Public Enemy Bill Gates is HELL BENT on vaccinating the WHOLE WORLD population with his EVIL, DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES that MAIM and KILL. He wants to have the whole seven billion of us genetically modified with his KILLER TOXIC VACCINES.

Indeed, it has been reported that Astra Zeneca a big VACCINE company in the UK has suffered some setbacks with the testing of this new and MORE DANGEROUS COVID-19 VACCINE. One human guinea pig has suffered some EXTREMELY SEVERE side effects of this DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINE, called TRANSVERSE MYELITIS, the toxic vaccine has attacked the myelin sheath of the spinal cord and this individual is SEVERELY damaged and there is NO cure for this kind of conditon, in fact transverse myelitis causes PERMANENT PARALYSIS and this EVIL BASTARD – Bill Gates, who is connected to ALL the BIG DRUG companies wants us to HAVE these GENETICALLY MODIFYING DANGEROUS MAIMING KILLER VACCINES. This human guinea pig from these latest trials is in serious trouble and what if someone DIES? And people WILL DIE because of these KILLER VACCINES.

We need to STOP this NOW before the situation gets any worse.

In the following video, he can be CLEARLY HEARD telling TRUMP that a VACCINE SAFETY INQUIRY wouldn’t be any good and NOT TO go there because it is a dead end. It is obvious that Gates fears that he will lose an inordinate amount of money if the TRUTH GETS OUT and he obviously values MONEY more than a human life. Hear it from HIS OWN EVIL LIPS. He wants to KILL people and at the same time he is promoting himself as a do gooder. His intentions are CLEARLY EVIL.

Bill Gates tells Donald Trump “Don’t Go there” Regarding a Vaccine Safety Inquiry


The pompous, evil, lying, dirty toe rag puppet dictator Boris Johnson has brought into force even MORE STRANGULATORY restrictions to take effect commencing Monday September 14, 2020 and with these new restrictions comes MORE BLACKMAILING TERRORISING THREATS of “IF YOU DON’T COMPLY WE WILL FINE YOU A HANDSOME SUM.” I have NEVER heard anything as EVIL, DUMB or DAFT in all my life. He has proceeded to TAKE AWAY even yet MORE of our FREEDOMS and part of the freedom loss is that no more than 6 people can congregate outside. That has PUT the FINAL NAIL into the coffin of the REBEL FREEDOM PROTESTORS. Anyone who disobeys these dumb, EVIL OPPRESSIVE RULES will be fined £3200. We have lost MORE FREEDOMS just as we predicted in August 2020 and the trend is set to get MUCH WORSE.

This lying evil hypocritical two faced bigot is offering the citizens of Belarus to fight for their FREEDOM and FREEDOM of SPEECH back. ?????? This sick CUNT of a dictator is TOTALLY SCREWED UP. He is TAKING AWAY our FREEDOMS and FREEDOM OF SPEECH but yet he is trying to help another country? This EVIL dictator needs to be REMOVED from power.

Johnson is also promising that everything will be back to normal by Christmas – NO IT WILL NOT and this WAR will continue until EVERYONE FIGHTS BACK.

The UK government are PUSHING US to the brink of physical civil UNREST and once the rebels are out in FULL FORCE on the streets, the NAZI UK GOVERNMENT will send in the MILITARY and INNOCENT people WILL be KILLED. And that too is ALL PART OF THE UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 program to initiate the GLOBAL RESET, to KILL billions of people, to REDUCE the size of the world population to around five hundred million and ENSLAVE these survivors into HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION CAMPS to make money for the EVIL WICKED RICH NAZI DICTATORS.

There is a video on Brand New Tube PROVING that PUBLIC ENEMY NO.1 Bill Gates can be CLEARLY HEARD STATING that :


And that he told President Trump NOT to proceed with the Vaccine Safety Inquiry.

We will be UPLOADING a copy of that video to this site soon – STAY TUNED.

We need to STOP this WICKED ACCELERATION OF THE WAR BEFORE it turns into a PHYSICAL WAR on the streets. It is OUR mission to SAVE LIVES. If we have to physically fight the government military, people are going to be KILLED.

The following video contains VITAL INFORMATION and the message is from the NETWORK RESISTANCE LEADER : DR. VERNON COLEMAN

This Fraud Is Now Blindingly Obvious


The government controlled TABLOIDS were complaining of their FREEDOM OF SPEECH being blocked by the Climate Change protestors, WHAT A JOKE. What FREEDOM OF SPEECH? The TABLOIDS are FULL of PROPAGANDA and LIES, it’s not worth reading and they ALL SUPPRESS THE TRUTH.

All of this came about because the greens were blocking a newspaper printing works 3 days ago and this story was also featured in the Guardian newspaper, why? I have absolutely NO idea, because their newspaper was built on ROTTEN FOUNDATIONS from SLAVERY and they along with the Telegraph had the AUDACITY to COMPLAIN about the BLOCKADE when their own hands are OFFENSIVELY SOILED. Whatever you read in these newspapers is ALL NONSENSE and the TRUTH is SUPPRESSED. Neither of these newspapers ever bothered to mention anything about the THOUSANDS of people who DIED OF STARVATION during the UK Nazi Government ILLEGAL LOCKDOWNS. If you all want to be informed and read about the REAL TRUTH, then these tabloids are NOT the place to SEEK REAL TRUTHFUL STORIES.

