Exactly one year before ALL of this insane lunacy was precipitated by the Global Mafia – the big drug companies, the WHO, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the Bilderberger’s, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rothschild’s and their whole rotten core of EVIL nazi collaborators along with world governments, the Event 201 made secret plans to deliberately destroy mankind throughout the whole world.

Their wicked and vile plan was SIMPLE to manufacture a man made virus and then UNLEASH it into the world. This plan to deliberately make people sick was their EXCUSE to make and invent a vaccine for this new virus, namely the coronavirus covid19 as it became to be known.

This secret meeting had ONE goal – to KILL people in their thousands in order to REDUCE the world’s population size. These evil plans were bolstered into motion using their man made BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS OF WAR unleashed into the atmosphere in Wuhan, China directly from the Wuhan Institute, in order to make people extremely ill. All of these plans were very carefully and deliberately PLANNED and rehearsed and two of their plans were completed by September of 2019.

Then the unthinkable occurred – this nasty evil biological weapon of war was deliberately released into a wet fish market not far from the Wuhan Virology Institute and it is here where this nasty FAKE pandemic spread like wildfire amongst the poor unsuspecting citizens inside the market that day.

Indeed the WICKED EVIL DR. OF DEATH – DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, was a KEY PLAYER in this evil mad rehearsal of a worldwide pandemic, that was deliberately started by HIM, which also included the mad lunatic BILL GATES. When they trumpeted it around through their collaborating corrupt mainstream media – they knew PRECISELY that there would be a pandemic, because THEY started it. Why? – because throughout the annals of history, WARS have always been extremely profitable and the Rothschild’s know all about this, because they are the top generals in this World War III – the war of the People vs the Government.

Never before has this world witnessed such EVIL that has been unleashed upon its poor citizens. These war criminals are NOT to be underestimated, indeed they are extremely powerful, wiley, greedy and wealthy. These nazis of World War III actually overshadow the third Reich of World War II, making Adolf Hitler look like an amateur.

It is their sole intention to REDUCE THE WORLD’S POPULATION SIZE DOWN FROM OVER SEVEN BILLION OF US TO AROUND FIVE HUNDRED MILLION. That signs the death warrants for most of us who are alive today. They want to kill most of us off because we are an obstacle standing between them and their desires, which is for them to have MORE and MORE space to do whatever they want to do. The survivors of World War III will eventually be enslaved inside high rise concentration camps, living in poor cramped conditions, with one sole purpose, to serve as SLAVES to the EVIL WARLORDS OF THIS WORLD AND TO MAKE MORE MONEY FOR THEM. The slaves get poorer and sicker, the rich get wealthier and richer – that is how their evil scheme works.

According to the great and wonderful Dr. Vernon Coleman, what they have planned for us all, takes on another evil twist, called communitarianism, it is ALL a DELIBERATE PLAN BY THE UNITED NATIONS and the CABAL to destroy us all, because WE pose as a THREAT to their elite society.

And World War III WILL continue to progress until it is STOPPED by the resistance or when everything will all be OVER by 2030 and our fate will be sealed forever. By this time, the New World Order will have risen into power and NOTHING will be able to stop them after that. We cannot allow this EVIL to continue any longer.

Our world as we once knew it has changed dramatically over the past 2 years and the trend is set to get much worse as time progresses.

Indeed, inside the Event 201 secret meeting, a female individual pointed out that WITHOUT the cooperation of the world’s people in this EVIL FAKE PANDEMIC, that these evil war dogs will have NO POWER. That is the wild card secret weapon of the resistance to use – TAKE THE POWER AWAY FROM THESE EVIL NAZI DOGS – RESIST, DEFY, DO NOT COMPLY. DO NOT GIVE THEM THAT POWER, no matter how much coercion you are placed under. Just remember – we are AT WAR, we are FIGHTING for our LIVES and FREEDOM. Do everything that they don’t want you to do. IGNORE their evil strangulatory restrictions and threats. Live your life like you always did in the past and together we WILL WIN this war.

Also keep in mind that they are KILLING people with their experimental covid19 vaccines, which are deliberately designed to MAIM AND KILL. We have witnessed some extremely vile, evil videos from around the world with people being treated worse than animals. Having their privacy violated and being HAULED away by police and detained. In one video, a poor girl being throttled by a copper simply for not wearing a face mask. This kind of evil behaviour is unacceptable in this modern day society and needs to be STAMPED OUT. DON’T become a part of this problem by yielding to the demands of the INSANE. Become a part of the SOLUTION – JOIN THE RESISTANCE, SPREAD THE WORD and FIGHT BACK. NEVER allow FEAR to rule your lives.

Share this post – SPREAD THE TRUTH, because you will NEVER discover the real truth in the mainstream media – they have been BOUGHT and they are CORRUPT. They are PROMOTING THE LIE – a LIE, which if continued to be believed by the naive, quivering, fearful brainwashed people will spell out DOOM to the rest of us who are FIGHTING back against this evil.

