The Online Resistance Movement have recently submitted EVIDENCE to the evil, corrupt, UK nazi government in an attempt to STOP the procedure of them FORCING HEALTH PASSPORTS onto the people; which if our efforts fail and the health passport scheme will be STEAM ROLLERED ahead, it will SADLY shunt us ONE STEP CLOSER to GLOBAL SLAVERY and the NEW WORLD ORDER. We submitted evidence hesitantly because the UK government are CORRUPT, EVIL and ROTTEN right down to their already ROTTING CORE; but we had to try, even though we know that they are just PUPPETS of the REAL UNELECTED GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, which is run by the ROTHSCHILD’S, Bill Gates and their EVIL CRIMINAL COHORTS.

The following is the document that the Online Resistance Movement submitted to the government :


Many British people are unable to be vaccinated for genuine medical reasons and if this vaccine passport scheme is vetoed through your government, these unvaccinated people will be ALIENATED from society and become OUTCASTS, who will be DISCRIMINATED AGAINST and WHO will NOT be able to engage in any part of public life and this class of people will NOT even be able to enter a shop to BUY LIFE SUSTAINING FOOD. The Vaccine Passport scheme is just another form of digital identify which most people DON’T WANT because it is an INVASION OF PRIVACY. GUARANTEED TO FAIL – NOT FEASIBLE. You will also FAIL in electronically tracking the vaccinated people, like you FAILED with the NHS track and trace app. People DON’T want to be TRACKED, because we are NOT residing in Stalin’s RUSSIA.

Vaccine health passports are just NOT feasible to introduce into society that is ALREADY struggling and reeling in the aftermath of the CHAOS and DESPERATION caused by the UK government imposing entirely unnecessary severe and strangulatory restrictions because of the new covid19 virus.

  1. You need to consider the possibility that many people are unable to become vaccinated for medical reasons and these people WILL be excluded and ostracised from society. They will become OUTCASTS in society and they will be SEGREGATED from the vaccinated.
  2. The unvaccinated people will be discriminated against and excluded from many public places and this will become catastrophic to the British population.
  3. Vaccine health passports are NOT feasible because the vaccinated people who have these health passports will have NO PRIVACY when it comes down to their medical history. So medical confidentiality will be out of the window when every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary and Jane will be able to see their current PERSONAL MEDICAL VACCINE and DRUG data, which will include the individual’s drug and vaccine history, which should be PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL, between patient and their doctor.
  4. Vaccine health passports are BAD because this concept CAN and WILL be used to TRACK this individual’s moves and will show where they have been, whom they have contacted, which shops they have entered and where they have travelled – AGAIN, privacy of the individual flies out of the window.
  5. Vaccinated individuals will NOT be able to travel or do anything if their vaccine health passport is NOT UP-TO-DATE.
  6. Vaccinated individuals will NOT be able to travel or engage in any public activities if their mobile phone has broken down or they have lost their phone.
  7. Many people DON’T have access to the internet and many people don’t even have a mobile phone or access to a mobile phone. These people also, will be EXCLUDED from society and ostracised. Even if these individuals have been given a hard copy paper certificate to prove that they have been vaccinated, that certificate COULD and WILL be lost – GUARANTEED TO FAIL.
  8. The vaccine health passport will eventually lead to a MICROCHIP in the hand and many British citizens DON’T desire to become SLAVES to an ELECTRONIC TAGGING SYSTEM. You haven’t even bothered to research this problem. And once again the individual’s PRIVACY will be OUT OF THE WINDOW, once that microchip has been inserted into their hand, which will also act as a DIGITAL IDENTITY chip. We DON’T want digital identities, like we DIDN’T want identity cards years ago. We are NOT living in war time Europe during World War II and we DON’T want to be electronically tagged with a microchip. And regarding electronic microchipping, you will be creating another problem, when the hackers will be able to HACK into the microchip and extract medical details of the individual, whose medical microchip is being hacked.
  9. The vaccine health passport will contain ALL personal medical details about drugs and vaccines that the individual is or has been taking and will include an ELECTRONIC medical history of all of the vaccines and drugs that the individual is or was taking and it WILL be on DISPLAY for EVERYONE to read – again, THERE IS NO PRIVACY.
  10. You have not considered the homeless vagabonds, how will these people fit into your vaccine health passport system? Or will they be made OUTCASTS of society, like those of us who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons?
  11. This vaccine health passport scheme WILL prevent the unvaccinated people from engaging in the most BASIC of needs, like shopping for food. These people WILL be banned from shops and other public places and not being able to buy food to sustain their life, they WILL DIE and you will have MORE BLOOD on your already BLOODIED HANDS, after all of those people DIED unnecessarily because of these entirely UNNECESSARY OPPRESSIVE LOCKDOWNS. The outcasts will PERISH if you push this vaccine health passport through. They will ALL be segregated and outcast from society, they will eventually STARVE to death, not being allowed to go to the shop to purchase food.
  12. The vaccine health passport scheme that you are wanting to push through, will eventually lead to the DIGITAL version of the MICROCHIP in the hand and most of the British people DON’T want that. We DON’T want to be electronic slaves and we want to keep our MEDICAL INFORMATION AND MEDICAL HISTORY PRIVATE, like it should be and has ALWAYS been until now.
  13. You have ALREADY FAILED miserably with the App regarding track and trace for the NHS and this NEW VACCINE HEALTH PASSPORT SCHEME IS ALREADY GUARANTEED TO FAIL. You have NOT considered a systems failure.
  14. With over 66 million people in Britain, the vaccine health passport scheme is GUARANTEED TO FAIL, as you will NOT be able to keep up with TRACKING these people’s movements, because that is what it ALL boils down to. GUARANTEED TO FAIL.


