The Online Resistance Movement have just discovered that governments from all around the world commenced to purchase covid19 testing kits TWO YEARS BEFORE the pandemic was announced.

This is further proof that this whole evil rotten mess was planned long ago and it is SICKENING.

Bill Gates and his globalists thugs KNEW about these secret operations years ago. Indeed Bill Gates has bought himself a seat at the United Nations, who at the moment have set the wheels in motion for the Agenda 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth. And the Agenda 21 plan is NOW IN FULL OPERATION.

Below, you will find a document to download to examine for yourselves which governments around the world bought thousands of COVID19 TEST KITS in 2017. This list has been taken directly from the WITS – WORLD INTEGRATED TRADE SOLUTIONS. Since the time that this most important and vile information has leaked the document has been DELETED, but it is TOO LATE, because the CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG.

It is the sole mission of the Online Resistance Movement to SAVE LIVES and we are SERIOUS about saving as many lives as we can.





And in Piers Corbyn’s words :


Please vote for Piers Corbyn for London Mayor if you all reside in London. Thank you.

WITS Covid19 Testing Kits Bought By Governments Around The World In 2017


In recent months the Online Resistance Movement discovered a youtube video, where the female physician who was featured in the video, claimed that a FEMALE HEAD OF STATE during 2003 confided in her that “IT WOULD SOON BECOME TIME TO CULL THE PEOPLE.”

That folks was in 2003. The female physician in the short video was quick to defend Queen Elizabeth II and claimed it was not her who said these vile words.

However, after doing much digging, the Online Resistance Movement have come to the conclusion that it was HIGHLY LIKELY that it was Queen Elizabeth II who said this back in 2003. Why? Because she is English speaking and was one of the obvious choices. In one of our posts, we featured ALL female HEADS OF STATE during the year 2003 and trust us, there WEREN’T many and most of them probably didn’t have English has their FIRST language. At that time, there were only about a handful of female HEADS OF STATE whereby English was their first language. All of those female heads of state whom we mention are INNOCENT of these vile words. Queen Elizabeth II is the one. And she would have known FULL WELL what the global elite were up to and how they were planning to DEPOPULATE THE WORLD in the near future.

Why are we stating this? Because there is much more to the Royal Family that meets the eye and we only just recently discovered that upon Queen Elizabeth’s visit to a Canadian orphanage whereby she took ten children on a picnic and none of them returned from that picnic, it RAISES SUSPICION. No questions were asked regarding the disappearance of the 10 orphans in Canada. Not only that, a young teenager was discovered DEAD on the Queen’s estate, about a mile from the home. That murder was NEVER investigated and it was covered up by the police. The Royal family also engaged in sacrificial rituals in California in the past.

Also, we believe that the late Princess Diana KNEW about the shenanigans within the Royal family and we have always believed that her death was NO accident. As she was going to spill the beans about the Royal family on her return from France and she NEVER made it.

It is conjecture, but we believe that it was QUEEN ELIZABETH II in 2003 that spoke these VILE WORDS. After all they will be part of the global elite and indeed her son Prince Charles is a globalist and HE believes the world is overpopulated also.

Queen Elizabeth II

We have NEVER supported the Royal family and would much prefer a RUPUBLICAN STATE.


This is the very same Queen Elizabeth II that according to Dr. Vernon Coleman, she announced through the mainstream media and tabloids that “PEOPLE WERE SELFISH FOR NOT TAKING UP THE OFFER OF A FREE VACCINE.”

Well folks, the covid19 injection is hardly free WHEN YOU HAVE TO PAY WITH YOUR LIFE.


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains how these extremely dangerous covid19 vaccines work.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccine work using the SAME principle, by delivering a spike protein inside a lipid shellac to bind to an healthy host cell. In both of these HIGHLY TOXIC injectable KILLER DRUGS, the laboratory edited spike protein is secreted into a lipid shellac, which contains THREE different lipids on the outer coating. One of the lipids is highly toxic and it is called PEG – POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL – a known cancer causer, which also causes massive neurological damage. Once this shellac binds to the host’s healthy cell, it breaks open like an egg and then deposits its genetic coding into the host cell which will then be delivered straight to the RIBOSOMES, which are then programmed to make SPIKE PROTEINS of this genetic material and to CHANGE the dna forever.

According to Dr. Tenpenny, the drug companies attempted to make a vaccine nineteen years ago back in 2002 and they FAILED miserably, why? Because using this kind of method, whereby the drug company takes a small piece of virus from SARS Cov2 and then inserts it into the lipid shellac – it is BOUND TO FAIL, because it then becomes HIGHLY UNSTABLE.

The drug companies performed extensive experiments on animals back in 2002 using this SAME technology that they are using to EXPERIMENT ON HUMANS at this moment in time. Many of the animals in these wicked experiments DIED within hours of receiving the highly toxic chemicals into their system. The animals who survived a little while longer, were then deliberately exposed to the wild coronavirus and they became SERIOUSLY ILL VERY FAST and DIED soon thereafter, due to their immune system reacting with an aggressive CYTOKINE STORM that was continual until the animals lives expired.

It was at this point that the FDA refused to authorise this type of vaccine because it was UNSAFE and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

This kind of condition became known as : A.D.E – Antibody Dependent Enhancement and THAT is happening to humans right now, the individuals who have been DUPED and BRAINWASHED by the government and NHS into taking this covid19 vaccine because they say it is safe, which is a downright LIE. These people whom have survived the covid19 vaccine so far have been TURNED INTO VIRUS MAKING MACHINES for the rest of their lives and they have become highly SENSITIZED to the artificial spike protein that will make then even more susceptible to the wild coronavirus that will eventually wreak HAVOC inside their body when they come into contact with one of these many wild virus varieties.

The Pfizer and the Moderna genetic material takes the encoded recipe to the ribosomes to programme them to make the S spike protein that was made inside a laboratory, which is UNSTABLE and the ribosomes then begin to manufacture and replicate the artificially unstable spike protein and this will continue indefinitely until the host dies. The encoding runs through the ribosomes to make the spike protein and it is supposed to replicate the spike protein on the surface of the coronavirus. The concept behind this new drug technique is for when the next time the host comes into contact with the coronavirus, the antibody that the immune system is making will grab the coronavirus spike protein, gobble it up and neutralise it. That is in THEORY.

