The Online Resistance Movement have received wind from reliable sources that the government are pushing ahead with their Global Reset Agenda and regardless of what else you all have heard MANDATORY VACCINATIONS are just over the horizon for all of us poor souls residing in the UK.

Already the nazi puppet leader Boris Johnson is steaming ahead with the covid19 health certificates for bar goers. This means that anyone who cannot PROVE that they have been injected with the depopulation jab will NOT be permitted to drink inside a public bar.

Don’t believe for one minute that this evil Agenda 21 plan will stop at controlling drinkers, the deep dark abyss spirals much deeper into the burning embers of hell fire and brimstone. This is JUST the beginning folks, so you all had better have those fruit and vegetable seeds already stored, because you all will need them to GROW YOUR OWN FOOD so that you don’t starve to death. Yes, unfortunately, starving the defiant resistance is ALSO a part of the Agenda 21’s depopulation plan that Uncle Adolf mark II (Boris Johnson) has in store for us all eventually.

The stage has already been set for the NO JAB NO JOB NO FOOD evil agenda and it is slowly creeping up on all of us, including the brain dead and this silent evil predator will pounce on the unsuspecting victim like a panther stalks its prey in the middle of the night and it will devour us all, especially if we are UNPREPARED, as some people are. We are referring to the brainwashed sheep – they WILL be amongst the FIRST CASUALTIES of the worldwide mass culling of the people, because they are being led blindly to the river to drown by the UK government’s nazi puppet leader PIED PIPER.

Johnson keeps on insisting that vaccinations are not going to be made mandatory – he is a LIAR. NEVER place blind trust in a politician, especially one that is the nazi puppet leader, who was boasting on television that he has received the covid19 injection and he DIDN’T FEEL A THING. Those were HIS words folks, not ours. The Online Resistance Movement watched that disgusting short video on Brand New Tube of Boris Johnson ALLEGEDLY receiving the covid19 injection and I am telling you all right now that ALL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. There was a LOT of sleight of hand and the viewer could see NOTHING because the sight of the needle entering Johnson’s skin was obscured by a nurse’s hand and arm. He didn’t feel a thing because he NEVER had the needle inside his arm. The country singer and actress Dolly Parton claimed that she felt NOTHING when the needle supposedly pierced her skin. She didn’t feel anything because SHE has NOT received an injection, it was ALL FOR SHOW and to PROMOTE the killer depopulation shot. Biden, Pence and Fauci were all filmed getting the SUPPOSED covid19 injection – NONE of them were injected with anything.

Apparently, the government will be bringing out domestic health passports this coming summer, ready for use in the public houses. Some publicans are NOT welcoming the news and they think that it is BAD business and that it WILL discriminate the unvaccinated people and some of the pub stewards are UNHAPPY about this. But there are other publicans who are happily embracing these NEW SLAVE RULES. What they don’t realise is that if people are forced to show a domestic health pass, that like Israel (who are already THERE) will LOSE VITAL CUSTOMERS and their businesses will be ruined and they will eventually be DRUMMED OUT OF BUSINESS through lack of customers. We have ALL witnessed what has ALREADY happened in Israel – all the COFFEE SHOPS and other businesses ARE EMPTY and VOID of customers. That will happen here in the UK also.

You all need to remember that we are LIVING IN DANGEROUS TIMES and that the government have an agenda to follow and they are progressing with this evil agenda. And one of their agenda’s according to the United Nations agenda 21 plan is to : devise a plan to CLOSE DOWN ALL SMALL BUSINESSES, because they DON’T fit into the Agenda 21 plan. Once this UK government insane nazi act is ENFORCED, it WILL MARK THE END OF THE PUBLIC HOUSE BUSINESS and soon ALL public beer houses will be CLOSED permanently.

The next phase of this Agenda 21 plan will be to close down ALL OTHER SMALL BUSINESSES, including bakery shops, butchers shops, sandwich shops, coffee shops, stationery stores, clothes stores, sporting goods stores, the list is endless. Once all of these businesses have folded. Then the UK nazi government can progress to their next stage plan and that will be to FORCE EVERYONE to purchase ALL OF THEIR NECESSITIES ONLINE. The next stage plan of the Agenda 21 will be to INTRODUCE -DIGITAL CURRENCY and this is where the banks will have ABSOLUTE control over all of your finances. At first, you will be using your credit or debit card to make online purchases, like some people are already doing that right now. But it gets WORSE, once the CASH has been removed from society, the BANKS will have the power to CHARGE everyone an interest purchase fee, probably for every purchase they make. The government will introduce a SOCIAL CREDIT system, which is already operating in China right now. The following is the deal – each and every one of us will be monitored for our behaviour – good behaviour will be rewarded by the government to the individual, who will then be able to purchase what they need, with restrictions. The restrictions being that if the government thinks that buying junk food and buying candies is BAD for you, then you WILL be REFUSED to buy these items, even though you have the credit to buy them. This is ALL about control. They will then have you all MAKING PURCHASES with your mobile/cell phone (some people are doing that right now), but EVERYONE will be FORCED to make purchases using a mobile/cell phone app and some people have been using the phone purchasing app already. The next stage Agenda 21 plan will be to : INJECT THE MARK OF THE BEAST MICROCHIP inside your hand/wrist. This microchip will contain ALL OF YOUR OWN PERSONAL DETAILS – your name, address, age, telephone number, medical record, DVLA driving license number, your car logbook registration documents. It will contain all of your bank records – bank account numbers, bank PIN numbers, your bank balance, all of your purchases, where you have been to make these purchases. And just like it was prophesized THOUSANDS of years ago in the BOOK OF REVELATION – those people who do NOT have the MARK OF THE BEAST on their foreheads or on their hand will NOT be able to buy, sell or trade anything. This SECOND microchip in the hand is THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Accept that and you will GO TO HELL, literally because that is the MARK OF SATAN. Of course there are the HACKERS and anything can happen there. These people who have received the MARK OF THE BEAST will be subjected to HACKERS who can hack into their personal microchipped details. Not only that, whoever is controlling this microchip from afar, THAT can and WILL be switched off, so if you all misbehave yourselves, you will NOT be able to buy anything and THAT is a FACT. I would imagine that it is possible to detonate the microchip. We would NOT TRUST these microchips. And anyone who has seen the futuristic science fiction movie – ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK will know exactly what we are talking about. In the movie, they used a convict Snake Pliskin to rescue the President from Manhatten prison island. The President’s plane went down on the island and he was captured by the Duke (a convict on the island). The authorities sent in Snake to rescue the President. Pliskin had 24 hours to rescue the President and he was placed on a timer. Before they sent Pliskin into the island he was injected with two micrograin capsules inside either side of his neck. He was FOREWARNED that if he didn’t get the President back within 24 hours, those two micrograin tracking capsules that he had been injected with WOULD EXPLODE. Like we said – DON’T TRUST THE MICROCHIP for your digital currencies and it IS COMING if we DON’T STOP THIS EVILNESS NOW.

The UK government have already slammed the THREATENING BLACKMAILING gauntlet to the ground and stated that if an individual does NOT get a jab – they GET NOTHING. In other words, an unvaccinated individual gets – NO JAB, NO JOB, NO FOOD. THAT is how it works. And THAT is all part of the EVIL UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 PLAN. It is also a blackmailing threat that – if you get the covid19 depopulation jab – you can BUY BACK YOUR FREEDOM, but if you all FALL INTO THIS EVIL cesspit trap, you are ENSLAVING YOURSELVES and sending out a CLEAR SIGNAL that the government can WALK ALL OVER YOU.

NOBODY should have to buy their FREEDOM back that was given to them by God. We have to STOP them from doing this. This World War III situation is getting out of hand. My father always to used say “that it gets worse before it gets better.” I hope he is RIGHT. And at any rate, the Online Resistance Movement are NOT giving up, we are regrouping and coming back stronger to fight the enemy.

Dr. Coleman has a brand new book out on Amazon UK entitled : ENDGAME AGENDA 21. You all can purchase this book if you wish, because like me, he is an EXCELLENT AUTHOR. He doesn’t use as many fancy words or phrases that I use, but he is a GOOD WRITER. In this book, he is deciphering the Agenda 21 plan and what it MEANS for ALL OF US.

The Online Resistance Movement have advised you all many times before of what the United Nations Agenda 21 plan is all about. It is about : WORLDWIDE MASS GENOCIDE, the thinning down of the population, arresting the survivors and hauling them all off to resettle them inside HIGH RISE concentration camps to live for ONE purpose – TO MAKE MONEY for the Globalists.

We have read the Agenda 21 plan and these horror stories don’t EXACTLY hit the reader in the face with their ULTIMATE MOTIVE. You have to possess the knack of deciphering what it all means what they have written and to read it at face value – you are MISSING THE POINT, which could SAVE YOUR LIFE. You also need to READ BETWEEN THE LINES and then the BIGGER PICTURE WILL SLAP you in the face and you will NEVER have another good nights sleep ever again. The Agenda 21 plan is TERRIFYING. It is one of the biggest horror stories we have ever read.