None of the tabloids have covered any TRUTHFUL articles about HOW DANGEROUS LONG TERM FACE MASK wearing is. They have NEVER bothered to explain that the FACE MASK does NOT protect anyone from any virus because the MICROBES of the VIRUS are so MICRO that they filter STRAIGHT THROUGH THE MASK. One tabloid reader in the comments section suggested that wearing TWO face masks will protect the individual from breathing in airborne viruses – NOT TRUE. An individual could wear a million face masks all at once and STILL not be protected from the MICRO virus. These tabloids haven’t even bothered to explain to their readers just how deadly CONTINUAL FACE MASK WEARING could be. They have NEVER bothered to elaborate how an individual can develop LOW BLOOD OXYGEN levels whilst they are breathing in their own expired carbon dioxide and it will eventually lead to suffocation of the face mask wearer. They haven’t even bothered to inform their readers how they can BECOME SERIOUSLY ILL with infections whilst continually wearing a USELESS face mask, they could also develop LEGIONNAIRES disease from wearing the face mask.

So what are these tabloids BLEATING ON ABOUT? What FREEDOM OF SPEECH? All they print is a PACK OF LIES, FICTION and SUPPRESS THE TRUTH. These government controlled tabloids are actually HARMING their readers by PRINTING TRASH and people are naive and gullible enough to BELIEVE THEIR LYING TALK.

Although the ONLINE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT don’t advocate what the Greens are doing, we don’t advocate the EVIL LIES of newspaper publishers whose newspapers were built on CORRUPT ROTTEN FOUNDATIONS.

These newspaper publishers are actually COLLABORATORS of the CORRUPT, EVIL UK NAZI government – they do what the government ORDERS them to do – to SPREAD LIES, PROPAGANDA and SUPPRESS the TRUTH.

Four days ago now, we CHALLENGED the newspapers to invite Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock into an OPEN DEBATE about THE SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF VACCINES to be debated out in the open with our retired GP – NETWORK RESISTANCE LEADER – Dr. Vernon Coleman. And the SILENCE has been DEAFENING. Do you want to know why? Because if they accept Dr. Coleman’s CHALLENGE for open debate – they will LOSE because WE have ALL the FACTS on our side, the government know that and that is why they have SHIED away from this debate. The CORRUPT tabloids know this too. We CHALLENGED the tabloids to COME CLEAN about their SUPPRESSION of the truth and again, the SILENCE IS DEAFENING. They haven’t a leg to stand on and that is why they are keeping QUIET.

It is absolutely DISGUSTING how this world has turned out and the trend is set to get MUCH WORSE as World War III of The People vs The Government is rapidly accelerating.

Half a century ago, the world was a different place, not absolutely perfect, but it was a more congenial world to reside in.

Look at the world now and how the UK government have rapidly spiralled downwards into a cesspit of LIES, DECEIT, EVILLNESS, BETRAYAL, KILLING, the list is endless.

We need to STOP this EVIL MONSTER from progressing any further.




Thank you all for your continued support, we really appreciate it.




It is our DUTY to inform you all of the DANGERS OF CONTINUAL FACE MASK WEARING. Your GOVERNMENT HAS LIED TO YOU, they are TERRORISING you in order to make you MORE OBEDIENT so that they can CONTROL you.

Dr. Vernon Coleman has ALREADY indicated and PROVED that these FACE MASKS CAUSE YOU MORE HARM than they do good. The virus is so MICRO that it FILTERS straight through the face mask. You could wear half a dozen face masks and they will NOT PROTECT you from ANY VIRUS. Dr. Coleman likened the face mask to be as useful as that of a WASP FLYING straight through chicken wire. Dr. Coleman has also indicated that continual use of face mask wearing WILL RESULT in your body developing LOW BLOOD OXYGEN LEVELS and could cause you to collapse, lose consciousness and in some cases PEOPLE HAVE DIED from continually wearing face masks. Dr. Coleman has also indicated that the wearer could also develop LEGIONNAIRES disease.

You have been WARNED.


Please print off the above leaflet and circulate it to as many people as you possibly can.

Thank you all for your continued support, we really appreciate it.


Our WONDERFUL resistance network leader is BACK sooner than we thought he would be, he featured on the Richie Allen Show today – Monday September 7, 2020 at 17.30. We didn’t receive the FULL BROADCAST as news of his feature on the radio show didn’t reach us until 17.45 but we GOT the GIST of the conversation and Dr. Coleman put forward a VERY STRONG FACTUAL ARGUMENT regarding the SAFETY and EFFICACY of vaccines.

It was suggested that Bill Gates NEVER mentioned the fact that the health services would inject NANOPARTICLES into the individual’s body along with the vaccine. But then the ENEMY is NOT going to ADMIT to their next moves, otherwise they will not be able to advance to their next stage plan of MASS GENOCIDE. Adolf Hitler NEVER informed his enemies of his next moves and neither will the nazi Bill Gates.

Apparently, there is a petition out there in the USA that has been signed by thousands of people requesting that the US government INVESTIGATE BILL GATES. We at the ONLINE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT hope that this petition makes some STRONG GROUND and GOOD HEADWAY. Gates needs to be CRIMINALLY INVESTIGATED because he has BENT intentions of doing HARM to the world’s population.