But the fact is that what really happens is that because of its instability, the spike protein can bind to the surface of the cells and transfection then takes place, for it to travel in reverse and BIND TO THE HOST’S DNA and it CHANGES the DNA FOREVER. This process is irreversible.

Once this process has taken place, the encoded message is then sent to the mitochondria which are the powerhouse to the cell. They are the driving force that creat fuel for the body to function normally. Once this fuel manufacturing process is disrupted by a foreign agent, the process stops and this is why the body stops its normal functioning because it has been POISONED by a TOXIC SUBSTANCE, which causes it to malfunction and then in turn causes PROFOUND FATIGUE and PROFOUND HEADACHES in the victim and these are two on the mildest symptoms.

Once this foreign mRNA is inside the immune system it will proceed to manufacture HIGH QUANTITIES of antispike antbodies, which in turn will SPARK A CYTOKINE STORM that cannot be stopped. This in turn will lead to MULTI ORGAN FAILURE and DEATH OF THE HOST. It affects lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas; ALL organs.

There is absolutely NO long term scientific studies regarding what happens to the 3 lipids that are all bound together, how they react with each other or how they react inside the host. We do know that one of the lipids is HIGHLY TOXIC and that is the PEG cancer causer and neurological damaging toxin.

The Pfizer vaccine has to be stored in a temperature at -70 degress farenheit, otherwise it becomes unstable.

The PEG – polyethylene glycol causes severe allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock and DEATH.

The coronavirus has been around since 1960 and it produces very similar conditions to the seasonal influenza.

These vaccines have NEVER been approved and were authorised by the E.U.A – Emergency Utilisation Authorisation only.

There are ZERO long term scientific studies regarding these mRNA vaccines and there is absolutely NO scientific data of what these dangerous toxins can do to the cardiovascular system. There is NO scientific data on how harmful they can be on the autoimmune system and NO scientific data on neurological conditions.

The Johnson and Johnson covid19 vaccine is slightly different to the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine, whereby they use an entirely different manufacturing process, but the end result produces the VERY SAME RESULTS as the Pfizer and Moderna covid19 vaccines, making them entirely unsafe.

The Johnson and Johnson covid19 vaccine bypasses the mRNA and they use an ADENOVIRUS to make their toxic vaccine. They first scrape the contents out of the adenovirus shell, then they secrete an already made S spike protein into the empty adenovirus shell and then seal it.

To grow this manufactured spike protein, they use one or two different types of tissue cells that are extracted directly from aborted fetuses. The PCR.C6 is from a retinal tissue and the HEK is extracted from a kidney tissue. The laboratory will grow these spike proteins on the aborted fetal tissue, so it can replicate and make many. These viruses can only grow on living tissue and that is why they use aborted fetal tissues.

Once this Frankenstein made concoction is produced, it is injected into the host and the shell of the adenovirus binds to the host cells, cracks open like an egg and then deposits protein into the host’s system and the process begins to create antispike antibodies of a foreign protein.

This activates toll like receptors inside the host and these toll like receptors inside the host can distinguish between a foreign protein and its own protein. At this point because it is foreign material that comes into contact with the wild conronavirus, it triggers off a CYTOKINE STORM that cannot be turned off, which will lead to MASSIVE INFLAMMATION that will disseminate rapidly throughout the body. It activates white blood cells and the cytokine storm continues aggressively.

There are similarities between ALL three covid19 injections. The Johnson and Johnson, albeit, making the spike protein using a different method to the other two covid19 injections, STILL PRODUCES the SAME NEGATIVE RESULT – a CYTOKINE STORM that will lead to SUFFERING and DEATH.

We are looking into the future in 6 months time, possibly up to 1 year when there will be a TIDAL WAVE OF SUFFERING AND DEATH amongst the covid19 vaccinated when they next come into contact with one of the many 36 wild coronaviruses.

It is at this time, that the government will then BLAME the UNVACCINATED for these deaths, when all the time, it is the HIGHLY TOXIC COVID19 INJECTIONS that have caused MASS GLOBAL DEATH.

Once again, the Online Resistance Movement possess a dedicated duty to FOREWARN everyone who has NOT received any of the covid19 injections, to STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS POSSIBLE, to protect your HEALTH and your LIFE.

We can do nothing to help the already covid19 vaccinated, but we can help ourselves by staying away from this KILLER POISON and staying away from the vaccinated who will be spreading mutated viruses to us that their body’s have made.

Yes, you will survive a viral disease if you have not been vaccinated, but why take the risk of catching a mutated virus that was made by a vaccinated individual?

According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, these naive, gullible and brainwashed citizens are taking the risk of accepting the poisons inside their body’s just so that they can buy their freedom back and go on holiday/vacation or go to the store. Well, to these already covid19 vaccinated people, the Online Resistance Movement says “you might just well get your HEALTH PASSPORT, but it will be NO good to you, because you will either be : 1. Seriously ill or 2. DEAD. That is how it works.






We may well have lost the support of Dr. Vernon Coleman, but we still have Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Scott Jensen, CHD, Robert Kennedy jnr and all of the other brilliant doctors and scientists on the World Doctors Alliance. We also have Piers Corbyn, who is campaigning for freedom and for his London Mayorship and we wish him GOOD LUCK. If you all reside in the London area, please vote for PIERS CORBYN for mayor.

We hope that Dr. Coleman will change his mind and come back to the Resistance. He was extremely offended when he was TROLLED by a government agent posing as resistance supporter on Twitter. We wish him well, but the RESISTANCE FIGHT HAS TO CARRY ON and we mean business. The Online Resistance Movement will support you all and fight for FREEDOM for all, right to the BITTER END.


