Boris Johnson, the UK’s nazi fascist puppet dictator has appeared on a mainstream media video spewing out misinformation in a feeble attempt to confuse, bamboozle, terrorise and coerce the remaining people who have stoically dug their heels into the ground and said NO to the depopulation jab.

In his evil, vicious, misleading statement, he said “the anti vax campaigners on social media are spouting off misinformation regarding the covid19 injection, they are totally WRONG.”

People, you cannot believe anything that this evil, lying bought puppet dictator is saying because HE works for BILL GATES. Bill Gates dishes out the orders and the puppet dictator carries out the orders. Bill Gates is a famous eugenicist and so was his father. It is a well known fact that GATES wants to DEPOPULATE the world. Gates takes his direct orders from the Rothschild’s who own most of the banks in the world, especially the IMF, World Bank and BIS. And when the Rothschild’s want a war – they START one – war is very profitable and pays high dividends. When the Rothschild’s want to depopulate the world, that is what they precisely set out to do.

The freedom fighters who have remained PURE from these killer drugs will have to continue standing their ground, because that is how wars are WON. We have to keep on fighting back, not just for freedom but for health and life, which is very precious to all of us.

As World War III enters its third year, the war is accelerating into the next phase at a vast speed. This war could go either way, as it is finely balanced with a delicate thread, as the RESISTANCE are hanging on in there.

Klaus Schwab’s great reset is just over the horizon and that spells out doom, gloom and disaster to each and every one of us and we can’t allow that to happen. Many more billions of us will perish as the enemy attempt to force a SLAVE MICROCHIP into the victims hand. Those of us who refuse, will be outcast from society. You really don’t want to become a microchipped slave being constantly and tightly controlled inside a smart city, with no free life of your own. Your only purpose would be to serve your slave masters – the global mafia government enemy. That is NO life and it is entirely unacceptable.

The microchip in the hand is NOT the only worry for the people. We have to remember Elon Musk’s Neuralink funding – to turn healthy humans into CYBORGS. The mission of Neuralink is for a robot surgeon to perform a surgical operation on a healthy individual; using a surgical burr to cut a round circle in the top of the skull (the size of a two pence piece/or a US quarter) and to dig out brain matter to insert a WIRED microchip, which can be operated by remote control from a distance. This evil device has to be plugged in and charged up overnight with a USB charger. This will enable the cyborg to be completely controlled by its operator – the global mafia government enemy. (This reminds us of the movie – the Matrix – where recipients in the movie had to be plugged into the matrix device, with a plug into the back of their skulls). This is sick and this kind of technology needs to be DESTROYED before it destroys us all.

One more time – Take NO notice of Boris Johnson, he has NEVER received the real covid19 injection, otherwise HE would be DEAD by now. He would have been injected with : mercury, aluminium, potassium chloride, diesel, tromethamine and many other TOXIC KILLER substances contained within this DEATH JAB.

Keep on fighting back for freedom, health and life.

Thank you.

Boris Johnson the Nazi Fascist Puppet Dictator


The Online Resistance Movement have just received news that the UK Nazi fascist dictator puppet government have NOW authorised the KILLER NHS to bring the global mafia enemy’s execution chamber to your door within the next few weeks.

If you all want to believe the government’s statistics – there are over twenty three million people who have NEVER received the death jab. We believe that the figure is MUCH higher.

The enemy’s twisted and sick train of thought, believe that the sensible freedom fighters are not stepping forward to line up for the execution chamber to volunteer for death and the lethal injection because they can’t find their way to a covid19 injection centre. This is how mentally sick these war criminals are – they really believe the rubbish that they are spewing out of their evil mouths. NO the sensible people who have never been injected with this vile concoction of death, DON’T want the injection, why can’t you sick bastards get that into your thick, evil, demented, psychotic, psychopathic skulls? We will NEVER yield to your death call demands in order for you to further advance the United Nations Agenda 21 plan.