Once you all get into the Agenda 21 plan, it clearly states in one chapter, what they plan to do with PROPERTY and LAND OWNERS and that is only a FRACTION of the horrors that the Globalists have in store for us all. They plan to : confiscate ALL property and land from property and land owners, because the property and land owners are NOT very good at managing their own property and land. Depending upon how old the property and land owner is at the time of CONFISCATION, they will either be arrested and sent to a place of EXECUTION or they will be rounded up like herded cattle and resettled into HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION CAMPS where they will survive for ONE PURPOSE – to SERVE THE ELITE and to make LOTS OF MONEY for the elite. Does that sound familiar to you all? It should do, because THAT is exactly what happened during World War II.

The United Nations have already attempted to defend what they composed back in the early nineties following their Rio de Janeiro summit and they stated that this Agenda 21 plan was to manage THIRD WORLD countries only. Then they went on to defend their Agenda 21 plan again when they stated that it was NOT a binding document. Well, it certainly turned a few politicians heads in its time, because several state governors actually signed a document to STOP THE PROCEDURE OF AGENDA 21, so somebody believed that it was a REAL BINDING DOCUMENT.

The Rockerfeller futuristic LOCKSTEP PROCEDURE was produced during May of 2010 – mapping out EXACTLY what they planned to execute during a pandemic. THAT document people has been REMOVED from the internet, even though Joe Biden mentioned that he was incorporating the LOCKSTEP PROCEDURE to deal with this so called hoax pandemic. The Rockerfeller Foundation weren’t quick enough to remove this document from the internet, because the Online Resistance Movement downloaded a COPY of this procedure LAST YEAR in 2020 and THAT is a NIGHTMARE to read. They describe in minute detail of how governments around the world will introduce a TIGHTER TOPDOWN TOTALITARIAN CONTROL over the people during a pandemic and THAT is what is happening right now, except there IS NO PANDEMIC. The ONLY REAL THREATENING VIRUS AROUND is the POISONOUS GOVERNMENT – now that IS LIFE THREATENING and a power to be reckoned with and the Resistance are FIGHTING back against this monster power. You all can still get a copy of the deleted May 2010 Lockstep Procedure from this website from one of our posts. We have included it for downloading, for you all to examine yourselves.

Whatever you all decide to do, you MUST NOT CAVE IN to the government, DON’T take their BLACKMAILING BLACK DOG THREATS of “if you have the jab you can buy your FREEDOM back.” It wasn’t theirs to take in the FIRST place. And we say this in RESPONSE to this MENACE :


And we are NOT mincing with words, we are DEADLY serious. Dr. Tenpenny has FOREWARNED everyone that : those people who have survived the FIRST HURDLE of this DEADLY POISONOUS JAB – WILL BE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE when they next come into contact with one of the 36 wild coronaviruses this forthcoming September 2021 and according to Dr. Tenpenny, it could be SOONER. The jabbed virus making machine people will be manufacturing all kinds of variant mutant viruses, so when the common coronavirus enters the viral pathway – ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE. It will link up with the viruses already inside the injected individual and set off a CYTOKINE STORM that will NOT STOP UNTIL THE INDIVIDUAL HAS suffered major organ damage, which will be swiftly followed by DEATH. THAT folks is how SERIOUS this problem is.

And stay well away from these USELESS PCR tests. Kary Mullis who invented these PCR tests has already indicated many times, that these tests were NEVER designed to be used as screening tests, as it produces many false positive tests, as we have already witnessed. Also, these swabs that they are using for these tests are coated with ETHYLENE OXIDE, (chemical number C2H4O) which is a POISON, it sterilises the victim and is a KNOWN CANCER CAUSER. It is also used in antifreeze for car radiators and is also used as a pesticide, like roundup.

The Online Resistance Movement are here to SUPPORT each and every one of you all throughout this evil war. We will NEVER stop until we HAVE WON THIS WAR.





Thank you all so very much for your CONTINUED help and support, it is MUCH APPRECIATED.



News has just this very minute reached the Online Resistance Movement HQ that facebook have officially deplatformed us. We DON’T care because we have a war to fight here and WE intend to WIN THIS WAR. As the good Dr. Vernon Coleman has already pointed out many times in the past – that WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES. And never more accurate and true words have been spoken, even the Online Resistance Movement mentioned months ago that WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES and we are. If the world secret ruling elite overpower the resistance and win this world war, then our lives will be HELL and that is if we are lucky enough to survive this World War III.

Through our diligent and dedicated research peering into the deep dark abyss of hell fire and brimstone, we have uncovered some extremely NASTY surprises. And one nasty surprise that jumped out of hell at us is the fact that we have KNOWN for more than 6 months that the world’s number one public enemy BILL GATES is FUNDING facebook. But at that time, we didn’t think it was worth mentioning because BILL GATES has done enough damage worldwide without mentioning this fact.

Bill Gates along with Elon Musk and George Soros actually SIT at the top of the pyramid of the world secret ruling society. Bill Gates is a REAL NASTY PIECE OF WORK and he has his hands into just about ALL the pies of world influence and power. Only today, we discovered quite by accident, that he is funding GINKGO BIOWORKS – yes, he is unfortunately funding them also and they are also working WITH Gates to develop another LETHAL covid19 injection – this one hasn’t left the paddock yet. Another nasty surprise about Gates is coming up shortly – it will be a FULL POST of how he is funding a DNA BIOTECH ENGINEERING DATA STORING COMPANY IN CHINA. HE along with his Chinese COHORTS are FARMING DNA samples taken from everyone around the world who has been subjected to the BARBARIC USELESS PCR TEST. These DNA samples are sent to China, analysed and stored in their DATABASE – WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT of the individual victim.

As our regular readers will already know, Elon Musk is another evil rich thug criminal, who possesses a BENT desire to turn everyone into a CYBORG. The intricate brain surgery operation is conducted by a ROBOT SURGEON, which drills a round piece of skull about the size of a 2 pence piece at the top of the skull without using anaesthesia, then digs into the brain, pulling OUT BRAIN TISSUE in order to accommodate a DIGITAL MICROCHIP. This is absolutely sick folks. And then Musk turns around and states “but this procedure doesn’t cause the individual any brain damage??!!” In a pigs eye it doesn’t. He should be locked up and the key should be thrown away. Musk is a MENACE to society. The Online Resistance Movement cannot see how installing a microchip inside someone’s brain is going to do them any good. What if the robot surgeon turns faulty during the surgical procedure? Then the victim will DIE. This invention is EVIL and NOTHING good can come out of it. The only reason that we can think of why Musk is doing this, is because once the victim has been microchipped in the head – they can be EASILY CONTROLLED, especially with a remote control.

George Soros is no stranger when it comes down to confiscating land, property and personal possessions from prisoners of war. He enjoyed his fair share when he was a boy and he went around with a gang who were assigned to doing this job for the nazis. This gang were nazi collaborators. Many years later, a news journalist interviewed him about the early days during World War II and the interviewer asked Soros a very pertinent question relating to his gangs escapades during World War II. The interviewer asked “didn’t it bother you that all of these Jewish prisoners had all of their possessions confiscated from them?” And VERY COLDLY and CALLOUSLY, he replied “NO. I was with the adults when they took the possessions, but I didn’t partake in it.” He DID partake in it, because HE was WITH the adults who executed this EVIL DEED – he was an ACCESSORY to the crime and didn’t even protest or try to stop these evil adults from carrying our their dirty deeds for the nazis.

There are a few URGENT World War III stories to post on these pages and we did promise our readers more information regarding Johnson and Johnson and also Sinopharm regarding the covid19 injection ingredients list. But we have to push this back for a short while, because these other posts take a HIGHER PRECEDENCE.

We have Professor Dolores Cahill, discussing the URGENCY to have these covid19 vaccine vials analysed inside a scientific chemical laboratory, because she is SUSPECT regarding just exactly what highly toxic substances are contained within these vials because these SO CALLED COVID19 VACCINES are KILLING people within a few short hours and it just doesn’t fall into place with what SHE knows about vaccines. Professor Cahill suspects that there may be other fragmented viruses included inside this covid19 injection, which would explain why people are dying almost immediately post covid19 injection. We apologise folks, in the delay in getting the covid19 Sinopharm and Johnson and Johnson chemical ingredients to you all, but Professor Cahill’s covid19 horror story is MORE URGENT and this needs to be EXPOSED and we are helping her. The only short brief we can give you all regarding the Johnson and Johnson and Sinopharm covid19 injection is that NEITHER of them have been approved nor tested. BOTH of these covid19 injections contain LETHAL INGREDIENTS, especially ALUMINIUM that is a CANCER TRIGGER and a nerve destroyer. So please exercise extreme caution regarding these UNSAFE KILLER VACCINES, because ALL is NOT as it seems. The Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca ingredients lists were taken directly from the boxed packaging, by the Online Resistance Movement.