This is totally UNACCEPTABLE behaviour in our modern society. The police should be ASHAMED of themselves


Over the past year, the Online Resistance Movement have been approached by concerned friends and relatives of weak willed people whom have fallen victim to the cabal’s covid19 lethal injection program, which is designed to thin down the world’s population size by 2030. Way back in the early 1990’s at the Rio De Janerio conference, the United Nations planned and produced a document that would destroy humanity as we know it. The Agenda 21 plan’s goal is to WIPE OUT most of the six and a half billion innocent people who are alive in the world today, to make room for themselves and their elite cohorts, the Rothschild’s, Bill Gates and the rest of the elite worldwide mafia. It is imperative that they carry out this most heinous, evil wicked plan in order to rid the world of OVER POPULATION. That plan is in full swing right now, as thousands of innocent people have DIED shortly following their taking the DNA altering, spike protein experimental covid19 injection into their bodies.

The great and wonderful Dr. Vernon Coleman offers the following advice to these poor deluded brainwashed people :

Stay away from crowded places, stay away from anyone who has any infection of any kind. Keep WARM. Do NOT open the windows of your home to allow fresh air in to circulate, this WILL exacerbate the problem, you MUST keep warm, keep the windows of your home closed. Do NOT engage in exercise, especially excessive exercise, because it is a well known fact that strenuous exercise can and does bring about HEART ATTACK, especially in the experimental covid19 injection victims. Take plenty of vitamin C and vitamin D and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Online Resistance are offering further advice to the victims of the experimental covid19 injections :

Do NOT take any more experimental covid19 injections, no matter how much coercion is used on you if you want to live.

Keep warm, drink lots of filtered water, at least 2 litres of filtered water per day and keep yourselves fully hydrated. When we say filtered water, we mean by filtering the tap/faucet water with a special water filter, which is a NANOPARTICLE WATER FILTER. These water filter jugs can be purchased from the Amazon site. Okay, they are NOT cheap, but it is well worth the investment. You may be able to pick up one of these water filters for around £100 (approximately $200. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and eat lots of good wholesome warm meals made with fresh vegetables. We highly recommend that you all eat carrots, spinach, broccoli, potatoes. Yes, we know that a lot of folks don’t like the taste of broccoli, but it is GOOD for you and GOOD for the immune system. Spinach is nice eaten raw or cooked. You all will have to CHANGE your diet and quit consuming junk food, which will only ADD to your misery. Cut down on the caffeinated drinks. If you can, cut them out of your diet altogether. We are also recommending you all stock up on the health supplement ECHINACEA. This health supplement can be purchased at any health store or online. Ensure that you all purchase the regular Echinacea, that you can take ONE tablet per day indefinitely. You could also purchase Echinacea for colds and flu and you only use this when you become ILLL. In the event that you do become ill with any virus, drink plenty of hot fluids and keep that temperature UP inside your mouth. Eat lots of chicken soup, beef broth, oxtail or tomato soup when you are ill. Sleep – that is VITALLY IMPORTANT. Even if it is daytime – go to bed and sleep – sleep during the day and all night. Stay fully hydrated and drink 2 litres of filtered water daily. Trust us on this one – you WILL recover quickly and our protocol DOES work. This advice is also for the healthy resistance, who have NEVER had an experimental covid19 injection. Keep up the good work, keep up the RESISTANCE and stay healthy.



It is not IF but WHEN these EVIL draconian strangulatory restrictions are yet UNLEASHED upon the already worn down and weary unsuspecting victims of tyrannical governments around the world who are BENT on destroying us all.

We don’t care what the government are trumpeting around at the moment, because they ALWAYS do the Johnny opposite to what they say they will do and there WILL be more lockdowns and restrictions set for this forthcoming winter. The government is CORRUPT and UNTRUSTWORTHY, they will LIE through their false back teeth to get you all to yield to their nazi terrorism. Just remember – thousands and thousands of people have already DIED, because they believed the lying EVIL narrative of an unworthy and unscrupulous government, who are controlled by the evil world mafia. The government have strict orders to follow from the cabal and these CRUEL, EVIL orders WILL be carried out and more innocent people WILL suffer because of this. Don’t forget that the elite worldwide mafia want most of us DEAD by the year 2030 and this mass holocaust of the 21st century WILL transpire if we don’t stop this madness now.

As the days progress we are treading closer and closer to a devastating apocalypse. For that reason, the resistance have to be READY for any and every eventuality. So it is with our great pride and care that we are offering EVERYONE FREE document downloads, which will RELIEVE each and every one of you all from wearing the KILLER FACE MASKS, which have already been proven to cause bacterial pneumonia, cancer, hypoxia and death. We are also offering you all a FREE document to download to RELIEVE you all of showing a covid19 vaccination pass to the evil government’s henchmen and collaborators.

There is a document for folks in the UK and another document for folks around the world to use. Use these documents to release yourself from the unnecessary and strangulatory restrictions that have been illegally imposed upon you all and go about enjoying your life normally, like you always have done prior to the outbreak of World War III.

United together – WE WILL WIN THIS WAR.

Online Resistance Movement


It is imperative that you all download the attached documents right now, read them and absorb the contents throughly.

