It is the duty of the Online Resistance Movement to once again elaborate on the seriousness of the global enemy’s covid19 injection.

It doesn’t matter WHO the drug manufacturer is – the covid19 injection is a DEATH JAB, specifically designed by the enemy to DEPOPULATE the world and so far their plan is working – slowly but surely, as millions of people who were foolish enough to take this depopulation shot have already died, many have died following their first injection within 48 hours. This news NEVER gets reported in the mainstream media, because the mainstream media are bought collaborators of the people’s enemy.

Some of the ingredients contained within this vile concoction of death are as follows :

MERCURY – highly toxic -used inside some thermometers – causes cancer
ALUMINIUM – highly toxic cancer causer
POTASSIUM CHLORIDE – stops the heart (used in a 3 drug protocol to execute condemned felons)
DIESEL – the same stuff that powers diesel run motor vehicles
TROMETHAMINE – used to help elderly people who suffer with heart problems. This dangerous stuff can also cause heart attacks

Many terrified victims of this death jab NEVER survive past the 48 hour mark post first injection. However, it has been truthfully scientifically proven that the first dose of this death jab WILL reduce the victim’s natural immunity to 50%. If the victim survives to the next dose, the second dose WILL reduce the victim’s immunity down to 25%. If the victim survives these two doses to the booster dose, then the victim’s immunity WILL be reduced to ZERO. The human body cannot survive without an immune system and DEATH will swiftly follow, if not sooner, but later. But then that is the WHOLE point of the DEATH JAB – to depopulate the earth.

The truthful, great, honest and wonderful Dr. Vernon Coleman was being generous when he stated that the jabbed victims could live up to 5 to 10 years following the DEATH JAB. Other truthful doctors have painted a DARKER picture for the victims of the 21st century DEATH JAB and have given these victims only 2 years to survive; if they survive all three toxic injections.

In one of Dr. Coleman’s recent videos, he elaborated on the EVILNESS of this toxic jabbing, causing DEATH and he demonstrated ABSOLUTE PROOF in his video that this lethal injection was doing just that – KILLING people and he announced that the “JABBING MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY.” Well, unfortunately it hasn’t and the CULLING of the world’s population will continue until the resistance WIN the war.

The New World Order matrix has ALREADY been installed, it just needs IGNITING and this World War III is far more advanced than ever before. Concentration POW camps already exist and in northern Australia – these camps are in use right now. The next phase of this war will see the rise of the SMART CITIES – the enslavement camps for the survivors. Land and property owners will have their land and property confiscated, then depending upon how old the land and property owner is at the time of this advanced war, they will be arrested and either hauled off to a POW concentration camp, where they will await execution or they will be hauled off to one of the SMART CITY enslavement camps to work and earn money for the global enemy. Does any of this sound familiar to you? It should do, it is HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF – THE World War I and World War II POW DEATH CAMPS. The killing of thousands of innocent prisoners inside the DEATH CAMPS of Poland, Auschwitz and Berkenau being two of the most famous death camps of World War II. Apparently, the world has learnt NOTHING from history and the Rothschild’s (who were responsible for starting both of these world wars) are STILL causing worldwide chaos, mayhem, death and destruction. Why? Because they WANT most of us DEAD – they want to depopulate the earth once again.

World War III is NOT going to end unless the resistance gets ALL the people united together and to RISE UP and FIGHT BACK against the enemy to overpower them. It is the weak willed, brainwashed terrified numbskulls who are holding the resistance back, by allowing the enemy to control their every move.

The resistance will NEVER allow the global enemy to railroad our ass and we WILL go down FIGHTING. That is why the resistance HAS TO WIN THIS WAR, otherwise there will be no future for any of us. By 2030 most of us will be DEAD, SMART CITIES will blacken the once beautiful horizon to marr the skyline like a disseminated cancerous wart. The survivors will be SLAVES to the New World Order and their every aspect of life WILL be controlled by the enemy. It won’t be too long after that when the enemy decide that it is time to dispose of the slaves and have them annihilated and there WILL be a cutoff age for that to happen. Remember the 1970’s sci-fi movie Logans Run? Where people resided in a slave city that was run by computers and policed by Sanmen? Well, that is where we are all headed – to DIE at a certain age. In the movie, the cutoff age was 30 years. Surely you all don’t want that kind of life? You all have to RISE UP and FIGHT BACK, you have NO choice. The alternative is – DEATH. We chose LIFE and we are PREPARED TO FIGHT BACK to sustain life.



The Online Resistance Movement have been blocked from expressing our rights to freedom and life from Johnson’s email address.