We have another URGENT story coming up. This biological scientist used to work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and he has approached the WHO with an open letter to ask them to OPENLY DEBATE WITH HIM IN A LIVE SHOW REGARDING THESE COVID19 VACCINES, because in his OWN WORDS – they are DANGEROUS. His name is : Geert Vanden Bossche and he believes that they are heading towards a COLOSSAL TRAGEDY if they continue along this destructive path with the DANGEROUS experimental covid19 vaccines. We WILL include a copy of his open letter and a short video of him.

The Online Resistance Movement believe that we have been deplatformed by facebook, because THEY KNOW THAT WE ARE NEAR TO THE TRUTH and our INFORMATION CUTS TO THE BONE and that is PROOF IN ITSELF what Gates and his criminal cohorts have planned for the WHOLE WORLD and it is GENOCIDAL DISASTER, MORE CHAOS, MORE SUFFERING and SLAVERY at its end for the survivors of this war. And facebook DON’T like it, because they are FUNDED by SATAN (Gates) himself and they have to do what big daddy tells them to do.

The next story coming up will be the one regarding Geert Vanden Bossche, as we have been working on this project for a couple of days now.

This will be swiftly followed by Professor Dolores Cahill.

The Bill Gates and his DNA farming with the Biotech company in China.

The Online Resistance Movement are here to HELP YOU and to SUPPORT you. We will NEVER abandon you and we WILL continue to fight to SAVE LIVES.







The Online Resistance Movement are presenting to our readers, our special song which will help you ALL to UNWIND, RELAX and FEEL HAPPY. It will make you feel good in these uncertain and distressing times. It will help you to feel like EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY and you will feel like you are HEADING TO THE BEACH EVERY DAY. It will help to STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM ENJOY!!!

Add Some Music : Janice Jones


Johnson and Johnson, the big drug company and amateurs at developing and producing vaccines have claimed their first known victims with their experimental for emergency use only covid19 serum.

Unlike the Pfizer and BionTech mRNA serums, the Johnson and Johnson covid19 injection uses parts of dead viruses to create their Frankenstein made depopulation jabs. We will be covering the FULL INGREDIENTS of this KILLER injection in another post shortly.

The two young people who have been murdered by this evil depopulation drug were extremely HEALTHY, prior to being injected with this VILE KILLING FILTH.

The first known victim, a young 32 year old male called Benjamin Goodman, worked as a stage hand in a theater in New York. Without consulting his parents or his family, Benjamin decided to take the Johnson and Johnson covid19 injection and he went along to Walgreens who had a popup covid19 injection clinic.

Following his depopulation shot, Benjamin called his parents and told them that he had been to the Walgreens popup covid19 clinic to “get the vaccine.” His parents were NOT happy to receive the news and the Online Resistance Movement can fully understand WHY the Goodman’s weren’t happy about what their son had just done, especially WITHOUT consulting his parents first.

Within a few hours, Benjamin started to experience FEVER AND CHILLS and as his condition rapidly deteriorated throughout the evening and the night, poor Benjamin suffered a CARDIAC ARREST at 1am in the morning. Paramedics were called to his home and they were unsuccessful at reviving him. He was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

A healthy 25 year old female called Desiree Penrod, worked as a Connecticut Educator. Desiree went for the Johnson and Johnson covid19 injection and exactly one week later this poor girl DIED.

We are timely reminding you all again to : NOT GET SUCKERED into the propaganda machine and believe that ALL OF THIS WAS COINCIDENCE. It was NOT coincidence – these two young people PRIOR to them receiving the DEPOPULATION jab were VERY HEALTHY. New readers – YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED.

The evil drug companies who are doing all of this for FINANCIAL GAIN and PROFIT didn’t give one thought about the devastating effects that their experimental toxic poisonous potion would have on healthy young people.

These are the reasons WHY the Online Resistance Movement need to STOP THIS EVIL MASS CULLING of people. We really don’t comprehend how these EVIL drug scientists and the company that is producing this killer injection can sleep at night. They obviously have NO conscience at all.

Once again, the Online Resistance Movement are reminding new readers to REFUSE these KILLER INJECTIONS. It doesn’t matter who the drug manufacturer is, or what ingredients are contained within these HIGHLY TOXIC SERUMS, the whole point of this is that these injectable serums are : DEADLY, just as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny described.

If you are serious about living and serious about remaining healthy – you MUST REFUSE these DEADLY COVID19 INJECTIONS.





Thank you all so very much for your kind help and kind support.



The Online Resistance Movement have just received the news that over 27 million naive foolish adults have received one of the experimental covid19 injections. These figures were taken directly from the UK Gov website.

It is an absolute horrifying and appalling disgrace that people are so belittled by an unscrupulous government to do something as drastic as this and to GAMBLE WITH THEIR LIVES. That is if these figures are accurate. The UK government are untrustworthy bigoted LIARS.

There are NO records yet of how many of these 27 million human guinea pigs have been affected by this depopulation jab, as the adverse reactions yellow card on the UK gov website is totally voluntary.

The chimera’s who are now thriving amongst us will either die from the effects of these highly toxic chemicals that are contained within these killer vaccines, within a few hours up to 4 weeks and maybe a little longer. Or they will survive the FIRST hurdle and when they come into contact with one of the 36 different varieties of wild coronaviruses this forthcoming September 2021 and onwards – their VIRUS MAKING MACHINE bodies WILL react aggressively to the wild coronavirus that has entered the viral pathway, the immune trigger will be SWITCHED ON permanently and they will become EXTREMELY ILL with a very aggressive CYTOKINE STORM precipitated by their own virus making machine, causing phagocyte number one to spring into action and bring in ALL phagocyte number ones to the area to precipitate SEVERE INFLAMMATION that WILL DISSEMINATE rapidly to other parts of the body, including the heart – yes, the heart is NOT immune to this kind of cytokine storm attack. Once this happens, fragments will break away and make their way to the alveoli air sacs inside the lungs and INFLAME the alveoli air sacs to the point that will make breathing for the victim extremely difficult or ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. When this happens, DEATH WILL swiftly follow. The healing phagocyte number two will not be permitted into the immune systems gladiator arena, it will be STOPPED by that virus making machine that is FOREVER SWITCHED ON. And this folks is a COLOSSAL TRAGEDY waiting to happen.

Dr. Vernon Coleman and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny both PREDICTED what is going to happen in the near future – A TIDAL WAVE OF DEATHS CAUSED BY THE mRNA viruses once the summer of 2021 has come to an end. The government WILL blame the NON vaccinated people for this EPIC tragedy and order MORE toxic killer vaccines and INTRODUCE MORE STRANGULATORY OPPRESSIVE MEASURES and the vicious cycle CONTINUES, until the RESISTANCE STOP these swines from progressing with the Global Reset and the New World Order.

There are lots of good, honest and truthful scientists and doctors on our side who have CONTINUALLY TOLD THE TRUTH, that there is NO pandemic and it is ALL A HOAX.

There is another man, a professor who resides in London, who is making a BIG STAND in London to fight to get FREEDOM back for Londonders and HE WILL follow through with his promises because he is a GOOD MAN, his name is : PIERS CORBYN, he is the older brother of Jeremy Corbyn who was once the labor party leader. Piers is CAMPAIGNING for the mayorship of London. He has been arrested by the police NO end of times for FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM and TRYING TO STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER. If you all reside in London, then we are advising you all to PLEASE VOTE FOR PIERS CORBYN FOR MAYOR. Thank you.

Watch this space people, because something horribly tragic is going down this fall/autumn, you WILL witness a RAPID RISE IN DEATHS and like we said, the government will blame it on the unvaccinated people and put the massive death toll that has been caused by a HIGHLY TOXIC KILLER injection down to the wild coronavirus and unvaccinated people.

Dr. Coleman has advised unvaccinated people to : stay well away from the vaccinated people to protect yourself from the virus, because in his eyes, they have become SUPER SPREADERS.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has also advised that these covid19 vaccinated people are extremely INFECTIOUS and can pass on the mutant viruses that their body’s are producing onto unvaccinated people.





Thank you all so very much for your continued help and support.