As you progress through these lengthy documents, you will realise that the contents contained within inside these documents are taking place right now – the CABAL intends to WIPE OUT most of us by the year 2030.

As World War III of the People vs the Government progresses into its third year, healthy people of ALL ages are dying in their DROVES almost immediately proceeding their taking the INJECTION OF DEATH – the experimental covid19 vaccines. DON’T present yourself as their NEXT victim.

In your own BEST interests, your longevity, your health and most importantly of all your LIFE, please read these documents and STAY AWAY from the LETHAL INJECTION – the experimental covid19 injections.



Yes, you read that right folks. The Online Resistance Movement have just received the latest truthful information regarding THE REAL MOTIVE BEHIND THE PROPAGANDA LIES of governments, the bought mainstream media and the drug companies.

Again, we are reminding you all that the world is AT WAR, a horrible, evil, heinous, not so blindingly obvious war of the People vs the Governments around the world. A fake virus and vaccine war that instills fear and terror into the hearts and souls of some of the most weakest vulnerable people in our society, which the resistance is now fighting back against. The Generals at the top – the ROTHSCHILD family want most of us DEAD by the year 2030 and that signs the death warrants for over six and a half billion of us, who are alive at this moment in time.

The Rothschild’s Commander in Chief – Bill Gates is doing all he can to ensure that the thinning down of the world’s population by 2030 is going to plan and it is happening around the world right now, as more and more vulnerable, weak, naive brainwashed people take the INJECTION OF DEATH, then succumb to it within less than 48 hours for most of the victims. Just remember folks, that Bill Gates is one of the most evil dangerous people on this planet. He BELONGED to the PLANNED PARENTHOOD organisation, as so did his father before him and that organisation only had ONE sustainable goal – to REDUCE the WORLD’S POPULATION SIZE and to cause young fertile women to become infertile, using these SAME killer drugs that they are NOW unleashing upon the whole world – KILLER DRUGS to induce DEATH to the billions to meet the United Nations Agenda 21 plan target to thin down the world’s population size to five hundred million by the year 2030.


The following is what actually happens when the victim of a vaccine is injected with poisonous chemicals : The vaccine does NOT do what people thinks that it does – to protect them from illness. Indeed, it is quite the Johnny opposite – it does sometimes protect OTHERS from your illnesses. It does NOT stop you from contracting any virus, in fact in many cases it actually ENHANCES the virus and the disease progresses to extreme severity and causes the victim to become very ill. In many cases, the vaccine doesn’t even protect others from your illnesses and these words come straight from the mouth of an extremely well respected doctor – Dr. Vernon Coleman. He has been fighting this war from the outset and as the months and years have progressed, the RESISTANCE has expanded and grown rapidly and strong.

Bill Gates is behind the Pfizer MAFIA, who are holding countries to ransom, using BLACKMAIL and extortion tactics around the world to COLLECT monies from governments and to dictate terms of who gets these COVID19 KILLER INJECTIONS, which countries, which people, which age group, when and where. NOT one government can back away from this MAFIA TERRORISM. Pfizer dictates the terms, whether the country wants the experimental vaccines or NOT, the country WILL have to accept these killer drugs and pay for them. The governments around the world cannot refuse these killer drugs; because these killer covid19 injection vials are FORCED upon them. The governments can’t bring a lawsuit against this company either because like all of the other drug companies – Pfizer is IMMUNE – THANKS TO BILL GATES, THE ROTHCHILD’S AND THE UNITED NATIONS.

As our last post indicated – anyone who is in the general medical profession and connected to the drug companies, who dictate terms to them, are all in it for profit, profit, profit and more profit. They don’t give a damn about your life, others lives or our lives, in fact that want most of us DEAD by the year 2030.

Pfizer is a MAFIA company unlike domestic mafia, they are FAR much WORSE and even MORE POWERFUL.

All of the drug companies, NO matter who they are – they are ALL MAFIA and they are controlled by Bill Gates and his Generals – the Rothschild’s.

To the governments around the world, it is simply a case of “you have no choice but to take our drugs and you WILL have to pay for them or suffer the DIRE consequences.” In other words, these killer drugs are FORCED onto countries and then it is up to the country to distribute these KILLER DRUGS to cull as many people as possible. That is how the Agenda 21 plan works and it is in progress RIGHT NOW.

In your own BEST health interests and for the longevity of your life, you MUST REFUSE these killer covid19 injections.



Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Karina Reiss have just issued NEW WARNINGS to people around the world regarding the DANGERS of the experimental covid19 vaccines, that are killing people in their droves.

Their new book entitled CORONA UNMASKED should NOT be ignored, but embraced and every individual on this planet must HEED this warning and take evasive action to avoid becoming a victim of the globalists who want us all to PERISH.

Make NO mistake, Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and other honest fully qualified general medical professionals have put their necks on the line to SAVE LIVES and to WARN people of the imminent dangers they face and the fact that everyone who takes this experimental covid19 injection stands a 95.5% chance of DYING, either be it within 24 to 48 hours after receiving this experimental vaccine or within a few weeks, months and up to 5 years.