There is MORE than one way to skin a cat and we plan to do just that. We are sending the little nazi fascist puppet dictator a LOUD AND CLEAR message that he will NEVER enslave or control the resistance.

The resistance will NEVER be slaves and we WILL go down FIGHTING.

We will NOT be silenced, the government are KILLING people with the global cabal’s enemy DEATH JAB and attempting to control everyone with their slave narrative of mandatory face mask wearing.

The resistance are FIGHTING BACK stronger than ever now the New World Order has been set in place. We cannot allow this to happen.

The following message is for Johnson and his evil, vile corrupt government:



That nazi fascist dirty lying little toe rag, Boris Johnson made a live press conference again today, with their collaborating mainstream media bought propaganda machine.

This nasty little puppet dictator went on to claim that the covid19 injection actually strengthens the immune system. It enraged us to hear such preposterously outrageous ballyhoo. All that just so they can line their pockets with billions of pounds and to hell with the health of the general public.

The Online Resistance Movement have proved time and time again that this is NOT the case. The covid19 injection is an experimental injection that is full to the brim with highly toxic substances that will KILL you within an instant. The covid19 injection is a DEATH JAB, designed to do one job – to terminate the victim’s life, in order to thin down the population size. It is a WORLD CULL of the people folks and the New World Order agenda is now in FULL SWING. Millions of terrified people who have succumbed to this poison have already DIED.

There is absolutely NO trial data for these experimental injections, because the trials do not end until 2023. The naive gullible general public have become the unwitting trial subjects for the covid19 injections.

Contrary to what you have been told by the enemy, the covid19 injections are definitely NOT safe and they are NOT effective. The local councils and bought mainstream media are spinning propaganda and so far, they have managed to brainwash the terrified weak willed people. We are advising each and every one of you to rise above this propaganda spin and IGNORE their brainwashing techniques, this is the ONLY way that you will SURVIVE.

Some of the vile ingredients contained within this vile concoction of death is enough to kill a herd full of elephants. Some of the ingredients contained within these toxic potions are : MERCURY, ALUMINIUM, POTASSIUM CHLORIDE, DIESEL and lately TROMETHAMINE – ALL designed to KILL.

A full list of ingredients of these covid19 injections can be obtained from our website.

We are repeating once again : the covid19 injections are : DEATH JABS. They do NOT, we repeat NOT strengthen the immune system, they WEAKEN the immune system and unfortunately, the condition is permanent. If the victim survives the first dose, their natural immune system is REDUCED to 50%. If the victim survives to the second dose, their natural immune system is REDUCED to 25%. If the victim survives to the booster stage, their natural immune system is REDUCED to ZERO. The human body cannot survive without an immune system, but then that is the global enemy’s whole plan – WORLDWIDE MASS GENOCIDE as ordered by their top generals – the Rothschilds.




Public enemy number one Bill Gates has been indicted for murder in an Indian court. A 23 year old young man succumbed to the New World Order DEATH JAB – COVISHIELD. His name can be found on page 45 of this court document.

Please download and examine the following court document:

World War III of the People vs the Government is now far ADVANCED. The world at war is entering into its THIRD YEAR. Whilst the terrified weak willed naive people continue to yield to terrorist government blackmailing threats, this war WILL continue. The resistance DON’T have much time left, but we will continue FIGHTING THIS WAR.

Millions of people have ALREADY been annihilated by the enemy via the TOXIC NEEDLE OF DEATH and we can now see the 21st century HOLOCAUST just over the horizon. Once this 21st century holocaust takes hold, it will make the death camps of World War II look like child’s play and the 21st century holocaust WILL go down in history as the BIGGEST most COLOSSAL TRAGEDY of world history. We have to STOP this now people. We can’t allow these mad insane dictator psychopaths to escalate this war any further.

All you have to do is to REFUSE to comply and DEFY the orders of your nazi fascist puppet government. Just remember – they WANT YOU TO DIE – NEW WORLD ORDER, to thin down the world’s population size. If we don’t stop this now, billions of people around the world are going to perish by the TOXIC DEATH JAB.

General medical scientists in the know have already INDICATED that these covid19 injections are LETHAL INJECTIONS, specifically designed to TERMINATE your life. If the victim takes the first dose of this lethal injection and survives, their natural immune system is REDUCED by 50%. If the victim survives to the second dose, their natural immunity is REDUCED to 25%. If the victim survives to the booster dose stage, their natural immune system is REDUCED to ZERO. The human body cannot survive without an immune system. These scientists have proven time and time again how this lethal injection works – it is called the antibody immune enhancement – which in turn sparks off a CYTOKINE STORM inside the body when the victim next comes into contact with one of the wild coronaviruses and this vicious cycle will NOT cease until the victim suffers MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE and then DEATH will SWIFTLY follow.