Heavens only knows the devastation of the REAL cost that this will have on the world’s population if this DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINE is FORCED into people, especially people who DON’T want the DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINE. We believe that there will be MASS worldwide GENOCIDE that will fall in line with the United Nations Agenda 21 program to DEPOPULATE THE EARTH and believe me when I say this – this World War III is now rapidly accelerating REAL FAST and we NEED TO STOP IT NOW.

Next on the Riche Allen Show came the peoples ENEMY – Matt Hancock talking about Astra Zeneka and the millions of vaccines that they are preparing for the government. He sounded SO VERY CONFIDENT that he was going to VACCINATE the whole population, which brings us back to the MANDATORY VACCINES. Many people do NOT want these DANGEROUS TOXIC DNA ALTERING VACCINES INSIDE THEIR BODY’s and they WILL STRONGLY RESIST AND PROTEST, because they don’t want to be harmed or killed and it WILL HAPPEN if they are FORCED to have this DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINE.



It has been 3 days since our organisation contacted Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock directly – to DEBATE IN THE OPEN WITH DR. VERNON COLEMAN ABOUT THE SAFETY and EFFICACY of these VACCINES and so far, we have been MET WITH A WALL OF SILENCE. The SILENCE is DEAFENING and it sends out a CLEAR MESSAGE that they are SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH, because they WANT PEOPLE TO BE HARMED, INJURED and KILLED by these vaccines, in order for them to proceed with their AGENDA 21 program of DEPOPULATING THE EARTH.

We are working FLAT OUT to BEAT THE ENEMY and it is our MISSION to STOP the EVIL 21st century holocaust from happening.

Dr. Coleman WILL be back doing his OLD MAN IN A CHAIR videos VERY SOON. He will be on a DIFFERENT CHANNEL, apparently, it will be NEWTUBE. We will wait and see.

Meanwhile, our ONLINE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT will keep UP THE PRESSURE to FIGHT BACK, because it is the OPPRESSIVE governments fault that my whole family were WIPED out by their NHS and we are NOT GIVING UP THE FIGHT.




Thank you all for your SUPPORT, we really appreciate it.


As most UK citizens continue to be GRIPPED by the fear that the EVIL NAZI TERRORISING government has instilled into them, the deeper the bottomless pit becomes and if these terrified people are not careful, they will get SUCKED into the vortex of the BLACK HOLE that the government have created.

As more and more small store owners display INSANE IDIOSYNCRATIC notices in their windows telling people to PUT ON THE MASK OF SHAME or YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED INTO THEIR STORE, they are ONLY hurting their own business, because the maskless people who they have turned away, will REMEMBER what they have done to them when all of this INSANITY is over in the future, those individuals who were turned away by the store owners will BOYCOTT that store forever and then the small business will literally GO OUT OF BUSINESS. And that is EXACTLY what the government is AIMING FOR – to put ALL small businesses OUT OF BUSINESS. And these neanderthal store keepers are PLAYING RIGHT INTO THE GOVERNMENT’S HANDS.

The government are wanting to get RID OF SMALL BUSINESSES because they are too much trouble and not easy to control or handle, so it is in the government’s best interests to make the small businesses as awkward and uncomfortable as possible. They are also planning to get rid of all the cash, as they want everyone to purchase their goods online, that way, the individual who is making purchases is EASIER TO TRACK and every time they do this, they are giving away their privacy. Already, the government are encouraging people to become RELIANT on their mobile phones and having people purchase goods through the buying app; so when they want to track them – it will be so easy and if the customers pays cash – they can’t be tracked and the government DON’T like that, because they are wanting to CONTROL the people.

Eventually, cash will became a rarity and eventually debit and credit cards WILL disappear as the UNDER-THE-SKIN microchip will take over and everyone will be paying for their goods via scanning the microchip underneath their skin. Well, NOT everyone, I for one will NOT be doing this, as it reminds me of World War II and the POW camps with their prisoner tattoos. Once this takes place, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Not only will every movement of the individual be tracked and traced, the government will know about every purchase that they have made and where they have been. Then of course, there are the HACKERS and once a hacker hacks into the microchip – anything can happen. Then there is Bill Gates founder of microsoft and founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and this EVIL, NAZI GREEDY BASTARD WILL be holding the REMOTE control for the under-the-skin microchip and if these microchip slaves do anything that he doesn’t like, I’m sure that he will be able to PRESS a button and PUNISH the individual via the microchip for DISOBEYING the rules. Anything goes, once the individual has the microchip fitted underneath the skin. They WILL control EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE, is that what you want? The evil nazi rulers turning your utility supplies off because you have disobeyed their rules? Or worse still, you all could be TERMINATED with a press of the button. I wouldn’t put it past these EVIL cunts to have a termination button on the remote control to kill the microchip slave if they disobey the 21ST CENTURY NEW WORLD ORDER RULES. Do you remember the TERMINATOR science fiction movies and LOGANS RUN? If you all are not careful, that VERY WELL COULD BECOME OUR NIGHTMARE REALITY IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE – The People Vs The Machines or everyone who turns 30 will DIE entering CAROUSEL. Is that what you want? This is serious!!! STOP wearing the SLAVERY MASKS and IGNORE the government orders, they can’t put everyone in jail. The Terminator movies were exciting, fascinating, entertaining and terrifying, but we WANT IT TO REMAIN FICTION and you all DON’T want to die on a similar carousel like in the movie LOGANS RUN, when you reach the age of 30. You think about that for a short while, then you might just come to your senses and FIGHT BACK, before it is too late for us all. We are already FIGHTING BACK. At the Online Resistance Movement – NONE of us wear the slave face masks and NONE of us are terrorised by the government to obey their EVIL NAZI RULES. The government have gone TOO FAR THIS TIME.