The Nazi Fascist Puppet Dictatorship of the UK


The Online Resistance Movement have just received word that the UK Nazi Fascist government WILL be making vaccination mandatory soon. Not IF but when. And the good doctor – Vernon Coleman and our own Online Resistance Movement team have been WARNING everyone for over a year now that these KILLER INJECTIONS were going to be made MANDATORY.

When this EVIL law is passed, we ALL resistance freedom fighters, may expect to receive a visit from the local council. They will be around to your door COLD CALLING and COERCIVE BLACKMAILING you to take the juice of DEATH.

Our advice? Plain and simple, but effective – DON’T BOTHER ANSWERING THE DOOR.

When you all receive an unexpected knock at the door; you can if you wish, look out to see who is standing at the door without letting the door knocker know that you can see them – be discreet. That is if you want to see who is knocking at your door. Personally, we wouldn’t bother looking. If you are not expecting anyone and you are not expecting a delivery or some mail from the postman (that he can’t get through the letterbox) – DON’T bother looking.

World War III is now entering its THIRD year and this war is progressing to the next level. It is going to get even more tougher, rougher and continue raging, until the resistance WIN this war.

It is also in the wind that the UK Nazi Fascist government just may sanction your State benefit if you continue to refuse the DEATH jab. This is also on the cards and folks who are receiving State benefit need to make preparations and be ready for any eventuality. According to the UK State government track record, they have a TERRIBLE past for blackmailing and threatening folks that IF they want the State benefit – they have to fulfil the needs of the State. A while back, State benefits were sanctioned for people who REFUSED to go out to work and NOT get paid. This was ALSO blackmailing terrorism and THEY DID sanction State benefits for those claimants who flatly REFUSED to participate in shelf stacking inside one of their selected supermarkets. So be careful and be READY, you MUST be prepared. You can NEVER take the covid19 death juice, regardless of what blackmailing threats they throw out at you. Why? Because most people DIE within the first 48 hours of receiving this depopulation shot. If you refuse and you get your State benefit sanctioned, then you HAVE a CHANCE of survival. You WILL find a way to survive.

The whole point of the United Nations Agenda 21 program which is in FULL OPERATION around the world right now – is to thin down the world’s population size from around seven billion of us to around five hundred million. They will do this via the toxic needle, which they are promoting as a health protector, when in reality it is a life terminator. Sensible people who continue to REFUSE taking the death jab – the State WILL try to STARVE US TO DEATH – NO MONEY – NO FOOD. We have to be prepared. You can start by collecting seeds and you WILL have to GROW your own food to survive. (No money – no jab – no food – is also taking place right now in certain parts of the world. It is only a matter of time before this disseminating global mafia enemy cancerous disease HITS the UK).

Meanwhile, the resistance WILL continue fighting back and pushing back twice as hard as before. We WILL NEVER accept what the WICKED global mafia are trying to do to us.

Keep on fighting back for FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and LIFE.



The Online Resistance Movement are forewarning you all people who own a mobile/cell phone that the Nazi Fascist UK government have instructed the mobile/cell companies to send out text messages to every mobile/cell phone in the UK. The text message will be a simple one to : GO GET YOUR COVID19 VACCINE. That is the message. It is entirely up to you all what you do with this evil text message, inviting you all to volunteer for EXECUTION.

We are reminding you all once again that the covid19 injection is NOT a health protector but a LIFE ELIMINATOR. This lethal cocktail of drugs was DESIGNED to KILL the recipient. It is the rising new world order’s PEOPLE CULLING INJECTION.

Just a quick recap again regarding some ingredients that are contained within this vile concoction of death: mercury, aluminium (both are cancer causers), diesel (same stuff that powers diesel motor vehicles), potassium chloride – stops the heart (and is used in executions to execute condemned felons), tromethamine (causes heart muscle inflammation and heart attacks).

If you all want a FULL list of covid19 toxic ingredients, then please visit our blog and here you WILL find what you are seeking : COVID19 CHEMICAL INJECTION – EXPOSED – FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS. Our post is still available for you all to read and examine. Once you have studied the full list of highly toxic ingredients contained within this cocktail of death, you WILL realise that these drugs really are HIGHLY TOXIC KILLERS. And that is besides the spike proteins contained within this vile stuff.