The Online Resistance Movement have a duty to report that businesses are REFUSING to allow non face mask wearers inside their stores and offices. One such business is my ex family lawyer – Heseltine Bray and Welsh in Barnsley. I called the other day to make arrangements to update my Last Will and Testament and I was immediately HIT by their NON FACE MASK government guidelines. I warned them that I would NOT tolerate bigoted insolence and elaborated that what they were doing was TOTAL DISCRIMINATION and that I would NOT accept their TOTALITARIAN NAZI RULES. I have since FIRED my family lawyer and will seek to update my Last Will and Testament some other way. The reason I have named and shamed these ponces is because I want the whole WORLD to know just how far businesses are prepared to go in order to make an individual comply. My lawyer was already aware that I was NO pushover and NOT easily influenced, but they sprung it on me anyway, which led to them being FIRED.

This is vile DISCRIMINATION against individuals who are UNABLE to wear these HIGHLY TOXIC and DANGEROUS FACE MASKS. The non maskers are expected to stand outside the store, office or business in ALL weathers, because the totally INSANE business owners are DISCRIMINATING against the DISABLED and this is WRONG.

There are many people out there for one reason or another who cannot wear these HIGHLY TOXIC face masks that cause all kinds of medical problems including DEATH if the face mask is continually worn for hours upon end. The businesses have NO shame when it comes to discriminating against the mentally handicapped, who simply DON’T understand why they would have to wear the damned dangerous mask in the first place.

Many years ago, I used to work with the severely retarded people and the work was extremely rewarding indeed. Each and every mentally handicapped person have different needs depending upon just how severely retarded they are and ALL of them just would NOT understand that they had to wear these DANGEROUS face masks and many of them would just TAKE THEM OFF and TOSS them to the ground if a carer even attempted to muzzle them. This is TOTAL DISCRIMINATION and it needs to be STAMPED OUT.

There are many other inviduals from other medical categories that are also not able to wear these strangulatory restrictive face masks for whatever medical reason that may be and it is TOTALLY IMMORAL and UNACCEPTABLE.

The only way to fight back against these enemies of the RESISTANCE is to REFUSE to patronise the business, office or store in question. If everyone did this, the business, store or office would SOON ENTER INTO LIQUIDATION and that will be the result of their own stubbornness and they DESERVE IT TOO.

Any business who discriminates against non mask wearers should be BOYOTTED permanently. And this applies to businesses who insist on anyone displaying a DISGUSTING HEALTH PASSPORT in order to enter stadiums, theatres and cinemas etc. These places should be BOYCOTTED PERMANENTLY.

What the government is doing is EVIL and this needs to be STAMPED out. We are already living in a nazi fascist state, please don’t make it worse by complying to the EVIL NAZI GOVERNMENT DEMANDS.

It is important to remember that BEFORE you place this KILLER FACE MASK over your nose and mouth; that you are applying a HIGHLY TOXIC mask to your respiratory system. The face mask is impregnated with : ETHYLENE OXIDE, a HIGHLY TOXIC chemical that can cause your lungs and immune system a LOT OF SERIOUS DAMAGE. The masks also contain : FLUOROCARBONS and FORMALDEHYDE. You have been TIMELY FOREWARNED. Wearing these toxic face masks leads to : watering eyes, sore throat, redness and dry mouth. Some dentists have warned that it also contributes to DAMAGING GUMS and TEETH.

Once these HIGHLY TOXIC substances are breathed into the lungs, this toxic stuff is also capable of penetrating the blood brain barrier that protects the brain. Once this occurs and the HIGHLY TOXIC SUBSTANCE has penetrated the brain, it DAMAGES several tissues in the brain. And those of us who know anatomy and physiology very well, that means that these brain cell tissues CANNOT be replaced once destroyed, as the brain is just ONE organ that is UNABLE to renew it cells. Once the damage has been done – it is IRREVERSIBLE.

Elon Musk is yet another foe of the world, because DON’T forget he is the one who is employing a surgeon robot to excavate brain tissue from the top of the head in order to make room for a controlling microchip to be inserted into the empty cavity of the brain so this maniac can turn you into a CYBORG. And that is MORE BRAIN DAMAGE.

We have also received reports that black strand nanoparticles have also been deliberately impregnated into the face masks. Not just the face masks, but also sterilised PCR testing swabs. We have seen demonstrations of this in videos. These videos disturbed us so much, that the Online Resistance Movement are going to conduct our own FACE MASK experiments to find out exactly what EVIL is going on here. According to the video, when these black strand nanoparticles are attracted to heat, they start to move and latch onto the host’s skin and dig its claws in. Yes I know it sounds like an EVIL WICKED HORROR STORY and IT IS. But we INTEND to do this experiment ourselves. We have absolutely NO idea why these nanoparticle black strands have been impregnated into the face masks, but for whatever reason it is, you can bet your bottom dollar that it WILL BE FOR SOMETHING SINISTER TO HARM PEOPLE. There is definitely something weird going on and the the nazi government already know about it. All of this is connected to the United Nations Agenda 21 DEPOPULATION PLAN, which Bill Gates has bought himself a seat inside the United Nations and is a major player. HE tells the UN what to do.

These individuals who conducted these experiments were explaining – “THAT IS WHY THEY ARE WANTING US ALL TO WEAR FACE MASKS IN ORDER TO MAKE US VERY ILL.”

Even without that problem, there is a problem of the face mask RESTRICTING breathing. The host then constantly breathes in their own recirculated carbon dioxide, which will eventually lead to HYPOXIA and HYPERCAPNIA. That doesn’t include the mask wearer developing rashes, bacterial infections, fungal infections, unconsciousness and death.

We are timely forewarning you all again : DO NOT ENTERTAIN WEARING A USELESS KILLER FACE MASK THAT WILL CAUSE YOU MORE HARM THAN IT WILL DO GOOD and please bear in mind that the face mask will NOT protect you from microviruses.

During the 1918 influenza pandemic, people used gauze face masks and that didn’t protect them from the virus either. Many of the face mask wearers during that period DIED because they were wearing restrictive breathing face masks.

If you all would like an official government face mask exemption card, you are ALL welcome to download the card below :

Just remember folks, you are MOST WELCOME to download these exemption cards for whatever reason you DON’T want to wear a face mask and you are ENTITLED to do this by law because you DON’T have to wear these HIGHLY TOXIC face masks if you chose NOT to.