The above information was very carefully pieced together and sent to the UK government LAST WEEK.

Remember people :

Keep your chin up, keep your spirits up, we must ALL STICK TOGETHER and we will WIN this war.




Thank you all so very much for your continued help and support, which is very much appreciated by us.


The Online Resistance Movement have discovered an amazingly DECEPTIVE video featuring war criminal Matt Hancock and the equally war criminal nutty professor Jonathon Van Tam.

The UK nazi puppet leader’s right hand man Matt Hancock was SEEN on video allegedly being jabbed with the HIGHLY TOXIC POISONOUS Astra Zeneca depopulation jab. We say allegedly, because you all need to see this video with your own eyes to believe what WE SAW.

The UK fascist nazi right hand man who is equivalent in rank to Heinrich Himmler of the third reich, was bubbling with joy and enthusiasm and even though he was sporting a blue muzzle, it was evident and CLEAR that he was smiling, as his EYES lit up like the Blackpool illuminations whilst he was allegedly being jabbed with the Astra Zeneca depop shot.

We have included TWO videos extracted from the SAME video scene and one is a CLOSE UP. On the close up, DON’T blink or divert your eyes away from the screen or you will MISS the GRAND FINALE and the sleight of hand, which was administered by the NUTTY PROFESSOR Van Tam. Notice how the alleged needle (which is attached to the syringe) slides into the arm SO SWIFTLY and SO SMOOTHLY. This folks, doesn’t happen in real life and I should know, I have had quite a bit of experience in needle injection. The LAST hypodermic needle that was injected into my arm was the 1993 influenza jab and that one ALMOST CLAIMED my life. Notice how the NUTTY PROFESSOR conceals the retractable needle from sight as he covers that area with his fingers, because he DOESN’T want you all to see the retractable needle popping back out of the syring body.

The Online Resistance Movement are ALREADY aware of the fact that anyone can purchase STAGE PROPS for the use in movies and on stage performances. What has this got to do with Matt Hancock taking the alleged shot? Actually EVERYTHING! Last week, the Online Resistance Movement stumbled across an amazing website that is selling RETRACTABLE NEEDLES attached to syringes as STAGE PROPS. Once the needle touches the skin, it retracts back into the syringe and THAT folks is how the Nutty Professor Van Tam FEIGNED vaccinating Heinrich Himmler (Matt Hancock).

Once again we are WARNING each and every one of you to STEER CLEAR of the covid19 depopulation shot and this INCLUDES – ALL drug manufacturers who are producing the covid19 injections.

The two videos featured below are ALL SLEIGHT of HAND and used to DECEIVE NAIVE and GULLIBLE people:

Hancock (Heinrich Himmler)


The Online Resistance Movement are presenting to our readers, a sample of the LATEST DEATH figures in the VAERS reporting systems; post covid19 injection.

The youngest age in this section is 63 years. Although we do have evidence that people of ALL ages both young and old have succumbed to the covid19 depopulation jab and some of the age ranges of people who have died post covid19 injection are as young as 25 years – male and female.