Just remember what Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum stated “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY.” That is IF you survive the DEATH JABS. For how long – we do not know. We do KNOW that most people DIE within 48 hours of receiving their FIRST DEATH jab.

Take care everyone, keep on fighting back for freedom and :

Hope you all are enjoying Christmas day.



You all may recall vividly how the NHS – ANGELS OF DEATH clapped Margaret Keenan the first elderly citizen to take the DEATH JUICE. That scene was so very SAD and it marked the beginning of the end for the rest of us.

Margaret Keenan has since DIED, she died on May 26, 2020 just two months after receiving the INJECTION OF DEATH. Her death has been confirmed.

The FIRST elderly man in the UK – William Shakespeare (not related to the famous poet) – to take the DEADLY POISON via toxic needle, DIED not long after he received the DEATH JUICE.

We cannot over emphasize the IMPORTANCE that you all PLEASE do your own research regarding this KILLER jab.

Just remember, the world IS at war – World War III. Your enemy IS your government and their global mafia cohorts. A quick reminder once again: The top generals of the people’s enemy is the ROTHSCHILD’S, filthy rich bankers of Jewish/German descent who are extremely powerful. These unsavoury, cruel, evil people have been responsible for all the wars throughout the annals of history on this planet and their war mongering can be traced back to the Napoleon wars. Their commander in chief – Bill Gates – dishes out the orders and gets the job done. Your other enemies are : World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum, United Nations, Rockerfeller Foundation, Bilderbergers, ROYALTY, DAVOS, etc., the list is endless of these rich thugs who have a BENT desire to RULE the world. Adolf Hitler would be very proud of them indeed.

You all don’t need to look any further if you want a FULL LIST of covid19 injection ingredients, as WE have the FULL LISTS in our archives posts. We acquired these highly toxic, corrosive ingredients lists, BEFORE the internet pulled the plug on it. One of the highly toxic corrosive ingredients contained within these death jabs is : DIESEL, the same stuff that powers some motor vehicles.

Long before Dr. Vernon Coleman – the resistance top army general – WARNED people of the dangers of this KILLER drug; the Online Resistance Movement had ALREADY acquired the covid19 toxic ingredients – FULL LISTS. Once we read the lists, that left NO doubt in our minds that the covid19 injection was a DEATH JAB and we have been warning people since that time.

Once a naive individual has been coerced into taking that FIRST death shot, the DAMAGE is already done and IS irreversible. You only have to read the marvellous works of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny to learn just how DEVASTATING this death jab is. Dr. Tenpenny went to great lengths to study the scientific papers and then to publish her TRUTHFUL findings.

In one of his latest videos, Dr. Coleman went on to reveal that his findings led him to the conclusion of the following predictions : People who have been injected with this vile stuff will have approximately 5 years to live.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny predicted 3 years for the covid19 injected to live.

We have done extensive research into this VILE death injection operation of the enemy and we believe that if the victim of the death juice survives the first 3 doses of this toxic conglomeration – they WILL have 6 months to live.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny went to great lengths to describe how the spike proteins work inside the human body, which once injected will WREAK havoc throughout the human body, invading every muscle, vein, tissue, major organs and setting up permanent shop inside a cell that has been programmed for destruction. So once the individual next comes into contact with one of the many wild coronaviruses – a cytokine storm inside the body will RAVAGE every part of the body and will NOT stop until the victim suffers multiple organ failure. Then DEATH will swiftly follow.

Another doctor (whose name we cannot recall at this time), went on to explain exactly what happens to the immune system between covid19 toxic injections. This is what she had to say about it : Upon the victim receiving the FIRST dose of the covid19 injection – the body’s natural immune system is REDUCED to 50%. The second dose, further compromises the body’s natural immune system by 25%. The booster, reduces the natural immune system to : ZERO. A person cannot survive without an immune system and DEATH swiftly follows.

Many victims of this World War III have succumbed to the death jab within 48 hours of receiving their first dose. But then, that is what it is designed to do – to KILL people.