What do we have to do to convince all of you brainwashed numbskulls that your government and their evil global cohorts WANT YOU DEAD?

In the not too distant future, the Online Resistance Movement are predicting that these EVIL WAR CRIMINAL BASTARDS WILL eventually close down the matrix internet, because the global enemy dragnet is tightening its stranglehold. For many months now, several platforms have already shut us down, including the evil lying collaborators – FACEBOOK. The Online Resistance Movement have been BANNED from several platforms, but we will keep on going and keep on FIGHTING BACK FOR FREEDOM, with the only weapon we have to retaliate with and that IS – the TRUTH. The truth doesn’t seem too popular these days.

We are still going STRONG with twitter and some of our team have been fighting back with the truth on this platform. We have also been viciously attacked by the 77th brigade, who are paid by the government to harass, terrorise, threaten and blackmail truth tellers in a feeble attempt to silence us. We will NOT be coerced into silence. We are AT WAR and we have to WIN this war in order to survive. The enemy have also been attacking our websites and causing our computers to crash. We know all about the 77th brigade and the resistance is NOT backing down, because we are FIGHTING for our LIVES as well as our FREEDOMS.

Once the global enemy shut down the internet, the resistance WILL continue to FIGHT BACK and we will FIGHT BACK until the bitter end.

Although it is a stoic move on the part of the petitioner’s in this court case. You all have to remember that the courts are ALSO controlled by the Global Enemy Elite.


The Online Resistance Movement team express our most humblest and deepest GRATITUDE to platforms : WordPress and Twitter. We will keep FIGHTING back, with thanks to these neutral platforms.

Bill Gates – Commander In Chief of the Global Enemy


In a press conference held earlier the little nazi fascist dictator Boris Johnson, admitted that this LETHAL INJECTION does nothing to protect the receiver of the injection, neither does it stop them from passing on a manufactured virus, via shedding.

Please see the following video:

Boris Johnson – The Peoples TRAITOR

Back in 2007 Johnson expressed a concern about the ever growing world population size. He mentioned that the planet has LIMITED RESOURCES and was NOT able to sustain all life at all levels. He also stressed that by the year 2050, that the planet population size would explode to around 9.2 billion and that this was unacceptable.

Boris Johnson has employed nazi fascist tactics to tackle this so called overpopulation growth. He and his war criminal cohorts are controlled by the world secret ruling society – the cabal. Their top generals are the ROTHSCHILD’S, who were responsible for ALL wars in the annals of world history, dating back to the Napoleon wars. When the Rothschild’s, (who are filthy rich world bank owners), decide that the world is OVER POPULATED; they pay countries to wage war against each other and they pay BOTH warring sides to fight each other, because WAR is profitable and it also brings the dividends of THINNING down the world’s population size. Note** These are NOT our thoughts or words folks, these are the thoughts and words of the poeople’s enemy – the cabal.

This time, World War III is slightly different. It is not a traditional war with army tanks, machine guns, spitfire dog fights in the air with the enemy, or bomber planes. It is a POLITICAL/MEDICAL WAR and on the face of it, it isn’t blindingly obvious to the casual observer that there is any war going on at all. But we are AT WAR of the People vs the Government and it is the Government who are instilling FEAR and TERROR into the hearts and minds of the weak willed, gullible, naive and vulnerable. This group of people have been so BADLY messed up and TERRORISED by their government, that they will do anything the government tells them what to do. The RESISTANCE will continue to FIGHT BACK FOR FREEDOM and our LIVES until the bitter end. The enemy is USING the TOXIC NEEDLE to KILL people, promoting this vile, evil, poisonous stuff as a health protector, when in actual reality, it is a DEATH JAB, to thin down the world’s population size.

They are also planning on freezing us all to death, by banning fossil fuels. Some naive folks will actually believe that the government haven’t thought out the consequences of transferring all energy over to ELECTRIC energy. But in reality, the government KNOW exactly what they are doing and it has been thought through very carefully. They already know that there isn’t enough electricity generated to supply every individual with power. So there will be power failures and people will freeze to death in winter time. They will also starve to death, as the government deliberately PUSH UP food prices.

The good Dr. Vernon Coleman predicted all of this over 2 years ago, around the time of the outbreak of World War III. So more and more people will suffer, perish and die either by the toxic needle, freezing to death or starving to death.

As this war marches on into the third year, MORE people will DIE. Concentration camps already exist in the south, to house and detain REFUSERS of the toxic jab. The blueprints for the SMART CITIES has already been approved and the construction of these SLAVE CITIES will not be too far into the future.