Please download this sample of the latest DEATH STATISTICS from VAERS as report dated April 16, 2021, for your perusal and examination of the PLAIN HARSH FACTS :

The Online Resistance Movement will CONTINUE to PUSH back against the GLOBAL MAFIA harder and smarter: They will NOT win this war.

Thank you all for your very kind and considerate continued help and support amidst World War III, the Online Resistance Movement appreciate your help and support very much.




These are OUR people folks, who BRAVELY fought on the FRONTLINE battlefield in London on Saturday April 24, 2021. These FREEDOM FIGHTERS are VERY BRAVE indeed.

It is an absolute DISGRACE that these DECENT people were being BATTERED and ARRESTED by the enemy.

This World War III of the People vs the Global Mafia is SET TO GET MUCH WORSE and this is why the RESISTANCE are FIGHTING BACK.

If the insane MADMEN controlling government are NOT stopped, there will be an OUTBREAK OF FULL SCALE CIVIL WAR in this country, because the RESISTANCE will NOT tolerate EVIL, FASCIST NAZI DICTATORSHIP. We were BORN FREE and we WILL FIGHT BACK for FREEDOM, no matter WHAT THE COST, because we the people have NOTHING to LOSE and EVERYTHING to GAIN.

The Online Resistance Movement pray that these INSANE, EVIL, GOVERNMENT TYRANTS will soon be standing in the DOCK facing GENOCIDAL WAR CRIMINAL CHARGES in the ICC at NUREMBERG. Thousands of people have DIED through their EVIL tyranny and it has to STOP NOW.

Adolf Hitler once had such a MAD DREAM to TOTALLY CONTROL the world and that became his undoing and his lust for GREED, POWER and MONEY eventually devoured him and HE got his JUST DESSERT in the end. And the Global Mafia are treading that SAME PATH OF DESTRUCTION, which WILL lead to their OWN DEMISE. How they can sleep at night knowing FULL WELL that they have MASS MURDERED some of the British people with their covid19 depopulation drug is beyond our wildest comprehension. These mad lunatics must have cast iron inside their skulls instead of a brain. There is one thing for sure, there is DEFINITELY something WRONG with the AMYGDALA part of their brain. If this amygdala is damaged, it WILL cause the individual to ACT WITHOUT COMPASSION, CONSCIENCE or REMORSE and in certain cases, such as in the nazi puppet dicator Johnson’s case and his criminal cohorts, they have MOST certainly got a defective amygdala. This current UK government are EVIL and they want TOPPLING and very soon.

The Resistance will NOT STOP fighting until we WIN THIS WORLD WAR III.

It is the Online Resistance Movement’s intentions to BLAST and BROADCAST these images and our content around the world. We want ALL the peoples of the world to know what is happening to British citizens.

Please share this information and the images FAR and WIDE with everyone you know and with people you don’t know. WE HAVE TO GET THE TRUTH OUT TO ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

Thank you all so very much for your continued kind help and support, which is very much appreciated.



The Online Resistance Movement are presenting some absolutely APPALLING, DISGUSTING and SHOCKING images of just how DANGEROUS these untested, unlicensed, for emergency use only covid19 injections are.

It beggars belief that guillible, naive, terrified people will contine to accept this KILLER JAB into their body’s, especially after being FULLY INFORMED BEFORE taking this depopulation jab.

The Online Resistance Movement will continue in our mission to save as many lives as possible and to accelerate our mode of defensive attack against an EVIL, UNSCRUPULOUS global mafia, (which the UK government is part of) to PREVENT stupid, frightened, obedient and oppressed people from taking this KILLER JAB.

The Astra Zeneca covid19 injection has ALREADY claimed THOUSANDS of victims, who died within the first few hours post injection and unless we STOP this EVIL MADNESS, the DEATH TOLL WILL continue to RISE.

The other covid19 killer drug manufacturers are yielding the SAME results and most of the people DIE within 48 hours post injection.

The young woman who is our POSTER feature in the EXAMPLE images below was lucky to have survived the first few hours, but she has been badly affected by this KILLER JAB as you will all observe in our illustrated images. This poor young woman is NOT out of the woods, even if this adverse reaction eventually clears up, because when September 2021 rolls around and she comes into contact with one of the 36 wild coronavirus varieties, then she is in SERIOUS trouble when the wild coronavirus enters her viral pathway where she will suffer a CYTOKINE STORM which will lead to multiple organ failure, then DEATH.

