development goals have been met and when over seven billion innocent people who are alive today, have been MERCILESSLY SLAUGHTERED to thin down the world’s population to around five hundred million.

And in Dr. Vernon Coleman’s OWN WORDS – “the survivors of the 21st century holocaust will be residing in specially constructed structured BEE HIVES, who will be WORKERS for the queen bees GATES, SCHWAB and PRINCE CHARLES.” It sounds TERRIFYING doesn’t it? Well it IS and the RESISTANCE need to nip this evilness in the bud before this nazi evilness really takes off and we don’t have much time left to turn this evil war around in our favour, as the strangulatory dragnet is forever closing in on us all and we have the SLEEPWAWLKERS to thank for that. Don’t be hoodwinked into such evil lying nazi double talk. This OPPRESSION is HERE to stay and we have GOT to keep on FIGHTING BACK with all of our strength and might and the only way to do that is to GET THE REAL TRUTH OUT TO AS MANY PEOPLE who are still OPEN MINDED. We will NEVER be able to save every life, because of the mesmerised zombies and collaborating trolls, who believe every lying word that is expelled from the little puppet dictator’s vile mouth and who also believes that the moon is made of green cheese – they people cannot be saved.




Thank you all so very much for your kind help and continued support, which is very much appreciated by the Online Resistance Movement.



The Online Resistance Movement have an URGENT news bulletin for all of our helpers and supporters.

Some months ago, the Online Resistance Movement presented some VERY DAMNING EVIDENCE of just how DANGEROUS these covid19 injections are. It doesn’t matter WHO the drug manufacturer is of the HIGHLY TOXIC KILLER drugs because they ALL produce the SAME devastating side effects, including DEATH.

Our regular helpers, supporters and readers will RECALL vividly our reporting on 4 females, including some raw video footage of the DEVASTATING side effects that these dangerous toxic vaccines can induce.

We have an URGENT UPDATE on 3 of the females whom are ALREADY featured on our website : 1. SHAWN SKELTON, 2. ANGELIA DESSELLE, 3. KRISTI SIMMONDS. The video from where the Online Resistance Movement learnt of the TERRIBLE crippling and devastating consequences that befell these poor naive young women had actually gotten TWO of the names wrong. One name was wrong absolutely and the other name was mis-spelled by the video that we viewed. On our website they are listed as Angela Griner – whose name is ANGELIA DESSELLE and Christi Symonds, whose name is spelt KRISTI SIMMONDS.

We observed the UPDATE on these poor young women on the HIGHWIRE and they were INTERVIEWED by DEL BIGTREE. All 3 young women are UNFORTUNATELY DISABLED FOR LIFE. They STILL suffer seizures, tremors and convulsions and whilst we were watching the show, ALL 3 of them were experiencing TREMORS, Kristi and Shawn were suffering LEG TREMORS whilst being interviewed by Del Bigtree and Angelia was suffering head and neck tremors and NONE of them could sit still. All 3 of the young women have LOST THEIR JOBS and ALL 3 young women have to rely on CARERS to help them through the day. Angelia has NOT driven her car since January 2021 prior to her receiving the depop shot. Why? Because she is PERMANENTLY DISABLED and unable to engage in normal life. None of them can manage even the basic of needs and they have to be helped by CARERS. This is an absolute TRAGEDY folks, and the Online Resistance Movement actually PREDICTED that these young women would NEVER fully recover and we also mentioned that their DISABILITY would be PERMANENT.

Since these 3 young women have put out their appeals on social media, they have been HOUNDED, RIDICULED, MOCKED and LAUGHED AT by EVIL TROLLS and this is NOT a frivolous matter, these young females are SUFFERING. But they have also been contacted by over 300 other people who have SUFFERED the SAME FATE as them and these people are ALSO PERMANENTLY DISABLED after foolishly taking the covid19 injections. They asked the women what they were doing to treat themselves and how could they help their loved ones and NONE of them had any answers because ALL 3 women are STILL SUFFERING and they are PERMANENTLY DISABLED and NONE of the general medical professionals are offering them any real help and they are now BURDENED WITH SOARING MEDICAL BILLS, without any means of paying the bills. The insurance companies will NOT entertain them, why? Because the medical insurance is NOT covering DODGY COVID19 VACCINES, NOT any of them, because they have NOT been properly tested and they have NOT been LICENSED, period! So these young women are on THEIR OWN. DON’T BECOME THE COVID19 DRUG MANUFACTURERS NEXT VICTIM, okay?