Don’t be fooled by the play acting Nazi Fascist puppet dictator Boris Johnson taking his ‘so called’ jab live on tv and stating “it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt.” He NEVER had the jab – it was ALL PLAY ACTING. Don’t believe everything you see. The hand is swifter than the eye – any skilled magician could pull off such a trick and make it look like magic. Everything is NOT as it seems.

We never received an update regarding the nurse Tiffany Dover, who collapsed on tv whilst giving an interview, not long after receiving the death juice. We are assuming that she may well have died and they have kept her death a secret. We do know that her family were THREATENED by the state to KEEP QUIET.




The UK government Nazi fascist puppet dictatorship are considering mandatory vaccinations.

Earlier, the UK puppet dictator announced on Sky news that “WE WILL NOT EXCLUDE GOING FURTHER IF WE HAVE TO.” – Direct quote, spewed from the puppet dictator’s mouth.

As you all will already be aware – the covid19 experimental injections are DEATH jabs. Millions of people have already died from this evil, highly toxic concoction within the first 48 hours of their first covid19 shot.

Many more people have not suffered almost instant death and they have been badly maimed, blinded and crippled by this DEATH juice. Some poor unfortunate terrified, weak willed souls have also lost limbs and digits (fingers and toes) as the death jab coursed its way through their body, wreaking havoc and causing NECROSIS.

The rapidly accelerating New World Order – One Global government, headed by INSANE PSYCHOPATHS are bent on bringing forward the Global Reset. Remember what that evil, vile, wicked monster of the WEF Klaus Schwab stated in his book Fourth Industrial Revolution. He stated that “you will OWN NOTHING and you WILL be happy.” That hellish evil message was directed to the survivors of this World War III.

What we are all witnessing right now and what we are all feeling right now – IS THE WRATH OF THE FOURTH REICH. This time, the Nazis are not confined to Germany, they are scattered ALL over the globe.

The filthy rich of Jewish/German descent bankers – the Rothschild’s are responsible for the mass genocide of the people all around the world. The Rothschild’s are responsible for ALL the wars that have erupted throughout the annals of world history. And this can be traced way back to the Napoleon wars. Do NOT underestimate these evil dragons, they are extremely powerful. One of the Rothschild’s mother’s from over a century ago claimed that “if my sons don’t want war, there won’t be any.” THAT is how powerful they are. They have MORE money than all the billion and trillionaires in the world. They hold secret meetings, discussing on how to CULL the world’s population from time to time, because in their eyes – the world is over populated and yet SUCH time has come again – the Rothschild’s WANT TO REDUCE THE WORLD’S POPULATION SIZE, down to around five hundred million. This means, that if the enemy succeed in this war – then most of us WILL be DEAD by the year 2030, in the world cull.

Bill Gates is another EVIL powerful rich enemy. Regarded as the most richest man in the world, he HAS the power to dish out orders to the United Nations and world governments and THEY do as HE instructs. Actually, Gates is NOT the richest man in the world, but the Rothschild’s ARE. Gates works for the Rothschild’s – HE is their Commander In Chief – HE gets the job done and a worldwide mass genocide is now well under way, using the TOXIC NEEDLE.

Post World War II, the Nazis decided that they would NOT have to force people into the death chambers like they did in Auschwitz, Berkenau, Dachau and other less famous death camps in Poland. They decided that the next time there was a world war, that they would FOOL the people into volunteering for the DEATH CHAMBERS. They would do this by instilling FEAR and TERROR into the hearts and souls of the naive and gullible. World War III was planned DECADES ago and documented right down to the finest detail. The Nazi Germans may have lost the battle during World War II, but they were already planning their NEXT world war – this World War III that is unfolding right before our very eyes right now.

Yes, you read that right people – like it or not – WE are ALL part of HISTORY – World War III WILL go down in the history books and be REMEMBERED. We have NO choice but to fight back for freedom, democracy and life.