The evil, nazi puppet UK government are aggressively pushing their narrative to coerce people into taking this depopulation drug, because they have an agenda to meet, which is to DEPOPULATE Britain to fall in line with the United Nations Agenda 21 plan, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, Bill Gates’ BIG DANGEROUS DRUG pushing EMPIRE and the Rothschild’s CRIMINAL COMMAND WAR ROOM. In response to their evil world war tactics, the Online Resistance Movement are responding with an aggressive counter attack, pushing back harder and smarter to COMBAT this EVIL menace and to SAVE LIVES. **Author’s Note** The Online Resistance Movement pray for the day that these WAR CRIMINALS stand in the dock at the ICC in Nuremberg to face their charges of GENOCIDAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. For your own health and for your own protection, please examine these images carefully and absorb into your mind just how DANGEROUS these covid19 injectable drugs are. And PLEASE share these images with EVERYONE you know, we HAVE to get the TRUTH OUT and SPREAD the TRUTH FAR AND WIDE.

The images that the Online Resistance Movement are presenting to you all are graphic, SICKENING and SHOCKING, so we are advising caution to our readers who may be squeamish :

This is what happens when people DON’T pay attention to FACTS that the covid19 injections are DEPOP SHOTS that MAIM and KILL


Document Filed on : April, 20, 2021 at the ICC.

The Online resistance Movement team have just this moment discovered a most IMPORTANT snippet of information that Melinda C Mayne LPC, LLM, MRA, CDL and Kaira S. McCallum JP BSc., have presented this document to the International Criminal Court requesting that the UK Government be investigated for their part in MASS GENOCIDE of the British public with reference to the HIGHLY TOXIC KILLER COVID19 VACCINES.

The EVIL, DESPICABLE acts that the UK government have unleashed upon the unsuspecting, trusting general public goes against the grain of the NUREMBERG CODE as CRIMES against HUMANITY and HOPEFULLY the International Criminal Court will TAKE UP this MOST IMPORTANT CASE and have these INSANE MADMEN stand trial for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and the Online Resistance Movement hopes that this will come into fruition and have that evil fascist nazi puppet Johnson and his equally crooked and criminal cohorts TRIED, FOUND GUILTY and thrown into PRISON and THEY deserve everything that is COMING TO THEM.

Thousands of people have DIED because of these EVIL, DANGEROUS, HIGHLY TOXIC DEPOP SHOTS.

We will NEVER forget seeing the EVIL reaction of that wicked sidekick of Johnson’s – Matt Hancock, after Margaret Keenan was the FIRST Britain to take the TOXIC POISON live on TV. Hancock was PRETENDING to cry and feigning wiping tears from his dry eyes whilst he was laughing his head off – EVIL, PURE EVIL.

We wish the lawyers GOOD LUCK and we HOPE they SUCCEED with this case. If they do, it will be a MASSIVE VICTORY for the RESISTANCE.

The Online Resistance Are Hoping For a VICTORY against the UK Government at the ICC


By special request, the Online Resistance Movement are reporting that the SPUTNIK V covid19 vaccine that was HURRIEDLY prepared in a matter of a few months is yet another HIGHLY TOXIC DANGEROUS drug. This is NOT a vaccine, but a killing agent in order to fall in line with the Agenda 21 program to DEPOPULATE the earth.

Since we have studied this Sputnik V covid19 injection, we have also discovered SHOCKING evidence that people have DIED following their receiving this depopulation drug, which contrary to what people have been told is NOT a health protector, but a killer drug.

The V contained within the title name of this HIGHLY TOXIC KILLER DRUG is not the Roman numeral 5, but its meaning is defined by its lethal concoction of drugs which is a VECTOR vaccine – SPUTNIK V (vector) COVID19 INJECTION.

The main ingredients of this KILLER VACCINE is made up from preservatives of : SALT, SUGAR and ALCOHOL in CONCENTRATION FORM.

The Sputnik V is a viral vector vaccine, which was developed by the Gamaleya Research Centre of Epidemiology and Microbiology.

The absolutely SHOCKING part of this is that : CLINICAL TRIALS ARE STILL ONGOING and these clinical trials will not be competed until around the year 2023. There is NO realistic clinical data studies and the double blinded clinical trials study is yet to be completed. This drug is UNLICENSED and UNTESTED and has been authorised for emergency use only. And we at the Online Resistance Movement believe that by injecting HIGHLY TOXIC substances into a healthy individual can hardly be classed as an emergency.