Beware of covid19 injected SUPER SPREADERS THIS FALL/AUTUMN


Many years ago when I was a young woman in my twenties, I was an avid fiction writer and indeed when I was a teenager, my very first fiction story was about a grand prix racing driver called Cherry Lane who competed with the male racers at Silverstone race track. I composed this fiction story during my long one hour and fifteen minute lunch breaks whilst I was at work and it took me literally MONTHS to finish. When I completed my fiction story, the company nurse, a very nice old lady expressed an interest in reading this story and asked if she could read it. I handed her the 200 page fiction story and she took it home to read. The very next day Mrs. Bennett (the company nurse) brought the book back to me and she was literally BOWLED OVER by its content, she found it FASCINATING, EXCITING and ENGAGING right to the very end. In fact, she went so far as to mention that “IT WAS THE BEST STORY I HAD EVER READ AND I COULDN’T PUT THE BOOK DOWN. I OPENED THE BOOK AND READ IT RIGHT TO THE END.” Recently, I received very similar comments on these posts regarding my NON FICTION work, which reminded me of Mrs. Bennett, the nurse from the textile company where I worked as a Junior Secretary. There was just one criticism from Mrs. Bennett that sent shock waves rippling through my body and it disturbed me so much, I have remembered what she said from all of those years ago. Mrs. Bennett asked “why did you have to kill her at the end?” I explained to Mrs. Bennett that it was just a FICTION story and it was done for heightened excitement and she replied “but you didn’t have to kill her.” In summarisation of the CLIMAX of the racing story, Cherry Lane was competing in the Grand Prix race at the Silverstone race track and she had devoted herself to training hard for months. She wasn’t about to lose this race and she was DETERMINED to WIN at all costs. Her racing skills were SUPERIOR and she was a very good car mechanic. However, during her car maintenance routines, she had overlooked several minute details. The tire on the nearside inner tire had a tiny bleb on it. She had overtaken all the men in the race and she was headed towards the finish line and the chequered flag. She had just crossed the finish line, the chequered flag was waved and suddenly there was a MASSIVE BLOW OUT, the blebbed tire had burst and exploded and sent the racing car with Cherry inside richocheting across the track. The car turned over and over and over and over, the engine exploded and burst into flames and Cherry unfortunately DIED. **Note** Before you all ask folks – this story was NEVER published and very few people got to read this marvellous piece of fiction art. So, sorry, I don’t have the full story any more, but I do vividly recall the content, with THANKS TO MRS. BENNETT’s comments and criticisms.

I composed some other stories in my twenties which is MORE FRIGHTENINGLY RELEVANT to what is happening in the world right now. There were TWO stories that I never published and I NEVER finished them. Why? Because I was reviled by what I had written. My father was intrigued by the urchins and the rotten banana story. Unknowingly to me, he had picked up my work and read the two pages that I had composed regarding this futuristic fiction story. He wanted to know where the REST of the story was and I told him that I couldn’t continue to develop it, because the content made me FEEL SICK. The story opened where : the world was in absolute turmoil, it was the year 2525, there were NO jobs, NO work, No food, NO water, NO nothing and the future looked BLEAK for the people of this planet. There were two hungry children, a boy and a girl dressed like urchins and they were scruffy, as they hadn’t washed for days – there was NO water. They were sat on the step of a derelict old building that was shuttered and boarded up and they were MUNCHING on a ROTTEN BANANA SKIN that they had found lying in the dirt on the ground. The people of the world were becoming more desperate and many of them hadn’t eaten for DAYS, some hadn’t eaten for weeks. The lackadaisical government at that time were slow to RESPOND to feeding the STARVING masses of people. It took them over 6 months just to complete the task of organising food parcels to be distributed to ALL of the people in the country. When the government had finally arranged shipments of food to be distributed to government warehouses all around the country, people were becoming even more restless and desperate to EAT. The food parcels finally arrived at these government distribution warehouses and they arrived in SEALED METAL CONTAINERS. Inside each of these metal containers were a different assortment of foods, including tinned foods. The line of people across the road where the government warehouse distribution center was located was many miles long. There was an heightened sense of desperation in the impatient waiting hungry masses. Metal food container parcels were handed out to the waiting people and it was on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. Many hungry people had been waiting for hours, just for a bite to eat and stocks were dwindling FAST. This young man was the LAST individual to be handed a government metal food parcel container and there was a VERY WELL TO DO, WEALTHY 30 year old woman stood behind him in the line. You could distinguish that she was wealthy by the way and manner in which she dressed and she was wearing some very expensive jewellery. The government worker told the woman that there were NO more food parcels today and she started to weep, complaining that she was very hungry. In desperation, she approached the young man in front of her who had received the LAST METAL FOOD PARCEL container of the day and BEGGED him to give her a little food, she was WILLING to pay £500 for a small tin of baked beans. The young man was hesitating and thinking about the offer. Eventually, he agreed and the woman handed over the £500 for the small tin of baked beans. As this woman turned around to walk away with her precious tin of baked beans, a bunch of young punks approached her, punched her in the face, knocked her to the ground, stamped on her head and TOOK the beans out of her hand, that she was clutching so tightly. That’s it folks – my father wanted the rest of it, there is NO rest – I couldn’t finish the story, it was sickening, even though it was fiction. He then commented that “that has already happened.” When I enquired “what had happened?” He mentioned that food had been distributed in parcels during World War II. I then asked “in metal containers?” And he said “NO,” but food was distributed during world war two.

That story COULD come true if this World War III vaccine war continues. Already Dr. Vernon Coleman has predicted MASSIVE FOOD SHORTAGES in the not too distant future. He also mentioned water shortages, power outages, the list is endless. And ALL of this EVILNESS has been caused by ONE MAN and the Online Resistance Movement are still trying to come to terms that ONE man out of BILLIONS of people on this planet could precipitate SUCH CHAOS, DESTRUCTION, MASS KILLING with the so called depopulation vaccines and DEATH. He is the world PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 1 – BILL GATES. He is a BIGGER THREAT than any other of our other adversaries in this war. This war could DRAG ON FOR YEARS and as the government continues to HALT the economy, there will eventually be NOTHING for anybody – NO FOOD, NO WATER, NO POWER, NO MONEY, NO NOTHING. This evil NAZI warlord is THRUSTING us ALL back into the DARK AGES and we HAVE to STOP this madness before it WRECKS everything and this is NOT fiction, but a FRIGHTENING REALITY.

There was another fiction story that I started but never finished, because THAT particular story ran a very similar theme to the ROTTEN BANANA SKIN STORY. And that was about a man who had lost his job at the LAST SURVIVING TEXTILE EMPIRE. The textile manufacturing empire was the LAST business on this planet to announce its forclosure and the scrawney, wiry, weak old man who was the company’s owner and General Manager assembled his whole factory employees, both shop floor and office in the LARGE CONFERENCE HALL. He spoke with a quiver in his voice and genuine tears in his eyes when he announced that he was CLOSING down the business, because the company was in financial ruin. It affected this worker terribly. One day he was feeling top of the world and the next day, he had LOST EVERYTHING. Well, not everything, he had his home, a good and healthy family. But to the worker, whose name I can’t remember – felt that he had lost everything and that he couldn’t buy anything any more and he was worried about feeding his family. That night, he was in a foul mood and he slapped his wife across the face at the dinner table. Dinner was served by a SERVING DINING ROBOT called Dorina. The house had all the mod cons of the future, it even had an elevator to get to the upstairs bedrooms. Days went by and weeks went by and this family were getting desperate and food was getting scarce. He came up with an unsavoury plan to break into the old factory and loot some electrical wiring, electrical equipment and some electronics and he mustered up the help of his friends. His mind was so warped that he came up with the idea of building a solid steel silver coloured dome inside his back garden that he could open with a remote control, but on this particular design, you could see NO door or even an opening and it was opened by the remote control. We could NEVER see what was inside this dome until almost the end of when he built it, with the help of his friends from the factory. On one journey back to the factory, one of his friends discovered an old gear stick change open backed pickup truck and he was delighted and excited to discover such a find. They stole the truck from the factory. Most of the cars during this futuristic fiction story were SELF DRIVING CARS – where NO driver was required. So when they found the gear stick change open backed pickup truck – it was an exciting find. His daughters were away at the University and they had just graduated in their subjects and were coming home. By this time, the mind of this man had deteriorated even further and he was desperate to do something, anything to get out of this mess. When his daughters arrived home, they were so excited about their achievements and they were boasting to their parents. Their mother was highly delighted, even Dorina the robot congratulated them. It was evening and this man grabbed his eldest daughter and took her out into the back garden towards the silver dome contraption that he had built with the help of his friends. She complained that he was hurting her arm, whilst he dragged her towards the dome and he just ignored his daughter. He used the remote control to open the dome doors and there stood a HORRIBLE, WICKED CONTRAPTION that he was going to strap his daughters into – one at a time. It was a SPIKED CHAIR, extremely ugly. The spikes came out of the chair at a press of a button on the remote control. He strapped his eldest daughter in the chair, but Dorina the robot had already alerted the ROBOT POLICE. Before this maniac could hurt his daughter, the ROBOT POLICE were in his back garden with their electronic guns, ordering him to cease what he was doing. His poor daughter was strapped into this horrible contraption, he was holding the REMOTE control that triggered this device, his finger was on the button and his wife and youngest daughter were screaming for him NOT to press that button. That’s it folks, that is ANOTHER DISGUSTING fiction story that I never developed.

Why is this significant to what is happening in the world right now? Well, according to Dr. Vernon Coleman, there will be NO POLICE OFFICERS in the future because they will all be taken over by ROBOTS – yes ROBOT POLICE and this is NOT fiction, it IS the future. Dr. Coleman mentioned that a robot had already been developed in recent years that can run 30mph, so why wouldn’t the government use ROBOT POLICE to pursue and capture fleeing suspects? What human can run 30mph? That is Dr. Coleman’s predicted future – ROBOT POLICE.

According to Elon Musk and his continuing cyborg projects, they ALREADY HAVE ROBOT SURGEONS. And according to Dr. Coleman, human surgeons will NO longer be required in the future because the ROBOTS will take over the medical procedures.

This post was not about my youth fiction stories, but how eerily they resemble what is taking place in the world RIGHT NOW.

Folks, we have to STOP this WORLD VACCINE WAR now, we DON’T want it to DRAG ON AND DRAG ON. The war of the People vs the Government needs to be NIPPED IN THE BUD RIGHT NOW, BEFORE IT ENDS IN A COLOSSAL TRAGEDY OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. And Bill Gates needs to be STOPPED he is a MENACE TO THE WORLD SOCIETY.





Thank you for all of your kind and continued support in our mission to SAVE LIVES.

This Is One Possible Future


That is the CLEAR message that this little nazi puppet dictator is sending out in his video message :

“Get your vaccine when you are asked to do so, it is good for you, it is good for your family, it is good for the community.”

Sensible people WILL IGNORE this wicked message, inciting people to : GAMBLE WITH THEIR LIVES.

The only thing that these covid19 injections are fit for is to : DEPOPULATE THE PLANET. That is what they were DESIGNED TO DO.

WARNING – do NOT listen to Boris Johnson, do NOT take any notice of his MOST INACCURATE SCIENTISTS – they are ALL being paid by BILL GATES and BIG PHARMA to promote these KILLER INJECTIONS.

Johnson was boasting on getting the Astra Zeneca covid19 injection. The Online Resistance Movement watched the short video clip and we saw NOTHING. What we did see was a blue latexed gloved finger obscuring the sight of the needle going into Johhnson’s skin. In other words it was : magicians sleight of hand and we have seen that trick on quite a few occassions with these politicians – including : Grandad Biden – the needle was obscured from sight. Mike Pence – again, the needle entering the skin was obscured by the nurse’s arm who was supposedly administering the deadly concoction of drugs.

Johnson is an EVIL, NAZI PUPPET egotistical, lying hypocritical bigot and he is NOT to be TRUSTED.

We are addressing the Johnson sheep – “TAKE NO NOTICE OF HIM FOLKS, HE MEANS YOU – HARM.”

It is the duty of the Online Resistance Movement to WARN PEOPLE OF THIS EVIL SKULDUGGERY. Our mission is to SAVE LIVES.

Boris Johnson’s mission is to DESTROY LIVES. He is pressing on with the GLOBAL RESET and he sits inside the pocket of his masters – Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.






Boris Johnson Wants YOU DEAD


The Online Resistance Movement team cannot emphasise enough the deadly seriousness of these HARMFUL KILLER VACCINES.

Our research led us to a video that may be of interest to you all and we sincerely hope that you take the time to watch this 14 minute video as it WILL help you to gain a better and richer understanding of the evil, toxic killer army of big pharma drugs that we are ALL faced with and many of the weak willed people who are coerced into taking these harmful vaccines without knowing the full extent of just how DAMAGING that these toxins can be to the human body.

In an interview with Dr. Stanley Plotkin who is a qualified medical practitioner, the following salient points were discussed :

The big pharma vaccine makers use aborted fetuses to culture their vaccines. Using 3 months plus old fetuses, the vaccine makers dissect and use the following tissues : heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, tongue and these micro sized tissue samples are then cultured to grow less harmful viruses, which will then become an end product to INJECT into healthy people to vaccinate them with HIGHLY TOXIC HARMFUL SUBSTANCES. And to cause the healthy individual to become sick and then the individual will eventually die. That is how vaccines work. It has absolutely NOTHING at all to do with protecting the individual and others surrounding the individual. Indeed, there is no vaccine in the world that protects anyone from any disease. All it does – at its best, is to minimise the effects of the virus that the individual has contracted. And this strategy does NOT always work and indeed, this can precipitate a massive cytokine storm inside the body and cause the victim to become SERIOUSLY ILL.

As we have previously discussed at length in our other posts; we are reminding you all again of the devastating consequences that the victim of the vaccine is subjected to, once the DEADLY POISON has been injected into their arm.

Vaccines contain : aborted human fetuses, fetus cells, MSG (monosodium glutamate) which is an amino acid that is also used in processed foods and causes the recipient to develop terrible headaches. On packaged foods it is labelled with an E number – E621 and it is used to enhance flavors inside the processed foods, but it is NOT good for the human body. A typical vaccine also contains : mercury – also known as thimerasol, formaldehyde, egg protein, monkey kidney cells and pig blood. **Note from the Online Resistance Movement – it is CRINGEABLE to think that the medical professionals are injecting foreign DNA into the victim’s body – monkey DNA and pig DNA. It goes against the laws of nature and of God who created us. And this is PURE EVIL.**

Once this injection is pumped into the body, the DAMAGE that it causes is PERMANENT. It is IRREVERSIBLE and the human being is turned into a CHIMERA, which is a living organism that contains two or more foreign DNA. In short and blunt terms – the victim is NO longer human. These vaccines also contain an artificial intelligence microchip nanoparticle, to track the health of the individual who has been injected with this microchip. And the medical establishment who are vehmently dying this are ABSOLUTE LIARS.

Unvaccinated babies and children are AMONGST the MOST HEALTHIEST human beings on this planet and plain FACTS PROVE that the MIRACLE HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM is a marvellous naturally created mechanism that MAINTAINS OPTIMUM HEALTH inside the human body – and there is NO highly toxic vaccine in the world that can compete with the HUMAN IMMUME SYSTEM on this level of efficiency.

Human beings are not genetically designed with highly toxic corrosive dangerous chemicals, so therefore humans DON’T need to be injected with HIGHLY TOXIC chemicals that cause harm and death and these vaccines have absolutely NOTHING at all to do with promoting health, in fact it actually swings towards the OPPOSITE side of the spectrum and it precipitates and promotes ILL HEALTH, SICKNESS and DYING. And that is the ULTIMATE goal of the big pharmaceutical companies to : 1. SUPPRESS THE ILLNESS, 2. MAINTAIN THE DISEASE, 3. BIG PHARMA HAS A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE 4. DEATH PREVAILS AT THE END OF A VERY SHORT JOURNEY IN LIFE following lifelong pharmaceutical drug abuse, 5. Big pharma then tracks down their next healthy victim and causes them to be ill. Unfortunately, that is how it works.

As already outlined by Dr. Vernon Coleman and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, vaccines do NOT work in the way that people perceive that they do. Vaccines are designed to minimise the effects of the viral illness. It does NOTHING to stop the vaccinated victim from spreading the mutated virus to others. And as we have already elaborated in our other posts – there WILL be a cytokine storm of death that sweeps the country this forthcoming September 2021 when one of the many 36 wild coronaviruses spring into action again.

A healthy immune system is designed to fight the infection – using phagocyte number 1 and then phagocyte number 2 takes over to clean up all of the dead cells and to heal the individual. And THAT is the BEST vaccine anyone could have – ones OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Sadly, it is when the immune system breaks down, when the individual becomes ILL and in many cases, death usually prevails. So why mess about being brainwashed by big pharma, the general medical establishment and Bill Gates into taking some HIGHLY TOXIC UNNATURAL SUBSTANCE into your body, because they said it WILL protect you? – THAT IS UTTER and SHEER nonsensical claptrap and in the words of my dear sweet beloved late sister – A LOAD OF BALLYHOO.

In the interview with Dr. Stanley Plotkin, the interviewer prompted the following answers to some very relevant and pertinent questions :

Interviewer : Is egg protein included in the vaccine?

Plotkin : Yes, the INFLUENZA vaccine

Interviewer : Is pig gelatin included in the vaccine?

Plotkin : YES

Interviewer : Is human albumen present in the vaccines?

Plotkin : Yes

Interviewer : Wouldn’t that cause problems inside the body when the immune system makes antibodies against the foreign albumen which contains aluminium inside the serum?

Plotkin : Yes, it could if the individual isn’t healthy

Interviewer : Regarding the MRC5 human diploid cells, which vaccines contain the MRC5?

Plotkin : Rubella, Varicella and Hepatitis A

Plotkin : The MRC5 human fibroblasts strains that have been created by extracting fetal tissue from an aborted fetus and then the fibroblasts were cultivated inside a laboratory.

Interviewer : Regarding the WI38 human diploid lung fibroblasts, are they too used inside these vaccines?

Plotkin : They used to be, but not any more.

Interviewer : Are the MMR and MMRV vaccines included with the WI38 fibroblasts?

Plotkin : It is typically fragmented.

**NOTE FROM : ONLINE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT – so there are fragmented WI38 human diploid lung fibroblasts inside these vaccines** That makes Plotkin a HYPOCRITICAL LIAR

There are a whole range of human tissues harvested, dissected and cultured in order to make a base to grow viruses in highly toxic killer vaccines, which include :

Pituary Gland







and possibly liver, pancreas, stomach, intestines, eyes, brain, reproductive glands, but these were NOT mentioned in the interview.

Interviewer : Did you have vaccinations when you were young and how many vaccinations did you receive?

Plotkin : Just one for – DIPTHERIA

As the Online Resistance Movement have highlighted all of these problematic highly toxic chemicals before, we are repeating on this post of just how DETRIMENTAL these toxins are to your health.

Mercury, which is also known as THIMERASOL – is an EXTREMELY HIGHLY TOXIC chemical that causes irrepairable damage to the : kidneys, respiratory system, skin, Central Nervous System, reproductive and developmental toxicity, autism and other nerve related disorders. As some of us older generation will already be aware that Mercury was ONCE used inside TEMPERATURE thermometers.

The influenza vaccine contains : Mercury, but it is highly recommended by the big pharmaceutical companies for healthy pregnant women, babies and children to have these vaccines pumped into their bodies on an annual basis. And this is TOTAL MADNESS and EXTREME INSANITY. But the big drug companies DON’T CARE, they want YOUR CUSTOM, YOUR ILLNESS and THEY want to MAKE A PROFIT OUT OF YOU.

Propylene Glycol is an ANTIFREEZE that the big drug companies put inside some vaccines. (We motorists also put antifreeze inside our car radiators). And indeed, there is ANTIFREEZE contained within these mRNA vaccines, along with a million other toxic chemicals that would kill a whole herd full of elephants, including POTASSIUM CHLORIDE that is used in a three drug protocol to execute condemned felons.

The Aluminium contained within many vaccines, actually causes ENCEPHALITIS and brain damage. And these adverse reactions are listed in a LONG LIST OF ADVERSE REACTIONS in our posts for the PFIZER, MODERNA and ASTRA ZENECA injections.

Once the victim has been injected with these mRNA chemicals, the process is IRREVERSIBLE and there are now over 20,000 chimera’s living in the UK who have been turned into : VIRUS MAKING MACHINES and it is these people who will develop mutant covid19 viral strains inside their bodies and they will pass this virus onto the HEALTHY UNVACCINATED individuals. It is also these people who will be in SERIOUS TROUBLE when they next come into contact with one of the 36 wild coronaviruses and it usually ENDS UP IN DEATH.

The video link for this 14 minute film is below :

Dr. Stanley Plotkin


The Online Resistance Movement are exhibiting part of a video that was filmed RECENTLY in a Vancouver Hospital, Washington where a 74 year old mother Gail Meyer was HELD AGAINST HER WILL and they REFUSED to allow her to DISCHARGE herself.

Why has this video struck a raw nerve with me? Because what is happening in this video HAPPENED to me and my family 5 years ago inside the Barnsley NHS Trust Hospital. Our regular readers WILL already be aware of the horrors that my family went through when they fell ill around Christmas time 2015.

My tragic family ordeal started in mid November 2015 when my father took ill and on November 18, 2015 the EVIL and VERY POWERFUL NHS called the police and social services and my father was THREATENED, BLACKMAILED and BULLIED through a locked front door. He was simply told “OPEN THE DOOR OR I WILL KICK IT IN.” And THAT threat came from social service worker RAY SPEED who works for Barnsley Social Services. Speed was surveilling the house that afternoon and HE watched me leave the house at 6.20pm because I had just received a call from my youngest sister who was telling me that she wasn’t feeling well. My mother had been FORCED back into hospital AGAINST HER WILL. My other sister, who I didn’t know was ill, lived far away in another county. I couldn’t be in two places at once and I didn’t know which way to turn. I made a decision to go back home with my father’s blessing, because at that time, he wasn’t feeling too bad, after he’d suffered a bout of breathlessness after just sitting around and that frightened him. Unknowing to me, Speed was already outside the house, surveilling my parents’ property. When Speed satisfied himself that I was NOT returning to my father’s home – HE POUNCED, THREATENING my father through a closed locked door. He was threatened with his brand new front door being kicked in.

It took me 30 minutes to complete my journey back home to where my sister was feeling poorly. As soon as I helped my sister, I called my father on his cell/mobile phone and this strange male voice answered the phone. Believing that I had reached a WRONG number, I hung up and dialled again. That SAME strange male voice ANSWERED my father’s cell/mobile phone. Without speaking, I hung up and kept dialling and on the fourth attempt, my father answered the phone. All he said was “hello.” I was HORRIFIED that he had allowed a STRANGER into the house, especially when he was SO POORLY. I enquired as to whom he had let into the house and he replied “social worker.” I asked him why he had let this individual into his house and he replied “I had NO choice.” That is ALL he said.

I ended the call and told my sister that we should get back down there FAST to help our father. My sister was too poorly and she couldn’t come with me. I waited with my sister for 30 minutes and then called my father again. This time when my father answered the phone, he said NOTHING, but I engaged the speakerphone and asked my sister what she could hear in the background, because I don’t always believe what I am hearing and she told me that “it sounded like a hospital atmosphere.” I hung up and tried calling him back and this time he didn’t answer. Twenty minutes later, I called my father again and this time he never bothered answering his phone. It was at this juncture that I decided to go through to the hospital and persuaded my sister to come with me, as poorly as she felt.

Inside the A&E which is also known as ER (and when I was a youngster it was called Casualty Department). We made some enquiries at the desk and we were led STRAIGHT to our father. It was here that we learnt that our father was being HELD against his WILL. I asked him why and how he got himself into such a mess and all he could say to us was “I want to go home, get me out of here.” Eventually, we discovered the REAL TRUTH why my father had landed up in that horrible hospital. Apparently, the social worker Ray Speed had threatened my father with a BEATING and the police. Speed said to my father “get in that ambulance or I WILL BEAT YOU UP and CALL THE POLICE.” YES folks, you READ that right. I know that I felt bewildered at that time and so did my sister, after our father dropped the bombshell. We promised to GET HIM OUT OF THERE.

That night on November 18, 2015 the hospital staff were UNPROFESSIONALLY SCREAMING AT HIM and TELLING HIM that HE WAS GOING to be ADMITTED ONTO A WARD and that he WAS NOT GOING HOME. My sister and I dealt with the staff and they REFUSED to allow him to DISCHARGE himself and to us, that was a CLEAR VIOLATION of his HUMAN and CIVIL RIGHTS. Our father was TREATED LIKE SCUM. He was FORCED onto a ward and it was at that point that we insisted on seeing the doctor. The time was 11.45pm and the only doctor on duty was a junior doctor called SHIRAZI. Shirazi ushered us into a side room and brought a nurse witness with him. I honestly have NO idea why he did this, but we later discovered that THIS IS EXACTLY HOW HOSPITALS TREAT PEOPLE these days with the utmost contempt. Dr. Shirazi threatened us and talked down to us. Then he ORDERED US OUT OF THE ROOM or he was CALLING THE COPS. It was as simple as that.

The very NEXT day, our father DIED, exactly as we predicted. We told that junior doctor that if they performed that surgery on our father and pumped him up with all of those TOXIC DRUGS that he would DIE within 24 hours. Within 24 hours of them DRUGGING my father up with a LETHAL COCKTAIL OF HIGHLY TOXIC GENERAL MEDICINE DRUGS, we received a FRANTIC phone call from our mother, who was ALREADY a held PRISONER inside the Barnsley NHS Trust Hospital. She told us “your father has just died.”

My youngest sister seemed to recover from her illness and she was FINE during the early December 2015 funeral of our father. Our mother was eventually released from the Barnsley NHS Trust Hospital to attend our father’s funeral.

Christmas eve 2015 my sister woke up at 6am in our parents’ home. Our mother REFUSED to come to our house for Christmas that year, so we ended up at our parents’ home again. My sister was complaining that she couldn’t move and her desperate cries were crescending. As I was waking up, I heard a THUD and my sister had gone off the end of the bed and landed on her hands and knees and she STILL couldn’t move. It was at this stage that she was frightening me, because she’d been sleeping a lot, but I thought it was because of fatigue and the fact that we had been looking after our parents’ all spring and summer during that year and they had kept us awake all night and kept us awake during the day.

At ten am that morning, my mother had a nasty surprise visit from that NHS doctor who had been causing trouble with our family on and off during that year. I peered through the front door glazed window and I saw Dr. Ajay Mistry and his partner/practice nurse Samantha Hoggard stood at the front door. I immediately told my mother that Mistry and Hoggard were at the front door and did she have a house appointment that she had not told us about and she answered a definite “no.” I made the mistake of opening the door and asking them what they wanted and both of them were vague in their answer, just stating that they had come to see my mother.

Our regular readers WILL recall what happened just prior to this incident, as I have told this story many times before on these pages. Immediately following our father’s MURDER by the NHS, that SAME doctor Mistry had ORDERED the police to attend our parents’ home after another nurse MAXINE ORR didn’t receive a response when she knocked on the door. We’d just arrived back from our father’s wake at the funeral home, just in time to see TWO brussan police officers and surgery nurse Maxine Orr stood at our parents’ front door. I asked them what they wanted. The burly male officer Paul Hunter of South Yorkshire Police said “we want to come in.” I reminded him that this was a privately owned house and we did not take strangers into the house. I then told my mother who was at the front door and she shouted through to the hallway “DON’T LET THEM IN, I DON’T WANT THEM IN HERE.” Paul Hunter insisted that he and PC Mountain – the brussan female officer was coming into the house and I told them “NO YOU ARE NOT.” It was at that point that my sister and I WERE PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED BY PC PAUL HUNTER on December 6, 2015. We didn’t defend ourselves because we believed that these two OUT OF CONTROL SCUMBAGS were PROVOKING US into doing something, so that it would give them an excuse to arrest us.

Once inside the house, the nurse from Chapelfield Medical Centre in Wombwell, administered AN OVERDOSE OF INSULIN TO MY MOTHER. We had already told them that she had HAD her insulin injection for the day and so did my mother. SO MY MOTHER WAS MEDICALLY ABUSED BY MAXINE ORR in front of the TWO POLICE OFFICERS. We couldn’t stop her, we TRIED but we couldn’t stop her. If you watch the video clip below from the scene inside a Vancouver, Washington hospital – THAT PLAYED OUT THE SAME WAY WITH MY FAMILY, but I didn’t record it at the time.

Back to Mistry and Hoggard of Chapelfield Medical Centre, Wombwell. I was hesitating to let them inside because my mother HATED these two NHS workers. Once they weedled their way in to my parents’ living room, Mistry and Hoggard revealed their REAL REASON for turning up unexpectedly. They came with a MISSION and their MISSION was to COERCE MY MOTHER INTO HOSPICE that Christmas eve 2015. My mother was having NONE OF IT and she told them so, stating “I AM SPENDING CHRISTMAS WITH MY DAUGHTERS.” On this occasion Mistry and Hoggard BACKED OFF and my mother got her own way. She spent Christmas with me and my youngest sister and it was the LOUSIEST and most MISERABLE Christmas we had ever spent. We were ALL grieving our father’s death. My mother and my youngest sister were poorly and they were vomiting all over the place.

It was on this day that I made a mistake that would influence ALL of our DESTINIES and it COST my youngest sister her LIFE. For that, I can NEVER forgive myself for TRUSTING that EVIL NHS Dr. Ajay Mistry who NOT only unwittingly BETRAYED me but he BETRAYED my youngest sister and my mother and it COST THEM their lives. I mentioned to Mistry that I was worried about my sister’s deteriorating health. I was a natural medicine student at that time and didn’t know much, as I was a BRAND NEW STUDENT. I confided in Mistry and asked for some advice WITHOUT asking my sister’s permission first. I did go upstairs and peek inside the bedroom and my sister had gone back to sleep and I didn’t want to disturb her and THAT is what I should have done – woke her up and asked her for her permission for me to get some advice from Mistry.

On January 4, 2016 my sister and I walked straight into the SPIDERS WEB TRAP that the Chapelfield Medical Centre had woven for us. When we arrived there, my sister had BAD feelings about it and mentioned that we should LEAVE, because the situation didn’t feel right and we were just stood in the reception area. I don’t know how she knew, but apparently SHE WAS RIGHT. Hoggard came blazing down the surgery corridor like a bat out of hell SCREAMING HER HEAD OFF AT ME AND MY SISTER and DEMANDING THAT WE ENTER HER CONSULTING ROOM – something that Hoggard had NEVER done before, but she acted like a RAVING LUNATIC that afternoon. When we entered the consulting room, the POLICE and Dr. Adebowle Adekunle were WAITING FOR US. Apparently, they had ordered an ambulance for my sister and she REFUSED to get on to the ambulance trolley. Both my sister and I were THREATENED with a BEATING from 4 burley male police officers, who were extremely AGGRESSIVE. One of them called PAUL – (we never got to learn his last name, but it wasn’t Hunter, it was someone else). He growled at my sister “GET ON THAT TROLLEY OR WE WILL BEAT YOU UP.” There were TWO Paul’s in the attending police that afternoon. The other Paul said to me “MAKE HER GET ON THAT TROLLEY OR I WILL BEAT YOU UP.” And the situation was getting out of hand. I told all four of them that we were walking out of the consulting room and that they were NOT going to stop us. We were NOT prisoners and we had done NOTHING WRONG. We were FORCED BACK by the coppers and Adekunle.

I will NEVER forget that desperate SCREAM that my sister let out whilst she was strapped onto the hospital trolley and spirited away down the corridor to the waiting ambulance. It was a SCREAM I had NEVER heard before. The BEST way to describe that scream was a scream of SOMEONE BEING MURDERED and they had EVERY INTENTION of MURDERING HER and she knew it.

I came up with a back up plan to get my sister out of that mess, because the deal with Mistry was for a blood test and then we were coming away and going home. MISTRY betrayed us BOTH and SOLD us BOTH down the river.

At the hospital, I was shocked to discover that the two male ambulance paramedics were stood next to my sister, who was STILL strapped onto the ambulance trolley and pleading with me to help her. I enquired of them why they were STILL THERE, because to me, it was ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR. Ambulance workers used to take the patient to the A&E/ER and then LEAVE after dropping them off – that is what they USED TO DO. NOT any more. I told them to LEAVE and they REFUSED.

My sister was booked into the A&E/ER WITHOUT her consent and she was SHOVED into a cubicle. When the young female doctor came in, we told her that we wanted to LEAVE and she IGNORED us. The next hospital staff member that came into the cubicle was a NURSE and she came into the cubicle armed with an hyperdermic syringe filled with HIGHLY TOXIC DRUGS. She injected my sister with WHATEVER it was that she injected her with. I quickly discovered that my sister had been SHOT UP WITH OPIATES, NARCOTICS and TRANQUILISERS – ALL AT ONCE. And get this – this CUNT nurse came back ten minutes later and INJECTED ANOTHER OVERDOSE OF TOXIC CHEMICALS INTO MY SISTER’S BODY. The third time she came back, A STRUGGLE BROKE OUT and I CHALLENGED the nurse BEFORE she injected the LETHAL INJECTION. I said “ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HER?” The nurse answered back “I know what I am doing.” I TRIED to STOP this bitch from injecting MORE poisons into my BELOVED sister and a struggle broke out. Security was called and I was EJECTED from that hospital, FIGHTING ALL THE WAY. I vividly recall SHOUTING at the top of my voice “MURDERERS” as I was being thrown out of that hospital, even the chaplain poked his nose into our affairs, he was stood in the corridor at that time telling me to “SHUT UP,” and that I couldn’t say things like that. None of this was filmed because we had old fashioned phones that didn’t have a video feature.

Just prior to all of this EVILNESS happening, my plan was to get my sister out of the hospital and WALK OUT. The first time we had been left alone together, I told her to help me to get her off of that cubicle trolley and we were going to walk out of that hospital, but by this time, she had been heavily sedated by the ambulance workers. I couldn’t lift her like I could when we were children, but I could have lifted her had she helped me, but she was in a DAZED condition when I met her at the hospital.

This folks, is WHAT HOSPITALS DO to their unsuspecting victims. And don’t believe for one minute that hospitals DON’T have that kind of POWER to FORCE patients to do what they don’t want to do, trust me on this one – HOSPITALS HAVE HIDDEN POWERS that have been given to them by the governments who are controlling them. They have POWERS TO MAKE A PATIENT DO WHAT THE HOSPITAL STAFF WANT THEM TO DO. And they WILL hold patients AGAINST THEIR WILL and REFUSE to allow them to discharge themselves. They FORCED my sister onto a ward and SHE attempted to DISCHARGE herself and THEY REFUSED. Another ruckus broke out and security was called to us AGAIN for a second time on a DIFFERENT DAY.

My dear sweet beloved youngest sister, endured MEDICAL ABUSE, MEDICAL TORTURE, BEATINGS, STARVATION and in the end she had a DO NOT RESUSCITATE slapped on to her medical chart WITHOUT her consent or knowledge. I had NO knowlege of this at that time.

My sister was subjected to MOST HEINOUS cruelty by general medicine professionsals for 21 days, she was ALSO BEATEN about her head by medical staff before she died and my sister died a HORRIBLE, MOST EVIL, MOST WICKED DEATH and whilst she was dying medical staff were in the room and they were LAUGHING at her whilst she was fading away. The names that I remember were DAVID WALKER and a bitch called GEMMA who was LAUGHING AT MY SISTER whilst she was DYING.

I have STRUGGLED with my conscience now for 5 years. I play these scenes OVER and OVER and OVER in my head, just wondering “IF ONLY” we had NOT gone to our parents’ home for Christmas that year and “IF ONLY” I had said NOTHING to that evil nhs Dr. Mistry, then things might have turned out quite differently and that my sister would still be alive today. I can NEVER forgive myself for approaching the UNTRUSTWORTHY Mistry and asking for his advice.

Following my mother’s murder by the NHS in April of 2016, I TURNED MY BACK ON THE EVIL NHS and I have had NO association with them since that time and I have absolutely NO intention of ever returning to them.

When the government introduce MANDATORY VACCINATION in the UK and it WILL happen eventually, the Barnsley NHS Trust Hospital had better NEVER come after me. I have NEVER forgotten what they did to my family and when they bring that KILLER COVID19 injection to me, I WILL be waiting for them and when they break into my home, they will GET THAT TOXIC INJECTION JABBED STRAIGHT INTO THEIR EYEBALL.

I have said this because what happens in the USA, usually happens in Britain. As you all are ALREADY aware, Alan Dershowitz – the celebrity attorney was shooting his BIG FAT mouth off about FORCE INJECTING citizens with the covid19 depopulation shot and he was talking about possibly filing a petition with the US supreme court in order to get a FORCED VACCINATION ORDER through to enable the US medical professionals working with the police to BREAK DOWN unwilling people’s doors and to FORCE VACCINATE them. If a petition is filed in the US supreme court and it is passed, you can bet your bottom dollar that it WILL be government bribery that passes the order from the Supreme court.

The Online Resistance Movement are looking towards ISRAEL – another country whose citizens are in SERIOUS trouble, because THEY are IN FRONT of the rest of the world. Already, Netenyahu is fast fowarding the microchip in the hand business. We are also looking towards America and waiting to see if this Dershowitz maniac WILL carry out that threat of FORCED VACCINATION in the courts.

What happened with my family 5 years ago and what happened in Vancouver, Washington recently WILL eventually DISSEMINATE throughout the whole world as governments hand out MORE POWERS TO THEIR HOSPITALS. Don’t be lulled into a false conception that because it may be a private hospital, that the government cannot control them, on the contrary – THEY CAN and THEY HAVE done. You ALL have been FOREWARNED in a TIMELY MANNER – DON’T let that happen to you and your loved ones.

General medicine hospitals are becoming extremely DANGEROUS places to attend. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

See the video below at how EVIL hospitals have become :



The evil scumbag celebrity attorney Alan Dershowitz in the United States was throwing his weight around at first talking to Robert Kennedy jnr., of the CHD and dictating what people should do regarding the experimental covid19 injection and then he gave the SAME message to newscaster Tucker Carlson on HIS views on what people are obliged to do regarding the highly toxic, dna altering, microchipped experimental covid19 injection.

The Online Resistance Movement, DID mention this EVIL attorney once before when we posted on Dr. Yeadon’s and Dr. Wodarg’s petition to HALT THE COVID19 INJECTION TRIALS due to SAFETY CONCERNS. And this was the FIRST time that this EVIL dodo bird OFFENDED us and now he has OFFENDED us again – for the SECOND TIME.

Dershowitz told Tucker Carlson that : “People have NO right NOT to take the covid19 vaccine.” and “people have NO right NOT to not wear a face mask.”

Just who in the HELL is this EVIL MONSTER from the deep dark abyss? He is NOBODY. But what inflamed the Online Resistance Movement team more was that HE (Dershowitz) was explaining that if this matter of force vaccinating people was TAKEN TO THE SUPREME COURT, that the SUPREME COURT – WOULD VOTE IN FAVOR of :


This is criminal and BEYOND PURE EVIL. We actually heard this devil from hell make this statement with his own vile Satanic mouth.

This evil IGNORAMUS has absolutely NO respect for human life at all and he does NOT care if people die. He is obviously FULLY aware that even if an individual did contract the new virus that it has a 99.98% full recovery rate. So this is PREMEDITATED MURDER folks – in fact it is WORLDWIDE MASS GENOCIDE – which is part of the Agenda 21 world depopulation plan.

If this evilness eventually happens, then DERSHOWTIZ should be the FIRST to be RESTRAINED and INJECTED with this VILE concoction of DEATH and he should be given a DOUBLE DOSE of the REAL McCoy.

This man, along with the rest of the EVIL cabal clan should be made to PAY A VERY HIGH PRICE for their EVIL TREACHEROUS WAR CRIMES against humanity.

Police breaking down the doors of people’s homes to ENFORCE the EXPERIMENTAL COVID19 INJECTION upon the poor victim, could be ONE POSSIBLE FUTURE. The cabal Agenda 21 plan is ALREADY IN FULL operation and has been so for quite some while now, but the war is accelerating at a vast rate, a million times faster than the speed of light. World War III has already suffered many thousands of casualties and people are STILL dying following their receiving the DEPOP shot.

If it ever eventually comes down to that, then the RESISTANCE MUST FIGHT BACK. If insane laws are passed by the nazi criminal governments to FORCE VACCINATE everyone, then you all MUST be prepared for EVERY EVENTUALITY. The police are ALREADY OUT OF CONTROL, but if they BREAK DOWN your door :

“YOU HAVE THE INALIENABLE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOUR LIFE and if that means PHYSICALLY defending yourself, then you MUST DO THAT, to STOP them from FORCE injecting you to deliberately END YOUR LIFE.

No matter what INSANE laws are passed, the authorities have NO RIGHT to take your life by injecting you with the KILLER COVID19 INJECTION and they have NO right to FORCE you to wear a KILLER FACE mask.

Dr. Vernon Coleman and Professor Dolores Cahill have ALREADY indicated the serious implications surrounding the CONTINUAL use of face mask wearing and apart from it causing a MILLION problems for the wearer, the wearer can also suffer from IRREVERSIBLE BRAIN DAMAGE.

People have ALREADY DIED from continually wearing a USELESS face mask.

We have to STOP this war as soon as we possibly can, because matters can SPIRAL RAPIDLY OUT OF CONTROL within a blink of an eye and if it comes down to a CRIMINAL law being passed to BREAK IN AND FORCE VACCINATE people, then that is when this war will TURN INTO PHYSICALLY FOUGHT BATTLE.

The Online Resistance Movement are offering you all some very sound and practical advice regarding on how to handle the OUT OF CONTROL POLICE. I myself had first hand experience with the out of control police only five years ago, when the NHS doctor brought male police officers to my parents’ home and my mother REFUSED to open the door. Mistakes were made at that time and I did as the police officers DEMANDED and opened the door – THAT was one of the BIGGEST mistakes that I made in my whole life. I was physically assaulted by the out of control police, because I was following my mother’s instructions NOT to allow them into the house and she had every right to REFUSE entrance – it was HER house.

The following is our advice : When cold calling police come to your door, KEEP YOUR DOOR CLOSED and LOCKED. Do NOT answer the door and do NOT engage with them through an upstairs or upper window. The police are NOT there for you, they are there to cause TROUBLE with you. If you have done nothing wrong, you have NOTHING to fear and they WILL leave, when they get NO answer. There isn’t ONE law in the land that COMPELS you to open the door to police demands and you are within your right to NOT open the door to them. If you do open the door to them, you could be PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED. If you are outside and the police approach you, you must keep at least 3 yards distance between you and the police officers. Why? Because if you allow them to get too close to you – THEY WILL FLOOR YOU, literally. Try to get away from them, but DON’T take your eyes off them, they could pounce on you unawares.

If CRIMINAL laws are passed in government to allow the police to break down your door to FORCE a DEPOP injection into your arm, then you have the inalienable RIGHT to PHYSICALLY FIGHT BACK AND STOP THEM from KILLING YOU.

As each day passes by, we are losing MORE and MORE FREEDOMS and as my parents once told me many years ago about World War II – “it gets WORSE before it GETS better.” They were only children at the time when Adolf Hitler was ATTEMPTING TO DICTATE to the world, but THEY remembered what happened during those early years.

Don’t lose heart people, we are HERE TO HELP YOU and to SUPPORT YOU. We aim to WIN THIS WAR and we WILL WIN this war.






The above is Dr. Vernon Coleman’s FREE book regarding the DANGERS OF CONTINUAL FACE MASK WEARING.

Above is Dr. Vernon Coleman’s FREE book on the GREATEST HOAX IN HISTORY – COVID19

The above FREE book is written by that World Economic Forum nazi – Klaus Schwab and his GLOBAL RESET