What is the alternative? There isn’t one, if you chose NOT to fight back, you are signing your own death warrant. Trust us when we tell you this – the enemy will come to your home, POUND DOWN your door, hold you down, inject you with the LETHAL COCKTAIL OF DEATH. They will then arrest you, confiscate your home, your property, your possessions and then haul you off to a DEATH CAMP, where you will PERISH, as they WILL continue to inject you with the DEADLY poisons until you DIE. The survivors will be hauled off to tightly controlled Smart Cities (the blueprints have already been made and the cities are now under construction). These cities will be run by computers and robots and they will be policed by Cyborgs. We are NOT making this up and this is a damned nightmare. If you all haven’t watched the famous classical 1976 movie LOGAN’S RUN starring Michael York, then I suggest you WATCH this movie – why? Because THIS will be our future if the enemy WIN this war. The cut-off age in the movie was 30 years – everyone who was 30 years of age were sent to their deaths on carousel. The tightly controlled city in Logan’s Run was powered by OCEAN POWER, the city was built NEXT to the ocean.

Look what your government is doing right now, to enable the Global Reset – How many damned wind farms have cropped up in the last decade or so? Can you not see the similarities between reality – what is happening right now and the science fiction movie Logan’s Run? They used ocean power in the movie. The Globalists are pushing Wind Power. The global warming – climate change, whatever you want to call it, IS a HOAX. It was drummed up by the Club of Rome back in the 1960’s. The Club of Rome had connections with the United Nations and THEY ARE now with the United Nations. They are going around terrorising people and telling them that it IS all their fault that the climate is changing, which in reality is a load of NONSENSE. Of course, the planet does go through climate changes and has done throughout the natural history of this planet, but all it is, IS a NATURAL PHENOMENON. They are introducing climate change, promoting the hoax, blaming the people, because THE GLOBAL CABAL WANT MOST OF US DEAD and they want five hundred million survivors, who will become SLAVES to their captors, working to earn money for the enemy. The survivors WILL be microchipped, tracked, traced and will be under strict surveillance at ALL times. If the SLAVES misbehave – their microchips can and WILL be switched off from afar, so they will not be able to purchase anything, not even basic food and water. Some of the SLAVES will become as the Sanmen – who policed the city in Logan’s Run. These (Sanmen), will actually be CYBORGS – with thanks to that evil, despicable monster ELON MUSK. Do you all recall our post on Elon Musk and his backing, promoting, supporting and funding the INSANE PROJECT – NEURALINK? Neuralink entails using a surgical burr to drill out a two pence coin size of the skull at the top, digging into the top of the brain and digging out healthy brain matter in order to accommodate the Neuralink tiny wired microchip. Once installed, this microchip can be controlled by a remote control. So the controller – HAS complete control of the human/cyborg. This microchip is also rechargeable by USB charger. We wish that this was ALL make-believe, but everything we are TELLING you IS HORRIFYING FACT. The people selected for the brain microchip will be operated on by a SURGEON ROBOT.

Just to recap again : the covid19 injection IS A DEATH JAB. It doesn’t matter WHO the manufacturer is – they ALL yield the SAME result – DEATH.

Some of the highly toxic corrosive substances contained within this vile death juice is : mercury, aluminium, potassium chloride (stops the heart and is used in executing condemned felons), diesel (same stuff that fuels diesel motor vehicles), tromethamine. If you all want a FULL list of covid19 injection ingredients, then look NO further, just browse through our archives and you WILL find what you are looking for.

The cabal are hankering after causing a global collapse and meltdown and they are doing it right now – killing people with the toxic needle. Not only that, they plan to BAN all fossil fuel run cars, they don’t want you to use oil and gas (petrol). They want you to purchase an electric propelled vehicle – which is GUARANTEED to FAIL and will cost A BOMB in energy bills, just to charge the damned thing up, which is only good for 200 miles and it takes forever to charge up the car battery. There isn’t enough electricity to supply everyone, but then that is the whole point – the cabal WANT it to fail – they don’t want you to have a car. And they can also turn off your electricity supply from afar – using the Smart meter – then you won’t be able to charge up your electric car.

The enemy are selling you LIE after LIE after LIE after LIE. They want to CONTROL you. It isn’t true that the world is running our of crude oil, because the oil industry have virtually stopped looking for new sources of oil.