Clinical trials for phase I and phase II have been RUSHED and the published data for these two phases were hurriedly published on September 4, 2020 which data misleads because the results are NOT genuine clinical trial results, including false and inaccurate information. It is a totally misleading scientific paper regarding these rushed phase I and phase II clinical trials for the Sputnik V covid19 vaccine that was published in the Lancet demonstrating an efficacy of 91.6% which is FALSE reporting because clinical trials are STILL ongoing.

The Sputnik V covid19 injection is a viral vector vaccine containing human adenoviruses and which contains a gene capable of encoding FULL LENGTH SPIKE PROTEINS of (Sarscov2) once injected into the body. Once the toxic ingredients are injected into the body, the process is irreversible and the damage is PERMANENT.

The Sputnik V viral vector vaccine is a RECOMBINANT adenovirus containing numbers rAd26 and rAd5 as vectors for the vaccine.



Recombinant vector human adenovirus vaccine with numbers rAd26 and rAd5, gene encoding for full length S spike proteins.


Sodium chloride (salt)

Dissodium EDTA dihydrate – highly toxic substance containing FORMALDEHYDE

Polysorbate 80 (cancer causer) – used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oils, lotions and tablets, HIGHLY TOXIC

Ethanol 95% – alcohol


**Note** the gene encoding therapy inside this vaccine leads to ONE ROAD only and that is if the recipient survives the first few hours, weeks, months of this DEPOPULATION SHOT, the next time they come into contact with one of the 36 wild coronaviruses, a cytokine storm will commence within the immune system of the host, which cannot be switched off, becauses the host has been turned into a viral making machine. When the wild coronavirus enters the viral pathway and meets with the immune system, the host’s immune system will be thrust into OVERDRIVE and the immune system will commence to ATTACK the body’s own cells. This process WILL continue until the host acquires immediate medical assistance to combat this KILLER cytokine storm attack or the host will die within a few hours to a few days when they suffer MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE. **Note** NOT one individual has been SAVED by the medical professionals following the victim being afflicted with this medically caused condition and why? Because this drug is designed to KILL the host. So in a strange twist of fate, it IS successful, because it is KILLING people and it is a NEGATIVE success for the Rothschild led worldwide MAFIA, which includes BIG PHARMA.

The Sputnik V covid19 vaccine is being trialled in the following countries :

India, Brazil, China, South Korea, Hungary and Argentina.

Regardless of whether these citizens are aware of this pertinent fact or not – the people who have had this KILLER SHOT pumped into their body’s are human guinea pigs who are partaking in a WORLDWIDE CLINICAL TRIAL to aid and appease BIG PHARMA: So some of them may be unwitting clinical trial guinea pigs.

All of this has occurred because of a mild virus that is LESS virulent and LESS harmful than the seasonal influenza and according to Dr. Vernon Coleman, this so called new virus was DOWNGRADED as less potent back in March of 2020, long before the lockdowns commenced. This information can be FOUND on the UK Gov website.

According to Dr. Tom Cowan this virus does NOT exist because it has NEVER been isolated and purified and the Online Resistance Movement have read and examined the CDC document which ADMITS that they NEVER found the covid19 virus. However, this virus is STILL patented as number : 776521-B1, which was allegedly developed in a North Carolina University using Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein building method.

The fragmented genetic material from Sarscov2 of this SPIKE protein is fused into TWO different adenoviruses, which then forms the INFAMOUS S SPIKE PROTEINS that have already KILLED thousands of people within a few hours after receiving the shot from the other S Spike protein vaccines – Moderna and Pfizer.

Once thrust into motion after the immune system comes into contact with one of the 36 wild coronaviruses, a CYTOKINE STORM will be vastly accelerated into action, sending the body’s immune system HAYWIRE, wreaking havoc inside every tissue and inside every major organ, then DEATH will swiftly follow as the major organs are DAMAGED beyond recovery.

The Sputnik V covid19 injection is a TWO INJECTION PROTOCOL, as per the Pfizer and Moderna S spike protein vaccines. rAd26 and rAd5 adenoviruses complete the TRIANGLE OF DEATH.

The rushed misleading phase 1 and phase II clinical trials data produced a high efficacy after tests were rushed to discover a high antibody yield in the blood serum of test subjects. Which the scientists regarded as a success.