The Online Resistance Movement cannot over emphasize the IMPORTANCE of this LIFE and DEATH situation. We are WARNING everyone again – STAY AWAY FROM THE COVID19 VACCINES – they are NOT vaccines, they are LETHAL INJECTIONS designed to wipe out populations around the globe.

In our previous posts, we featured Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, whom in her own blogs OUTLINED the DEATHLY changes that would take place inside the covid19 vaccine victim’s body, once the injection was administered. Indeed, Dr. Tenpenny went on to describe how the SPIKE PROTEIN worked, how it would create havoc inside the human body and how a DEADLY CYTOKINE STORM inside the body would ensue at deadly pace until the victim died of multiple organ failure.

This blog post message is NO different to what we warned you all about months ago – that the covid19 vaccines, no matter who the manufacturer was would end up KILLING YOU. We cannot over emphasize enough, you MUST stay away from these LETHAL INJECTIONS if you want to live.

Indeed the wonderful and great Dr. Vernon Coleman has been FOREWARNING people about these dangerous covid19 vaccines since the outbreak of World War III. You MUST listen to these good people and act in your BEST health interests and STAY AWAY from these dangerous drugs.

The Cabal, whom is dictated to by the top of the pyramid’s Generals (who are calling the shots) – the secret society – whom we have all told you about before – the ROTHSCHILD’S who own the IMF and World Bank – it is THEY who are calling the shots – they believe that the world is over populated and their commander in chief Bill Gates is doing all he can to REDUCE THE WORLD’S POPULATION SIZE down to five hundred million.

We have received many messages in the past from distressed associates of naive people whom have been brainwashed by their governments, the bought mainstream media and whom have yielded to these experimental vaccines and they have asked us for advice on what to do. Once the experimental covid19 vaccine has been injected, the process cannot be reversed or detoxified, the damage is unfortunately permanent and the DNA of the victim has been altered forever and all covid19 vaccine recipients have been turned into virus manufacturing machines. However, all is not lost, we have at least received some good news for folks who have taken only one covid19 injection and the good news from Dr. Bhakdi is that if you all have received just one dose and you have dodged a bullet, then just be happy and pray that you will be okay in the future. DON’T take any more of these experimental covid19 vaccines and count yourselves lucky that nothing has happened to you.

The evil cabal are DEADLY SERIOUS about thinning down the world’s population to suit their agenda – DON’T fall victim to this evil worldwide cullling machine.

Contained within these toxic ingredients of these experimental covid19 vaccines is a salt called POTASSIUM CHLORIDE this is only ONE of the DEADLY ingredients that is included in this DEADLY POTION OF DEATH. If you all are still unaware of these facts – potassium chloride is used as a three drug protocol to execute condemned felons. One of our people used to reside in Texas and she learnt all about the 3 drug protocol for the lethal injection executions in Texas. Potassium chloride was the third drug administered in an execution to stop the heart. We can’t be any CLEARER than that.

What does the Online Resistance Movement have to do to convince you all to STAY AWAY FROM THESE LETHAL INJECTIONS?

For your own health and safety – you MUST REFUSE THE COVID19 VACCINES, QUIT BELIEVING THE LIES OF THE GOVERNMENT, the MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS and the DRUG COMPANIES – their mission is ONE goal only – to MAKE MONEY. They DON’T give a damn about your life anyone elses lives or our lives. Their goal is profit, profit and more profit.

A healthy individual does NOT need any vaccines of any description, as you are ALREADY immunized – by your OWN immune system.

We are amongst the most TRUTHFUL resistance workers in our strong army of resistance. We are TELLING YOU THE WHOLE TRUTH AS IT IS, NO SUGAR COATING, NO EMBELLISHMENTS, as wicked as it sounds – the CABAL are out to KILL US ALL.

Below, you will find the FIRST chapter of the book that has been published by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Karina Reiss – you MUST read it and ABSORB what they are telling you – STAY AWAY FROM THE KILLER COVID19 INJECTIONS, PLEASE!!


MANDATORY VACCINES UK – A Tidal Wave of Mass Death & Destruction – Guaranteed

As world war three festers and deepens into its more darker stages and enters the third year of this evil world war of the People vs the Government, mandatory vaccines for all the people of Britain WILL eventually become law and that is when the resistance WILL become even stronger and dig our heels even more firmly and deeper into the ground and stoically fight back to the bitter end.

Mandatory vaccines are definitely ON THE CARDS and not just for the health workers or the nhs workers, the government will slam down hard on all the people in Britain and make it the law for every individual to be FORCED VACCINATED. The resistance will not allow this evilness to happen. Since the beginning of this evil big pharma vaccine war, intelligent educated people have risen up against this evil drug killing monster and have fought back against this upcoming rising menace, which comes in the guise of a TIDAL WAVE OF MASS DEATH AND DESTRUCTION which will send shock waves ricocheting around the world, killing everyone who is vulnerable in its path who has been lulled into their continuous barbaric methods of brain washing.