At this moment in time, we have NO further updates on the Bells Palsy victim nurse Kalialah Mitchell. However, her injuries WILL ALSO BE PERMANENT, unfortunately.

The Online Resistance Movement cannot over emphasize enough the DANGERS of the UNTESTED, UNLICENSED KILLER COVID19 INJECTIONS. To our new readers : YOU MUST STEER CLEAR of these DANGEROUS COVID19 injections if you value your HEALTH and your LIFE; because the situation is that SERIOUS. You have been timely FOREWARNED.





Thank you all so very much for your continued help and support, which is much appreciated.

Just one of the KILLER covid19 DRUGS


The Online Resistance Movement have an obligatory duty to inform ALL the RESISTANCE, that the Agenda 21 VACCINE HEALTH TRAVEL PASSPORTS will be official in the UK commencing Monday May 17th, 2021. Everyone who plans on travelling abroad WILL be required to produce an up-to-date vaccine health travel passport. And unfortunately, it is OFFICIAL.

Travellers will be expected to download, register and USE the NHS app to be able to travel. Unfortunately, that excludes a lot of travellers, who don’t even have access to a mobile phone.

Travellers who do not have access to the mobile phone will have to wait a slightly longer period of time BEFORE they can even contemplate travelling overseas. They will have to wait to receive a hard copy VACCINE HEALTH PASSPORT CERTIFICATE through the mail and that will take up to 10 days for it to reach the recipient.

Of course, the vaccine health travel passport doesn’t necessarily mean that the traveller will be accepted into other countries. On the contrary, even though the traveller will be producing vaccine health certificate proof, they may still be required to undergo a USELESS pcr test. So NOTHING is GUARANTEED.

Travellers who have been FOOLISH enough to be coerced, bullied and brow beaten into taking these HIGHLY DANGEROUS COVID19 CONCOCTIONS will actually PAY a high price when autumn/fall rolls around, because they will be in DEEP WATERS literally, when the 36 wild coronaviruses sweep over the country during late September. These selfish travellers will have many regrets, when they are struck down with a VICIOUS CYTOKINE STORM that will literally put them on their backs and once the wild coronavirus enters the host’s viral pathway and makes its way into the body; the host’s immune system will go HAYWIRE and commence ATTACKING every part of the host’s healthy cells and organs. Macrophage number 1 will ravage the human body and will NOT stop until the host suffers multiple organ failure. The healing Macrophage number 2 will not even be able to enter the gladiator arena of the immune battlefield, as it will be kept at bay by that EVIL laboratory made artificial S Spike protein that has been injected into them. 99% of these travellers may suffer the ultimate penalty for their few days of fun overseas, as they will pay for their treachery and may even DIE, as it has ALREADY been predicted by many honest general medicine doctors and scientists, including Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Vernon Coleman, scientist Geert Vanden Bossche, Dr. Wodard and scientist Michael Yeadon. All of these people are NOT WRONG and people WILL DIE.

These covid19 injections were designed for ONE PURPOSE ONLY – TO CULL THE POPULATION.

We are now addressing the selfish travellers : “Is it worth gambling with your lives just for a possible few days of fun and pleasure in some far off distant exotic holiday destination? You all really need to mull over this problem LONG and HARD, because if you don’t, you WILL DIE if you catch a coronavirus cold this forthcoming autum/winter of 2021. Doesn’t your life mean anything to you? Is your foreign holiday/vacation worth more to you than your life?”

You have been timely FOREWARNED of the DEVASTATING consequences that you will have to pay just for a few days of pleasure in a foreign country.

We have to keep RESISTING and FIGHTING back because this trend is set to get FAR worse.

On the UK nazi government puppet cards agenda will be DOMESTIC VACCINE HEALTH PASSPORTS, that will be issued NEXT and this will EXCLUDE many people, especially people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. These people, along with people who are resisting and DON’T want these KILLER injections inside their body’s will SUFFER in the long run, not being able to buy, trade or sell anyting and it is COMING for SURE and we all have to be prepared for this evil eventuality.