At this moment in time, 40,000 human guinea pigs situated in the following countries are test subjects for the Sputnik V covid19 vaccine : UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Brazil and India.

Double blinded clinical trials are still ongoing, one group taking the highly toxic substance and the controlled group are being given a placebo. Trial subjects are being tested within each age group band : 18-30 years, 31-40 years, 41-50 years, 51-60 years and 60+ years.

The useless pcr tests are administered during screening and before the second dose is administered.

The usual side effects are noted and recorded : Fever, headaches, sore throat and DEATH.

RELATED DEATHS caused by the Sputnik V covid19 vaccine was – HEART ATTACK, LUNG COLLAPSE, HYPERTENSION, leading up to the individual’s death within a few short hours proceeding their being injected with this FOUL DEPOP SHOT.

The ages of the victims of death ranged between 25 years to 69 years, which included : BREATHING DIFFICULTIES, EDEMA (swelling), muscle weakness, hypertension, headaches, dizziness, fever, followed by DEATH.

Please do copy print and SHARE this MOST IMPORTANT information. The Online Resistance Movement team are working hard to save as MANY LIVES as we can.

A BIG BIG THANK YOU to all of our regular helpers, supporters and readers for helping us to SPREAD THE TRUTH FAR AND WIDE.






It is with deep regret that the Online Resistance Movement have had the occasion to remove all references and links to this TERRIBLE VIDEO HOSTING platform, which offers a terrible service at its best.

Brand New Tube is NOW brand new history so far as the Online Resistance Movement are concerned and we don’t appreciate touting for brand new tube and having their administration freeload onto us, especially when they possess the arrogance to treat us with contempt. We have faithfully promoted their trashy video platform service for quite some while now and we have tolerated their slowness and incompetence regarding their videos; knowing full well that they are running the video hosting site as if it is an old banger (old car).

Since the Online Resistance Movement opened an account with Brand New Tube, we have experienced NOTHING but trouble. We cannot enter a title description inside their search bar and have their search engine find the video we have been looking for, it comes up BLANK when we know for a fact that the video IS on their platform and it DOES exist. We have had our account hacked into many times on this platform and the straw that broke the camels back was when we attempted to UPLOAD an old video and they were supposed to be reviewing it, even though this video minus the thumbnail was ALREADY ON THEIR VIDEO screenings and had been so for seven months. Apparently, someone in the Brand New Tube administration deemed it FIT to DELETE the thumbnail of our video, making it most unappealing to anyone. When we uploaded the video again, it was STILL UNDER REVIEW SOME EIGHT HOURS LATER and we noticed that videos that had been uploaded AFTER ours were already playing. They then had the audacity to send us notifications DEMANDING payment for an upgrade, throwing useless video content at us which had absolutely NO appeal to us at all, that didn’t contain content regarding the present world at war and then they attempted to coerce us into purchasing their cheap merchandise.

We sent an email to the founder of this TRASHY video hosting service complaining about just how BAD their service was and how INCOMPETENT they are. We have NEVER received a reply. We contacted them on other occasions prior to this regarding video playing problems and they STILL NEVER answered our emails. However, according to Dr. Coleman, he has experienced absolutely no trouble at all in communicating with them. He must have been lucky to receive any reply from these incompetent, unfit buffoons.

There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the video, in fact, the video in question is extremely relevant to what is happening in the world right now during World War III and our Chief Executive has pieced it all together, because this World War III didn’t just start one year ago, it dates back to 5 years ago and maybe a little longer than that, when our Chief Executive’s family were picked off and MURDERED one by one when they became ill around Christmas time in 2015. They were MURDERED by the NHS who used a conglomeration of highly toxic drugs in colossal overdoses at 15 minute intervals, until her family DIED. This video is actually on our own website and it was uploaded to this site last year.

What caused us to be even more angry was the lackadaisical, ignorant, pompous, bigoted attitude of the Brand New Tube founder : Mohammed Butt, whom Dr. Coleman praises to the hilt, why? We have absolutely NO idea than the man in the moon. Butt uploaded a video to his site some while ago, complaining and arrogantly moaning about someone falsely accusing him of murder and nobody really cared what he had to say. This was mentioned in the second email, when he FAILED to answer our FIRST email. He seemed to be suffering from delusions of grandeur because he gave the impression that HE was an isolated case, being accused of murder and the following MAKES HIM AN ULTIMATE HYPOCRIT : He published his own video moaning about being accused of murder, but yet he FAILED to upload our video containing the SAME SUBJECT MATTER. Our poor suffering Chief Executive was subjected not just to FALSE ACCUSATIONS of murdering her own family, but she was ARRESTED for the SAME and WITHOUT PROOF. This is ALL in the video and it can be found on THIS WEBSITE.