The evil UK government have already made advances to their first step in annihilating the innocent by making vaccines MANDATORY for health care workers. Do you all honestly believe that the buck will stop here? NO it will not and this evil trend is set to continue, until the United Nations targets of Agenda 21 are met by the year 2030 and we all know what that means – DISASTER AND DEATH to billions of people around the world. Any of our readers who have bothered to download the United Nations Agenda 21 program will be fully informed that by the year 2030 – MOST OF US WILL BE DEAD and the war will be over, it is as simple as that. The United Nations Agenda 21 program that was produced back in the early 1990’s is being executed RIGHT NOW. Their agenda is to reduce the world’s population size from over seven billion to around five hundred million by the year 2030. And it is happening RIGHT NOW. Not just in Britain, but around the world and people are dying in their droves, NOT because of the covid19 virus, which according to the great and wonderful Dr. Vernon Coleman is actually the influenza rebranded; these healthy people are DYING from the EVIL EXPERIMENTAL COVID19 VACCINES.

Right now in Britain, young teenagers are succumbing to this KILLER VACCINE in just 24 to 48 hours. Most of them are dying from blood clots and heart attacks – at 17 years of age and younger. These people were HEALTHY BEFORE they took this LETHAL INJECTION. The government are also planning on administering this LETHAL INJECTION to children within the next month or so and this is VERY TRAGIC indeed. Young healthy people will continue to DIE from this covid19 vaccine, because it is not a vaccine at all, it is a LETHAL INJECTION.

You all must continue to RESIST being pressured into taking the killer injection, if you are serious about living and staying healthy. Do NOT kowtow to government pressure, you MUST RESIST and tell them NO, whatever blackmailing threats they throw at you, because it is not worth losing your life over. Just remember – YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. Please DON’T take this killer vaccine.

This is a DIRE warning from the caring Online Resistance Movement – DO NOT ACCEPT THE COVID19 INJECTION, it WILL KILL YOU.

We have to continue this FIGHT for OUR LIVES, we can’t weaken or back down now – you can all rest assured that MANDATORY VACCINES for ALL are ON THE CARDS and it WILL HAPPEN if we don’t stop this now.

Just remember – it is YOUR body and you have every right to decide what does or what does NOT enter into your body.

Take care people and please feel at ease knowing that you are not fighting this world war alone – the Online Resistance Movement stand right with you all.

We intend to WIN THIS WAR


The Online Resistance Movement have a duty to forewarn all the people around the globe that the DIGITAL WORLD is slowly creeping up on us and tightening it’s stranglehold on everyone. If we allow this evil to continue, most of us are FINISHED.

Government plans are already in place to introduce digital driving licences, digital passports, digital medical records, digital identities and digital currencies. We have to STOP this monster right now, because many folks who don’t want this are going to perish and we will all be thrust back into the dark ages and be living in survival mode with absolutely NO luxuries whatsoever.

Even now, the utility companies are pressurising the weak willed to coerce people into accepting SMART METERS into their homes that spew out MORE dangerous radiation than the regular meters. We all must RESIST this coerciveness and if you all do already have a smart meter in your home – then get rid of it right now, because the wicked mentality of this dangerous game is for the utility companies to turn off your smart meter from a distance if you all don’t kowtow to the government slave rules and we cannot allow this to happen. Some of our staff at the Online Resistance Movement have already come under coercive pressure from the utility companies to accept a highly dangerous radiation smart meter into their homes and they have ALL resisted and told the utility companies – NO.

We don’t care what the government are promoting – you all can REST ASSURED that you will all be seeing MORE LOCKDOWNS this forthcoming winter, so be WELL PREPARED for the eventuality. The Online Resistance Movement team will continue to live life as normally as possible during these times, disobeying government orders as we are NOT and NEVER will become SLAVES to an EVIL CORRUPT system.

The digital world is almost upon us and the Online Resistance Movement will pull out all the stops the PREVENT this evilness from continuing. We have to stop them right now. Just remember, that the Rothschild’s are behind all of this evilness – they sit at the very top of the enemy pyramid and they are calling the shots – they want people to perish and die and they are using their Commander in Chief – Bill Gates to dish out the orders.

We do NOT want digital currency, we do NOT want digital passports, we do NOT want digital driving licences, we do NOT want digital currencies, we do NOT want digital MOT certificates, we do NOT want digital identities. If the naive brain dead people allow this evil to happen and continue to believe the lying evil government narrative – we will ALL be washed up and our lives will not be worth living. We will have NO privacy at all and the resistance will end up living in the survival mode struggling to exist.

We must get this truthful vital information out to tell people the absolute, unbiased TRUTH. We need more RESISTANCE and MORE support.

According to the great and wonderful Dr. Vernon Coleman – in Slovenia, people who do NOT have the digital currency or digital vaccine medical records are NOT allowed to buy anything, so some of the people are in real serious trouble. The resistance cannot allow this evil heavy grinding wheel to continue pulverising innocent people and to continue destroying lives. We must ALL stick together on this one. People who already use their smart phone in this manner, should get rid of the smart phone right now, because you are all aiding and abetting the Rothschild’s to further their world plan to thin down the global population.