Bill Gates promotes himself as a do gooder, but in reality he is EVIL and he has EVIL desires to take over the world. He owns the United Nations, because he has bought into them and they have instigated the initial proceedings of the AGENDA 21 plan to DEPOPULATE THE EARTH and as I have mentioned before; we are NOW EXPERIENCING the FIRST STAGES OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER TAKEOVER, with the OPPRESSIVE RULES and STRANGULATORY RESTRICTIONS.

I have mentioned this in my blogs NO end of times – that FACE MASKS do NOT PROTECT ANYONE FROM ANY VIRUS because the virus microbes are so MICRO and according to Dr. Vernon Coleman – he likened it to a WASP FLYING THROUGH CHICKEN WIRE – the virus filters STRAIGHT THROUGH THE MASK. Indeed, people have DIED through continually wearing the suffocatory face masks and one man CRASHED his car whilst wearing a face mask. The individual who continually wears the face mask will be subjected to developing LEGIONAIRES DISEASE. So the FACE MASK actually does the wearer MORE HARM than it does good.

We need to STOP the RISING OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER because it spells out NOTHING BUT DISASTER and you can be guaranteed that if this continues, most of us will be KILLED in the 21st century holocaust of MASS GENOCIDE. As these EVIL NAZI BILLIONAIRES are wanting to thin down the world population size to five hundred million from almost seven billion of us and that spells out DEATH for most of us.

And these EVIL NAZI BASTARDS have ALREADY WIPED OUT MY WHOLE FAMILY, using the NAZI NHS to administer LETHAL INJECTIONS OF DANGEROUS TOXIC DRUGS, injecting them at 15 minute intervals until they died and that was 4 years ago. When I realised what was happening, I tried to STOP them from KILLING my youngest sister, who was also my BEST PAL and I was thrown out of that NAZI NHS KILLING HOSPITAL as they CONTINUED to MURDER my youngest sister. Since that time, the NHS have murdered MANY MANY MORE INNOCENT SICK PEOPLE. And it is ALL connected to the UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 PLAN and the NEW WORLD ORDER.

You will NOT read or hear about this from the mainstream media or tabloids because they are being CONTROLLED by the EVIL CORRUPT GOVERNMENT and they have been ORDERED TO SUPPRESS these TRUTHS and they have become VERY EFFICIENT at SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH, printing DEBUNKING PROPAGANDA and that is what it is PROPAGANDA AND LIES. Bill Gates owns MOST OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA and TABLOIDS.

We must all FIGHT BACK TO END THIS EVILNESS. The coronavirus is NOT a threat to anyone, the real death statistics of this virus is less than 0.00001% and they are using this virus to TERRIFY PEOPLE to make them so fearful that they are afraid to step out of their own door to go down the road to get some groceries and then they STARVE TO DEATH. This has ALREADY HAPPENED IN THE UK from the last ILLEGAL LOCKDOWN and there are MORE ILLEGAL LOCKDOWNS to come and there WILL be MORE DEATHS caused by the government making people STARVE TO DEATH this winter of 2020/21.





And we WILL WIN this war.

Thank you all for your SUPPORT, WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT.


Do you want to be their NEXT VICTIM? The NHS are seeking 250,000 human guinea pigs to TEST OUT THEIR DANGEROUS TOXIC DRUGS. How much do you value your life? Well, I can answer that question – LIFE IS PRICELESS and if you sell yourself to scientific research for a few pounds, you are DEVALUATING your life and you could END UP DEAD. Is that what you want? The EVIL KILLING NHS have ALREADY MURDERED thousands of sick people with their DANGEROUS TOXIC DRUGS and this trend is set to get MUCH WORSE if you all don’t put up RESISTANCE and FIGHT BACK.

DON’T take any notice of their wants, they are out to MAKE BIG BUCKS and BIG BIG PROFIT, they DON’T give a DAMN about your life and neither do the CORRUPT NAZI UK GOVERNMENT. All they are interested in is PEDDLING Bill Gates’s DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES because it will ROPE IN THE BIG PROFITS. Every time the EVIL NHS inject innocent people with their DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES they get paid a HANDSOME SUM PER HEAD.


I want to live long enough to see the LIQUIDATION and the FOLDING OF THIS EVIL PROFIT NHS ORGANISATION.

If you all don’t already know – the NHS are NOT interested in the healthcare of their patients, all they are interested in is PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT.