Please DON’T allow these nazi fascist pigs to trample all over you, because they want us ALL DEAD and the Online Resistance Movement are very serious when we state this FACT.




Thank you all so very much for your continued help and support.


As some of us will already know, Geert Vanden Bossche used to work for the world’s public enemy number one Bill Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Geert Vanden Bossche is a fully qualified vaccine virologist and is an expert in this field.

This scientist has had the decency to step forward to explain how the current situation is regarding these mRNA vaccines that have been rapidly developed by these big drug manufacturing companies and just how DANGEROUS these vaccines are to human life.

In his open letter to the WHO, drug manufacturers and governments worldwide, Geert Vanden Bossche goes on to explain just how DANGEROUS and CATASTROPHIC that these so called covid19 vaccines are. He proceeds to explain how the victims of these HIGHLY TOXIC and DANGEROUS vaccines actually become a BIOHAZARD to everyone around them, even to the unvaccinated, as the good Dr. Vernon Coleman once pointed out.

According to Geert Vanden Bossche, the victim who has been injected with this DANGEROUS COCKTAIL will now be viral spreaders, because they are shedding mutated versions of the covid19 virus, as they have ALL been turned into VIRUS MANUFACTURING MACHINES. This is an absolute DISASTER. And as Geert Vanden Bossche has ALREADY POINTED OUT – the world is heading for a GLOBAL CATASTROPHE of epic proportions where millions of people will BECOME SERIOUSLY ILL and THOUSANDS WILL DIE once the injected come into contact with one of the many WILD VARIETY OF CORONAVIRUSES.

Geert Vanden Bossche went on to explain just how DEVASTATING that this global event will be, he likened this mRNA vaccine to that of a : BIOLOGICAL WEAPON (in his OWN WORDS), which you ALL can READ for yourselves.

This fine and outstanding scientist, who was once the Resistance enemy, has possessed the DECENCY to RISE UP and tell these drug companies and world leaders that what they are doing is : WRONG. As Dr. Vernon Coleman has done in recent months, Geert Vanden Bossche is :


So far, this poor man has been ignored and so has Dr. Vernon Coleman. It seems as though NONE of the world leaders, drug company barrons or any other connected parties are interested in discussing this MOST URGENT TOPIC. It has fallen on DEAF EARS. And we ALL know why – BECAUSE – Bill Gates and his globalist elite cronies are BENT on KILLING us all in a MASS WORLDWIDE GENOCIDAL PROGRAM that is ALREADY under way right now.

This wonderful, decent and marvellous scientist has possessed the decency, strength and courage to STAND UP and say “HEY THIS IS WRONG, YOU ARE DOING IT THE WRONG WAY and THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE.” World governments and drug companies should take HEED to what this fine gentleman is stating, because as the Online Resistance Movement have known for a VERY LONG TIME – the mRNA covid19 injections are : KILLERS and it doesn’t matter WHICH drug company is producing these LETHAL BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS.

We are heading towards MASS GLOBAL GENOCIDE during this forthcoming September 2021 and onwards, as all of these humans turned CHIMERAS will commence to SHED viral mutations to people around them, to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. This is EXACTLY the VERY SAME INFORMATION presented by DR. SHERRI TENPENNY.

Everyone should take notice of the SERIOUSNESS OF THIS PENDING INEVITABLE DOOM, which WILL raise its UGLY HEAD this forthcoming autumn/fall 2021.

The Online Resistance Movement are appealing to our helpers, supporters and readers to : PLEASE STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM mRNA once human chimeric vaccinated as possible, because they will pass these mutated viruses onto us. This is just HOW SERIOUS the situation is.

When Bill Gates announced in his video that he planned to reduce the world population by 15% – he was DEADLY SERIOUS, but that was an UNDERSTATEMENT. It WILL be MORE than 15% this forthcoming September 2021 and the great and wonderful Geert Vanden Bossche has already indicated this inside his graphic and detailed document, which you all can read and examine for yourselves on this post.

Apart from this evil worldwide genocidal problem, we are still living under the DARK CLOUD of Gates’s other project – the SULPHUR DIOXIDE in the sky to block out the sun’s rays and to cause MASS GLOBAL CHAOS, DESTRUCTION, CATASTROPHE and DEATH. And DEATH of the billions of people is unfortunately the END GOAL of World War III.

We are encouraging EACH and EVERYONE of our helpers, supporters and readers to EXAMINE THE PLAIN HARSH SIMPLE TRUTH and this information : COMES STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH.

We are pleading with each an every one of you all – PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ABOVE DOCUMENT, it is an EYE OPENER.




Thank you all so very much for your continued help and support, which is much appreciated.




The Online Resistance have been receiving reports all day regarding the New York State Senate Bill to facilitate the enforced extraction of innocent residents from their homes who are suspected of carrying an infectious disease and these poor unfortunate people will then be hauled away to an ARMED GUARDED facility known better as a concentration camp, where the prisoners will be subjected to detainment for 72 hours, but the detention could be extended for longer periods of time or indefinitely by the current governor of New York and his cronies.

We have already covered the New York State Senate bill in one of our other posts. Apparently, we are receiving reports that this A416 bill has been passed by the senate, which doesn’t seem to hold water, because the Online Resistance Movement have visited the New York Senate website and as of yet, there is NO indication that this A416 concentration camp bill has been passed as of todays date April 4, 2021. This current bill status is STILL lodged in the Assembly Committee, so there is STILL time for the RESISTANCE to STOP this nonsense from proceeding any further.

If this vicious and nonsensical bill is eventually passed, life for New Yorkers will be HELL UPON EARTH and their human and civil rights WILL be VIOLATED.

This New York State Senate bill possesses nothing but EVILNESS. It is a bill that – if passed, will allow the governor and his cronies to forcefully remove innocent individuals from their homes, including children and detain them inside a CONCENTRATION CAMP for an indefinite period of time, to either force medicate them or to force vaccinated them. If the prisoners attempt to leave the armed guarded facility, they will be FORCED back into the CONCENTRATION CAMP.