We must ALL stand together on this 0ne, especially as World War III is now entering its THIRD YEAR – 2022.


Thank you.

Boris Johnson – The Nazi Fascist Puppet Dictator


The Online Resistance have been forewarning everyone for months now that the nazi fascist puppet dictator government’s strangulatory restrictions would be reinstated and they have done exactly that.

The vile, evil, nazi fascist government have also expressed concerns about the millions of UK citizens who have NEVER been injected with the covid19 death jab. They are plotting something really EVIL and we are predicting that the next phase of this World War III – will be the introduction of FORCED injections.

The resistance have to be fully prepared for all eventualities here, as this World War III rapidly spirals out of control, because it wouldn’t take these war criminals two minutes to send the army onto our streets to kick down our doors and attempt to force inject people.

Millions of people have already DIED from these LETHAL INJECTIONS. Most of these victims died within the first 48 hours post injection. This news NEVER gets reported because the mainstream media have concealed ALL truths from us. They are bought shills of the new world order global empire enemy.

What we are all witnessing now is the rapid progression of the United Nations Agenda 21 plan – to first depopulate the earth, via the toxic needle. Then round up the survivors, some will be sent to the World War III POW death camps to be executed, others will be corralled inside tightly controlled slave smart cities to work as slaves and have every aspect of their lives dictated to them. Property and land will be confiscated. So will personal possessions and assets. According to the evil, vile, wicked (and terrifying to look at) Klaus Schwab of the WEF he made a couple of beyond evil quotes inside his Fourth Industrial Revolution Book – that “we must rid the world of the useless eaters.” And once a slave inside a smart city – “you will own nothing and be happy.” This is one possible hellish future. This is why the resistance HAVE to WIN this war.

We all have to be prepared to FIGHT BACK, not just here on the internet; we may have to fight back inside our own homes – to stop the evil enemy from killing us with the covid19 death jab. We will fight them in the streets, we will fight them on the battlefield.

We have to STOP this war right now, otherwise, life will just not be worth living. We don’t believe for one second that you all would agree to becoming microchipped slaves of the cabal, residing inside tightly controlled slave camps that will be know as smart cities. Being told how to live your lives. Where to live, where to work, when to sleep, when to rise on a morning, what to eat, when to defecate, when to urinate. These evil tactics were used during World War II inside the POW death camps in Poland.

It is NOT if but WHEN mandatory injections will become law in the UK.

Fight back for FREEDOM and your LIVES.

Headquarters of the Nazi Fascist Puppet Government


The Online Resistance Movement are bringing to you all, the latest TRUTHFUL news on the progression of World War III.

Australia has already gone down, they have even got POW CAMPS with victims already occupying the camps.

Germany has gone down, but the people are STILL fighting back for their lives and taking to the streets.

Austria will be going down on February 1, 2022 but these good people WILL continue fighting back for their freedom and their lives.

Canada is NEXT, as we predicted. That nazi fascist maniac Trudeau has ordered that people who haven’t received the DEATH JAB – WILL be excluded from shopping for food. On his itinerary is : MASS STARVATION, which is also part of the United Nations Agenda 21 plan.

In Europe, thousands and thousands of people have taken to the streets to fight back in protest. In Brussels – the nazi fascist pig enemy’s water canons were sprayed upon the freedom fighters.

The global nazi fascist enemy are RAMPING UP their position amidst this World War III. In order to speed up the 21st century holocaust, the enemy are considering JABBING people EVERY WEEK with the death juice.

The resistance WILL continue fighting back whatever it takes.

World War III is now rapidly disseminating throughout the globe. We have to stay one step in front of them and continue the FIGHT BACK FOR FREEDOM AND LIFE.

It won’t be too long now before the global enemy shut down the internet; we are WARNING you – it is COMING. If this setback occurs, we are READY to continue fighting back another way.

Our advice to everyone – Do not cave in to these nazi fascist coercive blackmailing threats. Give them an inch and they WILL take a yard – you will NEVER be FREE. They are training the weak willed, terrified zombies, getting them ready for the SMART CITY enslavement camps.