My whole family were WIPED OUT by the EVIL NAZI NHS 4 years ago – they were ALL MURDERED by DANGEROUS TOXIC DRUGS, administered to them at 15 minute intervals until they DIED. And these BASTARDS got PAID for KILLING my family. Not only that, they were VICTORIOUS and LAUGHING whilst my sister was taking her LAST BREATHS and when she died, they LAUGHED LOUDER. That is how EVIL they are. They need to be CATAPULTED INTO ADMINISTRATION and then FOLD – PERMANENTLY.

Every time I drive into town, that EVIL UGLY building scars the skyline like an AGGRESSIVE CANCER and I find it OFFENSIVE to look at it, because that is where my family were MURDERED and it is a constant reminder of their deaths.

The EVIL NAZI NHS is the EPITOME OF ALL EVIL and it needs to be DESTROYED and the empty, ulgy buildings need to be RAZED to the ground.

They have also MURDERED many other peoples family members since they murdered my family and they will CONTINUE to GET AWAY WITH MURDER, until they are STOPPED.

Why don’t you hear about these montrosities via the media and the tabloids? Because they are controlled by the government and they have been ORDERED TO SUPPRESS THESE TRUE FACTS.




Thank you for all of your support, we really appreciate it.



World War III is rapidly accelerating and the UK government are GAINING MORE CONTROL over the people who are gullible, naive, weak and vulnerable. They are doing this in order to SPEED up the WORLD DEPOPULATION which is a well organised, well planned WORLD SYNCHRONISED operation to ELIMITATE people from the face of the earth by KILLING them and they can only do that through CONTROL.

Thousands of people have DIED through STARVATION during these ILLEGAL LOCKDOWNS and you can REST ASSURED that there will be MORE starvation deaths in the coming months when the government SHUT DOWN the country again. Food prices will SKYROCKET and there will be FOOD SHORTAGES. The vulnerable people will take notice of the government COMMANDS and STAY HOME and that WILL LEAD TO STARVATION AND DEATH WILL SWIFTLY FOLLOW.

The United Nations Agenda 21 plan entitled the RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM was drawn up years ago in 1991 and it has taken YEARS to put the WHEELS IN MOTION for a GLOBAL RESET and to THIN DOWN THE WORLD’S current population of around seven billion to just five hundred million and the five hundred million survivors will be herded together and hauled off to HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION CAMPS to work as SLAVES for the elite.

The UK government are MURDERING people RIGHT NOW, they are DYING FROM STARVATION and some are committing SUICIDE and there will be MORE TO COME this autumn.

The UK government are TERRORISTS and they are controlled by BILL GATES, founder of Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation regarding the VACCINES that Gates loves so much. This LUNATIC is OBSESSED with DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES that have killed millions of people in the past and thousands have died RECENTLY because of these DANGEROUS TOXIC VACCINES and this ABUSE and KILLING will continue until it is STOPPED.

Indeed, China actually sued the big pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline for four hundred and ninety million dollars for bribery and that was in 2014. In Canada the SAME pharmaceutical company GSK was sued by the parents of a 5 year old girl who was pressurised into having the vaccine for the H1N1 flu jab and she died.

The problem here is that GSK are covering up their dangerous vaccines and promoting them as safe and they are UNSAFE. They were fined 1.14 billion in 2010 regarding their drugs Avandia and Paxil and they set aside five hundred million to pay for the deaths of people who received their toxic poisonous vaccines and that was in 2011.

They aren’t the ONLY GREEDY EVIL DRUG PROFIT pharmaceutical company – ALL OF THE VACCINES are NEVER 100% safe and Dr. Coleman has elaborated on this matter.

In fact, Dr. Vernon Coleman has thrown down the gauntlet and issued a CHALLENGE to the UK government, he has sent out a message to BORIS JOHNSON and MATT HANCOCK that he WANTS TO DEBATE THE SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF THESE VACCINES that Johnson and Hancock are pushing to get the whole UK population to have this years Flu vaccine pumped into their body’s and if that happens – THERE WILL BE A RIOT, as some of us DON’T want the vaccine because of its POISONOUS TOXICITY. The government have already stockpiled over 60 million doses of the Flu vaccine for this year 2020. Who do they think they are going to give that to? What are they up to? Mass vaccination of mandatory vaccines? There will definitely be problems if they resort to that, because some people are just not going to accept this and I am ONE of them. Toxic vaccines KILLED all of my family and almost KILLED me in 1993. I am NOT having the vaccine.

Bill Gates actually STOPPED Donald Trump from proceeding with a SAFETY INQUIRY into VACCINES, telling Donald Trump that the VACCINES WERE SAFE. Can you believe that? This wealthy MADMAN is NOT a qualified Doctor or Scientist and he is giving out health advice and governments are taking notice of this EVIL advice. Why is Gates doing this? The answer is SIMPLE : He is a GREEDY bastard, he is not content with the wealth that he already has and he WANTS MORE MONEY. He also has a desire to THIN DOWN THE WORLD’S POPULATION, because in his eyes – the WORLD IS OVERPOPULATED. Gates promotes himself as a DO GOODER, but he is NO DIFFERENT TO the LAST Dictator of the 20th Century – ADOLF HITLER. And Gates has bought himself a seat at the United Nations table and he TELLS THEM WHAT TO DO. He has BOUGHT into most of the powers in the world and he OWNS the UK government and the media. He is BENT on making British people take the TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINE.