As we predicted some months ago – the MANDATORY FACE MASK wearing is BACK. Lockdowns will be back very soon. What this evil government is doing is ILLEGAL and they are WAR CRIMINALS. Until this war has ended in the resistance’s favour, each and every one of you will have to RISE up against the enemy and FIGHT BACK.

This EVILNESS has to STOP now.


Keep on RESISTING. Keep on DEFYING. Keep on NOT complying.



The GLOBAL ENEMY want most of us DEAD. We are AT WAR, World War III. The enemy are mass genociding innocent people around the world with their biological warfare weapons.



The great reset Globalist’s lethal injection is designed to completely destroy your immune system permanently, thus permanently altering your DNA and turning your body into a virus manufacturing machine, specifically designed to continue manufacturing spike proteins and viruses. Once the victim of the cabal receives their first dose, there is no reversal of the procedure; it is highly toxic and deadly.

There are kind and caring people out there whom have come up with natural detox potions made from fresh fruit and vegetables, but this detox method will not reverse the damage that has already been done by these killer injections. What these potions do, is to help to reduce the symptoms and help them to cope better, it does not reverse the process of the toxic chemicals that are already inside the victims body and it will not cure the victim, but it helps to relieve the suffering.

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This is a DEATH JAB, specifically designed to terminate your life. The global enemy’s Agenda 21 plan is now is FULL OPERATION AROUND THE WORLD. It is a DEPOPULATION AGENDA. Land and property confiscation, etc. See United Nations Agenda 21 plan – downloadable FREE on this website.



The Online Resistance Movement have a duty to unveil and expose to you our latest truthful news and findings as it is our sole mission to SAVE LIVES.

Microbiologist scientist – Dr. Zandre Botha during her blood research into discovering just why people are dying following their being subjected to the New World Government’s lethal injection, discovered round black masses inside the blood of the covid19 injection. We are reminding you all again, that the covid19 mRNA injection is NOT a health protector, but it is an ELIMINATOR. As the New World Government’s Commander In Chief – Bill Gates has already pointed out that – “we need to depopulate the world by at least three million, because the world is overpopulated.” And Gates made that statement back in 2015. This is exactly what this drug is – AN ELIMINATOR – specifically designed to TERMINATE the victim’s life.

When Dr…

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THIS IS A DEATH JAB. United Nations Agenda 21 plan, now in FULL OPERATION around the world. We are trying to STOP the 21st century holocaust from happening.



Please read and examine the following attachment:


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The Online Resistance Movement are sadly reporting that Australia has gone down. The Australian people have lost all of their human rights and they have lost all of their freedom.

They have to continue to keep on fighting back, physically if they are forced to do. They are now desperately FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES.

Earlier yesterday, a cry for help came from a Darwin female in distress, pleading for help and announcing a state of emergency. This is heartbreaking, these genocidal maniacs who are in power are ordering the KILLING of INNOCENT people, many of them were children, who were chased down by the army, held down and FORCED VACCINATED with the LETHAL INJECTION.

To the Australian people – you have to take to the streets and FIGHT BACK PHYSICALLY. You are FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIVES. You are fighting WAR CRIMINALS, who WILL be held accountable for their EVIL actions, once the resistance WIN this war. The resistance is with you, supporting you all the way.

Unfortunately, the Austrian people are in for it NEXT. Their wicked government enemy will try to start LETHALLY INJECTING people in February 2022. Again, the Austrian people need to make a FIRM STAND, to rise up against the enemy, RESIST and FIGHT BACK.

This World War III is rapidly escalating OUT OF CONTROL and the resistance are FIGHTING BACK ALL THE WAY. We HAVE to WIN THIS WAR.

Right now in Australia, the evil wicked enemy are enforcing the Rockerfeller Foundation LOCKSTEP PROCEDURE – a pre-planned operation that was documented and theoretically rehearsed back in 2010. They have unleashed HELL upon the Australians and are enforcing a tighter top down control – this is happening RIGHT NOW. They are also attempting to confiscate land from land owners – Agenda 21 plan.

This evil practice cannot be allowed to continue, this KILLER DISEASE – the global enemy is rapidly disseminating throughout the world. Which country will be NEXT after Austria in February 2022?

We have to STOP this people, we don’t want a repeat of world history and another holocaust.

FIGHT BACK FOR YOUR LIVES. You have NO choice but to FIGHT BACK. The alternative to not fighting back is too terrible to even think of and you all could end up being KILLED by the enemy, who want most of us DEAD by the year 2030 – Agenda 21 plan. If you haven’t already done so, please download your FREE COPY of the 354 page document of the United Nations Agenda 21 plan from this website.

Take care, God Bless and we are fighting back with you ALL THE WAY.