People will continue to die for as long as this World War III progresses and we don’t have much time left now, as it will all be over in the year 2030. By then, most of us will be DEAD and if we are lucky enough to be alive, then we will either become SLAVES who are catapulted into high rise concentration camps with one purpose only – to make money for the elite. Or we will be arrested and hauled off to be executed in one of their death camps. We have NO choice but to RESIST and FIGHT BACK.

The world at war will be entering it’s third year, come next year and we can’t keep going on like this, we must ALL UNITE TOGETHER, RESIST, tell the governments around the world NO and we will WIN this war. There is NO other alternative but to FIGHT BACK FOR FREEDOM.

Cease wearing the killer face masks, you DON’T need them, REFUSE the killer vaccines, DISOBEY government orders (you are NOT their slave), stop using car parks that demand pre-paid booking fees. Stop using services that REFUSE cash, STOP using your mobile/cell phone as a payment method, REFUSE digital identities, REFUSE digital driving licences, REFUSE digital passports, REFUSE digital payments. REFUSE the experimental killer vaccines – remember it IS YOUR BODY NOT THEIRS. USE CASH and INSIST on paying with CASH for your goods.

Please print this post and hand it out to your family, your friends, your neighbors and EVERYONE ELSE. The resistance have to get the UNBIASED TRUTH out right now.




This is a timely forewarning to EVERYONE, not just in the UK but all over the world:

The evil, bent, controlled UK government are planning the next full country lockdown within the next month or so, as it is their sole intention to DESTROY the country, which will in turn precipitate even more hardships, lost jobs and lost businessnesses and the country will eventually grind to a halt. They want people to suffer, they want people to die, because their MAIN mission is to THIN DOWN THE country’s population size, because in their eyes the country is OVERPOPULATED.

More people are set to die, not just through the killer covid19 injection public experiments, but through starvation and the cold winter months, as people scurry to buy food and struggle to keep warm as soaring heating bills will prevent them from using their home heating system.

Food shortages are imminent and already we have WITNESSED this man made phenomenon caused by an unscrupulously corrupt government who has an equally corrupt, evil nazi leader at its helm. The Online Resistance Movement don’t care what the bought propaganda media are trumpeting around, because they have ALREADY been BOUGHT, not just by the government but by Bill Gates and his cronies.

We can all expect to see food supplies plumet rapidly this forthcoming winter and it is only a matter of time before the utilities supplies are affected and then we will all have to be prepared to SURVIVE this government caused disaster.

Don’t be fooled by the lying nazi fork tongued Boris Johnson, who is stated as going to repeal some of the covid19 restrictions so as not to go back into a full lockdown – he WILL plumet this country into another FULL lockdown and matters will only get worse as time progresses, as he can and WILL change his strangulatory totalitarian covid19 restrictions any time that suits him and he will be able to inject these powers in a whim.

More people are set to die as the government keep on pushing for every citizen in the UK to be fully inoculated by these KILLER covid19 injections. Already, thousands of healthy people have DIED because of these Bill Gates’s back covid19 experimental injections, that carry an indemnity clause to protect the general medicine drug giants. This trend is set to continue on a downward spiral until all the people in the world UNITE together and say NO, only then will these pathetic creatures that we regard as government will have NO powers at all and then the resistance WILL WIN. Until that time arrives, people around the world will DIE in their droves as they are FORCE injected with poisons as the World War III culling continues.

By the end of the year, the world at war will enter its third year, we have absolutely NO choice but to FIGHT BACK FOR OUR FREEDOM. It doesn’t matter if some people are afraid to fight back, because the alternative to not fighting back will either be DEATH or SLAVERY and we want NEITHER.

Mandatory vaccines are STILL on the cards and they will eventually make this the law. The resistance have to stop this madness BEFORE it becomes mandatory law, because educated like minded people are not going to stand for third parties telling them what POISONS are going to be pumped into their body.

The Online Resistance Movement are continuing to advise EVERYONE to continue RESISTING. Do NOT kowtow to government DEMANDS. When entering stores to buy food or other sundries – it is your FREEDOM DUTY to RESIST wearing a KILLER FACE MASK – do NOT wear the face mask. You MUST continue to REFUSE the killer covid19 injection if you want to live. Do EVERYTHING that your government has ordered you NOT to do and together we will WIN this war. THANK YOU.


Online Resistance Movement



The Online Resistance Movement have an inalienable duty to inform all of our helpers, supporters and readers that the World War III we are now so desperately trapped in, is accelerating at an extremely vast rate, much faster than a million light years and the 21st century holocaust is just around the corner. Come this late September 2021, the resistance, who have NEVER received the covid19 depopulation shot will observe an EVIL occurrence of colossal genocidal proportions when the vaccinated chimeras will suffer a most excruciatingly painful ending to their lives when they get WIPED OUT by the aggressive cytokine storm, of which its S spike proteins and programming messengers are already waiting silently in the wings inside every organ, muscle, lungs, tissue, blood and immune system – which is a TICKING TIME BOMB, as when these foolish neanderthal brainwashed nincompoops next come into contact with one of the 36 wild coronaviruses, it WILL BE CURTAINS for them, literally. Once that cytokine storm is activated into FULL THROTTLE by the very aggressive phagocyte number 1 which will enter the arena of death, causing this vicous cycle NOT cease until its victim’s major organs have failed and then, DEATH will swiftly follow.