This is an EVIL bill folks and it needs to be STOPPED before it progresses any further. If you all reside in New York, now is the TIME TO START FIGHTING BACK. You all can protest by contacting your local state officials and continue to do this until they BACK DOWN on this EVIL A416 bill. That is the ONLY WAY to win.

Please find a copy of the New York State Senate bill below, for your examination :

You all need to STOP this bill from progressing any further, to protect your human rights, your health and your safety.

Good luck.

If all else fails, then you all need to get out of New York permanently, BEFORE this bill comes into force.




The Online Resistance is here to help you and support you throughout this World War III.


The Online Resistance Movement have observed another video of Bill Gates on Ted TV boasting on how he was going to resolve the overpopulation of the world. Gates presented this to a hand picked packed audience who revelled and delighted in his FINAL SOLUTION to DEPOPULATE the earth. And this audience was LAUGHING when he stated that HE – Gates could REDUCE the world’s population size by 15% if HE concentrated on : NEW VACCINES, HEALTH CARE and REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH SERVICES. And to our new readers, the DEVIL is in the DETAILS – new vaccines -connected to DEATHS.

This monster Bill Gates is the world’s Public Enemy number 1. Every time we look at this sickening individual that is regarded by society as a human being, we are staring into the vile deep dark pits of HELL. Gates is DEFINITELY pushing on with WORLD DEPOPULATION and if he is NOT stopped, the whole world will be catapulted into a devastating, chaotic and catastrophic inhospitable world, that will be extremely hard to survive in.

Let’s just examine his SPECIAL FORMULA for WORLDWIDE MASS GENOCIDE, which has ALREADY commenced with the KILLER COVID19 INJECTIONS, but will rapidly speed up throughout the progress of time:


CO2 relates to the carbon footprint that each human being on this planet makes per unit of energy, which HE plans to bring down to ZERO.

The next letter in this evil depopulation formula is – P – which represents each person.

S – in this formula relates to services used per individual.

E – in this formula relates to the energy used per individual

C – in this formula represents CO2 that each individual uses per unit of energy

So in order for Bill Gates to bring these so called carbon emissions down to ZERO, people need to STOP travelling around using services. It doesn’t matter whether it is a public transport, private transport, air or sea transport. This needs to CEASE.

He needs to STOP people from using energy for lighting and heating and he is discouraging people from using fossil fuels, because according to Gates – it is the fossil fuels that are wreaking havoc and causing CLIMATE CHANGE.

If this madness is permitted to progress, people who have invested in solar energy and wind power, will LOSE out, because once the sun is blocked out permanently, there will be NO solar energy to capture and there will be NO wind, but that will be the LEAST of your worries, as this Gates monster plans on DESTROYING ALL FORMS OF LIFE, including the vegetables that we grow to eat.

In our previous posts, we have ALREADY ELABORATED that this climate change is a HOAX. During the early 1990’s the Club of Rome published a book on Climate Change and how the earth is actually heating up because of carbon emissions that are directly caused by humans. This is a LOAD OF TRASH. The Club of Rome eventually came clean and admitted that what they had predicted was totally inaccurate and totally WRONG. However, the governments and super powers around the world took the Club of Rome seriously and now people are SUFFERING because of their imbecile fictitious book – CLIMATE CHANGE.

In one of our posts the Online Resistance Movement, threw down the gauntlet and CHALLENGED anyone out there who believes in this Climate Change BALLYHOO to come forward and explain to us how humans are directly responsible for Climate Change. So far, NOT one individual has taken up the challenge and do you all want to know why? Because climate change is NOTHING MORE THAN A NATURAL PHENOMENON and anyone who has studied the earths natural history, will ALREADY be aware that climate change has ALWAYS BEEN A PART OF THE EARTHS NATURAL HISTORY just like the tectonic plates that are seated underneath the land that we reside are ALWAYS MOVING. You all just don’t feel it most of the time, but if you reside along a fault line, then you will feel the tectonic plates moving, that usually causes EARTH QUAKES. I suppose that these climate change freaks are going to BLAME humans for this natural phenomenon also.

None of this modern technology was on the planet during that last ice age and none of us were alive during that LAST ICE AGE on this planet, that was DIRECTLY caused by NATURAL CLIMATE CHANGE and there isn’t one damned thing that any human can do to STOP this climate change if we all get caught up in one. According to the earths natural history, the LAST natural climate change took place thousands of years ago and lasted for thousands of years, so an ice age is NO picnic and unfortunately, we are now due for another climate change, which could occur anytime in the near future, but when we do NOT know. The planet is COOLING and unfortunately, we are SET FOR ANOTHER ICE AGE. The planet is NOT heating up due to carbon emissions, the planet is COOLING DOWN and that is a FACT. If you all believe otherwise, you have been CONNED and LIED to by the EVIL, TWISTED and DEMENTED Global Elite and their MAD SCIENTISTS whom possess a BENT DESIRE to take over the world, DESTROY THE PLANET and instigate WORLDWIDE MASS GENOCIDE of epic proportions. Gates and his cronies are all prepared to ANNIHILATE 95% of the world’s population. Unfortunately, the worldwide mass genocide is already taking place on a smaller scale via the KILLER COVID19 INJECTIONS.

The next evil phase of this EVIL WAR CRIMINAL is to pollute the atmosphere around the world to BLOCK OUT THE SUN. This chemtrails phase is just starting up. We did hear reports about commercial sized jets flying over Texas and spewing chemicals into the skies.

This is the latest that we have heard from the Gates’s mafia mob regarding the POWDER IN THE SKY. As our regular readers will already know, Gates is backing a MAD SCIENCE project to BLOCK OUT THE SUN because according to him, the planet is heating up due to human carbon emissions. This project is also funded by the Alfred Sloan Foundation and the Harvard University have been preparing to make these insane tests in the skies above NEW MEXICO. They are planning a TEST flight using a special balloon that will enter the stratosphere above the skies in New Mexico and they plan to DUMP SULPHUR dioxide into the stratosphere to BLOCK OUT the sun. If this test goes well, this abuse WILL continue until the sun is blocked out altogether and this will continue AROUND THE WORLD, if it is successful and if these NUTTERS are NOT stopped, this destruction of the planet and abuse will continue for the next 5 years until the sun is totally blocked out and then people, animals, forests and crops will die.