My family died BEFORE their time, why? Because they kept going back to the doctors surgery to get TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINES as they were placed under an AWFUL LOT OF PRESSURE to take these vaccines and the doctors wouldn’t take NO for an answer. The VACCINE abuse started in 1992 and in 1993 I was placed under extreme pressure to take the FLU VACCINE even though I didn’t want it. I went along to the surgery with my youngest sister to get the flu vaccine that year and I was HEALTHY when I went into the surgery and 5 days later I WAS STRUCK DOWN WITH A MYSTERY ILLNESS and I WAS FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE. I was ILL for months. When I finally recovered, I started to investigate what general medicine had done to me and my first port of call was the DOCTORS SURGERY where I had received the TOXIC POISONOUS JAB. I eventually PRISED the patient information leaflet out of them and I was SHOCKED, LIVID and FUMING when I read that I had been injected with TOXIC SUBSTANCES – MERCURY and FORMALDEDYDE. I challenged the doctors and I was met with a wall of silence. I then challenged the nurses and they just happened to mention that what I had been struck down with was to do with SOMETHING ELSE? Really???? I NEVER went back to the people who POISONED me when I was ill, I asked my family NOT to call the doctor to the house. They don’t know doodly squat and when I asked the nurse what this something else was, she REMAINED SILENT and the SILENCE from the doctors and the nurses SPOKE VOLUMES TO ME and CONFIRMED what I already knew, that I had BEEN DELIBERATELY POISONED and I had almost LOST MY LIFE because of this poisonous jab. That was MY LAST VACCINE in 1993.

You may be interested to know that there is BIG BUSINESS and BIG PROFIT in it for doctors and pharmaceutical companies to inject as many people as possible with their TOXIC POISONS. They receive a HANDSOME SUM per head of every individual who is jabbed with this toxic rubbish.

The following year, I begged my youngest sister NOT to have the poisonous flu jab as she had also been affected by the previous vaccine of 1993 and she wouldn’t listen to me, so she continued to have the poisonous substances injected into her body. When I REFUSED the 1994 flu vaccine, the nurses PUT ME UNDER A LOT OF PRESSURE TO ACCEPT THE POISONOUS VACCINE and I symbolically dug my heels into the ground and said NO and I meant what I said.

Year after year after year after year, I continued in my quest to persuade my family to STAY AWAY FROM THE TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINES. Eventually, it became a drag and I could hear myself NAGGING at them, but I NEVER gave up hope and eventually some 28 years later, my youngest sister REALISED that she had been POISONED with the Flu vaccines for all of those years and in 2013 she REFUSED the vaccine, but it was too little too late.

All 4 members of my family suffered TOXIC VACCINE ABUSE for over 27 years and even though I have forewarned them that if they DIDN’T PUT A STOP TO THIS GENERAL MEDICINE ABUSE, that they WOULD get a kick back from it one of these days and UNFORTUNATELY, they did. Three family members got sick around Christmas time of 2015 and that included my youngest sister and these illnesses had absolutely NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH VIRUSES. It was the TOXIC VACCINE ABUSE that did it. And to cap it all, all three of them were FORCED into hospital against their will and the hospital staff REFUSED to let them discharge themselves. It was at this EVIL NAZI NHS hospital that they received their FINAL JUICES OF DEATH. All three family members were injected with a conglomeration of TOXIC DRUGS at 15 minute intervals until they died.

My youngest sister, who was also MY BEST PAL were HARASSED all Christmas week of 2015 by the doctor of the surgery – ALL THOSE PHONE CALLS EVERY TWO MINUTES and he was PRESSURISING her to go to the surgery for blood tests on 4th January 2016. My sister had already told him NO umpteen times. I took the LAST call that was on a Friday evening and I can vividly recall what I actually said to him, I told him “you don’t listen do you, she has already told you NO.” And he replied, “I will see you in the surgery on Monday afternoon at 2pm.” And he banged the phone down on me. For the first time in my life, I didn’t know what illness that my sister had and she had been sleeping a lot. My sister forewarned me that IF WE WENT TO THE SURGERY, THE DOCTOR WOULD FORCE HER INTO HOSPITAL AND SHE WOULD NOT COME OUT ALIVE. And THAT is EXACTLY what happened. I actually mentioned to her during that weekend that we were NEVER going to get rid of him until we went for the blood tests to SHUT HIM UP. That was a MISTAKE, a MISTAKE that my sister and I PAID DEARLY FOR. When we arrived at the surgery, the POLICE were waiting for us and they THREATENED TO BEAT US BOTH UP, because my sister was REFUSING to get onto the ambulance trolley and REFUSING to go to hospital and she had the RIGHT to REFUSE. Apparently NOT.

It wasn’t until years later after I qualified as a natural medicine practitioner that I realised what had actually caused my families deaths, after I did much soul searching. It makes sense because there was ONLY ME that was NOT taking the TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINE and that is why I am alive today, because I REFUSED further vaccines following my near death experience in 1993.