Five years ago our Chief Executive’s family fell ill around Christmas time, they put their faith in the NHS. When the NHS got HEAVY with them after they REFUSED to go to hospital for treatment, the POLICE were called by the NHS practitioners Dr. Ajay Mistry and Dr. Adebowle Adekunle. There were 4 tall burly male police officers waiting for her and her sister to enter the trap that the evil NHS had set up for them at the surgery. The police officers threatened physical violence, not just to our chief executive, but her sister who was poorly at the time. Her sister was FORCED upon the ambulance trolley and strapped in, then she was spirited away to meet with her DEATH. Our chief tried to STOP this from happening. She even tried to rescue her sister from the accident and emergency room and twenty years ago, that plan just may well have worked out, but they were BOTH in for an extremely RUDE awakening – it was ALL SECURITY, SECURITY, SECURITY and the Barnsley NHS Trust Hospital, which has CHANGED its name again this time to Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, (it should be named DEATH CHAMBER NO.1 NHS ROTHSCHILD), was RUN LIKE A PRISON WITHOUT BARS. A struggle broke out in the cubicle between the KILLER INJECTOR and our chief as she came back a THIRD time to inject her sister again within 15 minutes of the last two injections and this evil NHS cow was attempting to MURER her sister. She had already jabbed her with TWO MASSIVE OVERDOSES OF HIGHLY TOXIC DRUGS within 15 minutes and she was BACK AGAIN with another shot.

Her father was murdered by the same NHS hospital some 8 weeks earlier, then they succeeded in murdering her youngest sister, despite efforts to fight back to save her sister’s life.

Our chief was then ARRESTED by CID detectives whilst she was checking out her empty parents’ home at her mother’s insistence. They came with two search warrants and NO official arrest warrant. She made the mistake of opening the door to them. As soon as the door was open, 3 detectives barged their way into the property. One male – Matthew Jackson, (who was armed with 2 property search warrants, signed by magistrate David Walker) and two females, Emma Wheatcroft from Doncaster CID and Belinda Dhami from the Barnsley branch. She told Jackson that if he did not have an arrest warrant for her that she was NOT going with them. Why? Because she was TRAUMATISED at losing her best pal and she was still grieving over her father’s death. Jackson and Wheatcroft eventually got the UPPER HAND and FORCED her to get into their unmarked police car. She was then THREATENED by Belinda Dhami who demanded “IF YOU DON’T HAND OVER THE KEYS TO YOUR HOUSE, WE WILL CAUSE DAMAGE and YOU WILL NEED A NEW FRONT DOOR.” The 2 property search warrants were for her parents’ home and her own home. All of this EVILNESS took place during the third week of January 2016.

The then coroner David Pendrys ordered a state autopsy to be performed on her sister and she could NOT stop this procedure. SHE was also kept in the dark as to where and when this investigative venue was to take place. Our chief was highly educated in autopsy procedures, having studied videos and for years afterwards, she was experiencing nightmares. She didn’t want them to dissect her beloved sister, her youngest sister was her life, her friend, her adviser, her everything and the evil NHS MURDERED her in cold blood.

The autopsy was performed on February 4, 2016 AFTER her FALSE ARREST. The CID detectives came back to her ONE month later to RED FACELY APOLOGISE for MAKING A COLOSSAL BLUNDER and putting her through all of that UNNECESSARINESS and the case was CLOSED.

The NHS have gotten away with MURDER and this is 5 years on.

Why is our chief’s case so significant? It is all connected to the GLOBAL MAFIA and their plan to DEPOPULATE the earth and unfortunately, her family were AMONGST the FIRST victims of World War III.

Since that time, other people have come forward and explained how the EVIL KILLING MACHINE of the NHS has MURDERED their sick relatives AFTER our chief’s family were murdered by the NHS 5 years ago.