How many many times do we have to tell you BRAINWASHED, NUMBSKULL SHEEP that the UK government is LYING TO YOU. This is NOT about a killer virus, it is NOT about a vaccine that will help to maintain your health, IT IS A DEPOPULATION SHOT. The order has been given from the top ranking thugs of the cabal – BILL GATES and the ROTHSCHILD’s. How many times do we have to tell you? What do we have to do to convince you that the government is planning MASS GENOCIDE, by the orders of Gates and the Rothschild’s – these EVIL warlord mafia thugs want YOU DEAD – when are you going to WAKE UP AND FIGHT BACK? You WILL die if you do as you are told by the fascist nazi puppet dictator Boris Johnson, because he is FOLLOWING the orders of his masters Bill Gates and the Rothschild’s. And there will be NO buying back your freedom by taking this depop shot because it will KILL you.

This war is NOT going to end until we ALL JOIN together and FIGHT BACK FOR FREEDOM. And that includes ALL the peoples of the world. We have mentioned this time and time again, if everyone in the world joined together to FIGHT BACK – over seven billion people, what can a FEW evil rich thug warlords do? NOTHING – they WILL LOSE. Remember the old saying UNITED WE STAND.

It grieves us to discover that the UK government have managed to TERRORISE – 57,220,115 UK citizens alone, into receiving the double dose COVID19 JAB THAT WILL TAKE THEIR LIVES sooner or later.

The latest covid19 post vaccine VAERS adverse reaction statistics are SOARING and they will continue to soar and the post covid19 injection death victims will continue to RISE at a colossal rate.

As we predicated way back in March of this year, the INHUMAN, BARBARIC, CRUEL, OPPRESSIVE dictatorship will continue until September of 2021 and then, this evil nazi puppet dictator Johnson will THRUST the whole country back into FULL LOCKDOWN as the post covid19 jab victims start to fall dead because of the cytokine storm that the DEPOP shot will precipitate. And do you know who will get the blame for these holocaust deaths? We, the RESISTANCE – the sensible UNVACCINATED will get blamed, persecuted and hounded for these deaths. At this time, the unvaccinated have already been segregated and treated differently by the government with their evil strangulatory oppressive restrictions, that is if you are following their orders. As for the Online Resistance Movement, we have NEVER kowtowed to unnecessary, evil, UK government strangulatory restrictions. We have NEVER observed and OBEYED unreasonable demands. We have NEVER worn killer face masks, we go out when we like and we do what we want, like we always have done. And YOU should do the SAME. Haven’t you all yet realised that WITHOUT YOUR COOPERATION and OBEDIENCE, the government have absolutely NO POWER at all to enforce you all to do anything. This is why you MUST disobey these evil strangulatory unnecessary ridiculous rules.

Can you not see that matters will only get FAR WORSE if you all continue to obey the commands of these EVIL WAR CRIMINALS? Give them an inch and they WILL take a yard. Give them a mile and they WILL take a million miles. This nasty evil, self appointed DICTATOR will continue taking away MORE of your liberties and freedoms, you have to act NOW before it is too late, because this country will NEVER be FREE and go back to normality until the RESISTANCE WIN THIS WAR.

We cannot help the foolish people who have already been injected with the covid19 CULLING jab, but we CAN HELP the people who have not been duped into taking the culling jab.

For our new readers, we STRONGLY advise you all to examine our earlier posts regarding COVID19 FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS and the side effects of these unlicensed, virtually untested covid19 injections.

We are also REMINDING you all that these covid19 injection trials for both the mRNA and the Vector injections are STILL ONGOING and these trials will not be completed until 2023. There is absolutely NO scientific study data for any of these covid19 injections and so far as we know, the public who have subjected themselves to these KILLER INJECTIONS have unwittingly become TRIAL TEST SUBJECTS of these killer injections.

And people who become unwitting victims to this VILE practice are actually unwittingly volunteering themselves for SUICIDE, because that is what this covid19 injection is – A KILLING JAB, which will eliminate you all from the face of the earth FOREVER and for ALL ETERNITY.

Every week that passes by, we are receiving more news of the RISING DEATH TOLLS regarding covid19 injection victims, who have actually died within minutes and hours following their being subjected to this DEPOP SHOT. The trend is set to continue, until the BRAINWASHED zombies WAKE UP and take action to FIGHT BACK FOR FREEDOM.