You all may well ask “why are they doing this?” The answer is SIMPLE – THEY WANT YOU TO DIE. I apologise if this sounds too harsh to you, but we ALWAYS state the truth at the Online Resistance Movement, no matter how BAD or GOOD the news is.

If these mad science nutters succeed in what they are doing, the whole world civilisation will be caught up inside an almost impossible situation, where survival upon planet earth will be ZERO and that is what Gates is aiming for. But you would also ask “if he does that, then HE will die also.” Not necessarily, this EVIL neanderthal has probably got a bunker that he can live in until all of this evil WORLD DEPOPULATION has ended and it is safe for him and his war criminal cronies to come back out of the bunker, so then they will have the WHOLE planet to themselves and THAT is what they are striving to achieve.

This mad scientific geoengineering to DESTROY the planet will END LIFE as we know it on this planet. Once the sun is BLOCKED OUT, the planet will cool rapidly, animals, crops, plants and humans will perish and die. The plants and crops will NOT grow, because they will be destroyed by the sulphur dioxide which will create acid rain and it will cause the soil to become alkaline, causing the crops and plants to die, as they need slightly acidic soil to survive and grow. Forests will die, all vegetation WILL die. There will be a worldwide cataclysmic famine and once all of the forests, plants and crops die there will be NO MORE photosynthesis, which the plants use to CREATE OXYGEN for ALL. This in turn will ASPHYXIATE every living, breathing organism on this planet and we will all DIE from SUFFOCATION, because the forests and vegetation have been killed.

This VILE EVIL INSANENESS needs to be STOPPED BEFORE it is allowed to take off big time. We are in SERIOUS TROUBLE and this Gates lunatic is STILL pressing ahead with this madness. The reason he is still going is because people are STILL SUPPORTING this lunatic. This nazi makes the likes of Adolf Hitler look like an amateur, compared to what HE is doing. Gates needs to be STOPPED NOW.

The Online Resistance Movement have said this time and time again – EVERYONE in the world needs to UNITE TOGETHER, RISE UP, SAY NO TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND FIGHT BACK. Unfortunately, Gates still has some supporters, who are obviously BRAINWASHED and BRAINDEAD.

Gates and his war criminal cohorts, including Elon Musk, need to be made HARMLESS. At this moment in time, they are HARMFUL.

We can do this people, just take inspiration, encouragement and strength from the REINDEER HERDERS in Sweden. The initial plan of this lunatic experiment was to take place over the skies of Kiruna, to dump a 12kg bag of sulphur dioxide into the outer stratosphere of Sweden. The reindeer herders GOT IT RIGHT. They ALL UNITED TOGETHER and sent a PROTESTING document to the Swedish SPACE AGENCY, explaining to them that they must NOT send up that SULPHUR DIOXIDE test balloon into the outer stratosphere of Sweden and dump a load of TOXIC CHEMICALS over the skies, because that would KILL their REINDEER and the Swedish Space Agency STOPPED THIS EVIL EXPERIMENT. That is ONE BIG KICK IN THE PANTS to BILL GATES.

These wild, destructive, evil, chaotic and devastating sulphur dioxide experiments emitted into the skies above this planet need to be STOPPED before it is started. The globablists are DEADLY SERIOUS ABOUT KILLING US ALL.




The Online Resistance Movement will NEVER abandon you all. We are here to support you and to FIGHT back against the EVIL ENEMY to WIN THIS WAR. Just remember, we are FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES.


We may have lost Dr. Vernon Coleman, as he was extremely offended by a nonce troll on Twitter. Dr. Coleman NEVER had a twitter account because he was banned from the outset, but someone sent him some VILE MESSAGES that deeply offended him, which is SAD when such a FINE OUTSTANDING doctor has done all of this good work. However, the Online Resistance Movement are NOT backing down and we MEAN BUSINESS and we INTEND TO FIGHT TO THE BITTER END.


For all of you new visitors to our site, we are WARNING you of the following :

Some people are stating that they will kowtow to government demands just so they can have an easy life and it is these people who are weak willed and brainwashed. Well our message is to these people :

If you continue to wear the HARMFUL face masks, you will get SICKER and SICKER and SICKER. The face masks cause hypoxia and other medical conditions and diseases. These masks are LACED in HARMFUL CHEMICALS and you are BREATHING these HARMFUL chemicals into your lungs. Not only that, you are breathing in the fibres of these masks, which will remain inside your lungs indefinitely and you will end up with lung fibrosis or worse – CANCER.

If you decide to take these HIGHLY TOXIC HARMFUL covid19 experimental injections into your body so you can buy your freedom back, go to the shops and go on holiday once you have received your HEALTH PASSPORT, then we have NEWS FOR YOU :

The Health passport will be NO good to you, because you will either be : 1. SERIOUSLY ILL, not being able to move, or 2. DEAD.

It is as simple as that. We wouldn’t try to coerce you all NOT to take the covid19 injection, but if you do, then only God can help you afterwards, because the DAMAGE has been DONE and it is PERMANENT.


The Online Resistance Movement are presenting an uplifting and feel good instrumental track to help to STRENGTHEN your immune system and to liven your spirits amidst all of this doom and gloom from hell that is encapsulating our lives.

It is a musical track by our musician : Janice Jones, entitled : LETS DO THE ROCK N ROLL TWIST




The Online Resistance Movement are reporting that Richard Terrell in Virginia, USA went along to receive the Johnson & Johnson covid19 depopulation shot and within a few hours, the skin on his legs turned deep red, edematous, crusty and nobbly. Categorised as an ADVERSE REACTION ‘SKIN RASH’ the skin resembled that of a DYING individual, as I have witnessed similar circumstances in the past whereby HIGHLY TOXIC DRUGS have been pumped into the body and the skin has turned a STRANGE and most UNHEALTHY color with the body rapidly filling with edema, swiftly followed by DEATH.