Message to everyone : RESIST, DEFY, DO NOT COMPLY.




We have to STOP this evil madness now.

The New World Order unelected government have unleashed HELL upon all of us. The Online Resistance movement have been warning EVERYONE now for over 15 months that the 21st century holocaust was on the horizon. It is NO longer on the horizon and many terrified, naive souls have fallen for this evilness that has been unleashed upon unsuspecting innocent people throughout the world and they are NO longer alive.

The Global enemy, with the Rothschild’s as their top generals have ISSUED a worldwide culling of the people, because in their wicked evil eyes – the world is overpopulated.

The evil, vile wicked plan of Agenda 21 is now in FULL OPERATION and is rapidly accelerating faster than the speed of light. Many innocent people have DIED within 48 hours of receiving their first DEATH JAB and they have DIED horrible, wicked, excruciatingly painful DEATHS.

If some of you are NEW readers to this website, then please check out our posts for a FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS of these covid19 injections, that are being promoted as health protectors, when in fact they are LETHAL INJECTIONS, designed to END your life.

A few of these highly toxic ingredients that are contained within these potions of death are : Mercury, Aluminium, Potassium Chloride, Diesel and Tromethamine : All highly toxic and corrosive.

The run down of antibody immune enhancement, (which also leads to injection dependency) and WILL lead to a cytokine storm inside your immune system which eventually leads to : MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE, swiftly followed by DEATH is as follows : 1st dose – your natural immunity is REDUCED to 50%. If you survive the 1st dose, the 2nd dose will reduce your natural immunity to 25%. If you survive the two doses, the booster dose will reduce your natural immunity to ZERO. We can’t be any clearer than that. For those people who are not educated in anatomy and physiology – your body CANNOT survive WITHOUT an immune system. If you have been unlucky enough to have had all three doses and survived, by this point you will have become very ill and the next time you come into contact with one of the wild coronaviruses – a cytokine storm will erupt inside your immune system and the natural killer cells NK1 will NOT stop until you suffer MULTIPLE organ failure. NK2 – the healing cell will FAIL in its task to heal. It will not even get a chance to enter the war zone that is raging wildly inside your body. The next phase will be that you will become extremely ill, you will suffer multiple organ failure, then die. Note – Our apologies if we have offended anyone, but we TELL the TRUTH as IT IS, unbiased, whether good or bad.

The 21st century holocaust has begun and the trend is set for it to get MUCH WORSE.

This war is not over by a long shot. The future isn’t set yet, but you all need to RISE UP and FIGHT BACK. The option for you to go run and hide is NO longer an option. You must fight back. We are fighting for our lives.

Good people who chose to do nothing and allow the enemy to walk all over them are condoning what the enemy is doing, we cannot accept this attitude, because in our eyes – they are collaborators of the enemy.

Our message to everyone regarding this covid19 DEATH JAB is to : REFUSE, RESIST, KEEP ON FIGHTING BACK FOR FREEDOM & LIFE.



The Online Resistance Movement have received official confirmation that the big pharmaceutical company Pfizer were aware that they were preparing a DEATH JAB in order to CULL the world’s population. And this most vital important information has been very cleverly and deliberately SUPPRESSED by Pfizer, the government and the global enemy of the people.

As we have already indicated in previous posts – the covid19 injection is a concoction of a conglomeration of highly toxic dangerous chemicals, specifically designed to KILL and that is exactly what is happening in the world right now. Note – no sane well informed individual would deliberately agree to be injected with DIESEL – (the same stuff that powers diesel motor vehicles). But that is only ONE of the highly toxic substances contained within these KILLER INJECTIONS.

The death jab was prepared upon the orders of the New World Order secret ruling UNELECTED GOVERNMENT, of which the ROTHSCHILD’S have given the orders for these potions of death to be prepared and made ready for the 21st century depopulation, to fall in line with the United Nations Agenda 21 plan – to REDUCE THE SIZE OF THE WORLD POPULATION from around seven billion of us to five hundred million survivors. The survivors of World War III will be corralled inside the tightly controlled SMART CITIES, of which the blueprints for these smart cities already exist.