Are you aware that in this day and age that the GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED NHS have MORE POWERS than you think that they do? They can FORCE their way into private houses to get to people, using the POLICE to ENFORCE ENTRY. They can FORCE you into hospital using the POLICE if you REFUSE to go and they can make it REAL HARD on you when you get to the hospital. Once you are admitted, YOU CANNOT GET OUT. They run that place like a PRISON WITHOUT BARS. You are NOT allowed to DISCHARGE yourself any more – those days are gone. I just wanted to make it CLEAR to you JUST HOW POWERFUL the NHS have become. They also USE SOCIAL SERVICES to MAKE PEOPLE DO WHAT they DON’T WANT TO DO. That happened with my mother – the POLICE and SOCIAL SERVICES were called. My mother was perfectly okay where she was, but the EVIL NAZI NHS had to have their way and FORCE her into a SCRUFFY GOVERNMENT CARE HOME where she DIED 3 weeks later, after RECEIVEING HER FINAL TOXIC DEATH JUICES from the NHS at the care home.

The NHS are EVIL KILLERS and they have KILLED thousands of people since they MURDERED my family and so far, they have GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT.

An individual called Celine Hagbag contacted me through Dr. Vernon Coleman’s pages on his youtube website and she said the MOST VILEST thing to me that you could imagine. I had been experiencing a sleepless night and didn’t retire to bed while midnight on this particular evening and I had been receiving DISTRESSED messages from all of these people whose RELATIVES HAD BEEN MURDERED by the NHS very recently and I checked my last message at midnight and HAGBAG’s comment did not appear before MIDNIGHT. It was sent during the night and this bastard told me that she had nothing but respect for the NHS and because of the time that I had received this HATEFUL message, I suspected that she was WORKING NIGHT SHIFT AT AN NHS HOSPITAL. I want NO association with the NHS ever again. I FINISHED with the NHS during April of 2016 before my middle sister was MURDERED by them and after my mother died. At that time, I had lost 3 family members within 3 months. My middle sister was poisoned to death by the NHS in another county during Christmas of 2018. I couldn’t reply to HAGBAG’s comment because the NASTY YOUTUBE administrators were TAKING DOWN DR. COLEMAN’S videos FASTER than he could put them up and that PISSED HIM OFF. He made ONE last video, explaining to everyone that he was NOT going to put up with this trash any more, he had put a lot of hours, a lot of work, a lot of effort to present his TRUTHFUL VIDEOS just for the YOUTUBE NEANDERTHALS to REMOVE them for NOTHING. They have been ORDERED to SUPPRESS THE TRUTH and youtube have been giving my channel some JIFF also. That is why we have moved to WordPress and my other website is with site123 where there is NO facilities for uploading videos. We have TWO websites. and I wanted to tell this HAGBAG person NOT to contact me anymore, because I find the EVIL NHS a VILE organisation because they are KILLERS.

Nine million people DIED from STARVATION last year and why did the media NOT mention this? Because there is NO money in it for them or the government and they are CONTROLLED by the government and the government are CONTROLLED by Bill Gates who has BENT and WICKED desires to RULE THE WORLD.

Why is the Coronavirus so popular with the media? Simple – it is PROFITABLE for them and the government. The real death statistics for the coronavirus is VERY LOW and it is 0.00001% – even Dr. Coleman mentioned this in one of his DELETED videos. So why are the government TERRORISING people with the non deadly coronavirus? Because it is profitable for them. They are terrorising people so much that when the TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINE is eventually made available, most people will be down on their knees BEGGING for the poison, because they DON’T KNOW ANY DIFFERENT. They DON’T know that this TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINE could KILL THEM.

Mandatory vaccines are on the horizon and the 21st century holocaust is looming ever nearer and we are TRYING TO STOP THIS EVIL FROM HAPPENING.




Thank you for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT, we really appreciate it. THANK YOU.



Back in November 2015 to April 2016 my family SUFFERED a terrible and unspeakable tragedy, they all became ill around the same time as each other, they were ALL forced into an NHS hospital against their will and they were ALL subjected to CRUEL and EVIL torture meted out to them by the EVIL KILLER NHS. They were psychologically tortured by the NHS, they were ABUSED and LAUGHED at by the NHS, they were STARVED by the NHS and they were ALL poisoned to death by the NHS. This is what the NHS have reduced themselves to – EVIL, CALLOUS KILLERS.

Following my father’s sad departure from this world, my youngest sister (MY PAL) became ill on Christmas Eve that same year. An NHS doctor by the name of Mistry made an unexpected house call to see my mother at 10am that Christmas eve morning and my sister and I were staying with our mother for Christmas at her house. I was so worried about my sister that I made the MISTAKE of asking Mistry for some advice regarding my sister. From that moment on, we received nothing but telephone harassment throughout Christmas week, just pressurising us both to attend the surgery for blood tests, after my sister had already REFUSED because they had made a mess of her arm 10 years earlier with blood tests as the INCOMPETENT fools had tortured her and stabbed her over 40 times just prodding for a vein and she vowed NEVER to go through that procedure ever again.

Eventually, Mistry got his own way, as I persuaded my sister that the only way to get rid of him from harassing us on the phone every two minutes was to attend the surgery on January 4, 2016. My sister reluctantly agreed to go along with the plan to shut him up. Our plan was to go to the surgery, have the blood tests then come away. My sister forewarned me what would happen if we went to the surgery on that fateful afternoon, she warned me that Mistry was setting us up for a trap, he would FORCE her into hospital against her will and she would NOT come out alive. That is EXACTLY what happened and I have NEVER forgiven myself for making that mistake.