The skin on Richard Terrell’s legs looks almost NECROTIC and it was behaving very similar to when an individual is affected by the freshwater borne amoeba naegleria fowleri, the FLESH eating disease.

This shocking medical condition was caused directly by the Johnson and Johnson covid19 depopulation injection.

To the SLEEPWALKERS : YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED. If you continue along this DESTRUCTIVE path of SLAVE OBEDIENCE to the NAZI GOVERNMENT, your life WILL be VERY SHORT – of that you can be GUARANTEED. It is time for you all to WAKE UP, RISE UP and FIGHT BACK along with the RESISTANCE.

Richard Terrell’s leg

I have only witnessed the above on a dying individual. And in BOTH cases – BOTH people DIED. One was an aunty of mine who DIED following being pumped up with a conglomeration of HIGHLY TOXIC DRUGS at the Barnsley NHS Hospital Trust in 2014 and again when my dearly beloved and sweet late youngest sister, who was MURDERED by the SAME hospital, using a conglomeration of HIGHLY TOXIC drugs at 10 minute intervals until SHE DIED. Her legs looked like as illustrated above, but her legs contained ten times MORE edema than in the illustration above.

If you want to live – THEN STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ALL OF THE EXPERIMENTAL COVID19 INJECTIONS, which contain microchip tracking NANOPARTICLES and those individuals who tell you that there is NO tracking microchip inside these KILLER INJECTIONS is a LIAR. The Online Resistance Movement have seen images of these microchipping nanoparticles in a science video.

We have even WITNESSED Bill Gates ADMITTING in one of his medical videos, demonstrating just how this gene therapy works. The mRNA messenger that is encapsulated inside its membranous envelope that once injected into the victim, commences to penetrate the host’s health cell, blast it apart to destroy it and produce its own cancer causing cells. This rogue cell then attaches to the healthy DNA of the host and using its own pair of scissors, it cuts the dna strand and attaches its FOREIGN segment to the host’s dna cell, which then commences to reprogramme the whole dna. Once this procedure takes place, the DAMAGE has already been done and in spite of what these scientific LYING nazi collaborating experts are telling you – it does NOT fade away it is PERMANENT and it is so PERMANENT that it WILL affect generations to come IF the VICTIM survives ALL OF THIS POISON inside their system. Thousands of people are dying RIGHT NOW within just a few hours of receiving the DEPOP shot.




Thank you all so very much for your continued help and support.


It is the duty of the Online Resistance Movement to warn each and every one of our helpers, supporters and readers that MANDATORY VACCINES are coming THROUGH THE BACK DOOR.

In the United States, that bumblehead, doddering old puppet fool grandad Biden has been ordered to make deals with IT companies making health passports. Without an individual having this health passport, (also known as health certificates) NOBODY will be able to engage in commerce. You all READ THAT RIGHT. Contained within the bible in the BOOK OF REVELATION from many thousands of years ago, it was prophesized that : ANYONE WHO DIDN’T HAVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST UPON THEIR FOREHEAD OR IN THEIR HAND WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO TRADE, SELL OR BUY ANYTHING. It is coming people and we ALL HAVE TO BE PREPARED, so that we DON’T starve to death. Once this evil blackmailing thuggery is forced upon the weak, compliant and vulnernable, the NEXT phase of this war will advance to the MICROCHIP IN THE HAND. It has already arrived in Israel and they are getting ready to issue the microchip in the hand. Whatever happens in Israel, is our ONE POSSIBLE FUTURE if we don’t stop this EVILNESS that is gnawing away at the masses of weak, easily influenced, vulnerable BRAINWASHED souls like a VERY AGGRESSIVE RAVENOUS CANCER.

The Online Resistance Movement are once again ADDRESSING THE SLEEPWALKERS – you NEED to WAKE UP NOW and REALISE WHAT IS HAPPENING. If you DON’T you will DRAG the RESISTANCE down with you all and the resistance DON’T EVER WANT TO become SLAVES of the BILL GATES WORLD EMPIRE. If this is allowed to happen, it WILL literally be HELL ON EARTH. The globablists have ALREADY initiated global mass culling of the people by using these dangerous covid19 experimental injections that have already KILLED THOUSANDS of people around the world and MAIMED millions of more people. You all really need to WAKE UP now, TAKE your head out of the sand and FIGHT BACK, this war is NOT going to go away until we ALL UNITE TOGETHER AND FIGHT BACK against the SICK EVIL GLOBALISTS ENEMY. We can WIN this war, but we ALL NEED TO UNITE TOGETHER and FIGHT BACK with passion and determination.

The good Dr. Vernon Coleman once quoted a philosophical analysis of evil and good and the following is what HE quoted : IF GOOD MEN DO NOTHING, THAT IS EVIL ENOUGH. The Online Resistance Movement also philosophically state that : IF COWARDLY PEOPLE DO NOTHING THROUGH FEAR, AND EXPECT OTHERS TO FIGHT ON BEHALF OF THEM – THEN THIS TOO, IS EVIL ENOUGH.

This war is NOT going to go away people, it will only end when we ALL UNITE TOGETHER, FIGHT BACK and CRUSH the enemy. There are BILLIONS of us on this planet and they are only a few, what are you FRIGHTENED OF? The most devastating conclusion to World War III is that the Globalists will WIN and THAT will be a TERRIFYING FUTURE for each and every one of us. They are TRYING TO KILL us ALL. If it is NOT by the covid19 needle, it will be THROUGH STARVATION and other methods of killing, until the United Nations and their thug cohorts in crime reach their 2030 target to WHITTLE the world population size down to around five hundred million. That means that MOST OF US WILL PERISH. We will be ARRESTED, HAVE OUR ESTATES and PERSONAL POSSESSIONS CONFISCATED, we will be herded into HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Many of us will be EXECUTED. You have GOT to WAKE UP NOW. Don’t you realise that you are DRAGGING the resistance down with you? All of these good people on here who are helping and supporting us, you are letting these good people down also.