In his latest dictatorial OUTBURST, Johnson has already DELAYED the full reopening of the country and he has pushed the reopening date back to July 19th, 2021. When July 19, 2021 rolls around, he will YET FURTHER EXTEND the lockdown period. As we predicted, it will be MORE of the SAME as what you all endured back in 2020 and the “CARROT AND THE STICK PARTIAL LOCKDOWN WILL CONTINUE INTO SEPTEMBER 2021.” We will then be THRUST back into FULL LOCKDOWN onwards and throughout the winter months. Johnson is pushing for ALL adults in the UK to be jabbed with the covid19 culling shot by July 19th, 2021 and we know that this is IMPOSSIBLE, because the resistance has MANY MANY FIGHTERS and they will NEVER yield to evil government BLACKMAIL and TYRANNY. Anyone who has ever fully examined the full list of ingredients of these killer shots and examined the full extent of how much damage that these covid19 injections can cause will NEVER allow themselves to be BULLIED and COERCED into taking a jab that WILL cost them their life.

We are looking towards September 2021 with a heavy heart and great sadness as 57,220,115 people who have been transformed into chimeras and are now VIRUS MANUFACTURING MACHINES – will suffer a most horrifying, excruciating death and we are NOT looking forward to these events. We sincerely HOPE that we are wrong, but we have a gut wrenching feeling about this one and it is going to be a DISASTER, as this 21st century holocaust accelerates.

The Online Resistance have also been observing just how FOOLISH young people are becoming, as we witnessed a mile long queue in London, as young people were lining up like lambs to the slaughter, awaiting their turn for the covid19 culling jab.

In Scotland, we witnessed the SAME kind of brainwashed zombie enthusiasm from young people. Again, they were patiently waiting in line for their execution jab. This is SO VERY SAD. We need to STOP THIS PEOPLE. We have to STOP this madness now, before it is TOO LATE.

If Britain continues along this destructive path, there won’t be many survivors of this war at the end of it all. And do you all want to know what will happen then? The Rothschild’s, Gates and his war mafia cronies will come after US – the RESISTANCE. They will be coming to confiscate our homes, our possessions, our assets. Then most of us will be rounded up and KILLED inside specially constructed concentration camps and the rest of the survivors will be hauled away to reside inside HIGH RISE concentration camps with ONE SOLE purpose – to MAKE MONEY FOR THE RICH THUG WARLORDS.

We can’t live like that people, we have to FIGHT BACK NOW. Once they set up the concentration camps, we’ve had it and it will be GAME OVER. We cannot allow this to occur. It doesn’t matter if you are apprehensive or fearful to FIGHT BACK, the very thought of being a HIGH RISE CONCENTRATION camp SLAVE should give you the stoicism to FIGHT BACK.

For those of our readers who have NOT yet read the United Nations AGENDA 21 plan of 359 pages, then for your OWN health and SAFETY you MUST READ this document. If you scroll down to our earlier posts, there is an abundance of documents to download and examine, including Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and the Rockerfeller LOCKSTEP procedure of 2010, which has NOW been deleted from the internet, but WE downloaded a copy of this document way back in 2020.

We are still examining the SPARS PANDEMIC procedure of 2025 – 2028. As soon as we have completed our task. We will bring to our readers – the NEXT PANDEMIC, which has ALREADY been PLANNED and MAPPED out. That is for those of us who SURVIVE this current FAKE pandemic.

Following the 2025 – 2028 pandemic will be a CLIMATE CHANGE lockdown (and global warming is ANOTHER FAKE – nothing to do with mankind) that will then take us onwards to the year 2030, when World War III will be over and either the resistance will have WON back our freedoms, or the survivors will be living in a LIFE OF HELL UPON EARTH.

The fascist nazi dictator Johnson has already indicated that this covid19 virus is TOXIC. The ONLY toxic element in all of this is JOHNSON, his puppet government and his masters – Gates and the Rothschild’s. THEY are the REAL TOXIC PANDEMIC, not a harmless virus. And according to the good Dr. Vernon Coleman – he still doesn’t believe that covid19 exists and he is NOT the only doctor to come up with this concept. Dr. Tom Cowan has already indicated, that this new virus has NEVER been isolated and PURIFIED, so therefore, it does NOT exist. Dr. Coleman believes that this virus is the influenza virus RE-PACKAGED and HE may be right. However, we have some conflicting evidence because this virus, whatever it is, actually has a PATENTED number and if you scroll down into our archives, you will find that patent number for the covid19 virus.

Whether it exists or not, OUR REAL TOXIC PANDEMIC is the ENEMY GOVERNMENT and their warlord mafia controllers. And we need to STOP these evil MONSTERS in their tracks, because people are dropping like flies, since being subjected to the CULLING SHOT.

For the children, we are WARNING you of a PUBLIC HEALTH MONSTER who works at the Edinburgh University. Her name is DEVI SRIDHAR, she is an American, who has acquired a job working in the public health department at the university and she has been broadcasting EVIL LIES on the BBC propaganda channel that the covid19 injection is SAFE and EFFECTIVE and that it will protect children from the covid19 virus. This woman is WICKED, how dare she tell children to go get a DEPOPULATION jab. DON’T LISTEN TO HER EVIL LYING TALK KIDS, she is LYING. People are DYING left, right and centre in just a few short hours after taking these covid19 injections. These covid19 injections are NOT safe – DON’T take them kids, it is important that YOU RESIST and REFUSE. We have witnessed some horrifying deaths that have been directly attributed to the DANGEROUS, HIGHLY TOXIC covid19 injections.