Dr. Vernon Coleman has ALREADY forewarned EVERYONE that “WE ARE LIVING IN THE KILLING FIELDS and the global mafia are coming for us all SOON.”

The next phase in this evil new world order agenda is to introduce the MICROCHIP in the hand, which will NOT only carry and display your personal and private MEDICAL DATA and MEDICAL HISTORY for the whole world to see, it will double up as a DIGITAL IDENTITY, it will include all your personal details, your name, address, age, date of birth, your bank details. You all will NOT be able to purchase anything without a microchip in the hand. Once these foolish, naive gullible people accept the microchip in the hand, that is IT – THEY HAVE SOLD THEIR SOUL TO THE DEVIL and by accepting this evil monstrosity, they have willingly given up their FREEDOM to become SLAVES TO AN ELECTRONIC TAGGING SYSTEM. These people will be able to be tracked and traced very easily. Every time they use the microchip, their slave owners (the government) will know their EVERY MOVE and they will be EASILY CONTROLLED. And that is what it is all about CONTROL, POWER, GREED, MONEY for the GLOBAL MAFIA. Don’t you realise that once you accept this microchip in your hand that you will NEVER BE FREE again and you will NEVER be accepted into heaven, because it was written thousands of years ago in the Book of Revelation that “HE WHO RECEIVES THE MARK OF THE BEAST ON HIS FOREHEAD OR ON HIS HAND, HAS SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL.”

World War III is progressing rapidly now and the resistance DON’T have much time left to win this war. Every time we endeavour to make strives to STOP this evilness, the BRAINWASHED, BRAINDEAD zombies AGREE to what the government is ordering them to do, even though it is WRONG and by doing this they are dragging the resistance down with them. It appears as though these brainless goons actually enjoy being DICTATED TO and being OPPRESSED. Well the resistance DON’T, we were BORN FREE and we have every intention of dying free, we are not intending to become slaves of no evil world global reset tyranny, of that you are all guaranteed.

What the global mafia are planning has happened before during World War I and World War II, it is history repeating itself. That was Adolf Hitler’s third reich mission, to confiscate all the peoples properties, land and possessions, round them all up and corral them inside the work and death camps in Poland where the prisoners were BADLY treated, UNFED, WORKED TO DEATH and others were GASSED. They took everything away from the prisoners, including their HAIR and in some cases gold fillings from their teeth. We DON’T want this to happen again and the RESISTANCE can see this coming. WE HAVE TO FIGHT BACK to SAVE OUR LIVES. Some poor unfortunate souls, especially twins were medically experimented on with the nazis using torture techniques. The disabled and mentally handicapped people were GASSED to DEATH inside mobile trucks. The HORRORS that you are reading about here from World War II is COMING BACK, the SAME GLOBAL MAFIA – Rothschild’s who PRECIPITATED WORLD WAR II are NOW STARTING UP AGAIN and they are DEADLY SERIOUS about KILLING MOST OF US. For heavens sake you all sleepwalkers OPEN YOUR EYES and see what is happening around us, can’t you see that the DRAGNET is CLOSING IN ON US – RESIST AND FIGHT BACK.

If all the people in the world would just OPEN their EYES and SEE the BIGGER PICTURE, they wouldn’t hesitate to JOIN THE RESISTANCE. Over 7 billion people in the world UNITED TOGETHER is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL UNITY and FORCE to be taken notice of. Everyone in the world needs to symbolically DIG THEIR HEELS into the ground and say “NO” to the rising new world government. What are these few globalist evil mafia going to do against 7 billion people who REFUSE to follow orders? What are they going to do about it? NOTHING!!

We ALL need to UNITE together on this one and tell them “NO” – DON’T kowtow to government strangulatory restrictions, oppression and mental torture. Just remember that these evil nazis have weaved their vile spell over many people and their hands are already BLOOD STAINED with the blood of thousands of people who THEY KILLED during the lockdowns.

Pontius Pilate actually WASHED his hands clean when his government CRUELLY EXECUTED our saviour Jesus and he should have been ashamed of himself for the rest of his life, for allowing the SINLESS PERFECT BEING to be executed for nothing. This is what the evil nazi government are trying to do to us – they are SERIOUS ABOUT KILLING US ALL.





Thank you all so very much for your continued help and support.

The UK nazi puppet self appointed DICTATOR