That doddering old fool Joe Biden does EVERYTHING that congresswoman Nancy Pelosi tells him to do. He is being CONTROLLED, not just by congress, but by BILL GATES and his EVIL GLOBALISTS THUGS. We watched a test video of Biden supposedly making a live feed video and at the end of the video, where NO questions were asked, he said “I’ll take your questions now” and then he continued “whatever you want me to do NANCE.” The next video we saw Biden appear in, he was FALLING UP the steps on the red carpet leading up to AIRFORCE ONE. I mean this bumbling old fool is UNFIT to be President.

Concentration camps to detain Chinese citizens have already been built and have been used. This is OUR ONE POSSIBLE FUTURE. We need to STOP this now, because what is happening in China and Israel, is a glimpse into our future and that is DISTURBING. We cannot allow this evil war to go on any longer. We need to WIN this war.

Here in the UK, health passports are already being organised to issue to individuals who have been injected with the covid19 depopulation injection. Once the victim has been injected with this vile, evil toxic killer potion, they will NOT be able to go anywhere to do any business, or do anything. Why? Because they will either be : 1. SERIOUSLY ILL or 2. DEAD. THAT is the way it works.

UK mandatory vaccines are being THRUST upon us THROUGH THE BACK DOOR, by : HEALTH PASSPORTS allowing the individual to trade, sell and buy. At first, it will be forced upon us to use a mobile/cell phone app, it will then PROGRESS to the MICROCHIP IN THE HAND and unfortunately folks, the microchip in the hand to introduce and FORCE us all into a CASHLESS SOCIETY is just around the corner and you all have BILL GATES to thank for all of this EVILNESS.

So what are you all going to do you SLEEPWALKERS? Do nothing and allow the New World Order to GRAB you by your ASS and your THROAT? Or are you going to WAKE UP and FIGHT BACK? If you continually, stubbornly and blindly deny that all of this is happening, you WILL LIVE TO REGRET YOUR NON ACTION WHEN THE GLOBALISTS COME FOR YOUR ASS, because rest assured, THEY WILL KILL YOU or ENSLAVE you and MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL, you will be BEGGING them to end your life, because your life will NOT be worth a plug nickel. And you are LETTING US ALL DOWN, we DON’T want to be DRAGGED down with you. The Online Resistance Movement are telling you the UNBIASED TRUTH. Do NOT listen to mainstream media or the tabloids – they have been BOUGHT by the Globalists to spin LIES to suck you in, to brainwash, terrorise you and mess you up so badly that your thinking mind will be destroyed and you will be reduced into a cowering brainless buffoon, who has NO thoughts of their own. Can’t you see what the nazi government are doing to you? They are terrorising you and messing you up so badly that you will allow them to do whatever they want to do with you. Adolf Hitler and his henchmen used these kinds of TORTURE TACTICS during World War II. This government is TRAINING YOU IN OBEDIENCE, they are doing this by FORCING YOU TO WEAR A USELESS FACE MASK that will cause you a hell of a lot MORE HARM than any virus could affect you. People have DIED through continually wearing face masks that do doodly squat, but cause SERIOUS ILLNESSES like BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA. They are OPPRESSING you by FORCING YOU TO STAY LOCKED IN YOUR HOME. They are CONTROLLING your EVERY MOVEMENT. For heavens sake, WAKE UP, WAKE UP. Are you not aware that there is a 99.98% FULL RECOVERY from this less harmful than the seasonal flu virus? You DON’T need to be vaccinated against this harmless virus, it IS A DEPOPULATION SHOT. It protects you and others from NOTHING. It does NOT stop you from contracting the virus, it does NOT stop you from passing it on. It is NOT about a virus, it is about CULLING the world population. WAKE UP NOW.

Back in 2003 a female head of state approached a physician inside a US hospital and she confided in this physician. We have SEEN the short video and in it, the physician goes on to explain that this female head of state told her “It will soon be time to cull the people.” Now this physician NEVER mentioned who this female head of state was, who said this WICKED sentence, but she was quick to defend the Queen of England and said it wasn’t her. We have done extensive research on this subject and we were fascinated to learn that there weren’t many female heads of state in the world during 2003. In fact most of them probably spoke their own native tongue and there were very few English speaking heads of state, including Queen Elizabeth.

We will list the 2003 world female heads of state :

Chandrika Kumaratunga / Sri Lanka / President

Mary McAleese / Ireland / President

Vaira Vike-Freiberga / Latvia / President

Mireya Moscoso / Panama / President

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo / Phillipines / President

Megawati Sukarnoputri / Indonesia / President

Dame Pearlette Lousy / Santa Lucia / Governor General

Adrienne Clarkson / Canada / Governor General

Dame Silvia Cartwright / New Zealand / Governor General

Dame Ivy Dumont / Bahamas / Governor General

Michaelle Jean / Canada / Governor General

Maori Te Atairangikaahu / Queen

Rewa Burebasaga confederacy / Ro Ldy Lala Tuisawau Mara / Queen

Queen Elizabeth II / England / ** She was eliminated by the physician **

TAKE YOUR PICK, one of them is guilty of speaking these VILE words. The others are totally innocent.

We DON’T know who made this wicked statement, as the female physician was reluctant to disclose the information.

One of these females KNEW what the evil globablists were up to back in 2003.

To our helpers and supporters, please don’t lose heart – the Online Resistance Movement are here to SUPPORT you all through these DANGEROUS TIMES.




STAY WELL AWAY FROM THE COVID19 INJECTION AND REFUSE THE COVID19 SWAB TESTS, AS THE SWABS ARE LACED WITH POISON, ETHYLENE OXIDE, a known cancer causer and sterilizer, causing both men and women to become sterile. Not only that these useless PCR tests swabs are sometimes rammed so hard up inside the nostrils that the poisonous swab has actually PENETRATED THE MEMBRANE surrounding the brain and has cause cerebrospinal fluid to leak down the nose. SAY NO to useless pcr testing. And please, if any of you all have children – DON’T allow them to be subjected to this unnecessary EVIL pcr test TORTURE.