And if you all are not careful, they WILL be coming for you and your family. They will be coming for your : possessions, your food, your money, your home and your life and it WILL be coming in the guise of the covid19 injection which is NOT a health protector but a KILLING AGENT to DEPOPULATE the world. If you all survive the injection, you will be herded up and corralled into HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION CAMPS to work as SLAVES for the Global Mafia. That is the DESTINY of us all, so we HAVE TO FIGHT BACK with all of our strength and our MIGHT and we HAVE to win this war.

Mohammed Butt at Brand New Tube is not exactly helping the cause, since he NEVER uploaded our video that was ALREADY ON THEIR VIDEO PLATFORM minus the thumbnail. He and his staff should be ASHAMED of themselves, because they run that video hosting website LIKE CHICKEN NIGHT IN TURKEY.

We NO longer have an account with Brand New Tube and we have absolutely NO intention of ever going back to them.

We will be making a new video regarding this tragedy and how it is connected to WORLD WAR III when we can schedule it into our very busy blog.

Online Resistance Movement / Chief Executive


That is absolutely appalling folks, 60% of Chinese citizens have sold their FREEDOMS, HEALTH and LIFE in exchange for a LOUSY CHEAP MEAL or vouchers for a LOUSY CHEAP MEAL. These mugs have absolutely NO idea than the man in the moon what evil damage that they have done to their own bodies.

The mentality of these brainwashed people is unbelievable. It appears as though they have absolutely NO idea that they have SIGNED their own DEATH WARRANT. Apparently, life doesn’t seem to mean much to them.

If these stupid people cared about their own health and life, they would definitely have REFUSED the covid19 KILLER DEPOP JABS, which are directly related to the global Agenda 21 plan to depopulate the earth and to the GRAND MASTERS OF DEATH – THE GLOBAL MAFIA, headed by the Rothschild’s with Bill Gates as the NEXT NEW WORLD NAZI RULER for the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that they are attempting to FORCE upon all of us.

The Online Resistance Movement are unsure which of the 60% of brainwashed unsaveable Chinese sheep have taken the Pfizer mRNA covid19 injection or the Sinopharm covid19 injection, because that part of the reporting video was vague.

Both the Sinopharm covid19 injection and the Pfizer injection will wreak HAVOC inside the bodies of the injected Chinese. The covid19 Sinopharm injection has been cultured on MOTH CELLS. The Pfizer fragmented covid19 injection contains monkey dna and aborted fetal tissue, along with a million other HIGHLY TOXIC INGREDIENTS that would KILL the whole world WITH ONE DOSE times 9 billion. BOTH of these covid19 injections does and WILL change the DNA code of the recipient forever. These victims have been turned into PATHOGEN MAKING MACHINES, continually producing synthetic viral proteins. Once initiated, this sequence CANNOT be turned off and CANNOT be REVERSED. The DAMAGE is DONE and it is PERMANENT.

The Online Resistance did receive a special request from a Chinese citizen a while back, asking for details of ingredients from the Sinopharm covid19 injection. We did our UTMOST BEST in research to bring these MOST IMPORTANT details to EVERYONE. And the Sinopharm covid19 injection ingredients CAN be found within our posts.

The Online Resistance Movement are addressing the UNVACCINATED Chinese people – STAY THE HELL AWAY from these DANGEROUS, LIFE THREATENING covid19 injections, it will bring you NOTHING BUT MISERY and DEATH, you MUST resist and do NOT sell your health and your life for a lousy cheap meal. Your life is PRICELESS, you cannot place a price on your head. You all mull over this for a while and you will DISCOVER the REAL TRUTH BEHIND all of this UNNECESSARY EVILNESS. **Note** My later father (God bless him) once told me “YOU DON’T GET ANYTHING FOR NOTHING” and he was and still is RIGHT. These WARLORDS are injecting you all with LETHAL TOXIC POISONS and you WILL PAY – WITH YOUR LIFE.

We also resonate and echo this most important message to ALL CORNERS OF THE EARTH – STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THESE DANGEROUS KILLER COVID19 INJECTIONS. The Global Mafia want us all DEAD and the dangerous covid19 injections are the LEADING MODE OF ANNIHILATION to a ONE WAY TICKET TO OBLIVION, with courtesy of Bill Gates and the Global Mafia.

Do NOT sell yourself out for a LOUSY CHEAP MEAL.

Do NOT, we repeat do NOT TRUST THESE EVIL ONE WAY INJECTABLE TICKETS TO HELL. Do NOT trust your government, they are LYING TO YOU.