According to the great, wonderful, honest and truthful Dr. Vernon Coleman, who incidentally is the resistance’s top general in this war – the terrified, naive people who have already been brainwashed and coerced into taking this LETHAL INJECTION, will survive for just another five years; that is if the victim’s of this death jab survive the first injection, second injection and booster jab. Many of these World War III victims have already succumbed to the death jab within 48 hours post injection of their first jab. Others who have survived the first jab have been so badly maimed and messed up that they have totally lost the quality of life. There have been many cases of people going blind; some suffering bells palsy; others suffering grand mal seizures, tremors, other neurological disorders, blood disorders, skin disorders, heart problems, pericarditis (7 year old children suffering heart attacks and dying) and DEATH. The list of post covid19 injection injuries are too many to list and are endless.

The good doctor has been writing, predicting and publishing on health matters for the past half of a century and his predictions are uncannily ACCURATE. When Dr. Coleman states that an event is going to occur – it usually is FRIGHTENINGLY ACCURATE.

We are repeating once again – the covid19 injections are NOT health protectors, but are biological warfare weapons of MASS GENOCIDE.

If you all haven’t already done so or you are new to this website, we are vehemently recommending that you read our posts on the covid19 injections – FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS.

We are also strongly recommending that you also download your FREE copies of the United Nations Agenda 21 plan and the Rockerfeller Lockstep Procedure 2010.

Dr. Vernon Coleman’s FREE books on masks do more harm than good can also be downloaded for FREE on this website.

There doesn’t seem to be much hope for the covid19 death jab victims, we can only hope for the best, but the future for these people looks gloomy.

As for the rest of us, who have NEVER entertained these death jabs, we are in the thick of World War III. We don’t have much to look forward to as the dragnet of the global enemy is rapidly tightening its stranglehold on all of us. What do we have to look forward to? The wicked horrifying end results of the mad insane Commander In Chief – Bill Gates’s CALCIUM CARBONATE spewed into the skies amidst the outer stratosphere to BLOCK OUT THE SUN. Which will POISON the people, KILL the animals and crops. Food shortages are on the horizon and water shortages are on the horizon. As World War III progresses, you will witness EVIL EVENTS of history repeating itself – as some of us will already be educated about the POW deaths camps in Poland during World War II. These events are set to take place soon. There will be arrests of innocent civilians, their land, property, assets and personal possessions will be confiscated from them. Some will be hauled off to the death camps of World War III, awaiting annihilation. Others will be hauled off to enslavement camps – the smart cities, where they will live for one purpose – to work and earn money for the global enemy.

Don’t even think for one second that this is an exaggeration or fiction. It is ALREADY happening RIGHT NOW in the northern territory of Australia – Perth and Darwin, where martial law is RIFE. The covid19 concentration camps are already in operation. We have also heard that the UN army are amassing over there and there are roadblocks. They are checking all of the passing vehicles searching for three escaped HEALTHY citizens who were detained inside this covid19 POW camp.

You all might be thinking “ah well, Australia is a long long way off.” Don’t be fooled by the distance in countries. Amidst this war, these evil, vile, wicked tactics WILL disseminate rapidly throughout the world in the blink of an eye. There will be martial law coming to your country soon and the concentration camps in Britain will soon be in operation.

Right now all eyes are on World War III as it unfolds in Australia and also Austria, when they start mandating vaccines for their citizens on the 1st February, 2022. Germany is NOT far behind Austria. It seems hard to believe that in this modern day, once civilised society that we are going to witness a repetition of the mass genocide of World War II, many of us WILL perish; so the resistance cannot allow this war to continue any longer. Also, spare a thought and a prayer for the Austrian people, as their government start to mete out the DEATH JAB to ALL of their citizens – they are going to KILL their people and this is an absolute colossal looming TRAGEDY.

The resistance WILL continue to FIGHT BACK and continue fighting back because we are fighting for our lives and our freedom.

Be careful, be READY, we may have to enter into physical combat if it comes down to that, because we are literally FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES.