Yes folks, you READ that right and this world is becoming more terrifying by the minute, hour, day, week, month and year. As this World War III progresses into its THIRD year, the cabal are TIGHTENING their stranglehold on every individual in the world. They are deadly serious about wanting most of us DEAD and part of their big pharma team is MODERNA, who are now EXPANDING their toxic killer potions in a FALSE claim to treat other viruses. The following is our LATEST report :

Moderna, who are TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for thousands of covid19 toxic poisonous lethal injections and have killed THOUSANDS of innocent people around the world, are now branching out and expanding their murderous frenzy of the weak willed, brain washed citizens.

Moderna are developing an mRNA influenza vaccine which will contain the SAME pathogenic priming contents and toxic preservative substances as their covid19 injections. The moderna plan is a simple plan – to develop an mRNA vaccine for several types of influenza – all contained in ONE vaccine, which WILL include the DEADLY spike proteins, that once injected will invade all organs inside the human body and all human tissue. Once again, this will be a KILLER INJECTION and anyone who is fool hardy to take this vaccine will be placing themselves on death row.

The rising New World Order will stop at nothing until most of us are DEAD and the world’s population size reduced down to around five hundred million. Those five hundred million survivors WILL be the slaves of the New World Order and they will be residing inside high rise concentration camps in these SMART CITIES of the future, which plans for construction of these 21st century POW camps are already under way.

Just remember folks, do not, we repeat do NOT underestimate the enemy, because they want POWER, GREED, MONEY and your LIFE or SLAVERY of the survivors.

These big pharmaceutical companies are also members of the elite WORLD NAZI FORCE of which the Rothschild’s are the TOP GENERALS of the enemy with their Commander in Chief – BILL GATES dishing out the orders and ensuring that the world’s population comply to their evil, strangulatory, most unnecessary totalitarian commands.

The Resistance will NEVER comply. We will continue to :



Share our posts, tell everyone of the dangerous threats that have been forced upon us by nazi fascist government pigs. Tell everyone that the government is LYING about the covid19 vaccines – they are most definitely NOT SAFE, NOT EFFECTIVE, do NOT protect anyone from the coronavirus and the victim is then subjected to either death, permanent injury, paralysed or blinded for life.


Thank you.



Thousands of more people around the world are dropping dead like flies, in just a few moments proceeding their taking the highly toxic experimental covid19 injections.

Thousands of other weak willed, easily controlled citizens are being permanently injured, paralysed and blinded.

Very recently the UK health minister Sajid Javid appeared in a video on youtube attempting to coerce thousands more people to take the lethal injection. Why? because the government and their controllers – the world secret ruling society – New World Order – want YOU DEAD, it is as simple as that.

The Online Resistance Movement’s mission is to SAVE LIVES and we intend to do just that. We are once again WARNING each and every one of you the DEADLY dangers of being COMPLIANT, your weakness may end up KILLING YOU. You MUST stay away from the experimental covid19 vaccines if you want to live.

The government is LYING to you. It doesn’t matter if your employer has or is terminating your employment because you will NOT comply. What good is a job if you are DEAD?

Stay away from the POTIONS OF DEATH.




The UK health minister has been PROMOTING the experimental covid19 lethal injections in a youtube video. Listen people, this evil moron who is part of the rising New World Order problem is a LIAR and a BETRAYER of the people. Take NO notice of him, because if you do – you are signing your OWN DEATH WARRANTS and sealing your own fate.

Thousands of people around the world have already PERISHED within a short period of time between 0 to 48 hours following their being DUPED into taking the KILLER covid19 experimental injections.

Just remember folks, the government is our enemy and they are part of the secret ruling party’s CABAL.

If you want to live – STAY AWAY FROM THESE LETHAL INJECTIONS, otherwise you are voluntarily placing yourselves on DEATH ROW, we are deadly serious – do NOT step forward to take these KILLER INJECTIONS.

He also stated that this covid19 problem, which the resistance regard as a FAKE pandemic – will NEVER be over and to that remark, the resistance wholeheartedly AGREE. This war of the people vs the government will NEVER be over until the resistance WIN THE WAR. And like the good doctor pointed out – WE HAVE TO WIN THIS WAR, WE HAVE no CHOICE. Dr. Coleman has stated time and time again that life will not be worth living if we lose this war. We have to FIGHT BACK people.

Do NOT COMPLY, do NOT step forward for this KILLER injection. You wouldn’t voluntarily stick your head in front of a loaded barrel of a gun if you knew that the individual holding the gun would shoot you in the head. But if you do voluntarily step forward for the killer experimental covid19 injection – that is exactly what you will be doing – putting your head in front of a loaded gun that is ready to FIRE and KILL you.

Like Dr. Coleman has said in countless of his videos and transcripts – the cabal want most of us DEAD – 95% of us and they are doing just that right now. They are continuing to brain wash the weak, naive and vulnerable, filling their heads with a load of insane claptrap nonsense. It is also called : POPULATION CONTROL. They are attempting to train us all into OBEDIENT SLAVES, so the survivors will fit in with the slavery of the New World Order.

Listen to the Online Resistance Movement and protect yourselves via resisting and non compliance. Take notice of Dr. Vernon Coleman and when he gives you GOOD ADVICE, then you MUST act upon his advice if you want to stay healthy and live a long time.

To the misinformed people : You have been timely FOREWARNED about the deadly consequences that will ensue if you are sucked in by this WICKED LIE.

Trials for the covid19 experimental injections do not end until the year 2023. If you do decide to take this LETHAL INJECTION that has killed thousands of people around the world, you WILL be PART OF THAT EXPERIMENT.




The wicked evil tide of the world secret ruling elite is almost upon us and a lot closer than you all may think.

Any of our readers who have not yet downloaded the United Nations Agenda 21 plan, then we are asking you to do this RIGHT NOW. It is imperative that you READ this document and absorb its contents, you will then discover the REAL TRUTH and the REAL agenda to what is happening in the world right now.

During the 1992 Rio Dejaneiro conference of the United Nations, they devised a plan to DEPOPULATE the earth by the year 2030. This document was signed by many leaders of governments around the world and was made an OFFICIALLY BINDING DOCUMENT.

Contained within that document is a plan to set the wheels in motion to facilitate the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT project and a plan to force upon the nations of the world – the GLOBAL RESET. Everything you need to know is contained within this 354 page contract. If you are all serious about staying healthy and living a long carefree life of FREEDOM, then you MUST read this horrifying document.

In one section of the United Nations Agenda 21 program – is a sustainable development program to : build HUGE high rise living quarters within sustainable cities and to arrest, haul away and shepherd ALL of the citizens inside these sustainable tiny and cramped HIGH RISE fortresses. In other words – that WILL be the global mafia’s END GOAL – to FORCE ALL the survivors of World War III into high rise concentration camps. Doing it this way, our CAPTORS – the evil warlords of this world will be able to CONTROL each and every one of us and to CONTROL every aspect of our lives. They will FORCE the survivors to take REGULAR toxic killer injections, that they are promoting as health vaccines. The survivors WILL all be tattooed with the 21st century version of the Third Reich’s POW prisoner numbers that were tattooed onto their wrists. The 21st century version of this WILL come in the guise of a MEDICAL BLUEPRINT injected DIRECTLY into the victims wrist. Not only will this microchip contain ALL of your personal medical data, it will contain your bank details, purchase history, your name and address, telephone number, email addresses, name of your doctor, details of your purchases, your arrest record (if any) and it will also serve as an IDENTITY card and they WILL track your EVERY MOVE and this microchip is SCANABLE for every individual who has a scanner to scan your injected microchip and read your most personal details. If you accept this evilness, you have given away your birthright, your freedom and you will have received the MARK OF THE BEAST (Bible – Revelation). The Online Resistance Movement are WARNING you all right now – this is NOT fiction but a terrifying TRUE NIGHTMARE. We have seen and acquired the PROOF of what the evil cabal are doing. Don’t forget that the CABAL’S top generals are the ROTHSCHILD’S – it is THEY who are calling the shots. The Rothschild’s who own the IMF and the World Bank are behind every evil rotten sadistic war that has erupted during the history of this planet. It was the Rothschild’s who deliberately precipitated the Napoleon wars. This is how EVIL, TREACHEROUS and DANGEROUS that this secret society is and unfortunately, the modern royal family are a part of this EVIL cabal, especially Prince Charles who is a big pal of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum – they ALL have ONE goal in mind – the GLOBAL RESET teaming with the United Nations, governments around the world, the Bilderbergers and their top Commander in Chief Bill Gates, they will attempt to DESTROY MANKIND and to steal away our FREEDOMS and this is happening RIGHT NOW.

If you are all thinking “we haven’t seen the high rise concentration camps or the death camps yet.” Well, they are CLOSER than you think. Don’t be lulled into the false conception that nothing is happening – remember STILL WATERS RUN DEEP and these deep evil waters that flow well below the depths of depravity are and WILL rise from the deep dark pits of hell and the resistance has to STOP this evil nonsense right now, because NOTHING good can come of it. If some of you are not absolutely convinced that this is happening right now, then do some research on World War II and World War I. Do you all really believe that Adolf Hitler created all of this mayhem by himself? Well, he didn’t he had help from the Rothchild’s and some organisation in the United States who helped to FUND World War II. We do believe that this organisation that helped Adolf Hitler had connections with IBM and IBM also have connections with Public Enemy Number 1 – BILL GATES.

In 2018 in support of the United Nations SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, applications for contract grants were tendered from certain councils around the United Kingdom in support of building SUPER CITIES of the future, which will encourage naive gullible people to move out of urban and country areas into HIGH RISE facilities – GREEN FACILITIES. The plan is to make the SUPER CITY – green and sustainable, whereby people will NO longer need transport to travel to work. They will live inside tiny cramped high rise buildings and they will be expected to take ALL OF THEIR TOXIC POISONOUS VACCINES WHEN demanded to do so. They WILL be expected to pay for any of their goods using a CASHLESS scheme, an injected blueprint into their wrist – will be their method of payment. The scheme WILL be a social credit scheme. Now if they misbehave or do something to offend their captors – their credit microchip WILL be switched off and they will be able to buy NOTHING. Each flat/apartment will contain SMART METERS, which can be turned off in an instant from afar if and when their captors deem it fit to do so. These brand new 21st century POW camps will come in the guise of – SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT SUPER CITIES, designed to improve and enhance your life. WRONG – they are deceiving you all. These plans are already underway and some cities have already received a £500,000 grant to raise these 21st century POW CAMPS into the sky.

The United Nations Agenda 21 program CLEARLY indicates that the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM will be completed by the year 2030. In the Agenda 21 program section regarding super cities – any individual who owns land or property WILL, we repeat WILL have their land and property confiscated. The property/land owner will then be arrested and then one of two events will occur after that, depending upon the land/property owners age – they will either be shipped to one of the 21st century extermination camps and be EXECUTED or they will be corralled into one of the SUPER CITIES CONCENTRATION CAMPS, with one goal in mind – to WORK and make money for their captors – the NAZIS OF WORLD WAR III. The survivors will live as SLAVES and will have every aspect of their lives CONTROLLED by their captors.

This is absolute INSANE MADNESS and it is SICK. It is also REAL and it is happening RIGHT NOW. Already, the following councils have tendered for grants for these HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION CAMPS to be built – Derby, Birmingham, Leeds and Sheffield.

The insane lunatic plan of the United Nations is to develop GREEN SUSTAINABLE SUPER CITIES amidst a CASHLESS and MICROCHIPPED enslaved society. We have to stop this folks. We can do this by RISING UP AND RESISTING – FIGHTING BACK. Share these posts, print these posts out, hand them to everyone. We can STOP this, we can TAKE AWAY the power of the evil warlords who want to destroy us and take away our freedoms forever.

Anyone who hasn’t yet seen the following science fiction movies should WATCH these movies, because this could be the WAVE OF OUR FUTURE. Just remember that today’s fiction is tomorrows TERRIFYING REALITY :

Remember the frightening science fiction movie from the 1970’s – LOGANS RUN? They lived in a CONTROLLED SUPER CITY and the people had to DIE on carousel when they reached the age of 30 years. Their life clock deemed them fit to live if they were under the age of 30 and when the life clock turned to BLACK – that is when they had to enter carousel to be KILLED. Not renewed, but KILLED.

You all should familiarize yourselves with the science fiction movie – the RUNNING MAN starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. They too were residing in a controlled environment. The people who weren’t slaves, ended up residing in GHETTO’S and unfortunately, that is the resistance’s destination – residing in a ghetto if the evil cabal get their own way. **Note** the actor who played the main part in this movie – Arnold Schwarzenegger was the movie’s good guy. In reality – Arnold Schwarzenegger is the RESISTANCE’S ENEMY. He has been PAID to PROMOTE the global mafia’s LIE – to encourage and to deceive naive, vulnerable people to take the LETHAL INJECTION. Schwarzenegger, along with the other celebrities who are promoting the LETHAL INJECTION and the LIE is a COLLABORATING ENEMY and TRAITOR of the people. IGNORE this New World Order nazi collaborator.

You all should familiarize yourselves with the science fiction movies : TERMINATOR and the war of the people vs the machines. These are frightening scenarios that could develop into reality.

Just remember folks, the enemies of the people are well hidden, they can ONLY SUCCEED in the UTMOST SECRECY. Let’s BLOW THE LID OFF of this EVIL CABAL, EXPOSE them to the whole world and TAKE THAT POWER AWAY FROM THEM – RESIST, TELL THEM NO and CONTINUE TO DEFY ALL OF THEIR ORDERS, despite their feeble evil blackmailing threats of reprisals.

The resistance need to STOP the production of these HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION CAMPS.



The great and wonderful Dr. Vernon Coleman has offered TWO more new books for you all to download for FREE to give you all a better understanding and insight into the EVIL INTENTIONS of the oppressive World War III nazi regime.

As the good doctor has already indicated – the LIES keep coming and the PROMISES are EMPTY. These crazy, insane, strangulatory and most unnecessary restrictions will continue to be unleashed upon each and every one of us. It is the enemies sole intention to WEAR US DOWN, brainwash everyone and partially it is WORKING, because the weak willed are continuing to believe the EVIL LIE that they are promoting about a pandemic that does NOT exist.

According to Dr. Coleman, he discovered that there were absolutely NO influenza cases at all during the last winter of 2020 and absolutely NO influenza deaths. Where did all of these flu cases disappear to? It is baffling to say the least. Did the flu virus miraculously disappear last winter? We can only speculate on this and the REAL truth is WELL HIDDEN – that the influenza deaths were ADDED to the covid19 deaths, along with all the other virus related deaths. And to be quite frank, we believe that Dr. Vernon Coleman is RIGHT.

This barbaric realism will continue until the resistance WIN this war and we will have to WIN this war, because we have NO other alternative. The choice alternative is TERRIFYING and FRIGHTENING. It will become an EVIL barren world whereby most of us will be DEAD by the year 2030 and the survivors – the weak willed zombies, will continue to be compliant to their captors, continue to take the forever covid19 toxic poisonous jabs and become forever enslaved (until they expire) – by the EVIL NAZI OVERLORDS of the New World Order.




The following video is a PRIME EXAMPLE of the kind of devastation that wreaks throughout the whole human body of the victims of the toxic poisonous covid19 experimental vaccines.

Not only does it initiate DEATH to most of its victims within 48 hours, it also destroys healthy brain tissue, including neural pathways and synapses which are essential for normal healthy brain functioning.

How long this zombie woman will live, we do NOT know, but she makes some pretty VICIOUS remarks about sensible people who have NEVER taken these toxic killers.

The following video demonstrates just how powerful, toxic and deadly this stuff is. Make NO mistake, your government want YOU DEAD and the survivors reduced to PERMANENT ZOMBIES.



The absolutely wonderful, great and honest retired general medicine general practitioner Dr. Vernon Coleman has predicted that as World War III progresses, there WILL be further lockdowns, this time to support the Global Warming HOAX sometime in the near future.

A while back, the Online Resistance Movement elaborated on this Global Warming malarky that is another EVIL blatant LIE promoted by the cabal’s collaborators – the mainstream media. We fully EXPOSED the EVIL LIE behind all of this global warming nonsense, which was deliberately started by the CLUB OF ROME, who are also members of the people’s enemy. Back in the late 1960’s the Club of Rome printed numerous papers and books, predicting how the climate would change rapidly in the future and they lamely explained how the planet was warming up because of greenhouse gases and how the people were RESPONSIBLE for causing global warming. This is a load of NONSENSICAL CLAPTRAP. The planet is NOT warming up, it is actually COOLING DOWN and we are heading for another ICE AGE, sometime in the near future. When this event will occur, we have absolutely NO idea, but ice ages, once they have started CAN and DO last for thousands of years. The Online Resistance Movement undertook their own research on the natural history of this planet and we unveiled the following truths : The last ice age began 20,000 years ago and lasted for thousands of years. NONE of us or modern technology, I repeat – none of us or modern technology were on this planet during the last ICE AGE eruption many thousands of years ago. So how can people be responsible for this natural climate change? The last ice age occurred and the people did NOT cause this climate to change. Unfortunately, due to the ever changing face of this planet that we all call home, it undergoes natural climate change phenomenon every so many thousands of years and NO human on this planet can do anything about natural climate change on this planet. This is how EVIL and SELFISH that the cabal are and how they plan to DESTROY us all to thin down the world’s population size. They will even go so far as to tell you all that they can NOW dictate how the weather will be on any certain day and why not? This is just as ridiculous of a claim as blaming the people for causing global warming.

A while back, the Online Resistance Movement threw down the gauntlet and CHALLENGED anyone out there who could DEBUNK our claims that global climate change is a natural occurrence of this planet. We wanted someone to try to prove us wrong, because we know that we are RIGHT. Why? Because what the evil World War III enemies are blaming us for now – global warming, is simply UNTRUE. If it was true, then HOW COME AN ICE AGE COMMENCED 20,000 YEARS AGO WHEN NONE OF US OR THE MODERN TECHNOLOGY WERE ON THIS PLANET? We can answer our own question – because climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon on this planet and that is all that it is. Not one individual contacted us to attempt to explain this allegedly man made global warming, allegedly caused by people emitting dangerous carbon emissions into the atmosphere. NOBODY contacted us to try to prove us WRONG, because we are RIGHT – there is NO man made global warming. The only man made global warming that does exist, is contained within the sick, evil and twisted minds of the cabal.

Wake up sleepy heads, the enemy are out to get you, they WANT YOU DEAD. And they will do everything to make that happen, because the REAL truth behind all of these scams is to STOP you all from using non renewable energy sources, namely – FOSSIL FUELS and MINERALS. So the enemy nutcases come up with this insanely brilliant plan – to FORCE people to use more electricity and to ban the use of petrol/gas and diesel cars. Already, the evil servants (the governments around the world) of the cabal have stopped companies from prospecting for new oil supplies and eventually these current supplies will wane and dry up, forcing everyone to use electricity, which is totally unreliable for everyone on this planet, why? Because there isn’t enough of the energy to go around. In order to produce electricity, they need fossil fuels to generate the generators – GUARANTEED TO FAIL. But yet the EVIL nazi rich thugs – the rising New World Order empire are determined to DESTROYED most of us and enslave the survivors.

There is absolutely NO truth in what they are telling you and they are using their collaborating bought media to continue to PROMOTE THIS LIE. We will all end up either being KILLED by the LETHAL INJECTION, or we will freeze and starve to death, because of dwindling energy supplies. But then that is what the enemies of World War III want – they WANT most of us DEAD by the year 2030, so that they can keep whatever fossil fuels is left for themselves, so they can continue tripping around the world using fossil fuel propelled aeroplanes and ships, whilst everyone else is SUFFERING AND DYING. You all read that RIGHT, the GREEDY bastards want these fossil fuels for themselves, even though the fossil fuels DON’T rightly belong to them.

The UK government have already made plans to STOP the production and sale of new fossil fuel run cars in the very near future.

The global warming LIE that our enemy is promoting WILL eventually cause ordinary people a lot of pain, suffering and death.


Dr. Coleman’s predictions have been extremely terrifying in the past. Already, his predictions for thousands of people dying from the evil experimental highly toxic covid19 jabs has already transpired. Dr. Coleman predicted this way back at the beginning of March 2020 not long after the commencement of World War III. When the good doctor makes a prediction, you all BETTER take notice of him and act accordingly to protect your health, your life and to FIGHT back against the rising New World Order. What Dr. Coleman predicts, will continue to transpire if we don’t stop this madness now. We are heading towards the brink of worldwide mass genocide, torture, starvation, freezing to death in winter time and MORE poisonous experimental covid19 injections. Oh YES, it didn’t go unnoticed that Dr. Vernon Coleman actually PREDICTED even more toxic experimental covid19 BOOSTER injections for this autumn/fall, which has already come to pass. Dr. Coleman predicted that this EVIL would occur back in July of 2020. You must listen to Dr. Coleman and take evasive action to avoid being KILLED by the enemy. You must also pay attention to the Online Resistance Movement, because we tell you ALL the unbiased TRUTH no matter how bad or good the news is – we tell it STRAIGHT.

It was a woman called Margaret Mead that was the founder of this global warming farce, back in the early 1930’s. Mead had very STRONG connections with the United Nations. It was the United Nations whom produced a legal document in 1992 at the Rio De Janerio conference regarding the AGENDA 21 plan, to WIPE out most the world’s humanity by the year 2030. If you all have not downloaded your FREE copy of the United Nations Agenda 21 plan, then we STRONGLY advise you to do so. The United Nations Agenda 21 plan is a FREE downloadable 354 page document and it is TERRIFYINGLY FRIGHTENING what they all have in store for us. There will be LAND AND PROPERTY management and people who already own land and property WILL have that land and property CONFISCATED from them and then the individual/s will be arrested and either hauled off to some concentration camp or they will be executed. NOBODY, we repeat NOBODY who resides on this planet and is UNDER the evil dictatorial rule of the New World Order nazi dictatorship will be allowed to have their own property. And that is only PART of what the EVIL cabal have in store for us if the brainwashed frightened numbskulls continue to reliquish their freedom to a BUNCH OF PSYCHOTIC PSYCHOPATHS who have a BENT desire to rule the world. Does this story sound familiar? It should do, wasn’t that once the MADMAN’S – Adolf Hitlers insane dream once? Well, he didn’t succeed and now we are at war again, with a different mad regime of lunatic nazis. This time, the nazis are spread out all over the world in different countries – they are the EVIL EMPIRE OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER – THE CABAL. We are reminding you all again, that their TOP generals are – the Rothschild’s who own the IMF and the World Bank. Their Commander in Chief is – the psychotic BILL GATES.

The people are NOT responsible for global warming, it is a NATURALLY OCCURRING PHENOMENON of the earth and NO human on this planet can do anything about it when another ice age commences.

To the terrified, brainwashed society – STOP supporting the rising NEW WORLD ORDER narrative and commands and JOIN the resistance. Let us ALL take that power AWAY from these evil thugs once and for all and STOP world war history from repeating itself.

Thank you.

Dr. Vernon Coleman – The Resistance TOP GENERAL


It is NOT if but WHEN mandatory vaccines for every individual alive will become mandatory.

The stranglehold on the dragnet is slowly TIGHTENING its grip, as laws are passed in countries whereby healthcare workers and government employees have to be vaccinated – mandatory vaccines.

The Online Resistance Movement are at a loss to comprehend why these terrified, frantic, naive brainwashed souls are continuing to BELIEVE the Global Mafia’s LIE. When are you all going to CEASE giving them power to do whatever they like with you? Think about what you are doing to the resistance, you are dragging us down with you and we will NEVER comply to these evil, nazi, strangulatory, fascist unnecessary rules. Open your eyes and observe what they are doing to you – they are FORCING YOU TO COMPLY – you must relinquish your COMPLIANCE to the rising New World Order LIE. TAKE that power away from these evil nazi thugs. Quit doing their bidding, there is NO pandemic, it is a LIE, being promoted by the global mafia’s nazi collaborators – the mainstream media.

Everyone must now REMOVE that compliance power that the brainwashed people are so easily giving up. They are attempting to KILL US ALL in a worldwide mass genocide that is getting closer and closer as time progresses.

The Online Resistance have ALREADY PROVED that all of these evil plans that sparked off World War III was DELIBERATELY PLANNED YEARS AGO AND TIMED DOWN TO THE VERY LAST SECOND, in the United Nations Agenda 21 plan.

Indeed very recently the Online Resistance Movement have shown you absolute proof of how this Frankenstein covid19 concoction was made and how it is specifically designed for ONE purpose only – TO KILL. It is a LETHAL INJECTION. This Dr. Frankenstein potion of death has KILLED thousands of people around the globe, when are you brainwashed neanderthals going to snap out of your ZOMBIE life existence, take away that power that you are so freely giving to them and start RESISTING? Do you realise the extent of the serious damage that you are directly causing to the intelligently educated resistance, who want nothing at all to do with this EVIL? You will end up destroying us all, but we will NOT go down without a fight to the bitter end.

Cease giving your freedom away and join the RESISTANCE.

Many years ago, this latest Frankenstein virus was deliberately made by the University research department at Chapel Hill in North Carolina. These man made biological warfare weapons were being built bit by bit with one aim – TO USE THEM AS KILLERS and to deliberately release this Frankenstein made virus into the atmosphere, which they did in China. This new man made virus building was funded by the US government. When news leaked out what the scientists were up to at Chapel Hill, the atmosphere and intensity regarding the situation became HOTTER. It became so hot that the US decided to subcontract this ongoing biological warfare virus making research to an offshore facility, namely the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the Frankenstein virus was continually researched and built and eventually and deliberately RELEASED into the atmosphere to infect people and cause them to fall ill. The CDC even have THREE patents on these covid19 coronaviruses – we have SEEN the PROOF.

So now BIG PHARMA are now in BIG business, in a race to produce a vaccine for a Frankenstein virus that was deliberately made to HARM people. And World War III continues to progress.

Do you all honestly believe in your own heart of hearts, that the buck will stop here regarding mandatory vaccines just for healthcare workers and government workers? Then indeed, you people who believe this hogwash are in SERIOUS trouble, because the buck will NOT stop there. Trust us on this one – MANDATORY VACCINES FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL ON THIS PLANET WILL BECOME LAW AND FORCED ONTO THE PEOPLE.

Once again, the Online Resistance Movement are asking you all to UNITE TOGETHER TO FIGHT BACK FOR FREEDOM AND OUR LIVES. This is the only way we are going to WIN this war.


Thank you.



The Online Resistance Movement would like to draw your undivided attention to a scientific virology study paper, which confirms what the resistance have been forewarning you all about now for over a year – that the covid19 vaccines are NOT health protectors, but LETHAL INJECTIONS designed to maim and KILL.

According to this SARS-Cov2 protein spike scientific virology paper, these experimental covid19 vaccines were developed and designed based on the LONG STRAND SPIKE PROTEIN of this man made deliberately manufactured covid19 virus.

This is WHY people are dying in their droves.

Honestly, it is now time for you all terrified, frightened, naive, brainwashed numbskulls to WAKE UP and take notice of the RESISTANCE.

For well over a year now, the Online Resistance Movement’s mission has been to SAVE LIVES, and we are serious about this. To the brainwashed society, you MUST quit listening to and absorbing the LIE that that bought mainstream media have been promoting. NEVER trust one damned word that the BBC, SKY news, the tabloids and all of those other media PAID collaborators of the global mafia.

To all of the Resistance who have supported our campaign for LIFE and FREEDOM : PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Share our posts and continue to educate people with the TRUTH. THANK YOU.

When the professor at the virology department at the Chapel Hill University in North Carolina encouraged his people to invent a NEW virus, they were deadly serious about killing people, using a biological weapon of war, mainly – viruses. Even the CDC has many patented patents for the coronaviruses. We are NOT speculating on this matter, it has been PROVED and the Online Resistance Movement HAVE the PROOF. Anthony Fauci is a leading key player to what is happening in the world right now.

When the news got out that the virology department at Chapel Hill were experimenting with dangerous viruses, the government in the US decided to play it down, indicating that they wanted the department to CEASE research study into these dangerous viruses. When it became too hot for the virology research department at Chapel Hill to handle; they subcontracted the work to be continued offshore and selected the : WUHAN INSTITUTE OF VIROLOGY in China to continue researching these dangerous viruses and inventing brand new viruses, piecing together bits of viruses and acting like Dr. Frankenstein, thus inventing a brand new biological weapon of war, which would be deliberately released into the atmosphere inside the Wuhan fish market, where the unsuspecting people started to fall ill, not long after contracting FRANKENSTEIN’S virus.

The general’s at the top of the global mafia are directly responsible for what is happening in the world right now and we all know who they are – the ROTHCHILDS’S, who own the IMF and the World Bank – they are the richest people in the world and it is THEY who are calling the tune, along with their Commander in Chief Bill Gates. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the Rothschild’s should be made aware that they have precipitated EVERY war in the history of this planet. They run a secret society and hold meetings on what they can do to depopulate the earth when they think that the world is over populated. They have to keep their organisation SECRET, because once their cover is blown and the lid is OFF – they are NO longer powerful. And the Online Resistance Movement are determined to continue to expose these evil enemies of our society.

We are asking you all to download this scientific paper, study it and absorb its contents and we are again advising you all to : STAY AWAY FROM THESE LETHAL INJECTIONS. Note* If there is anything at all that you do not comprehend about the contents of this paper, please do not hesitate to ask us questions and we will do our utmost BEST to accommodate you.

The scientific virus SARS-Cov2 spike protein paper goes on to state that : INDEED THE SPIKE PROTEIN in SARS-Cov2 DOES DAMAGE THE DNA inside the body and inhibits the DNA repair mechanism, thus causing permanent damage and a weakened immune system for life. Read it for yourselves folks – it is ALL in the paper – TOTALLY UNBIASED :