The police were waiting for our arrival at the surgery and they THREATENED to beat us BOTH up if my sister continued to REFUSE to go to the NHS hospital.

She was forced onto an ambulance trolley and strapped in – she was protesting all the way and I will never forget that scream she made. It was a scream of desperation, a scream of being BETRAYED by the NHS, a scream that she knew they were going to KILL her.

I had a back up plan to help my sister out of E.R. and if these incidents had occurred years ago, we could have WALKED out of that E.R. room, but times had CHANGED and NOT for the BETTER.

My sister was treated like a criminal and I followed the ambulance in the car and I was crying all the way, fearing the worst. When I arrived at the E.R., EVERYTHING had changed since we were last there and the staff were running that hospital LIKE A PRISON WITHOUT BARS. I tried to take my sister out of the E.R., and security was called.

It was here where they administered the FIRST 3 doses of LETHAL TOXIC drugs in order to MURDER MY SISTER. These drugs were administered to my sister at 15 minute intervals and on the third attempt, I challenged the KILLER NURSE and said “ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HER?” And the killer nurse replied “I know what I am doing.” Apparently she did because SHE MURDERED my sister, but before that took place, a struggle broke out and I tried to stop her from murdering my sister. Security was called and I was ejected from that hospital.

My mother was murdered by the KILLER NHS in a similar fashion, she too was STARVED and KILLED by DANGEROUS TOXIC DRUGS.

Following the deaths of my father and my youngest sister – which were 8 weeks and 2 days apart, the Killer NHS involved the coroner and the coroner involved the police and they needed a patsy to take the blame for what the NHS had done, so I was the obvious choice. I was UNLAWFULLY arrested for the murder of my pal and my father. They ransacked BOTH houses took photographs of inside both houses and confiscated personal items and bagged them up as evidence. When they finally brought those personal possessions back to me, I had noticed that they had taken some BIZARRE stuff out of both houses, like : a half eaten soggy biscuit and a tub of Holland & Barrett Muscle builder from my parents’ home and a recycled toothbrush from our home that we used for cleaning around tight corners of taps/faucets in the bathroom. I am still PUZZLED as to why these items were taken as it had absolutely NOTHING at all to do with the deaths of my father or my sister – they were BOTH KILLED IN AN NHS HOSPITAL by NHS STAFF and they COVERED UP their KILLING TRACKS.

When I was hauled away to the police station by plain clothes detectives, they kept me in ISOLATION all day and they had TWO male social service goons sat there STARING AT ME and saying NOTHING. I was already DISTRESSED and STRESSED out at losing my father and then my sister that I was PUSHED to BREAKING POINT and the SILENCE was DEAFENING. I refused to talk to them WITHOUT first consulting a lawyer and it was a long long time before the lawyer actually showed up. During that 12 hours of ISOLATION, I was given one sip of still mineral water and was REFUSED to use the toilet.

I discovered 4 years later and VERY RECENTLY that the CIA used the SAME KIND OF TORTURE TACTICS that the police USED ON ME during the third week in January 2016. They use PSCHOLOGICAL TORTURE – ISOLATION to break people down and that is what they were doing to me that day – psychologically torturing me by using ISOLATION and SILENCE. I was already HYSTERICAL because I had lost MY PAL, my youngest sister, the sister who I worshipped, the sister who I lived for, the sister who I did everything for. When she was sick, I used to get her things to help her to feel better. I bought her a nebuliser because the mean NHS wouldn’t give her one. I paid for holidays for her, bought first aid equipment and supplies for her. I loved my sister with all my heart and she gave me a reason to live. Then these EVIL torturers TOLD ME THAT I HAD KILLED MY SISTER and MY FATHER in order to gain a substantial amount of money from their life insurance policies, which was a SICK JOKE because NONE of us were insured and I am still NOT insured, because I can’t afford it.

I knew I had not hurt my sister, I loved my sister with all my heart and they were acting like I was guilty.

Following my sister’s state autopsy in February of 2016 the CID came back to me RED faced and APOLOGETIC, when the autopsy report concluded what had actually caused my sister’s untimely death. What was stated on the official cause of death report is UNIMPORTANT, what is IMPORTANT is that NO TOXICOLOGY test was ever performed upon my sister and I CHALLENGED them about this very subject and the pathologist, who was actually an histopathologist had absolutey NO idea that I had been arrested and accused of murdering the sister that I loved and he seemed genuinely surprised by what I had told him. He also informed me that had it been a criminal case, then his COLLEAGUE would have done the autopsy and NOT him.

I have since been campaigning to get justice for my family because the STATE KILLED MY FAMILY, NOT ME and so far they have gotten away with MURDER.

I am blaming the DIRTY EVIL LYING TOE RAG Dr. Ajay Mistry for telling LIES about me to the authorities and he did that because he HATED my sister and he HATED me, he regarded us BOTH as a THREAT to his livelihood. All that because we were studying alternative medicine at that time and he attempted to THROW a spanner in the works. Well, they succeeded in KILLING my sister and the REST of my family and now they are TRYING to KILL me, because the AGENDA 21 plan to DEPOPULATE the earth is accelerating.

My family are NOT going to die for nothing, I intend to FIGHT THEM ALL THE WAY. Not just the evil killing NHS but the nazi government also.